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Maria rolled out of bed on that Friday morning. She knew the day ahead of her was going to be long. A quiz in her Spanish class, having to work with oil paits in Art 2, something she hated, and all the notes in Biology and US History. She could get around the paint and notes though, atleast the ones in Biology, because of Chris.

Chris was in her Art 2 and Biology classes and usually didn’t sit to far from Maria. She knew he had a girlfriend but she still liked him. And since her boyfriend broke up with her a few weeks before she felt lonely. Her ex-boyfriend left her without a prom date, which she didn’t really care about. What hurt her was that he left her for someone else, one of her friends.

Maria didn’t mind going alone but she didn’t want to waste the $20 she had to barrow from her mom to pay for the second ticket and had been looking for a date for almost a month. With prom at the end of the next month she was giving up hope, even her friends and family were helping her look for a date. Chris was going with his girlfriend so she knew she couldn’t ask him.

Maria is one of those quiet girls who make the good grades no matter how hard the class. One of the ones that are smart but she didn’t think she was. She was 18 at the time of our story and a senior in high school. She was rather short standing at only 5’3″ or 5’4″ with short brown hair and hazel eyes that could look into your soul even though those same eyes were hiden behind her glasses which she had worn since the third grade. She never had any friends and her first boy friend was the only one she has ever had, the one who left her for someone else. Maria is thin but not skinny. Her hips were slightly larger that her waist, what her mother said would make child birth easier on her, though Maria herself did not wany any children. Her breasts are small but proportioned well with her body at a 34B. She always dressed liked a tom boy and every once in awhile she would dress slightly like a prep, in her opinion. She hated wearing dresses but she was having her mother make her dress for prom and Maria had designed it herself.

Maria had aced the quiz in Spanish and was now standing infront of an easel in her Art 2 class. Her eyes would drift from her easel to Chris. The typical class clown, he was joking around with some of his friends. She watched him all that class and the next, when she could.

She went home that day with a bit of wetnes between her legs from thinking about what she would like to do with Chris. She thanked god it was Friday and planned to go to her neighbors later that day to have a beer with him. About an hour before dark she left her house and went across güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri the road to her neighbors. She knocked on the door then went inside when she heard his girlfriend yell out to come in.

The girlfriend’s name was Jennifer. Her back was hurt and she had recently had surgery to correct it. Maria had no idea how old Jennifer was and didn’t really care. Jennifer had two children, Matt who was 12 and Zach who was 10 or 11. Tome, the one she had come to see, was 32, twice her age but he was still one of her closest friends. He had stood up for her to one of his friends who tried to do something with her when she didn’t want anything to do with him and that made her as close to him as she was. Tom and Maria had had sex with eachother before, but only once. She only slightly regreted it.

Now, after hours of simmereing in her own juices, she was aching for release. But she wasn’t here for that, or so she thought. Maria knew nothing would happen with Tom but she didn’t realize that Shane was there until she got to the living room, she had went through the back door because it was the nearest to her house.

Shane was younger than Maria by less that a year. He was taller than she was by about half a foot. He had short red hair and bright green eyes. As he always has, atleast since Maria has known him, he was wearing baggy blue jeans and a loose t-shirt. The shirt of white with a picture of a Hawian laya hanging around the neck with the words “Just got laid” under it in black letters. He had his shoes off and was is socks, the same as everyone else, including Maria.

As she passed through the kitchen Tom asked her, “Want a beer?” Maria looked at him and smiled. “That IS what I’m here for.” She went on through to the living room. The only seat empty other than where Tom always sat was beside of Shane so she sat beside of him. A few mintues later Tom came with her, Shane and himself a beer. She opened hers and took a long swallow. It had been a long day just as she knew when she got up and she hadn’t had a beer in awhile so she gulped it at first. She burped softly, only because she was comfortable around these people. The three of them drank about a case while watching a movie, Jennifer doesn’t drink. By the end of the movie Maria was pretty drunk because she doesn’t drink as much as Tom and Shane.

When the movie ended going to credits she started picking with Shane. She was poking him in the sides but not letting him do it to her so they were wrestling around abit. Shane ended up above her tickling her sides, her legs on each side of him. Tom and Jennifer were laughing as Tom said, “Get a room you two.” güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri Maria and Shane laughed as they stopped and set back down. Maria decided to stay the night because she didn’t want to go home like this and get in trouble by her step father for drinking. She called home on her cell phone and thanked god her mom answered. Her mother doesn’t care that she drinks, half the time that is where Maria got the money to do it. Her mom said ok and they both hung up.

Jennifer’s kids went to bed in the Zach’s room so that Maria could have Matt’s room for the night. Tom put in another movie not telling anybody what it was, not even Jennifer. When the movie started Maria started laughing. It was a porn. “Just like Tom,” she saidt to herself. She started getting wet again and she could tell that Shane and Tom were getting hard ons.

During this movie they drank about half another case and they were all feeling woosey. Maria excused herself and went to bed, laying on the top bunk in Matt’s room. She still doesn’t know how she got up there when she could barely walk. She started dozing off for about an hour when she heard the door open and someone come in. She thought that it was probably Matt getting something, or even Tom.

Little did she know it was Shane. He was stripping his clothes off slowly. Once completely nude and his hardon pointing stright out he got onto the top bunk with Maria. She rolled over to see who it was getting on the bed, by the time she was completely facing him to see who it was he was laid down beside her and under the blanket. He was on his side facing her. Maria looked at him drunkly as she asked, “What are you doing?” He moved closer to her and she felt his hardon. “I came to get some help from you,” he said. Her breath quickened and she felt the wetness she had almost forgotten about get wetter. “What kind of help?” she asked.

Shane moved right up against her, his cock pushing agianst her pelvis area, not exactly her pussy but not exactly her stomach either. She could tell that his cock was a good size, she extimated atleast 6″ long. Before she could object he pressed his lips hard agianst her and started kissing her passionately. His hands slowly roamed her body through the fabric she wore. At first she just laid there not knowing what to do when she gave in completely and started kissing him back. Her hands moved down his sides slowly and moved to his cock. She arched her back putting a bit of space between them as she wrapped her hand around the monster, atleast it was one to her.

Shane started pulling her clothes off slowly, peice by peice, and throwing them off the güvenilir bahis şirketleri bed. He rolled his body ontop of her’s as she moved her arms wrapping them around him. He lifts his body up slowly and guides his rock hard member to her pussy. He moves it up and down her slit splitting her open. Once he got the head of his cock wet with her juices he moves it down to her little hole and pushes the head in slowly. Maria lifts her ass up at an angle and puts a pillow under her ass, she had read somewhere that it helps penitration and she was about to find out. Shane leaned down slowly and started kissing her again as he slowly pushed his big peice of meat into her hole. Maria’s eyes closed as she began to moan softly. As her pussy streatched slowly Shane began to speed up. He lifted her legs up and held them up and apart. He was on his knees infront of her as he began to ram his bif cock into her tight pussy.

Her head falls back from his kissing as she begins to moan loudly. She was so drunk she didn’t care if someone heard. Shane grinds his pelvis against her clit as he comes forward making her start to shake with her pleasure. He pulled all the way back untill all but the head of his cock was out of her pussy and slammed back into her over and over. She wrapped her legs around his waist and pulled him forward hard when he pushed his cock into her. She suddenly held his cock in her pussy by holding him tight to her with both her arms and legs. Her back arched and she moaned loudly. Her pussy started milking his cock trying to get it to cum as she orgasmed. He threw his head back and groaned loudly as he stiffened shooting his cum deep into her pussy.

Shane drops collapses onto Maria and they both pass out cold. Shane woke the next morning to find his cock still inside of Maria. Her legs and arms were still holding him against her. As he moved around trying to get up his cock became rock hard waking Maria up. She turned her head from the side and looked at him. “Oh my god…” they said almost at the same time. “What all did we do last night?” she asked softly, her head hurting badly. “I know we fucked atleast once…” he said laughing slightly. She hadn’t let him go yet and she could feel his hardness. She slowly began to get wet. She relaxed her legs and just drapped them around his legs.

Shane lifted up to pull out of her then noticed her wetness. He grinned slightly as he leaned down and started kissing her softly and lovingly. They made love slowly so that neither of them would cum to soon for the other. They spent another hour laying there in each other’s arms afterwards before finnally getting up.

Maria had found her prom date, atleast she hoped she had. She planned on asking him next weekend. Untill then she could have alittle fun before taking the chance of running him off by asking him to the prom.

This is the first erotic story I’ve written so I would greatly appreciate your feed back, good or bad. Thanks for reading my story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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