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“- annnd they’re the same!” Flynn laughed as Evelyn led him into her dorm room. She closed the door behind her watching as Flynn took a glance around.

“Little bigger maybe but pretty much the same. You got a bathroom?” Flynn went over to the door and opened it “Oh nice! We have to shower in the communal showers.”

Evelyn smiled in acknowledgement, staying with her back pressed to the dorm door. It felt peculiar viewing Flynn, someone who was practically a stranger, standing in her dorm room. The only man she’d ever brought to this room with sexual intentions was Smyth. Suddenly, the alcohol and weed were wearing off and she was hastily sobering up. Could she do it? Have sex with a guy she had no intention of ever seeing again or having any kind of relationship with? She wasn’t like Ava or some of the other girls she knew. She wasn’t confident. She didn’t believe she was alluring or seductive. Nonetheless, from the expression upon Flynn’s face as he gazed across at her, Evelyn realised she obviously did something to captivate men.

Flynn took a swig from the bottle of Jägermeister before throwing it onto the bed and strolling across to her. Evelyn pressed her back further against the door taking deep breaths until she tasted Flynn’s cologne. She licked her dry bottom lip anxiously as Flynn leant down closer.

“You’re something else, Evelyn,” Flynn whispered, his hot breath against her cheeks.

“Yeah? What’s that then?” she said, digging her nails into the door. The longer she stared into his hungry blue eyes, the more the urge in her stomach grew. She needed this. She wanted this.

“I’m not sure but the moment I saw you, I knew I had to have you,” Flynn rested his hands on the door behind her, one either side of her ears. Evelyn lolled back her head, raising her hands to his chest where Flynn closed his eyes, shivering under her touch.

“How very cliché,” Evelyn teased.

“It’s true. As soon as I saw this body I knew,” Flynn growled playfully as he buried his face into her neck.

Evelyn gasped for air, draping her arms over his shoulders as Flynn nibbled and sucked ferociously at her skin. She moaned as his hands rubbed over her bare stomach, down to her bum where he grasped and lifted her up against the door. Evelyn’s head knocked halkalı escort against the wood but she ignored the throbbing to feel as Flynn’s crotch pressed against hers. Tugging and dragging her fingers through his toffee coloured hair, Evelyn whispered for more as he kissed up from her collarbone, across her hot neck to finally meet her lips. She felt the stubble of hair across his top lip as they kissed deeper. She opened her mouth to feel his tongue glide across hers, their tongue bars knocking together. Grinding her hips up to meet his, she felt him hardening beneath his trousers. This only fuelled the fire burning furiously inside of her. Any moment now and she would burst. Gasping for air, Evelyn began to pull at his shirt, kissing him messily and urgently.

“Steady,” he said between kisses, cupping her face with one hand while the other stayed on her bum “Steady now.”

Evelyn, clutching his collar, caught her breath and stared into his intense eyes. She observed the way he grinned. It sent shivers down her back. With her legs securely wrapped around his waist, Evelyn rested back against the door and followed his eyes down to her chest. His hands crept across her stomach making her squirm and giggle until they were sliding up to her chest, bringing her intricate top with it. Raising her arms above her head, Flynn lifted off the hooded top and chucked it aside, eager to see what was beneath. Clasping her breasts within her strapless black bra, Flynn moaned beneath his breath at the sight of her. Evelyn restrained a grin of satisfaction and laid back her head again, all the while Flynn’s hands unhooked her bra, his lips caressing her breasts.

She felt as his thumb grazed her hardening nipple, his teeth sinking into her skin. Evelyn tightened her grip around his waist, his erection pressing to her groin. Her nails dragged across his skin and into his hair. She pleaded and moaned for more, losing herself in the pleasure.

Before long, Flynn’s arms were encircling her. He carried her swiftly across to her bed where he laid her down, stretching over her, his knee between her legs. Evelyn lay beneath him hardly able to control her breathing as Flynn’s lips returned to her neck and his hand reached to the hem of her shorts. Evelyn closed harbiye escort her eyes and tried to calm herself. Was it anxiety or excitement that was making her heart race? The real challenge was trying to subdue the thoughts and images racing through her mind. She couldn’t seem to switch them off. Not Doni’s words. Ted’s face. Not even Smyth’s kisses – his hands rubbing all over her skin. Evelyn let out a loud moan of pleasure as Flynn’s hand reached between her legs underneath her knickers.

Raising her legs onto his shoulders, Flynn knelt over her. Evelyn watched agape, chest rising and falling quicker now, as Flynn yanked off her boots, ran his hands down her legs to her bum where he eased off her shorts, bringing her knickers with them. Soon, Evelyn was sprawled naked beneath him and all she could think about Smyth.

Even as Flynn unbuttoned his shirt and shucked off his trousers, Evelyn only though of Smyth. She saw his muscular torso, his hot skin pressing against hers; his growls and hungry moans that drove her wild. His hands and fingers all over her body; he knew exactly how to caress her; how to make her scream. When Evelyn opened her eyes, she trained them upon Flynn as he pulled off his boxers. She raised an eyebrow at the sight of him naked. He was even more gorgeous without his clothes on.

She wanted to lose herself with Flynn, yet no matter how hard she tried, she saw only Smyth kneeling over her. That was until Flynn did something she hadn’t expected. Lifting her legs back onto his shoulders, Flynn took one of her feet in his hands and began to kiss her toes until he was sucking them tenderly. Evelyn was taken back for a moment until the pleasure became too much. With his other hand between her legs, massaging her clit, and his mouth sucking on her toes, Evelyn finally lost herself. Unsure what to do other than lay there as Flynn overwhelmed her senses, Evelyn stared up at the ceiling and let everything else go. Her mind became quiet. Her body relaxed. Evelyn was in heaven.

He kissed down her legs. Stroked the insides of her thighs. Ran his tongue over her wet pussy and clit, making her squirm. Rubbed his hands over her bare stomach. Nibbled and sucked on her nipples until Evelyn was begging for him. Pleading for him ikitelli escort to end this tease. Flynn simply grinned and began to kiss her lips, while his hand reached down to his hard-on. Raising her hips to meet his, Evelyn was breathless, tugging him closer and clawing at his back.

“You want it?” he whispered, pinning her hands above her head. All she could do was nod as Flynn sucked and bit into her neck whilst sliding his erection deep inside of her. Her eyes shot open with shock as Flynn pushed further until every inch of him filled her. She wriggled to free her hands so she could clutch hold of him but Flynn kept her arms above her head, grinning as he began to slide himself back and forth, listening as Evelyn’s groans grew louder and louder.

Legs draped over his shoulder, Flynn sunk his nails into her skin as he pressed deeper and harder until his hips were slamming into her; until her breasts were bouncing wildly, her face contorted with pleasure; mouth wide and eyes clamped shut. For once, Evelyn didn’t compare Flynn to anyone. She didn’t have a chance.

Releasing her hands, he grasped her hips, keeping the strong pace. All Evelyn could do was lay beneath him, feeling as every inch of his cock slipped back and forth, stroking each tender spot inside of her. Soon he was lying down on top of her, his arms around her keeping her close to him. Their hot sweaty bodies pressed together, her breasts to his chest as he continued to thrust into her, quickening his pace each time. Evelyn bit her bottom lip to restrain her scream of joy but soon it was all too much.

With one arm around his neck, hand in his hair, and the other resting on his cheek, the two stared into each other’s eyes as Flynn brought her closer and closer; his grin never leaving his lips as he moaned again and again, lost within her.

“I’m coming, Flynn – oh god I’m coming,” Evelyn yelped in disbelief.

It had never happened quite so quickly before. Flynn continued to grin smugly down at her as he clutched her bum cheek and made sure every thrust counted. Evelyn’s body shook and shivered as his cock pounded inside of her. One half of her was embarrassed she was making so much noise – especially in front of someone she’d only just met – the other half was hungry to reach that climax. Evelyn lolled back her head as relief and pleasure flooded over her. Still screaming his name, Evelyn felt her orgasm consume her. From her toes to the tips of her fingers, Evelyn was in ecstasy. At that moment, there was no Smyth. At that moment, Evelyn couldn’t even remember her own name.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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