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This is a story of a real life encounter; some more will follow; hopefully a miss of what did actually happen and what I wished happened; be gentle on the critique! The first bit is about how we meet; more to follow on the first night and the subsequent sex. There will be toys/BDSM/anal later and also some control/reluctance. All characters are (well) over 18.


Elle was going out to meet some friends. She was tired after a long week at work, but knew she had to make an appearance. She put on some matching underwear; black against her pale white skin. Looking herself up and down in the mirror in her lace french cut undies and bra, she didn’t feel too bad. All the running was paying off; stomach getting closer to flat every day but still not there yet. 164cm and a nice size 10. She turned around thinking how her ass had always been nice; curvy and firm. She slipped on a peach lacy dress; it made her look sweet and innocent with her long red curly hair and lips dark pink. The hair, skin and dress made her look younger than 30; she knew she’d get ID’d at the bar.

A quick spray of perfume, some low heels, and a final mouthful of wine and she was ready to hit the town.

Elle had been single for a few months, and was ready to get back out there. She had been texting a guy who was new to town, but couldn’t tell if she was attracted to him by the pic on his online profile.

She arrived, had a drink and ordered some pizza. There were some old friends there but mostly people she didn’t know. The music and beer was good and she started to get more relaxed. Stress from the long week melting away as she moved to her third drink. Then she had a thought; she’d invite Nick to come join her for something to drink and maybe some pizza. There were lots of people there and if he turned out to be a weirdo or unattractive or awful she could easily stay with her friends or make an excuse to go home.

15min later he arrived and she scanned the bar for him subtly. Hmmm…he didn’t lie about being tall; and was more handsome in real life; he’d do nicely. He was tall, slim, funny and engaging in conversation. He had unruly hair under his warm beany hat, and lively eyes and etiler otele gelen escort a wicked cheeky grin. He had some rugged facial hair and pulled it off well. They had a nice time and the chat flowed between them. Before long everyone else was going home, but Elle was having fun and decided to stay with Nick for a little while longer. After a time, they decided to leave, and he invited her back to his place nearby for a “cup of tea”. They walked just 10min to his apartment and true to his word, they had tea and a biscuit and sat on his couch looking out at the dark sky and the city lit up beneath it. It was beautiful. Elle felt that nice buzz of a small amount of alcohol and the adrenaline of meeting someone new and being attracted to them. Nick had made it clear earlier that nothing sexual would happen when they went back to his.

As she sat on the sofa, she realised her neck was sore, and Nick offered to rub it. She lay backwards between his legs and he firmly rubbed her neck while they continued to talk. She then felt his breath on her neck as he gently kissed it; Elle could feel the warmth start to pulse at her core when his lips brushed her neck. She shivered and he noticed the goosebumps;

“You like that?”…her mind was swimming with lust at the feeling of this stranger manipulating her neck muscles and kissing her hairline

“Mmmm…yeah…its just…mmmmmy neck is really sensitive…” She incomprehensibly mumbled after a few seconds of trying to get the words out; “You’re really good at that.”

“Yeah; I might have known that…” said Nick with a cheeky grin as he kept rubbing her neck and shoulders

Elle felt herself start to melt into him; the week’s work and stress disappearing, all thoughts about tomorrow’s plans gone. The future and past faded into a blur as she just let someone touch her and relaxed into his strong hands. She could feel how wet she was getting in response to him; they hadn’t even kissed and she was putty in his hands. She could feel his erection right against her bum; her dress was riding up over her hips and the only thing between them was her black lace panties, which etiler rus escort she was sure were getting soaked by her needy pussy. She hadn’t really planned on sleeping with him, but they were both adults and relatively sober and she knew she wouldn’t be able to resist his advances; if he wanted her, she was already there in her mind.

“I should really go” she said, half-heartedly; convincing nobody…

“Sure, absolutely, and nothing is going to happen tonight anyway; I like the delayed gratification thing…”

“Ok then I will go and we can hang out another time.”

“Sure, sounds great…but if you want to stay, you’re welcome to, but as I say, nothing will happen.”

His hands were still on her neck, and Elle imagined him pushing her down into the pillow and entering her from behind; she could imagine her gasp as he pushed inside, his moan as he felt how tight her pussy was, and the wet noises as her juices flowed out and over his cock and balls as he made her squirt. It had been a while and she wanted him so she decided to take what she wanted…

She took his hand from her neck and placed it down on her pussy, on the outside of her panties; he made a noise as he realised that without being touched there, she had already soaked them right through. She slipped them aside and guided his fingers to gently rub over her clitoris and lips; she heard him gasp and exhale suddenly as he felt her smooth warm creamy pussy lips. His whole body stiffened beneath her. The final straw was him saying “I really want to taste you” and she was sold…They stood up and went to the bedroom and she pulled her dress over her head as she walked.

She got into his bed with her undies and bra on and he stripped down to his undies. At first she lay spooning with him as he ran his hands over her body, taking her bra off and rubbing her nipples. She was so turned on she could barely move; she just pushed back against him feel his cock strain at his undies; she could feel that he was big, long and also seemed thick; she needed to taste him. But he beat her to it…got under the covers, removed her undies and opened her legs to expose her wet etiler türbanlı escort warm cunt. He started by gently blowing on her clitoris, which nobody had ever done before. She writhed and moaned. Then he was so gentle as he parted her lips with his tongue, exploring her for the first time. She hadn’t had many men want to do this and couldn’t believe the feelings it was sending through her core; each lick like a tiny electric shock shooting to her centre and making her moan each time. He was so slow, tracing little circles with his lips and tongue; he mumbled something that she didnt’ hear …”what was that?”…

“I said you have such a pretty little pussy; so wet and responsive.”

“You are pretty amazing at that yourself…nobody has been so gentle and it feels amazing but I probably won’t cum; I don’t usually from this; but please don’t stop.”

He smiled that cheeky grin again and went back to work on her wet pussy. He nibbled and licked and kissed his way from clitoris to pussy to ass and back. Elle was starting to breath heavier. He came up to kiss her on the mouth and she tasted her own pussy; the smell and taste just made her more turned on. He went back down and concentrated on her clitoris, making little circles with his tongue firmly. Elle started to feel a warmth spreading from her core down her legs; the pulsation in her pussy becoming more intense; she was aware of her hand gripping into the back of his hair and her breathing getting louder. As she started panting he kept the firm pressure on her clit and her body started to arch upwards as her panting became louder. She realised with only a few seconds notice that he was going to make her cum; she tried to warn him that she might squirt but was so far gone she only managed to scream “oh gaaaaawd!” as she started to cum, hard, intense and wet, all over his face. She couldn’t believe it as he kept licking her and she kept cumming; the orgasm went on for about 6 or 7 seconds before she stopped squirting and he slowed down his pace. He lapped up as much of her cum as he could and then came up to her with that big grin on his face. He was glistening all over from the cum and was clearly delighted rather than horrified that she had cum over his face. He kissed her hard and she tasted her own cum. It was such a turn on.

“Wow, that was amazing; does that always happen?”

“No…” She panted “And I never usually cum from that, but…god that was good…”

He smiled and lay on his back…she wanted to return the favour.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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