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Months had passed and spring led into summer and summer found me and my family in Florida for summer break. I wasn’t doing much except for working on my tan, reading, and calling Adam.

Still dating, we had continued our short passionate encounters whenever we could. I was too nervous to let him return the favor and kiss me “down there,” after all a girl has her insecurities.

We were staying at my parent’s condo next door to a big and popular local hotel for about three weeks. Both of my sets of grandparents live in the state, so a long vacation is not unheard of for our family. My parents are always off playing tennis or golf or shopping or avoiding contact with people in general. I used to share a room with my brother, but he met a girl at college and decided to visit her this summer. So, alone and bored I had taken to sitting on the deck, tanning, and writing college essays, something Adam made fun of me for until I told him it would leave my weekends free when I got back.

About three days into vacation, my parents left on a ten day trip to the Caribbean leaving me even more alone. But, instead of being depressed I exercised my freedom generously by walking naked in the apartment and walking to the bar next door and getting drinks without being carded. Which, at first, wasn’t that exciting, but then I realized there is something distinctly appealing about sipping a mojito on the beach or a seabreeze as the sun sets.

The fourth day of freedom, I woke up really late to a rumbling stomach. I decided to walk over to the local market to pick up more appealing groceries. As I stepped out the door in my finery: cutoffs and a beach-worn tank top I got a text message from Adam [hey I have a secret]. I rolled my eyes and smiled [oh really r u gonna tell it]? Not receiving a reply I walked on.

I picked up some fruit and ate a bagel from the case. I was browsing my other options when I got another text [whr r u?] confused at why it was important I replied [grocery] only to be texted [which] I smiled, because apparently I had never told him how small the island I was on actually was [only 1 ;)] he replied [o… 1 sec]

Confused, yet again, I shook my head and got in line. As I thanked the cashier I felt the familiar buzz of my phone as it receives a call. The screen saying ‘Adam’ I quickly flipped my phone open.

“Hey handsome, what’ up?”

“Not much… there’s only one grocery store.”

“Um yeah, because it’s so close to mainland and it’s so small the island only has one grocery store and also one liquor ‘slash’ convenience store, but I like it because I can bike or take a short car ride everywhere.” “Mhmm. So what are you up to know?”

“Right now? Well, I’m trying to maneuver my butt over the bike seat one handed without catching my shorts on the seat and revealing my ass to the world, you?”

“Lounging about waiting for anything interesting.”

“Ah, poor baby. Miss me… better say yes.”

“Of course what do you take me for a fool. You’re hot stuff you know, all my friends are jealous.”

“Don’t dare patronize me or I’ll come over there!”

“Is that a promise?”


“besides Ms. Insecure you really are beautiful.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere.”

About this time I was feeling the heat and decided despite how much I wanted to bursa escort continue badgering him, I needed to ride back to the conditioned coolness of the condo.

“Hey baby, I gotta ride back before I melt, can I call you as SOON as I get there.”

“hmmm… ok… but you have to say something nice.”


“no… something really nice.”

“Like what… Oh! Oh your bad.”

“uh! Badly injured by your low thoughts of me! I meant a love, thank you.”

“haha, oh! Love you!”

“say it like you mean it.”

“You first… ok… I love you Adam, and when I get home I’m jumping your bones.”

“Better, bye, I love you too.”

“Bye!” Whew! I felt sweat drip down my back. And, I still had to ride home. It’s a good thing I was wearing my two piece, because it was too hot for more fabric. And, I needed a swim ASAP.

I peddled at a good pace and parked. I stuffed my clothes in my grocery back and walked to one of the smaller pools. I noticed I got a few glances, and some of the people who gave them weren’t so bad their self. Maybe, I did look better with a little sun, not to mention my beach clothes were a little more revealing. Oh, Adam was going to hear this story, it was too good: he was thousands of miles away and I’m wearing revealing clothes that other men could see. Ha!

Dripping from the pool I gathered my bags and walked to condo. A blast of cold air hit me as I walked in making me shiver. After placing my bags on the counter I ran to my room for dry clothes.

“With that suit on the whole world can tell your cold.” Jumping about six feet into the air I turned to see the face I knew went with the voice “oh, and I don’t recall you mentioning a swim, I thought someone was coming right back to call their boyfriend, hmm?”

famous authors have written about smiles that could light up a room, and maybe this wasn’t one of them, but I knew after I did it he could tell I was pleasantly surprised.


I ran and jumped into his hoodie clad arms, so warm and inviting from the cold of the room. I kissed him hard on the lips once, and then went back for a long deep one. He didn’t waste any time and his tongue delved right into my waiting mouth. When we pulled back he grinned.


“surprised,” I smiled.



I leaned against him and then pulled back quickly.

“Oh! I’m sorry I got water all on you.”

“That’s ok… here.” He stripped off his sweater to reveal he had a swimsuit on instead of shorts and a swimsuit body I remembered and itched to touch again. I glanced over his muscles, now tan from being a lifeguard at a summer camp. “God, Liss, if you look at me like that we won’t go anywhere today!”

“who said I wanted to.” I shot back huskily before I realized what I was saying.

He slid sultrily up to me with a confident smirk and leaned in for a kiss, planting one on my forehead as I looked dow shyly and then sliding to my ear and down to my earlobe before settling on the juncture of my neck and shoulder where he kissed me and gave me a soft bite making me gasp. I found his hand with mine and placed them palm to palm before I tried to find his lips. We kissed deeply and his hand slid from around my back to my stomach. I pulled away, ticklish.

“sorry,” he mentioned breathlessly, bursa escort bayan “never had so much skin available before, I didn’t know you were ticklish.”

I smirked at him.

“yeah well neither have I, all I ever get to see is that wimpy little bit.”

“Wimpy huh! Well maybe you don’t deserve to see it at all.” he whispered devilishly into my ear.”

“well… maybe I just need reminding.” I replied coyly to the floor at his feet

He was all but happy to comply. Grabbing me around the waist he pulled me to his lap as he plopped on the bed. We tussled playfully before I stilled and looked at him.

Without moving my eyes from him I started at his collar bone and teased the skin with the tips of my fingers. As anxious as him I soon found my hand around the hot piece of flesh that was anything but wimpy. I blushed and he pulled my chin up to gaze into my eyes searchingly. He smiled and kissed me tenderly. After my “experienced” fingers got him to full hardness (although it might have had something to do with my bikini clad form mere inches from his half naked one) I reached behind me.

My fingers felt anxious and clumsy and I looked up.

“could you?”

he raised his eyebrows and smiled pulling me in close to kiss my shoulder. Wondering if that meant yes or no his hands slid up my sides causing me to jerk and giggle loudly, that is, until his hands brushed the sides of my breasts. He petted briefly there before he placed one whole warm hand over my breast kneading lightly while the other found the tie at the back of my suit.

When the top was off I stared at my legs briefly, blushing, before my eyes slid to meet his, mine failing, however, as his were pre-occupied with other parts of me. Seeing the look in his eyes gave me the confidence to slide my hand over his and lift it lightly and gently place is over the mound of exposed flesh.

He licked his lips and brushed the nipple with his thumb eliciting a moan from me and drawing his eyes to my face. He grinned sheepishly realizing he had been engrossed. He leaned in to kiss me and drew me back to lay on the bed with his form hovering over mine. His head moved downward and captured a nipple in his mouth. God that felt good! I moaned “Adam…” softly and weaved my fingers through his hair. He paid equal attention to the other breast, and after a while of this confusing torture he laid his chin in the valley of my breasts and traced paths on my tummy.

He sighed and I looked down on his smiling face

“What are you doing?”

he looked up at me confused

“What do you mean?”

“Why are you stopping?”

“Alyssa, I’m just going to say it: if we don’t stop now my barely tested control won’t be able to handle it and we might say things we don’t mean, and we might be angry and I just want this to be a nice week, ok?”

I looked up…

“who says I want you to control, yourself, I mean, what I mean is… I’m ready if you are.”

He looked confused briefly and a few emotions crossed his face before he looked back

“you mean… sex?”

I smiled and tapped my finger to my head

“you’re a smart boy,” I gripped his cheeks and mushed them, “whose a smart boy,” I cooed to his frowning countenance. “and they say jocks are dumb… boy are they wrong.”

Before I realized I was in escort bursa for trouble he grinned mischeviously and raspberried my stomach hard.

After a few minutes of uncontrollable laughter and tears he nuzzled my neck.

“Are you sure?”

I drew a breath

“I’ve been thinking about it and I think I was ready two months ago when the birth control package said it was safe to start sexual activity.”

“Your such a responsible geek,” he muttered, and before I could protest

He drew me in for a kiss and before I knew it we were “hardcore” making out. My body became like fire wherever his hands touched and I needed more and eventually all I knew was the pressure in my stomach and the torturous friction of his chest against my painfully hard nipples.

He moved his hand down lower and began slow circles over my bathing suit clad mound. When that became to much I whimpered in his mouth. I felt his lips curve into a smile as he slid the bottom one side and then the other down my legs and over my feet. Fingers found hot flesh and burrowed and I cried out for having my need fulfilled.

“More.” I told his ear

He pushed further finding my entrance and as he moved a finger inside and then two he found my g-spot, oh god did he ever. I arched and moaned

“That’s it.”

He looked up at me and removed his fingers, and as I watched he drew the coated digits into his mouth. There is something REALLY arousing about someone doing that, and without invitation I maneuvered until he was straddled by my legs and his form rested between my thighs.

“Will this hurt for you?” He asked as he nibbled around my neck

“To be honest… since I started giving you, um… blowjobs, I kind of became a little rough when touching myself, so… um, no.” I got a reaction I had’t quite expected

“I turn you ooo-oon, you really waaant meee.” He sang boastfully swishing his head

But, before he could continue I placed him at my entrance and thrusted onto him in one swift motion. It felt like pain and pleasure, not sharp, just a nagging delightful pain/pressure inside, and every time I moved it got better. When he gained composure he took control and slowly moved in and out until it was nothing but sweet friction and sweet heat and then more delightful continuous friction.

After a few awkward efforts to meet him I found a rhythm we could both agree on and I strained to whisper “Harder” As a thin sheen of sweat covered both of us.

Finally, I felt an impending orgasm and I used a trick I had learned, squeezing my inner muscles and encouraging him on.

“Oh baby, its so good keep going, I’m gonna cum so hard for you.” I whispered heavily into his ear

I heard him intake breath and he sped up to a frenzied pace. Finally when I couldn’t take it anymore I let go for the best, hardest, most jerky nad numbing orgasm of my entire short career. And, as mine started, it set his off and I felt warm liquid rushing inside of me making me clench even more.

We were both panting hard and he gripped my side rolling onto his back so I was resting my cheek on his chest. After we had a few minutes I joked

“I don’t think this is what your parents had in mind when they allowed you to visit.”

“Yeah,” he smiled with his eyes still closed “but they knew I missed you.”

“Yep, your beautiful girlfriend all of your buddies are jealous you have.”

“That’s right, smartass, and I’ll have news that will make them more jealous when I return.”


“Yeah, it seems like you missed me more.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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