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Dylan slouched on the chair behind the counter with a sigh. He ought to stop going out on work nights, opening up the tattoo and piercing shop in the morning weighted on him as it never did when he was well rested and fresh of mind.

Then again, how could he say no to that absolute babe who had been smirking at him the whole time at the pub. He smirked, playfully twirling a pen between his fingers. What was her name again? Not that it mattered, he had no intention of seeing her again, but you know… just for the record.

He had just recalled she might be called Scarlet, at least that was what she said, when the bell at the entrance rang, the door being pushed open.

Two girls came in, strutting towards the counter, neither of them seemed the type to enter a tattoo and piercing shop on purpose.

“Can I help you girls? Are you lost?” he smirked.

The one walking in the front made a bitchy face and snorted. “No, of course not. I want a piercing.”

Dylan scanned her. Brand new clothes, shiny jewelry, expensive sunglasses, high heels and Gucci purse. Rich, spoiled girl.

“Do you now? Are you eighteen? If you are not I’m going to need your parents…”

“I’m eighteen, just turned yesterday, my parents won’t know a words of this.” She grinned, placing her ID and a 50 dollars bill on the counter. Dylan raised his eyebrows. He took the ID and carefully avoided the money, once he was sure it wasn’t fake, he’d seen enough of those to recognize one, he handed it back to her. “It’s fine by me. As long as you’re eighteen I won’t call anyone, the only thing I’ll charge you for is the piercing.”

He shot a look at her friend behind her. She seemed to come from a different world entirely. Dirty blonde hair brushed back, held in place by a simple hairpin, light flower dress flowing around her knees, lower heels made of tangled rope as well as her purse, which she clasped with both hands, looking at it.

“How about you?” Dylan asked, and she had to be prompted to respond by her friend’s elbows hitting her rib cage.

“Hum… I… I just want my ears pierced.” She whispered.

Dylan chuckled. “You could have gone to the mall for that.”

“She’s here to make me company, I’m going for something more… private.” The other girl smirked.

Dylan relented and sighed. “Alright you girls fill out these forms for consent.” He handed the papers to them and slouched back on the chair.

The first to give it back was the blondie. Her neat handwriting had ‘rich-daddy-princess-church-girl’ written all over. She shot him a curious glance, and Dylan noticed she was watching his tattooed arm.

“Like what you see?” he teased her on purpose.

She flushed scarlet, but surprised him by asking. “Is that a phoenix?”

He nodded. “It is.”

“I read it’s a symbol for starting a new life from scratch, at least for lots of people.”

Dylan was impressed. He did get it when he finally came out of his drug addiction. It still reminded of the bad times, but also of how good it was to be clean again. “You’re right” he shot a glance at the paper she handed him. “Maeve.” He smiled. “Beautiful name.”

She blushed again.

Dylan heard her friend scoff. “So can I get my piercing now?”

“Sure.” He glanced at her name too. “Allison. Where did you say you want it?”

“I didn’t say.” She smirked, maybe hoping he’d ask her again, but he was in no mood for playing games with a spoiled eighteen-year-old. She ended up telling him after a long pause. “My clit.”

A grin surfaced on Dylan’s lip. He expected something like that, a gesture of rebellion from a spoiled, rich brat who just turned of age.

“Sure you do.” He got out a book. “So this is a catalogue, look at the pictures and tell me what you’d like.” He handed her the scrap book of his previous works.

“I can do your ears in the meantime if you want, Miss…” he looked for Maeve’s last name.”

“Just Maeve, please, Miss Fairchild is my older sister.” She had a genuine smile, and, Dylan couldn’t help but notice, a killer body underneath that flowery dress. He shook his head. He would have sure liked to tap that. But of course she’d never go for it.

Dylan internally smirked; he bet she’d never gone beyond a kiss, it could be so much fun…

“Maeve then. Want to do your ears?”


He made a gesture and she followed him, leaving her friend looking horrified at the pictures she had before her eyes, her courage fading away.

As soon as they entered the back room she spoke. “Could you tell Allison it hurts a lot? The piercing I mean.”

He turned, stunned. “It doesn’t really. Heals pretty fast too.”

“I know, I did some research, but her parents are going to kill her, and she’s going to regret it. Could you tell her it hurts? She’ll back out, I’m sure.” She smiled, guilty of her little scheme.

Dylan chuckled. “It really isn’t my business… but sure, if she’s not so sure a bit of pain would scare her, she shouldn’t do it.”

Maeve smiled. “Thank you…”


“Just Dylan?”

“Just Maeve?” he shot back, canlı bahis grinning.

She laughed. “Fair enough.” She sat on the chair he pointed her.

“It was kind of you to come here with your friend, and to watch over her.” He smiled as he readied the needle.

“She always gets in trouble.” She said as if it explained everything.

“I was like her.” He chuckled.

“Really?” she reclined her head and bit her lower lip, studying him. “Mmm… maybe I can see that.” She blushed. “Sorry, I get ahead of myself.”

“It’s fine.” He smiled. “I really was a trouble maker, at your age.” Damn this girl… she was going to make him forget he had a job to keep if she kept biting that lip…

“Which was… how much time ago?”

“About five years.” The needle and earring were ready. “You ready? These are basic earrings, you can change them once it has completely healed. I’d say a month, just to be sure, but could be less.”

She nodded. “Go on.” She seemed at ease, not like back in the shop with her friend overpowering her.

The shots were quick, he handed her some ice to put on it to cool down the area. She didn’t make a sound.

“Great, you didn’t even flinch, most people at least swear at their first piercing, even if it is on the earlobes.” He helped her up, just so to have an excuse to touch her skin. Warm. Smooth. Damn.

“Oh that wasn’t my first piercing.” She chuckled handing him the money.

“You got another piercing before your ears?” he didn’t expect that. “Where?”

She blushed. “Not even Allison knows.”

“I wish I could say I didn’t mean to pry but… I did.” He smirked, intrigued.

She giggled. “It’s fine, just don’t tell anyone.” She walked past him and whispered in his ear. “I got a nipple ring.” And blushing, she walked back to the shop, where her friend was waiting for her.

Ok, he had to see that, no matter the consequences, he wanted this girl.

“So was it painful?” Dylan heard Allison ask her.

“Hurt like a bitch, and the guy said yours would hurt more.” Her voice sounded it pain too. Damn she was good.

“Really? Crap. Let’s get out of here. I bet the needles are full of germs anyway.”

They left hurriedly through the door before Dylan could come out the back. But as he went back in the shop, he noticed something on the floor. A handkerchief with two initials sewed on it.


Maeve Fairchild.

He stacked it back in a drawer behind the counter, grinning. He had an excuse to see her again.

Dylan decided to wait at least a couple of days to show up to her house and return the handkerchief, and he spent the whole two days fantasizing about that body unveiled…

He shook his head, focusing back on the road, as he drove downtown, following the directions on his phone. The Fairchild’s address was pretty public, they were rich and powerful in town, and he was sure he’d recognize the manor as soon as he got close to it.

He wasn’t wrong. As soon as he turned right on the street, the huge villa captured his stare. Walls of light brown bricks, antique windows with a renaissance style you could see nowhere else in town, painted of a spotless white. All in the middle of a perfectly kept yard, in Britain-style, with fountains and sculptures, and a black gate with the family name carved on top.

Man, that was absurd.

He parked his old Ford and walked to the gate, handkerchief in hand. A guard questioned him with his eyes.

“Hum… I have… Miss Fairchild’s Handkerchief. She dropped it in my shop.”

“The little miss or the older miss?” the guard eyed him.

“The little one.”

“Would you prefer wait for me to call the house for your arrival or just leave it to me, sir?”

Sir? No one ever called him sir.

“I’ll wait, it’s no problem.”

The guard made a face, as if he knew he had a second agenda for waiting outside. He got out a phone and spoke a few murmured words into it, then smiled politely and announced that Miss Fairchild was awaiting for in the park behind the manor. The gates opened.

Dylan shrugged and found his confidence back. This was just a regular girl, a young one, and he could easily charm her. Right?

Walking where the guards, yes, he met multiple guards along the way, pointed, Dylan found the blonde girl sitting at a stone table, drawing.

“Miss Fairchild?”

“I said Maeve was fine, Dylan.” She smiled. “I see you’ve found my handkerchief. I thought I lost it.” she got up to meet him. She had a light blue dress that flowed around her thighs, her long legs showing more than when he last saw her. The dress wasn’t particularly low cut, but her breasts pushed against the fabric so that he could see their shape and… fuck, the nipple ring.

“Found it on the floor. Were you drawing?”

She beamed. “I was. I am, pardon me for my lack of modesty, pretty good at it. Want to see?”

“Of course.” He chuckled.

The sheet he was handed was covered with a beautiful remake of his phoenix tattoo, in different colors and with a feminine touch his didn’t have.

“Maeve, this is bahis siteleri beautiful. You sure remembered my tattoo well.” She had talent, he could see it.

“Thanks, I don’t get to show my drawing often.” She blushed. “I hope you don’t mind I took your tattoo and worked some changes. It really inspired me.”

“Not at all.” He grinned passing the sheet back to her. “How are your ears?”

“Good, I had no pain at all today.”

“Maybe just disinfect them every day for a while.”

“Sure. Don’t worry, I know how to take care of a piercing.” She blushed, grinning. “Oh yes, I remember.” He smirked. “You surprised me, I have to admit you don’t look like the type to have that kind of piercing.” She smirked. “I know. I got it on a whim. Never regretted it though.” She blushed. “It’s fun to play with.”

Dylan swallowed at the thought of her playing with her nipple ring, imagining to twirl it with his tongue, hearing her moan his name with that pretty lips parted…

“Earth calls Dylan?” Maeve giggled.

“Sorry” he jumped. “That got me distracted” he admitted blatantly.

She blushed furiously and looked down. “I don’t know why I said that.”

Dylan grinned. “I didn’t mind. One last thing, can I see…?” he raised his hand to her face, and at her incredulous expression added. “Your ears.”

“Oh sure.” She breathed.

She moved her hair back and turned sideways to him.

Dylan’s fingers didn’t go straight for her earlobe. He dragged his fingertips up her neck first, behind her ear, curled a flock of stray hair on his finger, then lightly touched the earlobe, moved it back and forth to look at the hole.

“Seems perfect to me.” He grinned. “The other?” she turned without a word, exposing her other ear to him, but he could see her flushed face and grinned.

He repeated the process on the other side, and heard her sigh when the contact was lost.

“Thanks Dylan for…” she cleared he throat. “for coming and bringing back my handkerchief.” She smiled shyly.

“No problem. See you around, Maeve.” He underlined her name with a flirty voice.

He grinned and stepped back, walking away.

“See you around.” She whispered.

It was a couple of weeks later when Dylan went in a pub and saw her again.

She was at the bar drinking, with her friend from the shop. Allison was it?

They surely had fake ID’s, not hard to get for rich kid with daddy’s money always available.

He grinned when he saw her, and his friend noticed the direction of his gaze.

“Dude, which one are you looking at?” he followed his stare.

“The one in the red dress. She’s my client.”

“Looks young.”

“She’s eighteen.”

“Man! You’re going for younger? I thought the other one was more your type.” He eyed Allison.

“Nah, she’s a bitch, was in the shop too.”

His friend laugh. “Alright man, go for it.”

“Maybe I should tell you one more thing.”


“She’s a Fairchild.”

That stopped the laughter. “You’re kidding.”

“Am not.”

“Dude are you crazy? If you mess up with her, her father will make your life hell!”

Dylan grinned. “Man, she has a nipple-ring.” He whined.

The laughter started again. “Oh God you’re screwed.” He pushed him forward as he walked towards the bar where the girls sat.

He mindlessly leaned on the counter and ordered a shot of tequila, right next to Maeve, who was turned with his back at him.

As he spoke, she turned, as he expected.


“Maeve? What are you doing here?” he smirked. “Aren’t you a little young to be here?”

She giggled, covering her mouth with a hand. “Shh… don’t tell.” She seemed weird…

Behind her, Allison rolled her eyes. “She’s drunk already. Only had like two shots, and she’s been giggling and babbling for an hour.” She narrowed her eyes at him. “Would you watch her for a second?” For as much as he hated Allison for leaving her friend alone with a guy they barely knew, he nodded.

“So Maeve, I see you’ve changed your earrings.” Two big, black loops hanged from her earlobes, tangled in her perfectly curled blonde hair, groomed around her pretty face.

“I did! The piercing healed. You like them?”

“I do. Nice dress too, you look good.” He grinned.

She blushed. “Thanks. The dress is Allison’s.” it hug her curves nicely, and it was pretty clear it wasn’t her style, but still was perfect on her.

“I liked your dressed too, you always looked good.” He smirked leaning back on the counter.

He shot a look at the dance floor. “Your friends seems busy.” She was all over an older guy who gladly let her grind on him. But he wasn’t one to talk.

Maeve scoffed. “As always. She’s going to catch some disease sooner or later.”

Dylan was curious to know more about this girl. “So you’ve never gone dancing with some stranger like her?”

“Well… dancing, yes, not like she does though. but never went home with anyone” she blushed.

“No? Can I ask you something personal Maeve?” Dylan leaned closer.

“Ask away, Allison was right, I’m pretty drunk, bahis şirketleri and I’ll probably answer questions I’ll regret tomorrow.”

Dylan grinned. “Are you a virgin Maeve?”

She blushed scarlet. “No… but I’ve only had sex once, with my ex.” She eyed him. “Why did you want to know?”

“Because I’m taking you to dance, come on.” He smirked and dragged her by her hand. She was startled, but followed swiftly as soon as she regained her balance on the heels to high for her tipsy mind.

On the dance floor, Dylan turned her around so she had her back to him, and watched shocked as she started dancing on rhythm, her ass grazing his crotch at every move.

She wasn’t grinding, it didn’t look vulgar, but it was sexy as hell, and Dylan’s cock was stiffen in his pants. He didn’t bother hiding it, soon she noticed and turned her face to him above her shoulder, a bit flushed, embarrassed maybe, but still smiling.

Damn that smile.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and kept dancing with her, his head crooned so his lips touched her exposed neck.

The music was loud, he knew she couldn’t hear him, so he started nibbling at her soft flesh, biting lightly, then licking the tortured spot, and then biting harder. At one point she moaned and he did hear her, surprisingly. It must have been pretty loud. He groaned in response, unable to keep the sound from escaping his throat, and ground his crotch into her ass, pushing her to him with his hand on her sides.

“You’re coming home with me.” He growled in her ear.

She tensed in his arms, so he nibbled at his earlobe. “Don’t think too much, you want it too.”

She relaxed a bit and turned to face him. And nodded, smiling.

Taking her face into his hands, he raised her mouth to his, and bruised her soft, pink lips with a passionate kiss, forcing her lips open, but not really meeting any resistance. She tasted sweet and fresh. He groaned in the kiss.

“Let’s get out of here.” He dragged her along out of the dance floor, out of the pub, in the street, where he whistled for a cab, and held her from behind as they waited on the sidewalk.

She snuggled into his arms, the cold night air making her shiver.

“Everything ok?” he whispered in her ear, trying to sooth her with his embrace. Ok he wanted to fuck her, badly, as hard as he could. He wanted to see that nipple ring and taste her wetness. That didn’t mean he wanted her to be scared of him.

She nodded. “Yes. I’m just scared.”

“Don’t be.” He held her tighter. “I don’t know how your previous experience was, but I assure you, you will have no bad memories of tonight.”

The cab pulled over, and he helped her in and seated next to her, pulling her legs on his lap. His hands massaged her calves up and down.

“My previous experience was… dreary. The guy was a bastard, it hurt like hell and I spent the next week crying.” She sighed. Ok, that was bad. He hoped to make her change her mind about sex.

“But I know Allison, I know she wouldn’t make such a fuss about it if it was always like this. And… well I told you about my nipple ring.” She flushed scarlet at his grin. Her leg brushed his erection and he kept it pressed there. “I like to play with it and I always wondered how it would be if… someone else…” she chocked on her words.

The driver was pretending not to look or hear, but while Maeve was drunk enough not to notice, her tone of voice, Dylan still tried to keep it down.

He leaned closer and whispered in her ear. “Allison is right. It’s not always like that, only if you’re rude, have no idea what to do, and don’t care for your lover’s pleasure.” He licked her earlobe, drawing a sigh out of her. “It won’t be like that. Trust me.”

“Oddly, I do.” She whispered. “I dropped the handkerchief on purpose, you should know. I wanted to… see you again.”

Dylan grinned. He didn’t expect that. This girl was full of surprises. “You wanted me to fuck you even then, in the back room, when I told you I was a trouble maker, am I right?” he tightened his grips on her waist and pulled her sitting on his lap.

She gasped. “Yes…”

“You liked that I was a ‘bad guy’, didn’t you?”

“Yes…” she breathed, her ass sinking deeper into his crotch. Dylan buried his face in her hair, she smelled good, like peppermint, maybe her shampoo. He groaned lowly.

“I can’t wait to get you in my room.” He pushed her hips down on his.

She lightly moaned, her hands gripping his thighs.

Dylan went back nibbling the flesh on her neck, his fingers splayed on her stomach, pressing her close. He had a feeling he would have to hold back to be gentle.

The cab finally stopped, Dylan threw the driver a bill without even looking at it, hoping it was enough, and jumped out the cab, taking Maeve’s hand.

On the sidewalk he picked her up with an arm under her knees and one under her shoulders, making her screech. “Dylan!” she wrapped her hands around his neck. He opened the door of his apartment building, not with some difficulty, and practically ran up the floor of stairs to the door of his apartment.

He let her on her feet at the door, but her arms remained around his neck and he couldn’t help himself. He pinned her against the door, his whole body on hers, his mouth attacking hers, drinking from it.

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