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My life had taken a turn for the unreal. Two sexual encounters with Sara, a girl who until now I could only dare to dream about. Since our fun in my car Sara and I had turned into a full fledged couple. We went out on weekends to the movies and dinner, and usually back to one of our houses for some extracurricular fun. All the guys in school were completely jealous of me, and the girls were wondering what I was doing to keep her satisfied. You see I wasn’t exactly Mr. Popular or Cool or really anyone important until now all the sudden. After we had been together for five months I even began to wonder how the hell I was enough for her, I wasn’t THAT interesting.

Our conversations began to take a turn for the worse when I started getting paranoid. “Hey Sara how was your day?” I would ask.

“Great! How was yours?” Would be her innocent reply.

“Great? What the hell? Are you sleeping around or something?” Blunt, yet stupid, I was always proud of my poise. She started out flattered that I worried about her, that quickly turned to annoyed over my lack of trust and soon to anger concerning my stupidity.

“You should learn to keep your mouth shut before I really get offended and leave you.” Was a typical statement made by Sara during these rough times. Usually followed by my grumbled response with the word, dammit, mixed in.

On one of these canlı bahis enlightening days after just such an argument, we parted ways because I thought she could use some time to cool down. I proceeded down the halls to my next class a little worried that she might be really ticked off this time and dump me. So I thought I could do some damage control through one of her friends, Jess just so happened to be in my next class and it seemed ideal.

“Hey Jess, can we talk a minute?”

“You and Sara had another fight huh?” She already blew my cover, but perhaps my plan could still go off.

“Yeah we did. I was thinking maybe you could talk to her and try to calm her down.”

“I saw her a few minutes ago and it’s gonna take more than a few friends to calm her down this time Shawn.” I knew I had pushed her one time too many. “Anyway, I’m tired of helping you out. All you do is accuse her of cheating, she deserves better.” Ha, and you all thought I was paranoid, everyone really is against me.

“I’m just scared is all, I don’t see how a great girl like Sara could want to be with a loser like me.”

“In case you haven’t noticed, retard, your not a bad catch yourself. If you’d only have a little self-confidence you could probably have your pick of girls in this school, she is so happy to be with you.” Then Jess just turned away and sat down, bahis siteleri she was obviously getting mad too so I decided to leave her to herself.

At the end of the day as I walked to my car I saw Sara closing in, this was it, I HAD to say something romantic this time or I’d lose her. She stopped halfway to me and said good-bye to Mike, and here she was right up next to me smiling, letting her cool off had worked. She started to explain how her feelings had changed.She was up close against me as we always talked. I could taste her sweet breath and I wanted so badly to kiss her but I had to wait for her to explain, and of course for my loving words.. “So in Study hall I was wondering how you could possibly…” She looked gorgeous today too. A tight little black tanktop that showed off her perky boobs and flat stomach in unison. She interlaced her fingers with mine and went on explaining. All I could think of was the upcoming kiss. Her soft lips and mine pressed together as we embrace. God she was such a great girl. And I had just the right romantic comment to make, she would melt right there in the parking lot and we’d be in love again. “…so I thought if that’s all it is then I guess I could get over it…” But hey, what was that smile when she said good-bye to Mike? And suddenly she’s all cheery? “…and I forgive you, just trust me baby you have bahis şirketleri nothing to worry…”

“Did you have sex with Mike?!” Very beautiful, violins filled the air and angels got there wings as my romantic words crashed and burned in a jealous rage. Only this time I said it loud and people had turned to see one of our famous fights. Already a crowd had gathered as tears filled her eyes.

“You are such an asshole! We’re through.” With that she slapped me hard across the face and ran off to her car.

The next few weeks were depressing. Valentine’s Day came and went and we never spoke. I sent her flowers but upon driving past her house I found then strewn about her lawn apparently in a fit of anger. By March we both had dealt with it and would even say “Hi” in the hall as we passed each other. Never more than that, because both of us feared what I might say next.

One thing that began to burrow it’s way into my thoughts was what Jess had said to me. With a little confidence I could have my pick of girls. I wondered if this was true. I could have confidence. Why not? The next day I acted a bit more outgoing with everyone, I relied on my words and didn’t doubt myself. I could see the other kids were reacting to this too. The girls especially. They seemed to respect me more, along with my new hard-work body this attitude could really get my life into high gear.

There was only one way to know if this was enough to get my pick of girls, and I was glad to try it. After a week of confident Shawn it seemed like time to put myself to work. And I knew just the girl.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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