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Sitting in the dark in Flora’s steamy Chinatown apartment, I was hot, sweaty and pissed off. My place was being fumigated and she had offered me her apartment for the night while she was away giving a lecture. When I let myself in, however, I found an apologetic note about a broken air conditioner which couldn’t be fixed any earlier than the following afternoon. I hate the heat and was now sweating like a pig on this unbearably hot New York City summer night.

The apartment has two large windows facing a small interior courtyard. The useless air conditioner filled one of the windows so all I could do was throw the other window wide open. Doing what I could to minimize my discomfort, I turned off the lights, stripped down to my underwear and sat there in the dark.

I had met Flora Chang a month earlier in a les bar in SoHo. She was sipping a beer and wearing a tight red silk dress with Chinese characters on it. It was slit all the way up and revealed a pair of long gorgeous legs.

For reasons I have never quite understood, I have the hots for “women of color.” And this lady would be a knockout in any color. She had long shiny black hair, deep olive skin and a pretty face featuring a tiny nose, a sensuous mouth and dark Asian eyes. I was drawn to her like a magnet.

She was tall and pencil thin and that made me even more self-conscious than usual about my round little body. Without even the hope of getting to first base, I sat down next to her and ordered a beer. I searched my mind for something to say that would at least get her to talk to me.

I decided to come on as both serious and politically correct. I turned to her and said “I really admire Chinese culture and wonder if you could tell me the meaning of the ideographs on your dress.”

She answered me in an equally serious tone, looking at me with her fabulous intelligent eyes. “That is a very perceptive question and as a Chinese woman I appreciate your interest.”

I was starting to feel really clever as she went on. “These ideographs are written in an ancient Mandarin dialect which was spoken near the city of Canton between the 5th and 6th centuries B.C.”

I nodded gravely as she continued. “It is an ancient Chinese proverb: skinny Chinese girls like to fuck chubby White girls.”

I couldn’t have looked more startled if she had hit me over the head with a bar stool But she wasn’t done with me yet. She immediately started talking in the most ludicrous Charlie Chan accent you can imagine.

“China girl velly velly sexy. Confucius say you fuck China girl you never go back.”

She had me doubled over with laughter. Then she finished me off.

“China girl velly special fuck. You know China girl pussy go sideways.”

Now I was laughing so hard that I literally wet my pants. I had to excuse myself for a short trip to the Ladies Room. When I returned the two of us talked like real human beings. We were both native New Yorkers. She told me that her name is Flora Chang and she teaches Art History at New York University. I told her my name is Louise Padden and that I have a law degree and a government job. She suggested that we continue the discussion at her place.

On the way over in a cab, she told me that she lived in an old building in Chinatown owned by her Uncle William. “William is gay,” she said “and he rents to lots of Chinese gays and lesbians who otherwise might get hassled.” We arrived at her apartment which, at the time, had an air conditioner that worked.

The small talk ended when we closed the door behind us. She took canlı bahis me in her arms and kissed me passionately. She probed me with her tongue and poured her sweet saliva into my hungry mouth. We quickly stripped off our clothes and feasted our eyes on each other. She had a perfect pair of small breasts with tiny pink nipples which were already rock hard. Her delicious pubic hair was thick and jet black. The long silky straight hairs were like a sleek fur.

From the look on her face I could see that she liked what I have to offer. A soft curvy body and a pussy covered with a forest of thick brown curls. All topped off by an impressive pair of boobs with large bumpy hard nipples. She knelt down and started sucking my big tits making hot hungry noises. I went from wet to soaked. She continued to take charge and drove me absolutely wild licking my ears and my soft belly before moving to my inner thighs and then my wet bushy cunt.

She ate me expertly, twirling her tongue around my clit as I thrust my hips upward with excitement. She touched my asshole with her finger and heard my gasp of pleasure. That told her what she needed to know and she slid her finger in and out of my ass while working her tongue on my hard little clit. I quickly surrendered to a huge shuddering orgasm which began between my legs and flowed through my entire body enveloping me in wave after wave of pure pleasure.

After a few moments, because of some racial thing I do not understand, I was overwhelmed by a desperate need to make this Chinese woman come hard. I pushed her onto to her back, spread her knees and sank my face into her dripping furry cunt. She was totally aroused and I licked her large erect clit first gently and then with a fury while at the same time skillfully massaging her G-spot. My tongue demanded that she come and she rewarded me with a thunderous climax. She thrashed back and forth and cried out my name as she was overwhelmed by a surge of ecstasy which began deep in her womb and washed over all of her. I continued my licking and she came again and again, bucking her hips and moaning loudly each time.

Afterward, we lay in bed in each other’s arms for a long while and then we got up and had some tea. I took a cab home dreamily enjoying the delicious feeling between my legs. I thought, with a smile, that maybe Confucius was right.

Flora and I became fairly steady fuck buddies in the weeks that followed. The relationship never went further, however, because she was very very kinky. She wanted me to tie her up and she wanted me to pee on her — and those were two of her milder suggestions. I’m much too vanilla for that, so she settled for steamy but conventional sex. She laughed at my sexual mysticism about her being Chinese, but she was more than willing to accommodate my insatiable need to make her come.

I was suddenly jolted out of my reminiscences when I saw a light go on in the building across the courtyard. There was only about thirty feet separating the two windows and I saw a beautiful Chinese woman walk into view. She was not thin like Flora, but just as stunningly gorgeous. She had something in her hand. I could see that she was in her bedroom and, after a moment, could see that the thing in her hand was a video. She inserted it into a VCR underneath a TV which could be seen through the window. The picture came on and it was a hard-core lesbian porno flick. One of those male-oriented jobs where the women walk into a room, say hello, and start fucking.

She lay down on her bed as she watched the film. Soon I saw her hands bahis siteleri move up to her blouse. I could see that she was squeezing her nipples through the fabric. Then she opened the top button on her jeans, put her hand inside and started working herself. I felt guilty as hell for watching, but could feel myself getting very excited.

I could see that she was torn between trying to watch the action on the screen and closing her eyes to enjoy the pleasure between her legs. Soon she grabbed the remote, paused the tape and took off all of her clothes. She was gloriously full-figured with big round breasts topped off by large dark brown nipples. Her pussy was completely shaved. She reached into her bed stand and removed several sex toys.

As you can imagine, there was now plenty going on between my legs too. I started rubbing my pussy through my panties, but quickly took them off along with my bra. She started the tape and immediately began to use her toys. She inserted an anal plug and shivered with excitement as she watched the women on the screen using a double dildo as they fucked each other hard.

I had juices pouring out of me now and assumed the sluttiest looking position you can imagine, with my feet draped over the arms of Flora’s chair and my legs wide open. The woman across the way picked up a dildo shaped like a large black cock and started sliding it in and out of her cunt. I started working my clit and was having the same trouble watching her as she was having watching the screen. Then she picked up a vibrator, turned it on and pressed it hard on her clit. Her eyes were closed and her face was contorted with excitement. She then exploded into an orgasm that was so powerful that her scream of pleasure was loud enough for me to hear.

Seeing and hearing this beautiful Chinese woman’s strong climax aroused me to a fever pitch. I closed my eyes and furiously worked my clit, spreading my legs as wide as I could and squeezing my nipples hard. I came in a long series of powerful contractions, each of which flooded my body with indescribable pleasure.

I thought I was hot and sweaty before, but now my body was drenched. It was all I could do to drag myself from the chair to the bed and lie there utterly spent. I soon fell asleep, but was awakened when I heard a key in the door. It was Flora!

“The lecture was canceled at the last minute” she said. “Warning, warning, I’m going to turn on the light.” Before I could protest she was looking at me lying there stark naked and spread out. “Yum, yum,” she said, “I’m really horny and your hairy cunt looks good enough to eat.” She knew that talking dirty really turned me on. Without another word she closed the window shade, stripped off her clothes and put her face in my pussy.

My cunt was already a well-buttered bun and was quickly aroused by her skillful insistent licking. I writhed and squirmed and soaked her face with juice as my earlier climax only served to ramp up my response to her exquisite tongue strokes. Then, as I started getting close, she thrust her fingers into my cunt and fucked me deep. I went over the edge and came hard in her face, pushing my pussy into her as waves of blissful sensation washed over me again.

She then lay on her back and said “O.K. counselor, your witness.” I needed no encouragement. I told her to turn onto her belly and she smiled because she knew what was next. I spread her cheeks and started licking her asshole. She loved that and started moaning as I licked her harder and harder and then thrust my tongue in and out of her. I bahis şirketleri then turned her on her back, putting one finger in her ass and three fingers in her wet furry cunt. She knew what to do. She reached down and started working her large hard clit as I slid my fingers in and out of her. She was soon rubbing herself hard and fast and came for me magnificently. I could feel her powerful rhythmic contractions on both hands as she moaned from the waves of pleasure washing over her body.

After we lay there for a few sweat-soaked minutes I saw that she had a sly smile on her face. “What are you grinning about?” I asked. She got up, fiddled with the air conditioner for a minute and then turned it on. While I lay there speechless she dressed quickly and retrieved something from the next room and held it behind her back.

She said “look across at Linda’s apartment. I was in the corner of her bedroom watching her jerk off for you. Now I’m going to give her some more.” Before I could say a word Flora was out the door. It was now clear that I had always been part of their plan for that evening, but I only knew the half of it.

I opened the shade and looked across the courtyard and soon saw Flora and Linda taking off their clothes. They waved at me merrily and I couldn’t do anything but laugh and wave back. Then Flora put a videotape in the machine. It was Flora and me fucking a few minutes ago! She had taped us with a hidden camera. Horrible thoughts about my body being in the public domain flashed through my mind, but then Flora held up a hand-lettered sign which said: “Don’t worry. I will give you the tape.”

I could not believe that I had been set up so perfectly. Every little detail had been planned by my kinky Chinese friend and her hot pal. While I was trying to decide whether to get mad they restarted the tape and started playing with each other’s pussies as they watched Flora eating me out. To my amazement, I felt myself getting wet again.

As Linda watched the tape Flora shifted to the foot of the bed and went down on her. I was all too familiar with the exquisite feel of Flora’s hot slick tongue as I watched her licking Linda’s bald cunt. Linda was writhing and moaning with pleasure. I couldn’t believe it, but, with the lights on and the window open, my legs were draped over the chair again and I was fingering myself furiously. I even got more excited when I realized that my wide-open cunt was there for the world to see.

I kept watching them and suddenly Linda grabbed Flora’s head in her hands, spread her legs as far as they could go, arched her back and enjoyed a huge glorious climax. I was now insane with arousal and shoved my fingers deep inside me. I was immediately overwhelmed by a tremendous orgasm which surged from my shamelessly wide-open cunt all the way to my finger tips. I kept fucking myself with my hand and had five more wonderful climaxes before I was done. I then realized that I had been yelling loud enough to be heard down the block. I looked across the courtyard and could see Flora and Linda, as naked as the day they were born, giving me a standing ovation.

That mercifully proved to be my last sex of the evening. Flora and Linda came over and we had a wonderful non-sexual overnight cuddle in Flora’s now cool and comfortable apartment.

Flora did expand my sexual horizons. I have since had some wonderful threesomes with Flora and Linda and the incredible joy of making TWO Chinese women come. But I still won’t tie Flora up and I still won’t pee on her.

I do have one final confession. I kept the tape and every once in a while I slip it into my VCR. I guess even a chubby White girl can have her moment as a porno queen. And my one and only starring performance usually has me end up with my hand between my legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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