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I knew he wanted it as much as you did, but he was not as forward about it…watching him as he walked across the room each day, noticing how he made sure to connect at the eyes and scan down a bit from there made all the difference.

We chatted for a bit to get an indicator for just where our comfort level lay. Fun flirting conversation lingered and did not progress to anything more seductive than that. Until I reached behind him to brush my nails across his back. He surely felt the sensation through his thin t-shirt. When he did not flinch or move, I tracked my fingers up his back to his neck. A tickle at the nape got me a gentle, nearly silent moan. Although his hair is short, I could still get hold of a bit and tug. He was obviously new to the motion. He liked it. As I removed my hand, he told me in a demanding whisper (or was that a humble request) to do it again…

Following a firm hand planted on his ass, I walked out of the room. WE both knew he wanted so much more. His sigh was barely audible as I walked away.

When you and I got together to discuss our new pursuit, you wanted all the details of him. From his stature, to his beard level, to his hair length to the shape and desirability of his ass and even how strong and beefy his legs are. Interestingly, you were less concerned with his cock and/or balls.

All the above being found to be satisfactory, we agreed to practice a little with one another before moving towards an invitation extended to him.

We snuck into the house where he was to bed down for the term. The door was unlocked. Creaking it slowly open, we learned there was nobody home and made our way in. The wooden headboard was decorated with a multi colored line, and the sheets were a satin that was far from nautical in nature. Being the gentleman you are, you extended an arm to allow me to enter first.

Certainly my calling you a “gentleman” only applied until you entered behind me. Once over that threshold, you were the good little bitch you were meant to be. You held back until I was a good three paces ahead of you, as not to encroach on my space. You knew your place. And your place was behind me. Or beside me. Or in front of me, but only if, or when bent over waiting for this mistress of yours.

So, once in the room, I spun to watch you sway across the threshold. You looked to my eyes and noticed a silent command to head directly for the bed. Not once breaking eye contact, you slowly bent at the knee and lowered your ass canlı bahis to the mattress with one hand balanced on the round knob of a bedpost. You rubbed your palm on it suggestively and smiled.

My lips pursed, trying not to smile with you, but to tell you this was serious business. We were in a bit of a hurry, pressed for time to practice. He was going to be coming back soon and we needed to be ready. Our routine was nearly worked out into something we three could all enjoy fully.

With a foot, I nudged the door shut behind you and let my unzipped skirt slip off my hips to the floor. As I stepped out of the ring of material piled on the floor, you were not sure where to look. The high heels were attractive and kept you submissively looking down. the stockings were netted and made your eyes travel up my legs. Motion of my feet parting brought your stare to the moist space between my legs. My plush lips glistened through the hole in my crotchless panties. Silently and calmly breaking your stare, I brought my fingers to the wetness and placed my middle finger along the ridge and pressed hard against my swollen but not yet visible clit.

Unaware until this moment that my cock was in the back of my waist band, I stepped into my leather strapping. You remained still. Sitting on the edge of the bed, ready for any action coming your way, I stepped between your knees, reached down to hold your arms. With a snug grip of your elbows, I lifted your arms and motioned for you to put your arms around me. You felt my cock. Held it with both hands. On my order, you removed it from its hiding spot and brought it to the space between us.

“Lick it.”

~and you did~

And then you touched the tip to my garden. You were hoping to plug me with my own cock, but thought better of it. An easy glide along the wet gates started the juices flowing between my legs. You were kind enough to lean in to lick my thigh dry when you noticed what was happening. My gasp startled us both…

“Put it on me and do it right,” I whispered caringly. You nearly fumbled with all the nervousness in you. When my hand tightened on a grasp of your hair, you settled a bit and focused enough to get my cock across my shaved mound and into it’s holster. You stroked it inquisitively, even without me telling you to do so~ I let you play and investigate for a while and then we had to get you undressed.

I stepped back to allow you to stand. Your fist tightened around the bed knob. I placed my bahis siteleri hand over yours to feel the strength. Our fingers interlocked and the other hands began to open your pants. You held the edge of your button while I manned the zipper. With the lowering of each tooth of the zipper, I lowered my body. Finally stopping when your fly was down and your hardening cock seemed a bit trapped. I pulled it out for you, then lowered your pants until your balls could also be less restrained by your clothes.

With a finger inserted in a belt loop, I spun you around to face the wall. Fingers released, I used both hands and my teeth to lower your pants. The feel of my breath on the small of your back hardened your dick but also made you hold your breath. Ever so slowly, your skin showed over the top of your pants.

I licked an sucked and slurped each inch of your bare lower back. Finally the tops of your ass cheeks were available. My tongue fit so nicely into your crack. A hard sucking to be sure you felt it was just the right thing to do. You let out another heavy breath to make way for the long, intense inhale to keep your composure while my tongue probed and enjoyed your ass. Hot wet kisses across each cheek brought the active wetness back to my pussy. I could feel the nectar beginning to drip through my lips. I reached for a fingertip full. “open” was all I needed to whisper with a mouthful of your ass – I put my finger over your lips and you sucked off my finger.

Once your pants were low enough,I stood over you, pressed my cock against the back of your neck and had you stand before me, still facing the wall.

A kick of your ankle pushed your feet far enough apart that I could fit my hand between your legs to fondle your balls as they hung so tastefully at the base of that most amazing erection.

My nipples were hard, breasts rounded and smooth and firm…made you hornier to feel them pressed to your back as they were. Being the smart man you are, you knew that a wonderful sensation was about to begin.

I held and pulled on your left hip and pushed against your right shoulder. Without hesitation, you bent forward. My cock pressed between your cheeks until you felt it against the underside of your sac. I stepped closer, leaned over your body to hold my cock with your balls beneath it. I let out an excited moan and had to step back to keep my pending orgasm under control.

You were on your feet with hands on the bed in front of you ass on display for bahis şirketleri me. Gorgeous target to be used as I wanted. you were being a good and willing little bitch today. I gave you the choice of what your first penetration of the day was going to be. With consideration of the ongoing toy fun, you decided it should be my cock that first found love in your tunnel.

Lubing it all up with my own juice, you had no worry that it would be an easy glide to pleasure. I let you reach through and fill your fingertips with my sweet nectar and rub it on me until you were assured it was all set n wet.

You dipped your head between your cupped shoulders and balanced your forehead on the pillow. Slowly, I began playing with your ass, slapping each cheek with my cock before aligning myself with your sweet spot. Gentle easy rubbing and circling with a little push now and then checked your readiness. When ready, the glide inside was effortless and sensual as could be…we both moaned.

I rubbed your back, massage-like to ease you into knowing you would not be totally penetrated without warning and caution. By the time I was able to pull on your shoulders to ease you further up my shaft, your head was tipped back in an ecstatic fashion, enjoying every pump and glide through your hole… a frequent yet un-timed grab from beneath your body filled my hand with your soft sac…full of cum waiting to be released.

Instead, you had to wait while I did the driving from behind you. Cock flailing with each pump to your ass made me wetter than you’d imagined. Being the good boy you are, you listened and came when I told you to cum. Not until I slapped you and spanked you a bit…I reached for a glove, looped it gently around your neck and held back on it like it was a leash. The small bit of choking imparted on you was more exciting than painful, though the pain may have triggered the thrill.

Not enough pressure to choke you seriously, the satin cutting off your air was a turn on. I felt your cock stiffen and your ass relaxed as you grew closer to that intense orgasm. It was going to be an orgasm to top all others.

I pulled up on your reign until you were nearly upright with me inside you. I could reach around just fine and stroke your cock with my single gloved hand. Satin on wood…such a lovely combination to behold. With only 6 good long firm jerks and strokes, you were shooting so hard, we had to clean the wall.

Ordinarily, we should have collapsed on the bed to recover for a bit…and for you to suckle a tit for a while to ease out of the intense moments. Not this time. Footsteps were heard coming up the front walk. Peering out the curtains, we noticed it was our third participant…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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