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When I learned I had to make a day trip to the coast, I immediately called to see if you could accompany me. A few minutes later you called and said you had cleared your calendar. When I picked you up near your office, the first thing I saw was your beaming smile; you were as excited to be going with me to the coast as I was to have you with me.

As I drove, we caught up on events in our daily lives. Traffic was light on the expressway, so I set the cruise control and focused on the sound of your voice, a voice I have grown to love over the months of talking to you. You turned in your seat and leaned against the door frame as you talked. The van we were riding in had comfortable single seats with a fairly wide space between them, so when you relaxed against the door, your left leg was draped over the side of the seat closest to me. I moved my hand to rest on your knee as we talked. I idly moved my hand along your leg, feeling the smoothness of your skin.

Soon, I noticed that you had stopped talking. I looked over at you, and you were smiling at me.

“What do you think you are doing,” you said.

“Me?” I responded innocently.

“Yes, you. How am I supposed to talk coherently when you are stroking my leg like that?”

“Oh, sorry. But while I have your attention, I have a question. What are you wearing beneath that skirt?”

“Light pink panties,” you responded with a laugh, because that was a nickname you sometimes used in chat rooms.

“Let’s take a look,” I said as I slid my hand up your leg, raising your skirt at the same time. “Yep, light pink.”

I stroked your upper leg and caressed your covered pussy, while making every effort to keep my mind on my driving. After a few minutes of this, you slapped my hand and said, “You stop that and keep your eyes on the road.”

As I pulled my hand away, you pulled up the front of your skirt and tucked it into your waistband. After a quick glance around, you relaxed in the seat as your fingers stroked the front of your light pink panties. Up and down your fingers stroked, pausing each time to caress your pert clit that I could see outlined in the pink fabric. Before long, your juices began to seep from within you and a moist oval appeared between your pussy lips that I could now see swelling against your clinging panties. As I watched you tilted the seat back so that you were nearly reclining beside me; one leg was still draped over the side of your seat so I had a great view of your activities between your thighs.

Slowly you moved your fingers up and down along the narrow strip of fabric, pausing occasionally to stroke your clit, but then returning to a slow, gentle caressing of your swollen labia. I occasionally glanced at your activities, but for the most part I kept my attention focused on my driving. You seemed totally unconcerned about the traffic whizzing by us, your exposed condition almost inviting those in passing vehicles to glance over and catch a glimpse of you stroking the crotch of your panties.

After several moments of stroking, you gingerly pushed aside the panty fabric so your fingertips could touch your warm, damp skin. As I watched, you moved your fingers along the length of your slit, slowly slidng you fingers between your damp pussy lips and teasing the crimson recesses hidden between them. You closed your eyes as two of your fingers found your clit and began slowly sliding back and forth along the smooth skin to either side of it.

With each stroke your lower body rocked forward as if offering an invitation for your fingers to explore further down. In response, you eased your fingers slowly downward, down until they found your seeping pussy with its crimson lining now peeking out between engorged and flaring lips. Your fingertips toyed with the entrance, gathering your wetness, then smearing it around over your delicate skin, then they dipped inward, penetrating, caressing the inner lining, then withdrawing, only to plunge farther in on the next stroke. In and out your fingers moved, two fingers, then three, buried to the knuckles within you.

With your eyes still closed, your ass now rose off of the seat to meet every thrust of your fingers. Faster and faster your fingers moved as they fucked deep within you. I listened to your ragged breathing and sniffed your sensual aroma that now permeated the interior of the van.

“I love watching you. Don’t cum yet. We are at a rest area, and I ortaköy escort am going to pull in.” In response to my words, I noticed that you pulled your fingers from your pussy and resumed the slow, sensuous stroking of your clit.

Once I had parked at the end of the lot far from other cars, I turned to look at you. Your eyes were still closed, whether from shyness or extreme arousal I could not tell. Your fingers still stroked your clit, but as I watched you moved them down and then effortlessly slid them up inside your pussy. I watched the lips part as two fingers pushed their way inside affording me a quick glimpse of the glistening crimson lining. When the fingers re-emerged they were coated with your luscious juices that glistened in the sunlight that illuminated the van’s interior.

I watched as your movements grew more rapid and your breating became more irregular. Your fingers moved rapidly, back and forth, penetrating and then emerging, as you fucked yourself with your fingers, caressing your inner depths on every stroke.

Your left hand was at your side, and as I watched you I took your hand in mine afraid that any other action on my part might interfere with the climax that I knew was building inside you. As I clasped your warm hand, I watched your fast moving fingers as they disappeared repeatedly into your pliant pussy. I listened to the squishy sounds your fingers made and to your rapid breathing and to your low moaning whispers as your climax rapidly approached.

And then you came with me watching your every action. Your fingers probed deep inside you as your ass moved rapidly back and forth on the seat. Your eyes were clinched tightly closed and tremors swept over your body. Your mouth was partially open as you alternately held your breath then gasped for air. Your hand squeezed mine in rhythm with the pulsations that coursed through your body. Gradually you slowed, then ceased your stroking, relaxing against the seat back trying to catch your breath.

Eventually you opened your eyes and looked directly into mine. Your smile told me you were glad to be there with me. I returned the smile and leaned forward to kiss your warm lips. I leaned back in my seat, as you regained your composure.

“What’s that bulge in your pants?” you asked, teasingly.

“Hmmm. Not sure. Want to check and see?”

“Well, maybe I will.”

You moved to kneel between the front bucket seats and then stoked my hard cock through my jeans. I slid down in the seat and spread my legs slightly so you would have unimpeded access. You leaned forward and kissed my erection, stroking along its length with your lips. You pulled back as your hand sought then found my zipper which you slowly eased down. You slipped your hand inside and I felt your warmth through the fabric of my briefs. Your fingers probed the fabric for the opening you knew was hidden there, and with success I felt the touch of your fingers against my naked skin. A tremor swept through my body as you wrapped your fingers around my erection. With your hand stroking my cock, you turned your face upward inviting a kiss.

I leaned toward you, and we kissed. It was a surprisingly tender kiss given the circumstances, sitting as we were with your pussy exposed beneath your skirt and your fingers wrapped tightly around my cock. Our tongues probed and teased as our lips pressed tightly together. After several moments you pulled away slowly, our tongues still tangled together as if reluctant to end their play.

I unbuckeld my pants and slipped them down a bit so you could have more ready access to my cock which you soon freed from its constraints with a series of gentle tugs. As soon as it was exposed, you wrapped your fingers around it and stroked along its length several times sending shivers through my body. Realizing that I was already super aroused from watching you cum, you knew that it would not take much to bring on my climax. You dipped your head downward, and I felt the tip of your tongue caress my cock head.

I closed my eyes so I could focus on the feel of your warm, wet tongue sliding across my sensitive flesh. After several minutes of tender licking and flicking, I felt your lips close around me. Oh, the feel of your hot mouth wrapped around my cock was exquisite! I slowly raised my ass up off of the seat and began to pump my cock into your mouth. Your head rose and fell as you sucked otele gelen escort my cock inside you, wrapping your tongue around me, stroking me from end to end. I placed my hands on your head, burrowing my fingers down in you thick, dark hair. I used my hands to set the rhythm, to encourage you to take all of my cock inside your hot, wet mouth. My actions became more animated as I fucked rapidly into your mouth.

“Oh yes! That feels so goooood! Oh yes! I am going to fill your mouth with my hot cum. Nooooow! I am cuming, nnnoooooowwww! Oh yes!”

I pistoned my cock into your mouth as I filled it with hot semen. I came hard and long as I used my hands on the back of your head to encourage you to continue stroking my cock with your lips. Finally I was spent, and I slumped down in my seat, completely drained. You laved my tender cock, cleansing it with your tongue, causing me to twitch in my seat. Once you were sure you had slurped up every drop of cum, you lifted yourself up and sat in your seat. Your hand found and grasped my hand as we sat, unspeaking, but feeling extremely close, as our bodies recovered from their respective climaxes.

After several minutes, we rearranged our clothing and proceeded on our way. The rest of the drive was comparatively uneventful. We talked and toyed and teased, but we had an appointment to keep on the coast.

Several hours later, with business behind us, we were again in the van on the return trip home. At first, we talked about the day and the potential for future day trips to the coast or elsewhere. The thought of those trips brought a pause in our conversation as we each thought of how we could arrange for such stolen time together. During the silence, I noticed that you were slowly stoking your inner thigh with your fingertips. Gradually your caresses crept up your leg and soon your hand disappeared beneath your skirt. I could tell by the motion of your hand that you had found your clit and that you were softly caressing that delicate nub through the fabric of your panties.

The silence was broken when you turned toward me and asked, “So, are we going to find a way to do the wild thing on this trip, or is it going to be strictly touching.” When I looked over at you, I saw that you had a big smile, so I knew that this was more than just a question.

“Hmmmmm. Would you like me to find a way to do more than just touching? Are you tired of stroking that luscious pussy? Are you ready to have something inside there other than fingers? What would you like, Meg? Tell me what you would like?”

As I watched, you lifted your ass and slid your panties down your legs, leaving them crumpled on the floor mat. You splayed your legs across the corner of the seat so I had a clear view of your pussy as it was being caressed by your fingertips. Your aroused clit was poking from beneath its hood, and the moist crimson of your engorged pussy gleamed in the fading sunlight in an open invitation.

“I want your cock inside me,” you said. “I want your hard cock to fill me up and make me cum. I want you now, Chuck! I want you now!”

I knew that there was a rest area just ahead, so while you stoked your exposed pussy, I drove there as quickly as I could. Your words had made my cock spring to life, and by the time I parked at the far end of the parking area away from the sparce crowd using the facilities, I was more than ready to fulfill your request. We leaned across the divide between us and our lips met in a passionate kiss. Your hand moved to the back of my neck and pulled my mouth hard against yours. Our tongues clashed in a desirous dance that anticipated what was to come.

The kiss ended slowly with our tongues touching and teasing as we pulled apart. Your hand found my cock and squeezed it through my jeans. Your smile told me that you were pleased to find me as ready as you were.

“Move to the back seat and lie down with your feet toward the passenger side,” I said.

You moved between the front seats and reclined on the back seat with your legs hanging over the end of the three-quarters length seat. After taking a quick glance around, I moved to the opening between the end of the seat and the door. You had to raise your left leg to let me pass, but soon I was kneeling between your legs, looking up at your beautiful smile. I raised your skirt and bent down, kissing your luscious pussy on its engorged lips. I could tell otele gelen escort by your reaction that you were fully aroused and that there was little need for foreplay. You were as ready and as eager as I was.

I leaned forward and kissed you as my fingers sought out your pussy. You moved your lower body against my fingers as I gently stroked your wet slit. Leaning away from you, I unfastened my belt and jeans and slid my clothing down to my knees. My hard cock sprang forward as if seeking your waiting pussy. I glanced around to make sure we were alone in the fading light of day there in the rest area lot. Seeing that there was no one nearby, I leaned toward you so that the tip of my cock nudged your slick pussy. You wiggled your ass in invitation as I paused momentarily, anticipating the moment of penetration.

“I want you now, Chuck. I want you right now!” I heard you whisper. “Now, Chuck, now!”

Pushing forward, I felt my cock push apart your pliant pussy lips and glide smoothly up inside you. You moaned softly as you felt my cock enter and fill your hot pussy. We paused momentarily with my cock buried inside you, enjoying the sensation of being joined together. Soon passion took over, and we began moving together in a measured rhythm. On each stroke I felt the slippery sidewalls of your luscious pussy glide along my shaft, clutching it lovingly, then caressing it gently. Your ass pumped up off of the seat on each stroke, causing me to penetrate you fully with my hard cock, pulling it deep inside you. We had been waiting all day for this opportunity, and now the time was finally here, and we were each determined to make the most of it.

We moved together as if we had been partners for forever, even though in actuality we had had few opportunities to be together. Our movements were more intuitive than practiced as we each responded to the motions and responses of the other. We fit well together and our needs were well matched. All too soon my desire to proceed slowly was overwhelmed by the caress of your pussy, and I felt my impending climax building in my balls. Your legs were now wrapped around my back so that you could pull my body against you in the precise rhythm that you needed to fulfill your needs. My pelvis pounded against your tender clit as you pulled me into you with increasing forcefulness.

“Yes, oh yes! That’s it. Oh, harder! Oh, yes. I am going to cum now. I’m cuming! Cum with me. Fill my pussy with your cum! Oh, now, now, NOOOOWWWWW!”

As your engorged pussy pulsed around my cock, my cum shot inside you, filling you with my hot nectar. I could feel each pulse of your climax as your pussy walls tightly grasped my throbbing cock. You unwrapped your legs from around me and splayed them wide apart so that my final thrusts would fill you completely. Your eyes were closed as you came, and a series of low moans escaped from between your tightly clenched teeth. Your ass moved rapidly as you milked the final sensations from our mutual climax.

“Oh, Chuck. That felt soooo good! I love having your cock inside me.”

“Yes, that was wonderful, Meg. You are the most wonderful lover I have ever had. It is as if we were made to be together.”

We were revived from our reverie by the flash of headlights from a passing car. I wondered how many such cars might have passed unnoticed while our attention was diverted by the overwhelming sensations of our love-making, but I did not really care. As my cock slowly shriveled within you, I leaned forward and kissed your closed eyes, first one and then the other. I felt the softness of your breasts against my chest, and your hard nipples poked against my sensitive skin.

Reluctantly, I pulled back away from you and leaned against the door. In the faint light I looked down at you stretched out there on the van seat. Your legs were still splayed apart and our combined juices were seeping from your pussy and trickling down onto the seat. The narrow tongue of trimmed pubic hair lapped at your clit. Your stomach still convulsed occasionally as the final tremors of orgasm swept over you. Your breasts rose and fell slowly as your breathing gradually returned to normal.

As I looked down on you, you smiled up at me, and your eyes twinkled with delight. Normally by now modesty might have caused you to adjust your legs and pull down your clothing, but this time you showed no concern for your totally exposed state. Again I leaned forward and gave you a long lingering kiss. Then, leaning back I pulled up my clothing and returned to the front seat. Moments later you were seated beside me. We sat there for several minutes talking about the day and how enjoyable it had been. Then, reluctantly, I started the van and we departed for home.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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