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The door wrenched open before we even knocked. Kate and her bionic ears must’ve been listening for the car.

I’d been schooling my guilty face all the way home.

Surprisingly, I had no trouble looking her in the eye. Neither did Michael. It made me question what sort of depraved people we were. I never realised how easy it was to fuck around on your friends.

She held the door open while we two betraying sinners waltzed past her in to the house.

“Jesus Sarah.” I tried to spin around but she had the hem of my dress captured in her hand. “You’ve got a huge wet patch on the back of your skirt.”

Michael kept right on walking – he maybe even sped up a little, gutless bastard – leaving me alone to face the music.

“Um, um…”

Could she smell him on me? Did she realise that the substance she was closely examining was her boyfriend’s bodily fluids?

“You must have sat on something nasty.”

Yeah, Michael’s beautiful cock.

Swiftly coming down off my orgasm high I fell back to earth with a crash, feeling deeply ashamed, like a right bitch. Kate’s angelic, unsuspecting face twisted my guilt as she studied me with concern.

“And what happened to your lip?”

Touching my cut where I’d bitten myself in the throes of passion, I looked at the floor, desperately wracking my brain.

“I can’t remember,” I lied, hoping my acting skills were adequate enough to fool her.

Suddenly she burst out laughing, shaking her head. “You’re a mess. That dress is ruined. It’s a good thing you don’t get pissed too often.”

Finally she let go of me, subject dropped, and my thundering heart returned to normal.

“Where’s Jodie?” I asked.

“Crashed,” Kate pointed towards Jodie’s bedroom.

I couldn’t say I was sorry. In a lot of ways what happened with Jodie was harder to deal with than what happened with Michael. It was natural to crave cock. Letting my girlfriend eat me out was an entirely different matter.

Knowing that I’d enjoyed it so much was a revelation to be thought about at length. In private. Possibly with toys involved.

The three of us made short work of the pizza, leaving one solitary piece for Jodie’s breakfast. I was glad Kate didn’t notice how silent Michael and I were. I felt increasingly worse, like a fraud sitting in her home posing as her friend.

“I suppose I’d better head off,” I said, standing up anxious to leave.

“Do you have to?” Kate asked, sounding disappointed.

Avoiding Michael’s eyes I admitted truthfully, “I’ve drunk more than enough for one evening. I’m bloody exhausted.”

They saw me out and I tripped home, relieved to be alone, my head overloading on the wild events of the evening.

As soon as I stepped foot inside the door, I stripped out of my sodden panties, peeled my dress down over my hips and walked straight in to the shower.

My nipples were still peaked and tender but all in all, not as sticky as I would’ve expected considering they’d been coated in all manner of things – wine, salt, lemon, tequila. What a rush that was.

I lathered soap over my ass, slipping a finger down in to my crack to feel my little puckered hole. I’d never known what pleasure that part of me could bring until tonight. I couldn’t wait to explore that notion further sometime in the near future.

My pussy was slightly swollen, my inner lips slick with my juices and Michael’s cum was still doing a slow trickle out of me. Detaching the shower hose from the wall I aimed it upwards, in to me, spreading my lips apart with one hand, trying to wash away his presence as if that would make things better.

God, I didn’t even like him. How had I forgotten that just for the sake of a quick fuck? In public nonetheless. Man, when I fully sobered up I was going to be sorry for a long, long time.

Yes, I admitted to myself, I was deliciously sore in all the right places. Yes, my body was humming. The only problem was the remorse eating away at my brain.

I swear I’d only been under the water for three minutes when my doorbell rang.

Shrugging in to a robe I sauntered to the front door. “Who is it?” I called. It was way past polite visiting hours.

“It’s Kate.”

I opened the door, surprised to find her on my doorstep all teary eyed. Uh-oh. I was going to kill Michael if he’d made a confession.

“What’s up?” I asked warily, motioning her inside.

“Nothing,” she denied, pacing in front of me in a blatant, definitely something, kind of way.

“What is it?” I pressed. “Where’s Michael?”

“He fell asleep on the couch.” She looked up at me in anguish and burst in to full blown sobs.

Part of me was glad he’d passed out. I couldn’t stomach the thought of my friend receiving my sloppy seconds. Still, she was obviously disappointed. My heart turned over with sympathy and I stepped forward to give her a comforting hug.

“Come and sit down,” I said gently, leading her over to the couch, my arm around her shoulders. She clung to me and cried in to my neck, casino siteleri tears trickling down the front of my robe, tracing a line between my cleavage and rolling down in to my belly button.

“Hey,” I said softly, pushing her hair back from her face. “I’ll get you a cold cloth.”

“No,” she shook her head, burrowing deeper in to the front of my robe.

I let her cry, holding her until her tears had run dry. I kept stroking her hair back from her forehead; it was wonderfully silky to touch.

I wondered briefly if the hair between her legs was just as soft.

I caught myself, reprimanded my filthy mind for travelling to such a dirty place, and reminded myself to focus on my friend. My sad, needy friend.

Kate had such a beautiful face. I remembered how when I first met her I’d found it hard not to stare at her incredible cheekbones, her amazing pouty lips. She had her moments of bad temper, but generally she was far sweeter than Jodie or I could ever hope to be.

She stared up at me wide eyed, tracing a feather light touch of her finger across my lips.

“I wish I had as much confidence as you,” she said quietly.

“What do you mean?” I asked, taking her hand away from my mouth and holding it in my lap.

“You know,” she laughed shakily, “the confidence to wear a dress like that. The confidence to let Michael know I wish he wasn’t such a gentleman in bed.”

What? The same Michael who had twisted my nipples and slammed me full of cock in a crowded pub? I had a sudden flash of intuition that Michael treated her too much like a lady when what she longed for was to be taken like a whore.

Kate went on. “The confidence to do the things I’ve always wanted to do.”

I was perplexed. “Like what?” I asked.

“You’ll think it’s stupid,” she looked away embarassed.

“Like what?” I persisted.

“Like this,” she whispered, barely audible, stretching her head up and planting a soft kiss on my lips.

I couldn’t believe it. What the hell was in the air tonight? I laughed out loud in disbelief.

“Oh God, I’m sorry,” she muttered, humiliated, pushing herself away from me and standing up in a hurry. “I’ll just go.”

My shocked mind took a while to recover. I recognised what she wanted and it only took a second to realise that it was my duty to give it to her. I owed her. Also, now that I’d learned some hot new things, I felt compelled to pass them on and go further.

“Kate, wait.” I caught her at the front door, grabbing her by the shoulders and turning her around. “I’m sorry,” I told her, leaning forward to brush my lips against hers, ever so softly in return.

Her beautiful cornflower blue eyes grew round then she kissed me back, another light touch of her lips.

“Sarah,” she said in wonder, holding up her finger and tracing it over my lips, exploring the outer contours of my mouth with the sweetest touch.

I caught her hand and kissed the tip of her finger before leaning in and planting another gentle kiss on her gorgeous, sensual mouth.

Her small pink tongue darted out and moistened the perfection of her lips then she kissed me again, holding her mouth to mine for a fraction longer than before.

We stood that way for what seemed an eternity, looking deep in to each other’s eyes, exchanging butterfly kisses, light and tender.

I kissed her lips, her velvet cheeks, the hollow of her collarbone, the indentation below each ear lobe. And she did the same for me, each touch barely there like a light shower of rain on a hot day.

I was conscious of the building need in me for more, the need to plunder her mouth and fill my senses with her unique taste, but I didn’t want to push her, didn’t want to scare her away. Her beauty and fragility were mesmerising.

“I’ve never kissed a girl before,” she admitted.

“Neither have I,” I said honestly. “I’ve never wanted to until now.”

Her eyes glowed at my confession.

Actually I’d always been a little put off by the thought of two women together. Call it my strictly hetero upbringing, I don’t know, but if there was ever a night for pushing the boundaries, tonight was definitely it. Hell, I’d already crossed the line.

She leaned in and teased me again with her lips but this time I tangled my hands in the silk of her hair and held her still against my mouth, letting her know that I wanted her to linger.

Running my thumbs over her cheekbones, staring in to her eyes, I whispered, “Do you want to go somewhere more comfortable?”

She nodded shyly, submissively trailing behind me as I took her by the hand and led her in to my bedroom. It seemed my libido hadn’t run out yet. I was fiercely turned on by the thought of taking the lead.

Kate was so petite she sometimes gave the impression of being helpless. I had always felt the urge to protect her but tonight it was tinged by an even greater need – the need to subvert her, control her, pleasure her.

I didn’t turn the light on. I went straight to the candelabra on my bedside canlı casino table and lit a match, touching it to the three candles resting on the stand. My bedroom shone with a golden light that highlighted her luminous, ethereal beauty.

I raised her hand to my lips and kissed each knuckle, turning her wrist to kiss her palm before tugging her gently down on the bed. I crawled up to the headboard and rearranged the pillows behind me, patting the space beside me.

She came slowly but willingly, dragging out the time it took to close the gap between us, her eyes never leaving my mouth.

I sank back in to the pillows, drawing her in to my arms.

“Sarah,” she sighed, pressing her tight little body in to me, touching her lips to mine again and again, firmer and bolder with every kiss.

She gasped when I ran my tongue over her bottom lip, tasting the seam of her divine mouth. I couldn’t wait to get inside; not forcing my way in was the hardest test of self control I’ve ever suffered.

I kissed, and licked, and nibbled at her lips, wondering if she would ever open for me when suddenly her lips parted and my tongue gained entry to her honeyed mouth.

God, she tasted like ambrosia. Her high whimper tightened my nipples and made my pelvic muscles clench. I was determined to do anything to elicit that glorious sound from her again.

My lips moved down the column of her neck, my tongue circling little whirls along her flawless skin. I came back up, teasing the corner of her mouth before she turned her head aligning her mouth perfectly under mine.

She whimpered again, her lips opening instantly, inviting me in, her tongue sliding against mine in the most beautiful dance. She was soft and wet and hot, the sweetest mouth I’ve ever tasted. I could lap at her forever, forgoing food and water just for the pure taste of her.

Kate’s kiss deepened, taking on a hungered edge that matched mine. I sucked her tongue in to my mouth, no longer holding back on the urgent need to pillage her beautiful mouth. We moaned and sighed and whimpered together, our hands tangling in each other’s hair, caressing each other with gentle strokes.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked. “Tell me.”

Shyly she looked away but I wasn’t having any of it. I wanted her to acknowledge what was going on and to want it as much as I did.

Holding her chin firmly in my hand I forced her to look at me while my other hand strayed down to her breasts, circling and softly pinching her burgeoning nipples. She moaned again, arching her back, pushing in to my hand, her fingers coming down to unbutton her blouse.

“Touch me,” she begged, sliding my hand inside the opening.

I made short work of her blouse, sliding it over her shoulders and down her smooth arms, unhooking her bra with a deft touch. Pushing her down on the bed, I removed the scrap of lace, throwing it to the floor.

I gazed down at her, awestruck at her small, high breasts, so fitting for my mouth. God she was beautiful.

“Tell me what you want,” I demanded, watching her eyes melt as I pinched her nipples and hovered my mouth over them.

Her head twisted to the side, her bashful tongue failing her again.

“Do you want me to lick you with my wet tongue?” I teased, brushing my bottom lip over one distended peak. “Do you want me to suck you in to my hot mouth?”

Her hips squirmed beneath me. She lifted up off the bed and dragged my head up to claim my mouth in a passionate kiss, thrusting her demanding tongue between my lips with increasing fervour.

Roughly I pushed her away. “If you don’t tell me what you want,” I warned in a hard voice, “you’re going to go home one very unsatisfied girl.”

Her eyes flared in shock, breaking contact with mine as she looked down thinking about it.

When her head lifted her expression was resigned, her voice stronger.

“I want you to take me,” she said, her voice hoarse with desire. “Use me up. Touch me all over, god, taste me all over. Make me cry. Hurt me a little if thats what it takes to make me scream.”

I felt a rush of moisture between my legs as I thought of all the things I was going to do to her.

“Take it all off,” I commanded, my nipples tightening when she lifted her hips up off the bed and slid her skirt and underwear down in one long sweep.

She was a Goddess, laid out for my eyes, my touch, my pleasure, my mouth.

I started at her feet. God knows I’d stared at them many times before marvelling at how beautiful they were. I lifted one foot and sucked each toe in to my mouth. I never realised that was what I’d always wanted to do until I was actually doing it. My hands had free range over her calves and thighs, stopping just short of the place I most wanted to taste – much, much later – after I made her beg me.

I ran my tongue over her insteps, rolling her on to her side so that I could lick the back of her knees. I trailed kisses up her thighs, lightly sucking her flesh as she trembled beneath me, slowly moving higher and higher. I licked kaçak casino the soft line under her exquisite bottom, sweeping my tongue inwards towards her centre, getting off on her keening cries.

Pushing her on to her back again, I stretched out beside her revisiting her sweet mouth, moaning with need when she feverishly sucked on my tongue. My hand skimmed her taut belly, sliding over her soft curls and moving away when she lifted her hips for more.

I wasn’t finished with her by a long shot and wasn’t about to give in just yet. I knelt up beside her and slipped out of my robe, straddling over her hips to rub my wet pussy against hers.

She thrust up against me, her hands gliding up my thighs, reaching for my hard nipples, but I caught her wrists and pinned them at her sides, bending my head to lap at her breasts.

I kissed my way around her gorgeous breasts, licking and sucking everywhere while ignoring her nipples.

She twisted and turned beneath me, desperate to fill my mouth with her rosy peaks, but I laughed and continued to tease her, holding her hands still, loving the way she bucked up against my dripping pussy, revelling in the power of being in control and driving her to the edge.

“God, suck on me Sarah, please, please, I’m begging you.”

How could I resist that plaintive cry? God knows I was denying myself, not just her. I’d never had a woman’s nipple in my mouth before. It was suddenly a matter of life or death that I try it.

I let go of her hands and fell ravenously on her breasts, kissing and licking each straining peak while she arched her back, pulling my head down to suckle.

“Suck me, suck me, please…”

I drew her in to my mouth, loving the alien feeling of her on my tongue. Sucking gently at first, I rolled and twisted the other with my fingers. I couldn’t believe what a turn on it was having a woman’s nipple in my mouth.

Resting my weight on my elbows, I pushed her titties together, moving from one to the other, sucking harder and harder, circling her with my tongue, driving her utterly crazy.

Her shameless cries were music to my ears. Her panting breaths drove me on, made my pussy pulse again and again.

Pinching her nipples hard between my fingers I moved upwards and raped her mouth, thrusting in to her sweet hole hard and fast, showing no mercy.

Her moans went on and on and on and I loved her that way, yearning and desperate and needy, dripping wet for me. I moved to the side, taking her with me, sliding my knee between her legs, letting her grind against me, slicking her juices all over my thigh.

She was getting a little too close for my liking.

I pulled away and pushed her off my leg and on to her back. Teasing my hands down her body I lifted her knees and forcefully spread her legs.

With both hands I parted her wet lips, holding her wide open and exposed. She moaned and cried and wiggled her hips but I ignored her pleas, holding her pussy captive.

“Please,” she begged, reaching out for me, but I slapped her hands away.

I released her and got off the bed, looking down in to her pleading eyes.

“Hold your pussy open for me,” I ordered her in a voice I didn’t recognise. Instead she slid her fingers in to her crack.

I saw red.

Instantly I rolled her on her side and smacked her bottom hard. She sucked in a breath, looking over her shoulder at me with tears in her eyes.

No wonder Michael was such a gentleman if she was this soft in the bedroom. I smacked her again and again, enjoying her cries of pain, knowing underneath it all that she wanted it. My hand left red patches all over her beautiful ass.

I was beside myself with lust at the sight. It took a force of will to stop myself from bending over and licking her tortured skin.

“Don’t even think about touching yourself,” I ordered cruelly. “You came here for a reason and I won’t have you taking over my job.” I let go of her. “Now on your back bitch. Hold your pussy open for me and don’t you dare move.”

She obeyed me straight away, spreading her lips with two fingers, her other hand grasping the sheet beside her hip.

I walked around the bed, staring in to her gaping hole, watching her inner lips contract, pushing her oozing juices out. It was such a gorgeous view I licked my lips with greed.

“That’s better,” I encouraged her. “Hold your pussy wide open and watch me.”

I had never done this for Joel, never done this for anyone, but Kate inspired me to put on a special performance.

Lifting my leg on to the bed I exposed my sopping cunt to her, tweaking my nipples and lifting them high, licking them with my own tongue. Plunging one hand in to my pussy I fingered myself slowly, building up faster and faster until I was furiously rubbing my clit and dipping my fingers inside, pumping hard in to my throbbing snatch.

Her eyes never strayed from my hand, her breath coming quick and shallow, her hips rising off the bed.

One naughty finger strayed over to her clitoris.

I pounced on her, flipped her on her stomach and slapped her thrice across the buttocks. She screamed out loud but I had no pity. I couldn’t help noticing how she thrust her bottom towards my hand as if she wanted more.

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