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She nervously entered the main lobby, unsure of what was to come. She looked at the buzzer panel and looked under the name Smith. Apartment 717 is where it referenced to. She pressed the buzzer that signified his name. She looked toward the speaker in front of her, half expecting to see a face pop out of it.

“Hi there, I’ll be right down” a low voice emerged from the speaker. She acknowledged the voice with her own and then heard a loud buzzing, that minimally surprised her. She then realized it was the buzzer to the door, and now the locked door would open freely for her. She opened the door quickly, as not to miss the time period on the buzzer. She walked straight forward to what was presumably the elevator, eyeing two doors that split apart.

She approached the elevator and pressed the up arrow. She looked above the elevator to a bar of lights, which indicated which floor the elevator was presently on. The light shown brightly on the number 7, and next to it was a down arrow that was lit. The number changed as she could hear movement within the chamber. It descended as the numbers started to decrease. She took a moment and thought how crazy she was to be there, but was tooexcited and too horny to miss out on anything that could occur this day. The elevator came to a halt, and she saw the number 1 brightly lit. The doors opened, and slightly surprised, Mr. Smith stood before her.

Mr. Smith didn’t look striking in his shorts and T-shirt,and she had second thoughts about him. “Hi there, sexy, how are you?”he said. “Umm I’m okay, lazy day huh?” she retorted. “Oh, I jumped out of the shower a few minutes ago, I’m sorry” he said. She smiled and entered the elevator with him. He pressed the button for the seventh floor, andthe doors began to close. Little did she know what was about to become of her.

Mr. Smith leaned over gently grabbed behind her lower backand pulled her close for a kiss. A little surprised, she returned his affection puzzled. He let go and when the elevator reached the fifth floor, he reached out to the control panel and pulled a button, which stopped the elevator with a sudden little jerk.

She looked at him, more quizzically now, almost frightened,until he said,”Close your eyes”. After a moment of self debate, she followed his order. He gently pushed her back against the wall of the car, and held her arms. He guided canlı bahis her hands to the handrail just about the height of her waist.

Mr. Smith then took out a bandana, she had not know was inhis pocket, and began to put it around her head. “What are you doing?” she said, with an evil smile on her face. “Shhhh”, he said, “Or you will be punished”. She tried to disguise her smile, but not to much avail. She felt his lips on hers, as he began to kiss her. Then histongue eased past her lips, to her tongue and found it willingly playful. Heput his hands on her front thighs and slowly raised them to her hips, up theside of her body, over her front, her breasts, her arms, to her neck, where he grasped tightly and kissed her deeper.

Bringing his hands down to the top of her shirt, He undidher first button. She let out a little sigh, but there was no response from him. A second and third button seemed to give way to his fingers, until the shirt was opened and her flesh could be spied upon down to her waist. Hestarted to kiss and lick her neck and ears, as his hands dove under her shirtand grabbed her hips. Glistening saliva could be seen down her neck to the center of her breasts. There he was, forcing her left breast into his mouth. Licking, sucking, and biting as if he was a newborn, she began to moan without control. Then, as she was really starting to enjoy herself, he stopped, andmomentarily seemed to vanish. The next thing she knew, most of her right nipple was in his mouth, being bitten hard. She gasped and moaned deeply as the shockbegan to wear off.

His hands moved from her hips, up to where his mouth was, onher breasts. He then began to grope her breasts, molding them as if they were clay. Then he would tweak and pinch the nipple as though it were a grain of sand, made to be played with. This would bring more, deep, gutteral moans from her, as he played with them.

He moved his mouth down so his hands would have more access, and made a little trail from her breasts, to her bellybutton. His tongue would dart in and out of her bellybutton, just like as if it were another pussy. She began to take her hands off the railing and hold his head into her, but he sternly took her hands and replaced them on the rail.

Removing his hands from her hips, he brought it down thelength of her dress and then felt flesh at her knees. He then brought his hands bahis siteleri up her legs, under the dress, and caressed her thighs as he moved up her legs.When he go to the point where her waistband on the dress was, he hooked hisfingers over her panties and yanked them down. At this point, all she could do was feel him disrobe her. He brought them down to her ankles and gently pulled on one leg to be able to position her to take them off.

Back from her ankles to her hips, he caressed her legs and thighs, gently moaning himself. He lifted her skirt a little, just enough toput his head underneath. She could feel him getting closer to her pussy, and was starting to melt. Once again, she took her hands and pushed against her skirt, where his head was, bringing his nose into the cleft of her pussy. He pulled away quickly and stood up. He forcefully turned her around to face the wall of the elevator, where she could feel the coolness. He then brought something again to her head, only this time around her mouth. It had a familiar feel to it and realized it was her own panties he was gagging her with.

Then he took one hand and wrapped something around it andtied it to the railing, she faintly struggled, but not with much resistance.The other hand followed and was tied to the railing. His body melded againsther back, he breathed into her ear. “That was for being a bad girl”he would say.”Now for your punishment”. She no longer felt him against her back and was slightly frightened, but only to feel his hands on her hips shortly after.

He grabbed her hips and pulled her back. She awkwardly stepped back and was vulnerable at this point. She could feel her skirt being lifted, she then felt flesh against her ass. His thighs were warm as theyrested against her ass. She then felt a hardness against the top of her ass.She knew it was his cock and wanted it soo bad right now, she wiggled her ass,to get it to rest between her cheeks.

There was a little crack in the air, as his hand landed against her bright ass cheek. With a little jump, she tried to shriek, but was inhibited by her panty gag. She realized that she had done something wrong andstood still. He gently caressed her ass in this compliance.

There was a wet feeling at her tailbone, and realized it washis tongue. He licked down the crack of her ass, to her waiting, wet, pussylips. He licked back up bahis şirketleri again, gently playing with her asshole. She began to moan intensely, and if that was not enough, she began to feel a finger playing with her pussy lips. She was bent over, but still standing, and beginning totire, but she couldn’t resist the feeling. With a tongue at her asshole and multiple fingers playing with her pussy and clit, she was oblivious to all pain.

The tongue left her, as with the fingers, and she cried as if in withdrawl. She then felt a bulge at her pussy lips, and knowing what it was, quickly pushed backwards, impaling herself on his hard cock. She pushed against the railing she was tied to, continuously impaling herself on his cock.She could her him moan now, deeply as she would wiggle against him. He spanked her a few more times while she was fucking him, but she knew this was nodiscipline, he was giving her what she wanted.

Her orgasm was coming on quickly, and so was her pace fucking him. He then withdrew from her pussy, and again she was frustrated. She wiggled her ass in the air, as if trying to find his cock in the dark, hoping it would come home to her pussy. Once again, his hands landed on her hips and she stayed steady, waiting for his cock. However, this time, it was aimed directly at her asshole, and with one thrust, found its way in it. He could hear herscream through the gag, but hopefully nobody else would. She gasped for air for a few moments, while he just stayed inside her ass, without moving.

Once she recovered from the initial shock, she was so excited. He held onto her hips and began driving himself into her. Just as she would catch her breath, he would drive deeper into her, and faster. She had never been so completely fucked as this. He picked up the tempo, and his balls could be heard slapping against the wetness of her pussy lips. His groans got louder and breathing more rapid, and she knew he was going to cum in her ass,and she loved it.

Just as he was coming in her ass, he reached around her waist and quickly rubbed her clit. This surprised her, and even more so, when she started coming instantly, and could only cry into her gag. She felt emptyn as he removed his cock from her ass, and then took her restraints off. The gagand blindfold were removed too, and she turned to him quickly and grabbed him tight and kissed him deeply.

“What was that for?” he asked. “Oh, nothing”, she replied. “Well there is more of nothing once we get into the apartment” he said with the most devilish grin. She could only imagine………………………………

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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