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Funny how things work sometimes. The economy had slowed down so I was having significant issues drumming up business for furniture I make. It seems no one wants to pay $20,000 for a hand-made armoire. I was forced to close my storefront and find a cheaper place to move my shop.

After some searching I was beginning to lose heart. There was no commercial space I could still afford and after trying several residential spaces I found that not too many people were willing to give up their spare garage for such a noisy enterprise as a woodshop. The only bite I had was from a do-it-yourselfer who wanted access to my tools. Yeah, right, like I was going to let some hack build a spice rack on with my $9,000 table saw. But I was not about to give up. I had made a nice living working for myself and there was no way I was going to throw it away and go back to humping drywall for an hourly wage. I had to find a space, semper fidelis.

My luck finally turned better when I had dropped by my parents place one afternoon to bitch about my situation. My father told me that a new couple had moved in next door and that they had commented to him that they had no idea what to do with the extra garage the previous tenant had built. I immediately ran over and knocked on the door. The man who answered was a gentleman named Gerard who had recently retired. I explained to him that I was his neighbor’s son and he invited me in for a beer.

“I understand you’re looking to do something with you’re extra garage,” I mentioned to Gerard.

“Call me Gerry, son, and yes we are looking to do something with that garage. What’d you have in mind?”

“Well Gerry, I’m a cabinet maker and I’m having trouble finding affordable shop space,” my new neighbor drew from his beer and sat back in his recliner. It was hard to judge his level of interest. “I was wondering if you’d be willing to rent your garage to me.”

“Isn’t a woodshop a little noisy for a residential neighborhood?” he asked.

“Well, there is a bit of a noise issue,” damn, shut down again.

“Relax kid, I’m just funnin’ ya,” my host guffawed. “I couldn’t give a rat’s ass about the noise. I’ve been on the links every day since I shed the monkey suit. Come back tomorrow afternoon and talk it over with my wife, she’s the only one here during the day and she’ll have to deal with it. If she don’t care, I don’t care.”

“Great! Thanks a million Gerry!” I pumped his hand up and down as he polished off his Budweiser and I left him in his living room. He was a bit obnoxious, but then you’d have to be to let a carpenter open shop in his backyard without concern for his neighbors. I only hoped his wife would be open to the idea.

I crashed at my parent’s house that night and borrowed my father’s razor to shave. I wanted to make a god impression, I just hoped she wouldn’t be some crotchety old hag, or even worse, a lonely widow of the golf course who wouldn’t let me get any work done. At eleven in the morning I walked over to the new neighbors house and knocked. When the door opened my jaw hit the floor.

Standing before me was a complete knockout in overalls and white cropped tee shirt. The straps that held the denim up only served to emphasize the fact that she had the best rack I’d ever seen. I was never the type of guy to go nuts over just anything with tits the size of my head, but presentation is important and these were practically served on a silver platter. The swelling of her breasts stretched the thin cotton of the cut off tee shirt to the breaking point and pressed against the denim suspenders to the point that they hiked the bib over her overalls almost up to her chin. The delicious curves spilled out the sides presented an image worthy of a pinup calendar. Realizing I was staring at her chest I willed myself to tear my gaze away and continued up to her face. I was not disappointed there. Thick, dark brown curls hung down to her chin and created a heart-stopping contrast to her soft alabaster complexion. Her eyes were a glittering clear gray, and the slightest hint of age showed around them. Could this possibly be the wife of the man I had met yesterday who so closely resembled Rodney Dangerfield?

“Hi, can help you?” Her disposition was exceedingly friendly considering there was a stranger at the door, but then again in a new neighborhood everyone is a stranger.

“Yeah, hi,” I stammered. “I spoke to your” gulp “father yesterday about renting the garage out back?”

She laughed out loud. “My father? So you channel spirits? He’s been dead for ten years. That was my husband.” I had guessed wrong and was embarrassed. I couldn’t believe this amazing woman was married to a retired man. What was more unbelievable was how he could leave her at home and play golf every day; this woman would have me wrapped around her finger. “Come in, can I get you a beer?” She was still chuckling.

I stepped through the doorway and she motioned me into her husband’s recliner. “Sit down, get comfy. Gerry tells me you’re kadıköy escort a carpenter and needs some shop space.”

“Yes Ma’am,” was my sheepish reply.

“Oh knock it off with the Ma’am stuff. The name’s Serena,” she said with a bright smile as she handed me my beer and took the seat across from me. “What do you do?”

“Well I build furniture. I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind renting the garage to me so I can keep the business going. You’re husband told me I was better off asking you since you were the only one here during the day.”

“You mean Prince Charming?” Another chuckle. “You mean he managed to think about my opinion?” Yikes. I really didn’t want to get into any domestic disputes. I was trying to broker an important deal and didn’t feel like getting on anyone’s bad side. “Tell you what kid, you were nice enough to ask, go right ahead. Besides, it’ll be nice to have a man around to lend a hand.”

“Wow, really?” I was stunned. She said yes, and I was on my way. I was incredulous. “Really?” I was beaming.

“Yes,” more laughter, “really. I’m glad I can help.” I shook her hand and pretty much floated out to my truck. If I set out now, I could be set up in the garage and ready to rock by tomorrow morning.

The next day was bright and temperate. The perfect day to sling open the garage door and christen my new shop with its first piece. I hopped the fence and entered the shop through the side door. After flipping on the coffee maker I threw the door up and stretched out in the warm morning sun. Just as I had poured myself a mug of coffee I turned around to see my new landlord coming towards me with a tray in hand.

“Hey there!” She was beaming at me. “Great morning, eh? I came out to see if you wanted a little coffee, but I see you beat me to it.”

“Thanks, I may want to double up.” Coffee never hurts in a woodshop, as the more wits you have about you, the more fingers you’re likely to keep. I was starting to shake off the cobwebs with my first cup, but my landlady seemed to be growing hers back. She was staring right over my shoulder and a smile was starting to break across her face like the dawn.

All of a sudden she snapped out of whatever trance she was in and looked at me with a satisfied smile. “I’m sorry, I just had a really happy thought.”

“Yeah? What was it?” I gave her my brightest inquisitive smile back.

“I don’t believe I’ve been doubled up since my honeymoon, it sounded like fun.” What was that? I managed to keep the grin on my face. “As a matter of fact, that piece of shit hasn’t managed to single up. The last time I got laid was when he shot a seventy five.” Wow, she really didn’t like her husband. What was wrong with this guy? He was married to one of the hottest women I had ever seen. I hadn’t seen a body like that on a woman my age for years, at least in person. She was drop-dead gorgeous and this jerk left her home to shoot golf. “Well, enjoy the coffee, and holler if you want lunch.” With that she stomped off to the house.

My morning had started out interestingly and I was having a little trouble concentrating on my work. Two hours into my day I had had both cups of coffee and what was left in the pot. I had managed to get half the lumber for the one piece on my billet milled to a workable state when Serena had come back out of the house. She was in the overalls and cropped shirt she had on the day before. In here hands she was carrying a bentwood chair with the slats in back busted through the middle.

“Hi, listen I know you’re probably busy, but I was wondering if you could help me out with this.” She held the chair up in front of her and I took a look at it. Well, I tried to take a look at the chair, but she held it directly in front of her and my vision was drawn straight to her breasts. I guess I was staring for a while as she snapped her fingers at me. “Hey, up here.” Shit. Busted. I looked up expecting to see an angry woman.

“You’re gonna lose a finger if you don’t pay more attention to you’re work.” Was that a smile? It certainly was. She was smiling. She just caught me staring at her tits and she was smiling.

“That’s actually a pretty common problem with those old bentwoods. I see that a lot. I can have it fixed…”

“Oh, fuck the chair.” She tossed it to the side of the shop and it landed with a clatter. “I snapped the slats myself about ten minutes ago. When I said it would be good to have a man around to help me out, I wasn’t talking about changing light bulbs.” She took a step towards me untied the knot of my shop apron at my waist. “I had a feeling you liked this outfit. It took you about ten minutes to look at my face yesterday.”

“What outfit?” I was determined to save my reputation as an upstanding young man.

“You’re right, that’s a much better idea.” With that she unhooked the denim suspenders and let the loose coveralls bunch up at her ankles. My eyes dropped üsküdar escort with them and slowly crawled back up. Her legs were long and shapely with an amazing gentle taper out from her ankles to her calves. The curved back in to form her knees before swelling gently into very well toned thighs. When I noticed the dark patch of silk at her crotch I was informed she wore no panties under her overalls and had planned to come out here. The shimmer of wetness below it showed me that her husband had indeed cruelly ignored her needs. My eyes continued up over her flat belly and stopped dead at the ragged cut-off bottom of the tee shirt that was stretched torturously across her enormous chest. Her dark, rock hard nipples were unmistakingly visible through the thin cotton stretched even thinner by the near comic-book size of her breasts.

“Do you like them?” she asked as she brought her hands up and squeezed them. “I think they’re fantastic. Can you believe that doffing jackass thinks they get in the way? He hasn’t given a shit about the twins since we got married.” She continued to advance into me and yanked my apron over my head. She gave it a toss and it landed on top of the ruined bentwood excuse. “Let’s see if you’ve got the complimentary hardware.”

I was so mesmerized this whole time by her amazing rack that I hadn’t even noticed the swelling in my pants. She hurriedly opened my fly and reached a hand in. Squeezing my rapidly stiffening rod she looked up at me. “Wow, looks like I’m not the only one who’s been ignored for a while.”

“But what about your husband?” I stammered as she stroked my cock.

“That bastard? His must’ve fallen off a few years ago,” she had pulled my cock out of my pants and was now speaking more to it than to me. “I mean, could you not want to fuck this?” With that she ripped off whatever it was she was calling a shirt and her tremendous boobs cascaded down. “Lose the pants boy.”

I did as I was told and dropped trou. I had barely stood back up when I felt her mouth wrap around my shaft. She was working it over furiously, caressing my balls and pumping her head up and down my shaft like a well-oiled piston. She took a second to slowly deep throat me and kept her nose in my pubes long enough to swallow. Feeling her throat contract around the head of my penis sent shivers up my spine and caused my knees to buckle. She withdrew and continued to stroke my cock as she stood. “My god, it’s been so long. Fuck me. Right now. I need it.”

She had me backed up against my table saw and lifted a leg to put her foot on the well milled cast iron surface. She shimmied forward and impaled herself on my rock hard manhood. “Mmmm, I’d almost forgot what a cock felt like inside me.” I was still in shock. I had barely had time to register that she had come out of her house again and I was already buried eight inches into her. The warm tickle of her juices dripping onto my nuts woke me up quickly. Her arms were around my neck and she was biting her lips as she tried to thrust up and down on my member in this awkward position. I had never had sex with a married woman before, but it was too late to stop now. I figured I might as well do it right.

I picked her up and spun around. My tools are set to the perfect working height for me, which means they are also the perfect height to bend a woman over. She reached across and grabbed the far end of the cold iron table and held on as I thrusted into her like a madman. She wanted to get fucked and I was not going to disappoint.

I was a man lost. My mind was consumed with the sensation of being buried to the hilt in her frantic pussy. All hope of restraint was gone as I fucked her mercilessly. She thrusted back into me just as hard, matching me stroke for stroke. We were like dogs in heat, devoid of anything but the urge to quench a burning biological thirst. The sight of her body had lit a fire in me and her firm round ass grinding against my abdomen stoked it. My world began to fade into gray as my knees weakened with my rapidly encroaching orgasm. The trees outside rustled with birds flying from their perches agitated by the wail that escaped her lips as her quivering sex began to convulse around the rigid piston pounding her from behind. Her orgasm began to throb in time with the pulsations emanating from my cock as my own orgasm came to a head. The resulting spasms milked the heavy jets of cum even more forcefully out of me, my thrusting generating a loud smack as my hips crashed into hers.

I hunched over her, my whole body weak after a mind-bending orgasm. She continued to grind her hips into me as her body shivered. The sensations were almost unbearable as she squeezed my now super-sensitive, post-orgasmic cock within her. “I hope you’re not done yet, you promised me a double shot,” she growled as she reached back between our intertwined legs to squeeze my recently emptied sac. Was she serious?

“Hey, I’m not made of wood, y’know,” I managed tuzla escort to croak.

“P’shaw,” she sputtered. “All you need is a little coercion.” With that she spun around and dropped to her knees. Her lips snapped around my sloppy member and her cheeks caved as she sucked it clean of our mingled juices. Her tongue lashed around the sensitive head to produce an agonizing spasm of pleasure too intense to endure. I had to buy some time to allow my spent member to recover, so I reached down and tweaked her nipple between my thumb and forefinger. I tugged upward lightly and she followed by rising to her feet.

Burying my head between her tremendous breasts I reached down again and hooked my arms under her rear end. I lifted her up and replaced her onto the table of the big, high power wood mill. She gasped as her butt hit the cold iron plate. With her nipple clenched between my teeth I slid my hands down between her goose bumped thighs, which snapped apart instinctually. My free hand rose up her body as a counter balance to my head, which traveled down. I noticed the pool she had leaked onto the waxed iron table as my lips met the shivering flesh of her inner thigh. “Be a good boy, now,” she breathed as her hand grabbed my hair and wrenched my head into her crotch.

Her sopping mound ground against my face as I knelt in the soft pile of sawdust from my brief mornings work. The sweet spicy smell of fresh cut maple mingled with the pungent musk of her tangy box and created a perfume that made me light headed. My tongue dove deeper into her, swirling in circles to mop up her delectable juices as the bridge of my nose rubbed sided to side of her hard butter button. Her hips thrusted violently against my face and I had to fight for breathing room. “Oh yes,” she hissed as I sucked away at her labia. I felt the familiar stirring in my crotch and decided it was time to give her the double she was waiting for.

She whimpered as I pried my face from her crotch. “I thought you wanted to get doubled up?” was my way of reassuring her that I would not leave her wanting. I walked around to the operational side of the huge five horsepower saw and retracted the blade all the way down into the throat. With the blade retracted I replaced the slotted throat plate with a blank one to insure that there would be no sharp surprises to thwart my next trick. I climbed up and sat at the edge of the saw in front of her. “So how about that coercion?”

She took my place in front of the saw and brought her lips around the shaft of my semi-stiff unit. Her hands went around underneath me, one to caress my loose balls and the other to give my ass a squeeze. It wasn’t long before she had worked me back up to full attention. Ready to slip inside her once again I slid back onto the table. She rose to follow me with her mouth still wrapped around my re-engorged cock. As I slid further back she stopped and lifted her head to allow my saliva-slick manhood to land against my stomach with a wet smack. She climbed aboard the table with me and crawled forward to straddle me. Her hand crept down and grabbed the base of my cock to guide it into her and I groaned as the corona pierced the steamy folds of her pussy.

A long groan emanated from my landlady as she slowly lowered herself onto me, engulfing me once again to the shorthairs. I gave her a sly smile and asked, “Ready for the fireworks?”

“Unh huh,” she grunted as she nodded. Her mouth hung open and her eyes were glazed. I couldn’t tell if she even registered my comment. Even if she didn’t, she certainly noticed the table beneath us rumble to life. I had my hand on the power switch and had just flipped it on. There was a bad bearing in this machine that caused it to shake when there was too much weight upon it. I heard her gasp as she impaled herself on my cock, no longer thrusting and letting my veiny member vibrate inside her as the muscular table shook underneath us. Her head was thrown back and she was beginning to pant. I grabbed her hips and slid her body backwards forcing the base of my shaft out of her and bending it down so it rubbed over her clit as she sat prone against my crotch. My cock vibrating both inside of her and against her clit was more than she could take. She began to grind back and forth against me; fucking herself with the flesh vibrator I had turned myself into, and squeezing her nipples. My fingers dug into her hips to hold her tight against me. I allowed her minimal movement and let the vibration of the table take her over. It wasn’t long before I once again felt her sex convulsing around me. Her hips began to rock harder and I loosened my grip to allow her to thrust to climax. She began to piston against me furiously until she came to a complete halt and gripped my vibrating cock like a vice. Her hands wound into my hair as she screamed through gritted teeth.

When she finally relaxed her body began to twitch as I continued to vibrate inside of her. “My God, where on Earth did you come up with that one?” she asked as I began to slowly pump into her once again. She may have just come once more, but my cock was still rock hard and throbbing inside of her. “Hmm, I guess you’ll need that taken care of,” she said as she felt my raging member still slipping around inside her. “Tell you what dear, just lay back and relax. You’ve had a hard day, I’ll take it from here.”

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