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She was finishing the last of the paper work when the tap came at the office door. She got up and quickly walked over seeing it was him. She unlocked the door, explaining that she just had to enter a couple thing into the computer before they could go. He nodded and followed her back around the desk where she sat to finish the last couple of entries.

As she finished the last one and logged out of the system she felt his hand on her shoulder. She reached up to take it, but was met with his hair as he leaned down to kiss her neck. She moaned a little playful moan and ran her hands through his hair. He kissed her a few more time and the suddenly nipped at her neck. The sensation ran from her neck straight to her pussy and she felt it instantly get wet. He held her at the shoulders as he kissed up from her neck across her cheek to her lips. She moaned into his kiss feeling his tongue swirl into her mouth.

The doctor was gone, as were the assistants, and the office door was locked. She stood and took him by the hand down the hall to one of the rooms. He came in behind her, but when she turned to kiss him, he kept her facing away from him. She felt his hands at the bottom of her scrub top and with a quick pull, she was exposed to the air. He kissed and nibbled around her bra straps and along her shoulders but never made a move to take it off; instead, he walked her from behind to the edge of the exam table. He stopped her an inch from it still kissing her shoulders, but now up to her neck.

She felt his fingers slide inside her bottoms and then with a soft thud they hit the floor. Her naked ass felt his hard cock through his jeans as he leaned into her. She pushed it back against him, feeling the rough fabric made her even wetter. He pushed her forward over the table; it was cold against the flesh of her breasts and stomach. He kissed her shoulder blades and back now, then down to right above her ass cheeks. He kissed each one once before starting back up. She heard the thud of his jeans hitting the floor as he got back to her neck with his lips. She felt his cock warm between her cheeks sliding on the pangaltı escort surface of her crack. She shivered a little from the excitement, she was soaking wet now, almost dripping.

He kissed back down and then with a quick movement, put his rod at her entrance and pushed in. She was so wet it glided in to the hilt. He bumped hard against her ass pushing her forward a little. This seemed to amuse him because he did it several times with long slow, yet powerful strokes. The last couple caused her to gasp and moan, because with her thighs against the edge of the table she received the full power of his thrust. He began to pick up speed without losing power. He grabbed the back of her bra for leverage as his cock pounded into her.

She moaned, gasps break them every once in awhile when an exceptionally powerful move would hit her. He took his other hand and grabbed her hair, then pulled her up by her bra strap. She delighted in the feel of her bra straps tight across her skin, biting into it just a little. She braced against the table with her hands, moaning louder because she could feel the head of his dick rubbing against the inside of her. It pushed against her walls on three sides this way for the full stroke. It hit her spot again and again. She heard his breath catch as he got close, she was there instantly, just waiting for that next touch of his cock. On queue, it struck and she cried out, “Oh fuck!” He was a moment behind her pounding her with a low growl she felt him go off. However, he did not stop, he kept going and each time his head went across her spot, she got another wave of pleasure. She felt her bra in the back give way and he released it grabbing her shoulders as she flung it off.

Still pumping in and out of her, he released her shoulder and hair suddenly. She collapsed to the table. Pushing her back against him, now she could feel his balls slapping against her. Hitting her parted lips and the clit they hid. She moved her hands to raise herself again but he grabbed one of her wrists and laid it on her back, then the other one. He gripped both in his pendik escort hand using her arms crossed behind her back to leverage his power again. She felt the pounding in every part of her body. Her nipples and breasts moved with every thrust, his grip held her to the table; his cock surged inside of her, his balls teased her clit. She was so wet; she could feel their mixed juice running down her leg, mixing with the sweat of the exercise. This was dirty sex, wonderful, hard, dirty sex.

It turned her on so much that she came again harder, lifting her legs off the ground curling them around his ass, being held to the table by only his grip on her arms pressing into her back. Her spasms were strong, tightening around his rod, forcing him to push through her muscles, another wave of ecstasy for her. She heard him catch again, ready to cum. To her surprise, he pulled out, setting his cock on her ass as it shot his load across her back hitting all the way up to her shoulder blades. The splatter was warm even compared to her body, and it seemed to perfectly compliment what they had just done.

They stayed like that for a few moments, until she had her feet under her again. He released her wrists and she could still feel his fingers on them. He grabbed her scrub top and wiped his fluids off her back, and then she took it to clean off her legs. She grabbed her bra and pants and put herself back together. He offered his sweatshirt in lieu of her scrubs, which she gladly accepted. As they left the room, she looked back with a smile and decided she would clean it tomorrow, maybe.


The ride home was quiet; they stopped off somewhere to grab a bite to eat, before heading back to the house. They talked briefly about their day but nothing that had happened could top their after-hours excursion so the conversation lulled and died. They finally pulled up to the house and made their way inside.

A few feet inside the door, she stripped her clothes off. He turned from closing the door behind him into a kiss from her, wrapping his arms around her naked form. She smiled rus escort at him, and then spun away, grabbing his hand as she headed for the stairs. He followed up the stairs to the bathroom.

Once inside she turned and kissed him again, longer this time pushing him back and pressing him against the door. He tried to wrap his arms around her but she fought them off and disengaged playfully. She walked over to the shower and turned it on; touching the water to make sure it was the right temperature. He walked up behind her and kissed her back between her shoulder blades. His kiss was warm like his cum had been in the same spot an hour before.

She turned and kissed him again, this time reaching for the bottom of his shirt and breaking away just long enough to pull it up over his head. She attacked his jeans next, undoing the button then putting her finger inside the band of his underwear and letting them fall with a thud to the floor. He stepped back for a second to kick his shoes and socks off. She admired him for a moment with a smile, before closing the distance again. They kissed hard and uncontrolled both pushing against each other. He spun and lifted her onto the counter; he could feel the heat of her wet sex against his rod. A small adjustment and his pushed his way into her. “Oh my god,” she growled at him wrapping her arms and legs around him. She kissed his lips, then his neck, as he started to stroke in and out. His cock felt so good pushing through her that she dug her nails into his shoulder, breaking the skin in a couple of spots. She saw this and let go, leaning back on the counter pushing into him.

He grabbed her legs lifting them to his side, pulling her to the edge of the counter. He slid her feet into his elbow grabbing the tops of her quads, pulling himself into her. His thrusts pounded into her, but he careful to keep her on the counter, she realized this and feeling safe began to finger her clit. His ramming was full speed, and her moans were broken only by the slap of his hips against her ass. She came hard losing her balance, falling against wall next to the mirror. This pushed her against him as he came deep into her. Stopping to catch their breath, the lack of motion let them both feel the spasms of the other’s orgasm. They waited until their bodies had quieted. She smiled, regaining her feet. Again, she kissed him playfully and then pulled him into the water.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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