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All characters involved in this story are of at least 18 years of age. All characters involved in this story are original creations of the author. Any resemblance to any real person, place, or event is purely coincidental. Please do not post anywhere else without author permission. Thank you!

A/N: Many people have been noting that the girls’ names causes some confusion. Firstly because they all start with the same letter, and secondly because I often work their names down to just a three letter nickname, causing even more confusion. Of course it’s too late to change their actual names, but I think I found a workable solution. From here on out, Vivika will always be referred to as Vivika, Valentina will be referred to as Val (I thought about having her go by Tina, but it just didn’t fit her character and she seems like the type who would hate being called Tina) and Vanessa will become Nessa. Hopefully that will clear up any confusion on who is who. But just in case, and because it’s been so long: Vivika is the red-headed, classically beautiful, leader. Val is the Latin tomboy with green highlights, a fit body, and a perfectly toned ass. Nessa is the sweet blonde with blue as her favorite color and a considerable bust.


While I had been invigorated by the experience in detention, logic and reason began to push back into my mind now that lust and desire had had their fill and were absent. I was no longer certain that this was all a bad idea, that I had to stop it, but I was still questioning things. Just when I had come around to their way of thinking, I learn they can do some kind of…magic? Surely there was some other explanation, one that I couldn’t think of at the time because I was too overcome with lust, and yet still couldn’t think of because I was overcome with exhaustion.

Taking Vivika’s advice, I returned home to rehydrate. I removed my clothes the moment I entered my home, so my still sweaty skin could feel the cool breeze of my AC. I knew Vivika wouldn’t be there already, waiting for me, but part of me wished she had. The more time I spent not being horny, the more time I had to reason and doubt. Every logical point I made to myself was countered by the same irrational point: the sex was amazing.

I had never had a very active sex life. I didn’t go to bars to pick up women, and I almost never asked out strangers. Rather, I would gain a female friend, and, over time, she would become a girlfriend. I always told myself this made the sex better. That if it was just some one night stand I wouldn’t feel anything special and it wouldn’t be as good. But of all the sex I’ve had with the handful of women I’ve dated, none of it compared to any of my encounters with the V-girls.

Two full bottles of Gatorade later, I felt refreshed and relaxed, until I realized that Vivika still hadn’t shown up. Another game of hers, I was certain of that, but I did worry that now was the time she would turn on me. I don’t know why I distrusted her so much – probably because she kept so many secrets from me. I was left almost always in the dark when it came to those three, so my mind always jumped to the worst conclusion. Given the illegal and immoral events I had participated in, how could anyone blame me?

Certain she wouldn’t show, I opted to collapse onto my bed, finally, and sleep away the rest of my anxiety. Had it not been for the vigorous exercise hours earlier, I’m sure all the questions and doubts and fears I had would have kept me from falling asleep. While the Gatorade had helped, I was still very exhausted and spent and needed a solid 8 hours to refuel.

But I wouldn’t get so much as one hour, thanks to Vivika, who I awoke to see straddling my naked body. She was still dressed as she had been at the start of detention, and I was still dressed how I was by the end of it. She smiled down at me while her manicured nails lightly dragged down my chest. The room was well lit, though not by any of my lamps. Instead, wall to wall the room was decorated by small, lit, candles. I certainly didn’t put them all there, and I didn’t even own one candle let alone what appeared to be hundreds. From that, I assumed I had been asleep far longer than I thought, and Vivika used that time to set up this rather romantic setting.

“So you came, after all,” I said, trying my best to sound confident.

“I’ll always come for you, Mr. Harper,” she replied with an obvious innuendo.

“So what are you? Really?” I abruptly asked. Even with such an accusatory question, Vivika didn’t so much as flinch. She just kept admiring by bare flesh with her eyes and hands.

“We’re just as you said, Mr. Harper.”


“That’d be the best way to describe us,” she confirmed. “Though we’re not witches in the Wiccan or Pagan sense. We have powers, that much you know already. We’re not all about worshiping the gods and goddess of nature and whatnot. Our interests are more…” she trailed off while sarıyer escort leaning down to my ear, than continued her sentence with a whisper and a bite, “…primal.”

I could only assume by “primal” she meant sex, or at least that was what most of the evidence lead me to believe. Still, I wasn’t convinced by her claim of having powers. “Powers? Really?” I had seen her do some fantastical things, but nothing that couldn’t be explained by something that wasn’t supernatural.

This seemed to offend Vivika a bit, as she shot right back up to look down at me with a curious look. “Really, Mr. Harper? After tonight, you still don’t believe we are something special?”

“Special? Certainly, you three are…by far the most extraordinary women I’ve ever met,” I complimented her with, trying to ease her mood before I ended up upsetting her further the rest of my answer. “I don’t think you three are actually magical, though.”

Vivika smiled, she even looked relieved that I had said that I didn’t believe her, then I learned why. “That’s alright, Mr. Harper, I don’t mind proving my powers to you. In fact, I think we’ll both enjoy it.” She took her hands off my body and stretched her arms out to either side, slowing lifting them up and, with them, the candles in the room. They gently floated several inches above where they were before, rising and falling gently even after Vivika put her hands back down.

“That’s…impressive,” I had to admit. I still wasn’t fully convinced, but I didn’t want to tell her that and force her to do something more extreme to prove her “powers.” It didn’t matter that I stayed silent, because she could the doubt and fear on my face quite clearly.

“You’re still not convinced, I think,” she said, sounding a bit disappointed. “If you are, though, I think you might actually be scared. You might be thinking that this is all too much, that not only should you break this off, but you should leave the state entirely, and I can’t have that, Mr. Harper, oh no. I think I need to remind you what will happen if you disobey me.” With that threat, she slipped off my lap and backed up slowly to the end of my bed.

Vivika ran her hands over her body, and a purple glow started to form on her clothes, in the forms of cracks, splintering off one another and covering the various fabrics she wore. Moments after her hands passed over a part of her clothing, the clothing actually changed. Her corset and skirt seemed to break off into pieces that floated up into the air before disappearing completely. In their place was not nude flesh, but an entirely new outfit. Vivika was now dressed like a Catholic school girl. Though, of course, it being Vivika, the outfit was more akin to a porn set than an actual school. Knee high stockings and a short green and black plaid skirt that covered her pussy but looked short enough that have a slight hint of her ass showing. A white blouse tied into a knot just below her breasts, bound in a racy and lacy red bra that she did little to hide. Her hair was pulled back into pig tails, and a red sucker had somehow found its way between her lips while I had been busy examining the rest of her body.

That trick alone could have convinced me of her power, but Vivika wasn’t trying to convince me she had powers, anymore. As she had said, she wanted to convince me that it would be in my best interest to play along.

Sauntering over to the right side of the bed, Vivika completed the outfit by playing the part as well. “Oh Mr. Harper, you’re such a good teacher! You’ve really helped me get my grades up. Even when I was bad and wanted to give up, you stayed on me. You just kept working me over and over until I submitted to your very strict tutelage.” She was bent at the waist, now, tracing the outlines of my muscles with her finger nails, while giving me a unobstructed view of her deep cleavage. “I simply must show my appreciation, Mr. Harper.”

Before I could object, to tell her to stop and that she made her point, that she had nothing to worry about with me telling anyone about what was happening between us, she put the sucker she had in her mouth into mine. My lips instinctively closed around it. I tried to open my mouth to let it drop out, but my lips forbade me from doing so. Before I could lift up my hands to pull it out, and push her away, Vivika was already on the bed with me, her ass hovering about my face and her legs pinning down my arms. She was surprisingly strong.

Vivika looked at me, dropping her head down and looking past both of her bodies, parallel to each other, and smiled. “Please, Mr. Harper, let me do this for you.” She had no clothes obstructing her goal, I having gone to bed naked. I peered down across our bodies, past her having breasts, to see her pull back the sheets and find my half erect cock. Her lips wrapped around it almost immediately. Deep red tiers sealed my cock into her mouth, and her candy-sweet tongue went to work on silivri escort the organ trapped within.

She didn’t even need to keep my arms pinned anymore, I could find no reason to push her off now. Still, she kept them down at my sides, and teased my further with her pussy inches away from my face. She only wore a simple white g-string, which did nothing to hide her ass and barely hid her nether lips. They had become so damp and engorged that they stained and pressed against the thin white fabric.

Vivika drives her head down deeper onto my cock, losing it completely inside of her. Her heavy breasts rested comfortably on my butterfly-filled stomach. She let my now completely hard dick fall out of her mouth, just so she could ask me, “Do you like this, Mr. Harper?” Of course, I couldn’t answer, but I’m sure she already knew the words I wanted to say. “Mmm, cause I really like it, Mr. Harper,” she added, sounding almost overcome with pleasure, like it was a feeling she hadn’t felt before. Her hand reached between us, and her fingers gently stroked her puffy lips, still hidden behind her panties. “I hope you don’t think I’m a slut, Mr. Harper. I’m a good girl, really, it’s just…mmm…your cock tastes so good,” she continued on with her act, making licks and sucks of my engorged meat while she spoke. This was definitely out of character for Vivika. She was usually more reserved, in charge and composed. This was a new character she was portraying though – that of the innocent student seduced by her teacher’s evil ways.

She was nuzzling the side of my cock with her cheeks as she kissed my balls, cooing between pecks. I wanted desperately to move my arms, not to push her away, but to grab her and pleasure her the way she was doing to me. All I could do was suck on the lollipop that was somehow stuck in my mouth, so I resigned myself to that fate.

Upon the first lick of the sucker, Vivika, the horny Catholic school girl, made a moan. I thought little of it, and resumed enjoying my blowjobs and my blow pop. With another lick, she moaned and bucked her hips. Twice now, but could be a coincidence. So I waited for her body to settle, so she would go back to focusing on my privates, before I gave another test lick of the sucker she gave me. Once again, she sang, this time with me between her lips.

Had I not experienced something similar earlier, with the dildo and my dick feeling everything it felt, I would have not thought what I thought next: that Vivika was somehow feeling everything I was doing to the candy on a stick. Even with my lips sealed, I could still smirk. While she licked and sucked on the head of my penis, I did the same to the circular hard candy, causing her hips to wriggle back and forth. It seemed Vivika was not one to pleasure someone without some way to have them pleasure her as well.

Back and forth we battled, trying to make the other cum before we did ourselves. I even pressed my teeth down on the candy, to see what would happen. Thankfully it didn’t crack, but it certainly caused Vivika’s body to betray her usual confidence and composure (though it could have been all part of her act). As well as I had been doing in the oral sex scene the past few months, Vivika was definitely better, and her sucks, squeezes, kisses and licks won her the battle of attrition. She must have felt it coming, because as I neared, she kept a tight seal around the base of my cock.

While I had already cum many times this night already, I was still able to give her a mouthful. Vivika turned around to prove this fact to me, opening her mouth to show my seed slipping back and forth on her undulating tongue – dangerously close to spilling past her plump red lips and onto my chest. Before a single drop could escape her, she pulled the sucker from my mouth and returned it to her own, to mix the cherry taste with that of my cum.

I remain laying on the bed, and watched as Vivika started to walk down the length of it. I could hear her start to cry, much to my bewilderment. When she reached the end of my bed, she was crying into her hands, the sucker obviously gone, and her person joined by another. Well, not another person, but another body, as I would learn. There was Vivika, dressed in her school girl uniform, standing next to another Vivika, who was dressed in a respectable suit and thick frame glasses, with her hair done up in a knot.

My eyes darted between the two versions of Vivika, but then my attention refocused on school girl version when she started to speak between sobs. “He…he did things to me! He made me…made me…suck his cock!” she cried, ending on another large show of tears. The more conservatively dressed Vivika snapped her attention back to me, glaring daggers at me.

“Do you have any proof of this, Ms. Briarheart?” the more authoritative of the two asked of the crying Vivika.

“I do, Principal Briarheart,” she called the newcomer, and then opened her mouth şirinevler escort to provide the evidence, but she spoke no words. There, filling her mouth to the point of spilling out onto her creaming breasts, was more than a mouthful of cum. Increasing my shock further, this “Principal Briarheart” pulled Ms. Briarheart to her and locked lips with her. Between their mouths I could see tongues dancing and cum being traded between them, causing more of a mess to be made on both of their chests.

The brief makeout session finished when the principal made an exaggerated gulp of the cum she had taken from the Vivika who had, moments ago, had lovingly kissed my crotch. Smacking her lips, the principal thought for a moment and then gave a confirming nod. “Yes,” she started, staring at me with even fiercer hate than before, “That’s Mr. Harper’s cum alright.” She shot an accusatory finger at me, herself standing defiantly as she said “I will see to it that you are locked up for the rest of your perverted life, you deviant!”

Then, as if they had been standing there this whole time, and there had been no one at the foot of my bed, were two Vivikas standing on either side of me. Rather than in the principal and school girl outfits, both were wearing police uniforms, though of course they were cut low on their tops and high on their skirts.

I moved to sit up, but I found my wrists bound, once again, by handcuffs – this time to the posts of my bed. “What is going on he-” I started to question, before one officer slapped me in the face.

“We’ll be asking the questions here, Mr. Harper!” she yelled.

The other police woman Vivika then spoke up, “Just confess, Mr. Harper! Confess that you raped Ms. Briarheart!”

“What?!” I yelled, surprised. While I knew it was all an act, this was all some strange game she was playing, I was still caught off guard by the very serious accusation.

“Playing dumb, eh?” one of them noted.

“That’s alright, we have ways of making you talk,” the other added.

And so, once again, I had Vivika joining me on my bed, though this time there was another there as well. Either officer stood on either side of my bed, though one near the end and the other near the head. With elegant symmetry, both officers of the law lifted their right, dark stockinged, leg up to plant their stiletto heels on the bed. Both Vivika’s then leaned forward, pressing their breasts against their raised thigh, and planted their hands on the mattress, soon to push themselves up so they could crawl onto the bed with me.

Vivika 1 and Vivika 2 were standing, legs akimbo, over me, staring at each other. I gazed up, seeing no panties on the officer nearest me. Looking back down to the second cop, I saw that she was getting ready to rip off her blouse. She gave a nod to the other Officer Briarheart, whom I now could see was gripping her skirt with a firm grip. Without so much as a countdown, both women ripped off the garment either was holding. Above me was an exposed ass and privates, and at the foot of my bed was a set of bare breasts.

Once the buttons that hit the floor had settled, both woman dropped to their knees quite suddenly. It hurt, of course, having two women, however dainty, come crashing down atop me. My pain would be settled quickly, as one officer started to lovingly grip and stroke my cock, and the other was adjusting where she sat so it was no longer on my chest but my face. Before she sat back down, she made sure to remind me, “We’ll get you to talk soon enough, scum.” And with that insult, my sight was taken from me when she sat back down.

The first cop Vivika, let’s call her Vivika A, was rocking her hips in a circular motion, using my nose and lips as points of pleasure against her wet lips. Though I could see Vivika B, I could feel her practiced and expert hand work my recently spent cock back to full mast. I didn’t really know how this was all supposed to make me talk, not that I would anyway as neither were really cops. Then I felt it. A ring was snapped into place around the base of my cock. As soon as the snap was heard, Vivika A sat up slightly so I could see what Vivika B had done.

Sure enough, she had placed a cock ring around the base of my shaft. “If you want this off,” Vivika B started…” prompting Vivika A to finish, while looking down at me, with, “…and to get off…”

“All you need to do is confess,” they said in unison. I tried to protest again, but rather than push a piece of enchanted candy into my mouth, Vivika simply pressed her pussy into it. Their terms given, they returned to their interrogation, with one rubbing her bum on my face and the other now rubbing her breasts on my crotch.

I was able to get a few breaths in, whenever Vivika A moved her hips just right to allowed me that simple pleasure. The more fervent they got, the less oxygen I was able to inhale during those fleeting and rapidly dwindling moments. Even as I felt my head get dizzy, I had to admit it felt amazing. Vivika’s perfect ass grinding on my face, her sticky juices coating my lips and chin, and at the same time another Vivika had her creamy white breasts wrapped around my cock, bouncing up and down, stroking me off even though there was no way I could get off.

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