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Two couples go cruising and playing with Skipper and crew

Would you believe I asked a half dozen listed editors to assist me with this? Not one replied. So be it. Sex isn’t lonely to me. Let it not be to you. Enjoy!

For those who don’t like wives screwing others, bail out now.


My wife Lynette had been sexually active with many varied men until the week before we married at ages 26. Three years into marriage, we began toying with adventuresome fantasies, including pretending Lynette was making love with other men, women and together in group settings. Lynette remained adamant it would never happen in reality; though she thoroughly enjoyed the fantasies…more than I did sometimes, felt was comfortable to me. Nonetheless, I admit wanting some new pussy myself. A dormant fetish with women of color surfaced that was my special fantasy, while Lynette was similarly responsive. She’d dated a man of color and had genuinely enjoyed their sex.

Around the same time by a lucky twist of life, we became surprisingly wealthy from stock options in the technology company where I worked. We could afford to travel frequently. One spring we ventured to Jamaica, staying at the Sandals resort adjacent to Hedonism II in Negril.

Had we known about Hedonism II we might have stayed there. Then again, we hadn’t turned fantasy into reality (yet) so maybe we wouldn’t have. Anyway, we met a friendly couple at Sandals and got to know them very well through social activities over the first couple of days.

Some of these activities were naughty and risqué experiences. Pool volley ball with wives on our shoulders and switching them around, toga parties (no bra or panties allowed!), snorkeling naked at a party island just offshore, dancing and groping as a group, etc.

You might say that we all got into the local Reggae spirit while enjoying the good Rasta vibrations that developed among us…


On our arrival in Jamaica, several other couples joined us for the airport-to-resort van ride. Lynette and I rode adjacent to an attractive black couple from San Francisco and over the 3-hour journeyed we enjoyed enough banter with Trace and Felicia to feel comfortable planning our first afternoon on the beach with them.

Trace’s wife, Felicia, was lighter in coloring due to mixed Asian blood that also gave her an exotic look. At five-nine she was shorter my six-feet, and much shorter than Lynette’s five-three height. Like Lynette, she’d run track in college and now worked as a physical therapist.

Lynette was positively diminutive next to Trace, who at six-four seemed to tower above us all. She couldn’t have weighed more than half what he did. Otherwise, Lynette represented my ideal woman insofar as she was nearly hairless with just wispy pussy hair, though I’d never seen much since she kept it well trimmed. Blue eyes and dirty blond hair melted me…well, hardened me too.

My diving had developed elastic gymnast musculature, powerful thighs, calves and abs to complement a narrow waist. I’d started as a sprint swimmer so had broad shoulders too. In addition, like Lynette, I worked out regularly since it had become part of my lifestyle early on.

Otherwise, I’m relatively common but with a strong jaw, long eyelashes and ringlet curled hair. It was enough to get me Lynette and regular sex while single.

Back to Jamaica…once settled into our room, we were to meet our new friends at the beach bar. Before that, Lynette and I promptly stripped, showered and had a hot screw. She played a favorite fantasy of fucking another man … a big cocked black man, and I knew she was thinking of Trace. Fortunately, I also believed she’d maintain her resistances to actually letting someone else screw her married pussy.

Lynette put on a nice but not overly risqué bikini. We had gotten her a couple of thong suites while on a night layover in Miami but she thought it smart to see what was common first.

We chatted while she prepared and the topic migrated to Felicia and Trace when I complemented her on how charmed Felicia with her interest in physical therapy work. Lynette said we would have a great spending time the next week with people like them…attractive and intelligent.

Trace and Felicia were at the bar when we arrived and graciously had drinks awaiting us. We hoisted a toast to having a kick-ass week of fun and partying together.

I really needed to loosen up so called for some rum and lime-wedge shooters before we went to the beach. We all had a couple, and then Trace and I had a couple more. With a very good buzz on we all went for a swim to a floating dock where we lay down, and chatted about how great it was to be there with good folks.

I told them how Lynette and I had talked about how fun we thought it would be having met such similar people already. Felicia expressed amazement at how easy they were with us and Trace snuck in some complements of Lynette looking delicious in her bikini. That casino siteleri was a blatant statement about her body in my mind. No problem though, Felicia was a pleasure to behold and I had trouble not staring at the cleft showing through her bottoms. She had to be shaved clean or perhaps waxed, as was Lynette.

The lowering sun cut our beach time short so back to our rooms to shower before dinner and dancing.

Lynette rinsed first and when I emerged, found Lynette wearing a tailored African wrap she had bought in Cape Town the year before. It did not allow for a bra, which was more than fine with me. I thought it a clever choice given we were likely to dine with Trace and Felicia.

After an animated dinner, we danced a short time to live music, trading partners for a couple of songs. It wasn’t long before we all admitted being bushed from the travel and left to crash early in the evening. Saying good night, we expressed intentions to hook up the next day.

The next morning we had a great fruit breakfast and we were going over the activity schedule when Felicia and Trace showed up. Lynette and I made reservations for snorkeling, diving and a day cruise. Felicia and Trace enthusiastically joined us for the sailing cruise the day after tomorrow. Then we agreed to all meet back at the beach shortly.

This time Lynette put on a purple thong with a flimsy top that clung to her tits…nipples and areola were outlined to my undying pleasure.

We got to the beach, did a bit of local snorkeling that was disappointing and found Trace and Felicia playing croquet so joined in the game. It wasn’t long before a waiter stopped to offer drinks so we ordered a round of mojitos. Another round came and went before we opted for a swim. When Lynette removed her wrap, Trace didn’t miss the thong and tight ass cheeks between. Gawd I thought, he has the hots for her bad.

Felicia saw Lynette’s suit and was either thrilled or intimidated; I couldn’t tell which. After a quick swim, she begged off saying she had to go to the ladies room. She returned in a different suit…one equally playful and revealing as was Lynette’s. This time I stared at her track-toned ass and seeing this, Lynette said fair was fair since she’d caught Trace enjoying her flesh too. It was hilarious and we all got a good laugh.

Another round of drinks and we all went to play a croquet game-swapping spouses for partners. The game turned out to be funny and we ended up playing where the shooting player could only hold the mallet while their partner did the shooting by wrapping their hands around the holder. It made for some great rubbing and no one seemed to enjoy it. I know I did and figured Trace did too, though I still didn’t like the thought of anyone’s hands on Lynette but mine.

While we headed to another swim, one of the social directors asked if we’d like to join a rousing pool volleyball game. Only ladies could shoot, and only while mounted on the shoulders of a partner. We laughed and went for it.

After the first raucous game, we again swapped partners. Though I knew Lynette would be rubbing her pussy and clit on Trace’s neck, the lure of me getting the same from Felicia got the better of my increasingly alcohol stimulated desires.

Now this was a hoot of a time! Trace and Lynette were indomitable…between his height, strength and her petite size they could reach and move like lightening. However, I got the better deal since Felicia needed a lot more assistance staying astride my back. On more than one occasion, I got a full grip on her ass cheeks and tits while trying to keep her well mounted. It took a moment to shrink my hard on before getting out of the pool. Our team won the set of three games and we headed off to celebrate at the bar.

That night was a toga party so we picked ours up while at the bar and played with different wrapping styles. Lynette and Felicia wanted to go figure out what they would do together so headed to Felicia and Trace’s room to do what ladies do.

Trace and I hung out at the bar and talked about man stuff: sex, women, our wives, more sex and more women. Trace told me of what he and Felicia did for fun, how she was equipped and what she liked to feel. I was happy he was so open since I had been actively wondering about these things.

I boasted of Lynette’s active and varied sex life, her waxed pussy (he had already guessed from the expression in her bikini bottoms). He wanted to know more if she had ever been with a woman; if we’d ever had threesomes; group sex and so on. I was honest that neither of us had, but like many couples, we all used fantasies to enhance sex. Lynette had admitted being attracted to other women a time or two so this came out with the rest.

Trace said that he and Felicia had experienced all of the above and were very open about sex. However, he didn’t indicate if that meant as a married couple, or as singles beforehand.

In conclusion, we firmly agreed that each other’s wife would be someone canlı casino we would like to get it on with. It was a fun discussion and we both obviously came away with boners and a desire to mount up so to speak.

We returned to the adjacent rooms and found Lynette and Felicia having wine on their veranda. The girls had settled on a toga pattern but refused to reveal it until evening.

We joined their wine drinking so long it was a rush to get ready for dinner.

While prepping for the evening Lynette recounted how she and Felicia had stripped to try various toga ties, emphasizing the beauty of her new friend’s body. They agreed waxing was painful but worth the results, which included stimulating contact from movement of exposed clits against panties. Their immodesty turned me on as I hoped it would extend to Trace and me.

Before getting her toga on Lynette threw me out with orders to join Trace and send Felicia over so they could get into their togas.

A short time later, the girls came into our friend’s room and flaunted their ties…her, bodies.

Their choice left slits at the sides from underarm down, revealing breasts suggestively pouting at their sides. They were loose enough I was sure to enjoy ‘down-blouse’ views along with all others. The draped fronts were pinned exposing cleavage to their lower bellies. Yeah, more suggestions for us?

By the way, the side slits revealed neither had panties unless there was a thong and I preferred to think they were commando.

We continued drinking through dinner the general volume of festivities rose in the open social center. Most other women were also exposing much more than they’d think of back home. Most tables had multiple couples probably talking sex as if we were.

The music kicked in and surprising Trace and I, the girls ran off the dance the first song together. Woo hoo…I wondered if they’d begun to fancy each other.

We danced the night away as mixed and grouped in all combinations. Little restraint was in evidence as hands and body parts were fair game among us. Since Trace and I were commando, both girls got a good feel of each other’s erections. I wondered what Felicia thought of my precum leaking onto her hand. In addition, I wondered with anxiety if Lynette had drawn the same from Trace’s large ropy organ.

It was getting late when the girls said it was time to cool off as they trotted their hot tushes to the beach. We could see them both drop their togas at the water’s edge and step in naked as I could wish.

We each stayed with our own spouses…though everyone enjoyed the eye candy. I was amazed to see Lynette willingly display strut her tits and reveal her cherry pussy to Trace. Following a final round in the hot tub, we headed to bed vowing to have a great time cruising the next day.


We all met at 11am to meet up with the boat. Each of us carried what would pass for an overnight bag with clothes, towels and basic toiletries.

Logically the owner was named Skipper, who was accompanied by Giselle, his first mate and wife. She caught my attention: a raven beauty of dark copper skin, thin with champagne glass breasts, perky nips and a slender five-six height. I’ve a fetish for black women as you might have gathered from my appreciation of Felicia.

Our destination was a secluded cove offering cliff diving, a small coral-sand beach, plenty of snorkeling reef and shelter from wind.

Luckily we were the only guests…most avoided such a long venture away from the resort.

I was looking forward to the diving since I’d competed in the sport through college. Turning dives off cliffs was innately appealing as it afforded a ‘show-off’ opportunity to attract affections from Felicia.

We set out at 11:30pm and the drinks immediately began to flow. Giselle, the skipper’s wife played host prancing around in a flattering bikini taking good care of us. We laughed with her noting that the name was appropriate given she had a gazelle-like body. She could not have had more than 5% body fat. She up beat, game aura and taunting captivated us.

Soon we were feeling a good buzz when Skipper pulled out a dented Rasta decorated coffee can full of cigar-sized spliffs and asked if we wanted to indulge. He recommended it before we rounded the next crop of rocks where we’d angle south. Wind and a tide change would be kicking up rolling waves until we reached the cove.

The trimaran would be very stable and sported trampoline nets up front between the hulls. He recommended heading up there in our suits to bounce around in the rollers, saying that the ganja would assure a fun and hilarious to ride. We all grinned and with inhibitions dulled by alcohol, accepted his offer.

Both of the girls dropped their wraps, admitting they had agreed to the suits they wore were intended to provoke us…we’d already enjoyed nudity so they felt no inhibitions at flaunting their salacious bodies.

Lynette’s was the purple kaçak casino string thong we picked up at the Ron-Jon’s surf shop in Miami. Felicia’s was as stringy but yellow to contrast against her skin just as the purple was on Lynette. Both plainly showed their creases since both pussies were clean and baby-bottom silky skin.

Trace’s woven shorts draped his ropy cock and mine were a plaid on white that were thin enough to show the rim of my helmet.

Trace showed no trace of helmet due to his uncircumcised cock. I wondered of Lynette…one of her most talented lovers had been a Frenchman, Michel, whose talents had enthralled her with his uncircumcised penis. She’d admitted part of her fun was with experiencing his uncircumcised cock.

While I thought about this, we each took a couple or three deep hits from a monster Rasta spliff and unsuccessfully suppressed attendant coughing with more drinks.

We rounded the point and Skipper said it was time to play in the hammocks.

Lynette and I hopped into one and Felicia and Trace into the other. Both were big enough for a half dozen people and we sunk deeply without others to bind the straps taught.

Wind blew 35 degrees from center making Trace and Felicia’s side lower in the water. It looked more fun so Lynette and I scrambled over and dropped in just as the bow took a dive, submerging us all jumble of arms, legs and soft body parts. We all laughed while trying to get a breath of air when we popped up. I was lying atop Felicia, and Lynette was on her back, her legs tangled with Trace’s…all around was a contrast of color, black on white and white on black.

“Woo hoo! Trace, you’re a hunk of manhood all over me and it feels good!” Lynette shouted, not in the least deterred by her twisted predicament with Trace.

Felicia replied, “Go ahead you two; I’m right where I want to be! Look, Tom’s saluting me!”

Pot and alcohol had indeed gotten me up so to speak. My response to smoking was psychosomatic. It instantly turned me on, which invariable meant I got a hard-on.

I didn’t mind if Felicia didn’t. Lynette had already declared her enjoyment with Trace. So, there I was facing a conundrum: jealousy or indulgence. I didn’t know what would win, but figured it wasn’t a critical point to face yet.

That simple exchange provided a glimpse of opportunity to turn our fantasy talk into reality. I was torn though. As much as I wanted to get into Felicia, I wasn’t ready to let Lynette let go with Trace given his superior ‘manhood’.

Perhaps it was a challenge for Lynette to back down…I don’t know now for certain, but I blurted out, “Felicia my dear, I do appreciate your affections and assure you I’d not leave you disappointed.” Then I turned and kissed her on the lips.

That kiss didn’t have the forwardness of a tongue slip, but it was enough to test Lynette and Trace and Felicia. I was half-afraid Trace might bust my jaw and was betting the festivities would carry me through.

Felicia looked surprised and looked over to Trace. He smiled and, breaking into a laugh, rolled on top of Lynette and did me one better by mashing her tits and kissing her passionately.

Sensing no reservations from her, he swiped his tongue to across the inside of her top lip and then inserted it into her mouth. She responded in kind.

Shit, there it was. She was into it. Hell, I wouldn’t be left behind so I delivered my best to Felicia and she writhed with me on the net.

Suddenly another wave hit, rolling over us all and ending the poignant moment. Again, we thrashed around getting plenty of groping in, and when the bow rose, Felicia’s top had fallen aside. Her full-bodied tits were on display and topped with proud dark nipples so pronounced I thought of them as pencil erasers.

Without embarrassment, Lynette laughed saying, “Who hasn’t already gotten a peak at those. Since mine will likely come off too, I’ll just dispense with it now.” She pulled the bows, dropped it and tossed it to the deck without another thought.

A barrier had just shattered. In Trace’s arms, Lynette all but said ‘here are my tits, take them as you will man!”

Thankfully, Felicia followed suit without a word; just a wry smile and wink at Trace.

With the next wave, Lynette and I came up next to each other and groping with hot kisses and nipple sucking. Trace and Felicia were doing the same and I think we all felt the change from friendship to romance.

We continued to toss around in waves, sharing partners until the girls came up in each other’s arms. They too exchanged kisses to my utter astonishment.

As if that wasn’t enough, Giselle brought us thick dry towels utterly nude. The girls hopped up, slid their bottoms down and toweled off giggling with Giselle about how naughty the all were. Giselle said she and Skipper also hosted cruises for Hedonism and preferred going au natural so figured they’d just edge us along.

I turned to see Skipper at the wheel and took in his thick, linebacker build for the first time. Unlike Trace, he was a stocky powerful man with huge hands and a huge fat cock to match. Like Giselle, he couldn’t have had more than 5 to 10 percent body fat. What a moose!

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