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John woke the next morning, yet Susan wasn’t beside him.

She was walking around in the lingerie she was wearing last night. She was rearranging the wardrobe. She had a pile of Clare’s clothes on the floor and was modelling one of her dresses. She dropped it to the floor and looked herself in her lingerie.

“There. That’s better.” Susan said.

“Oh, you’re awake.” Susan added.

“Get dressed. There’s breakfast and coffee downstairs.” John looked confused and sat up.

Susan looked at him and smiled wryly, “Remember? You said you’d help me with my shopping?” John perked up at that and got ready.

They drove to the shopping centre, chatting like they always had.

They entered Victoria’s Secret. A tall, blonde sales assistant greeted them.

“Hi, how can I help you?” she asked, her nametag said Emma.

“Hi Emma.” Susan said. “I’m looking to try out a few things. My husband is paying, so could you help me pick some stuff?”

Emma smiled at this, “Of course, I’d be more than happy to.”

Emma went to the till to speak to the manager. Susan turned to John, “Go to the bathroom, I’ll let you know what dressing room I get.” she whispered to him.

John went off, just before Emma returned. John used the bathroom and got a text in less than five minutes.

.’ it read. He discreetly slipped into the dressing room corridor.

He opened the door to

and found Susan looking herself over in a long mirror.

She was wearing a set of bridal lingerie. It was a white corset with a black lace trim and matching panties. She looked amazing. “So, do you think my husband will like it?” Susan asked sweetly.

“Yeah, I think he’d be crazy not to.” John replied.

She leaned in towards him and ran the fingers of her right hand up his leg. “Thanks for this, I know this isn’t exactly appropriate for married friends.” Susan said mock-naively.

John wrapped his arm around her lower back and pulled her close. “No, it’s ok. It’s not inappropriate unless something happened.” he murmured, letting the tension build and reaching out to touch her toned stomach.

“You’re right.” Susan agreed. “It’s not like anything is really happening.” she said, unfastening his belt.

“How long do you think before Emma looks for you?” John asked, running his finger over the lace trim on the waist of her panties.

“I got that big pile, so she should leave me for a good while and you came quickly.” Susan remarked, unbuttoning his jeans.

“So, you want an idea of how your husband would react?” John asked.

“That’d be a good idea.” Susan said softly and slipped her hand into his pants. He pulled her panties down and started fingering her. Susan responded by slowly jerking his member.

She dropped to her knees and opened her mouth. She looked up at him wide eyed and took his cock into her mouth. John groaned and put his hand on the back of her head.

As she took in more of his length he thrust forward.

As she ran her lips up and down the length of his member he thrust himself in and out of her mouth. She used her tongue expertly to coax more pleasure out of him.

Considering they were in a dressing room and she was in bridal lingerie John didn’t last as long as he would’ve liked. He came in her mouth.

She swallowed as much as she could, but a bit ran down her chin. She ensured she had gotten all of his cum before she stood up.

She looked at him, hair slightly dishevelled, breathless, wearing fancy bridal lingerie and his cum on her lips and chin.

He kissed her briefly. “So, you think my husband would react like ankara escort that?” she asked mischievously.

“Well I think it’d start like that yeah.” John answered coolly.

Susan changed into her own set of lingerie, before handing him the still warm bridal set.

“Go out and buy these from Emma, I want to try more stuff.” she said. He kissed her again and left. He found Emma shortly after.

“Hi. So, your wife wants this set?” she said.

“Yeah, would you mind ringing them up?” John asked. Emma led the way to the register.

John looked her up and down properly as they walked. She was about 5’10”, the same height as Susan. She was slightly curvier than Susan, with a fuller bust and ass. She was probably in her early-twenties, a few years younger than John and Susan.

John was curious whether she was naturally ash blonde or was her hair dyed. Susan rang up the lingerie and handed him two receipts. She had to leave to attend to another customer before he could say thanks.

He pocketed the receipts as Susan arrived. “I guess I better get back to meet Michael.” she sighed.

“I’ll drop you off.” John said.

They drove in silence until they reached Susan’s apartment.

“I’ll try get over to you tomorrow or the day after.” she said. John proffered the Victoria’s Secret bag to her, but she shook her head.

“Keep them, I’ll wear them for you later.” she grinned. She kissed him passionately and got out of the car.

John arrived home and put the bag in his room. He remembered the receipts and took them out. The first was normal, but the second was more interesting.

On it was written ‘For John.’. He opened it and it read ‘Emma Frost.’ and a phone number.

He was surprised at this but entered the number in his phone as ‘Emma (Work)’.

He texted immediately after.

‘Hey, this is John from earlier.’ He sat down and put on the TV.

He got a reply quickly. ‘Hey! I know this is short notice, but are you around for a drink later? E.’

His heart rate went up and he felt quite excited.

‘Sure, anywhere in mind?’ he asked.

‘Well I don’t really want to head out, but I’d rather not do awkward introductions…’ she replied.

John mulled this over, yet ultimately his memory of the curvy blonde made his decision.

‘My place is free if you want to come around for a drink?” he wrote and sent.

He acknowledged that he was prepared to pursue another woman physically, but decided that Susan, like Clare didn’t need to be aware of that.

He waited for a few minutes tantalisingly until his phone vibrated.

‘Ok! I’ll come over for 7?” she wrote.

‘Sure.’ he replied and added his address.

He cleaned himself up and the bell went at 7. He answered the door and invited Emma in.

She was wearing a black skirt, with a white tank top and a black leather jacket.

She stepped past him, brushing against him.

“So, where’s your wife?” Emma asked, peering into the sitting room.

“She’s away for a few days.” John answered. Emma turned to face him, she looked relieved and smiled.

“What do you want?” John asked, walking to the kitchen.

He could hear Emma following him. “Whiskey neat, if you have it.” she said.

John smiled at that. He poured two generous measures and offered a glass to Emma.

She smiled in thanks and sipped it. John did the same. He waited to hear what she was going to say.

“Did she like the set?” Emma asked innocuously.

“Yeah, she did. Apparently, it’s for when she gets back. I hoped that I wouldn’t be waiting that long.” John said. Emma escort ankara smirked to herself. John noticed it but didn’t comment.

“So, I’m guessing in that job you can size people up pretty easily.” John joked.

“Well actually she’s pretty much my size, but just a little less in certain measurements.” Emma remarked.

“I thought you two were very close in sizes.” John observed. Emma looked at him, a shadow of a smile on her lips.

“It’s funny. I have worked there for a while and she has the sort of size that most women would kill for, but I’ve never had a customer who I could nearly wear their items.” Emma commented, with a heavy suggestion in her voice.

John thought for a moment. “Do you like retail or would you consider the other side of it?” he asked.

“You mean modelling?” Emma asked, following his implication.

“Yeah?” John said. She made a considerate expression at that.

“Yeah, I’d love to. I think that I’d have to wear something amazing to give me the confidence though.” she said.

“So, you don’t try anything in the shop?” John asked incredulously.

“No, against store policy and way too expensive. But that set your wife got today was definitely on my list.” Emma said forlornly.

“Well.” John started, Emma looked at him curiously.

“If you want a safe audience, then you could try on the set I picked up today. It’s still in the bag.” John said. Emma looked at him warily.

“I’d rather not parade around your house in lingerie.” she joked, though he could tell by the look in her eye she was considering it.

“There’s a walk-in wardrobe upstairs, you could try it on and I can wait outside. If you want an opinion I can step in.” John assured her. She thought about it as she finished her whiskey.

“Ok, but by those conditions.” she said firmly.

He could tell she was excited despite herself. He topped them both up and led her upstairs. He got the bag from the master bedroom and offered her it and her fresh drink in the hall.

He opened the door to the walk-in wardrobe next door. She stepped inside and he shut the door before she could.

He waited patiently in the hall for a few minutes, until he heard what he had hoped for.

“John?” Emma asked through the door.

“Yeah?” he answered coolly.

“Can you come in? But, just be honest ok?” she asked.

“Of course.” he reassured her. He knocked back his whiskey in one mouthful.

He opened the door, stepped inside and shut the door behind him before he turned around. He looked her up and down quickly, trying not to linger.

He compared her now to Susan from hours ago, both looked amazing, but Emma’s fuller form meant the lingerie fit her perfectly. Her ash blonde hair was full and long, cascading over her shoulders.

John could feel himself get quite worked up, but maintained his composure.

“What do you think?” she asked nervously.

“You look amazing, I really think you could do modelling.” he honestly assured her. Her face lit up at that.

“Thanks, I really appreciate it.” she said.

She stepped towards him and he could see the look in her eye.

“It’s nice being able to model like this. It feels so safe. I know because you’re married that you’re not going to try anything.” she murmured as she stopped just in front of him.

It took all his self-control to stay still as she leaned in and kissed him.

He kissed her back and pulled her closer. Her hands went to his ass and gripped hard.

He wrapped his right arm around the small of her back. She slipped her tongue into his mouth and they kissed ankara escort bayan intensely, until she pulled back.

“I’m not this sort of girl.” Emma insisted between kisses and her hands running around the waist of his jeans.

“I know.” John agreed, grabbing a handful of her full ass. She squealed at that and kissed his neck passionately.

“That’s why we’re both going to enjoy this so much.” John continued and with his hands on her ass, lifted her up. She wrapped her long slender legs around him and looped her arms around his neck, all the while still sucking on his neck.

He left the wardrobe and entered the master bedroom. He faced away from the bed and fell back. He was lying on his back with Emma on top of him. She giggled and started undoing his belt.

“How long has it been since you fucked your wife?” Emma whispered in his ear.

“It’s been a good few weeks.” John admitted. Emma looked appalled at that.

“Well, don’t worry. You’ve got Emma here now. You definitely don’t need your wife walking in now.” she said seductively.

“Last thing she needs is to see her husband fucking the younger, hotter blonde model.”

Emma had pulled down his jeans and was unbuttoning his shirt.

John was delighted. He hadn’t expected such desire from the previously nervous girl.

“You wear it better than she does.” John said honestly. Emma grinned wickedly at this.

John rolled over, putting himself over her. She looked surprised but mischievously happy, she had John’s rigid cock in her bare hand.

He pulled the panties down and dove between her legs. She gasped and her hand went to the back of his head. He stuck his tongue inside her cunt and started pleasuring her.

He enjoyed her taste and licked her eagerly. She moaned and cursed as he continued to eat her out.

Her resolve held out for a few minutes until she came. His mouth flooded with her cum and she cursed hoarsely.

“Get inside me now.” Emma gasped. John immediately lined his cock up and thrust deep into her wet pussy. He pulled out and thrust in again.

“You’re fucking me with no condom.” she said. “Good. I don’t let my boyfriend do this and I want the feel of a thick married cock in my pussy.” she purred.

John fucked her harder at this. “God, you really are good at this!” Emma groaned as her filled her.

He looked down at the blonde he was fucking. She was eager and tighter than his wife or his mistress. He may just keep Emma around, he thought to himself.

“You’re going to cum inside me, aren’t you?” Emma asked breathlessly.

“Yes.” John said simply, while he continued to thrust deeper inside her than he thought possible.

Emma made a face for an instant but then grinned. “Is this because it’s the first time?” she asked him.

“No, every time I fuck you I’ll want to cum inside you.” John confessed.

“So, this isn’t a once off?” Emma moaned, she could feel her climax coming and ran her fingernails down his back.

“No Emma. This is the first of many times that I’ll make you cum.” John said, his final thrust emphasised by her own orgasm and him firing his seed inside her fertile womb.

They both cried out in pleasure. John kept himself deep inside her cunt while he emptied his cum inside.

“So, this is what a guy cumming inside me feels like.” she sighed contently.

John rolled over to the side, once he knew he had nothing left to shoot inside her.

“I could get used to that.” Emma said laying her head on John’s chest and angling her hips upwards to stop any of his cum seeping out of her.

“Well don’t worry Emma, I’ll cum inside you whenever I can.” he murmured. Emma smiled to herself.

She never expected at twenty-two to be a mistress, but her pulse raced and her cunt got wet thinking of it. They fell asleep, each thinking of the possibilities.

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