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“Nick, over here!” Nick turned to see his friend Charles waving at him from across the courtyard. He jogged over quickly.

“How’s it going?” asked Charles. He was a 18 year old 5’5 with short brown hair.

“Pretty good” said Nick, “Shall we go?” He said as the bell rang. He was going to stay the night at Cahrles’ house. They were good friends. Nick himself was a skinny kid, few inches shorter than Charles with pointy brunette hair. He was also 18.

“Yeah, lets go” said Charles.

They walked home to Charles’ house and went up to his room. No-one was coming home for several hours so they put a movie on Charles’ laptop and lay down on his bed.

The movie began to get boring so they turned it off and started talking.

As they were talking, Charles noticed that Nicks hand was constantly creeping closer to his exposed thigh and he moved it back slightly.

“What are you doing?” He asked.

Nick sighed. “There’s something I’ve wanted to tell you for a while. I’m…I’m g…gay.”

Charles mouth dropped.

“Nick…I’m gay too.” He said.

“But…I’m gay for you.” Nick managed.

Nick, I’ve been horny for you ever since we met. You’re so hot…every time I see you I melt inside and my pants get wet for you.”

Nick was at a loss after this speech. It seemed the silence was going on for an age. Charles opened his mouth to talk but Nick fell on him and stuck his tongue in Charles’ mouth.

Charles and Nick embraced and their wet lips met. Their tongues looped around each other casino oyna and pressed close. Charles shredded his sweaty shirt and they broke the kiss as Nick took of his too. They embraced again and their sweaty bare chests met, moving together as one.

Charles begin to move down Nicks body, kissing his neck, chest, belly and finally getting to his pants, which he unbuttoned with a devilish grin. He slid off Nicks pants, revealing beautiful legs and thin thighs. Nicks boner was clearly showing through his undies and Charles’s eyes widened at the sight of it. Nick sat up slowly and pushed Charles down. He unzipped Charles’s pants and rolled them off slowly. Charles groaned as Nick touched his cock and sat up to kiss Nick.

They were both sitting up as they embraced each other and they moved their underwear-covered pelvises together and wrapped their legs around each other. Charles rubbed Nicks back with his legs as Nick hugged Charles, pushing their near-naked bodies as close as possible.

They sat there with their cocks rubbing together for several minutes until pre-cum began to show on their underwear.

Charles untangled his legs from Nicks and pushed him down onto the bed. Charles pulled down Nicks underwear very slowly and down off his legs. Nicks boner sprang free as his underwear was pulled free. Charles threw Nicks underwear away and stroked his erect cock with his trembling hand. Nick let out a shuddering sigh as his lusting cock was finally resolved.His cock grew even larger as Charles stroked it and as it reached canlı casino its largest point Charles began to pump his hand up and down it. Nicks eyes closed and his hips began to move with the rhythm of Charles’ pumping. Charles smiled as he saw Nicks muscles straining in his neck and his leg muscles working as he arched his back against Charles’ pumping. Charles pumped faster and faster as Nick became more pleasured by Charles’ inexperienced hands. Nick released a final groan as his cum shot into the air and onto the sheets next to him. Excess cum rolled onto Charles’ hand and he wiped it off onto the sheets.

Nick sat up after lying their for several moments and kissed Charles on the mouth. He pushed him down and tore off Charles’ underwear. Charles’ much larger cock sprang free and Nick put his mouth on it and sucked it and licked his shaft and when Charles was about to blow, he stopped.

“Please don’t stop,” Charles complained with a lusty voice.

” Be patient,” said Nick and placed his legs on either side of Charles’s pelvis and slowly lowered his own cock onto Charles’s. He straddled Charles like a cowgirl riding a horse, and placed his hands on Charles’ chest, running his hands all over Charles’ chest and hips. He began to hump Charles’ cock with his own, starting slow and getting slightly faster with every few strokes. Charles’ eyes widened as he realised what Nick was doing and smiled. Nicks petite bottom clenched with each hump and rubbed against Charles’ thighs. Charles grabbed Nicks beautiful bottom and squeezed it kaçak casino with a lusty expression. Charles’ hands on his bottom seemed incredibly sexy to Nick and this caused him to hump faster and with more pleasure. Charles’ hips moved with the rhythm of Nick’s humping and soon they were groaning and moaning as they stimulated each other simultaneously. The bed creaked under the strain as they humped. Their faces grew red as they humped and a thin layer of sweat grew on them as they raced to orgasm. Charles wrapped his legs around Nick so that his thighs were against Nicks bottom. He could feel Nicks bottom clenching with each hump and could see the concentration on his face. Charles’ eyes closed and mouth opened with pure pleasure and Nicks head lolled back, his mouth open with lust. Seeing Charles’ face contorted with lust was a huge turn-on for Nick, and suddenly Charles exclaimed the words “I love you”. Nick was spurred on by the words he had been waiting to hear for months. He humped faster every stroke now, sweat pouring down him to his pelvis to mingle with Charles’ body fluids. Their moans got louder as they approached their orgasm and finally their lust was released. Charles’ cock tightened seconds before Nicks and he let out a sigh of lust as he orgasmed right before Nick. He could barely stay conscious from the huge orgasm as he saw stars before his eyes. Their cum mingled as it shot out onto each other pelvises and thighs and Nick slowed his humping as he collapsed into Charles’ sweaty embrace. Nicks body convulsed with each jet of cum he squirted and his beautiful bottom clenched with each convulse. His hips continued to move on their own but soon slowed to a stop and the only sound in the room was their panting and sighs of their incredible release.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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