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Charmaine looked across the dinner table at the woman sitting opposite. She paused for a few moments before saying ‘No, I’ve never been with a woman’. It had been a hell of a question and Charmaine felt a mixture of excitement – at the thrill of it all – and anger – at being asked such a personal question, by someone she had only met for the first time earlier that day.

Charmaine and Kathryn were both in Oslo, attending perhaps the most tedious Human Resources conference known imaginable. Two and half days of policies, procedures, case studies – none of them especially interesting – and legislation. Lots of legislation. Both worked for different London firms and both were new to Oslo, a city that offered an almost quaint gentility, but precious little in the way of excitement. It reminded Charmaine of what the 1950s must have been like …

Today was the second day – they would both be flying home on separate flights the next afternoon. They had hooked up at one of the breakout sessions; both clearly bored and rather baffled as to why their respective companies had sent them on this predictable exercise. They had made a half-hearted attempt at the task in hand and then sat together for the rest of the day, making notes, swapping occasional stories and getting to know each other, both grateful to have found a kindred spirit.

They had resolved that they would spend the evening in their hotel’s Skyline bar – it promised food and drink and a never-to-be-forgotten view of the city. Well the view was wonderful – they could see the Royal Palace in its icy glory – but the food was ordinary and the alcohol was ridiculously expensive. However Kathryn had a seemingly limitless expenses account and so they had got quietly piddled as the evening progressed.

They had talked about work, then work colleagues, their mutual love of the gym, their mutual love of the new James Bond, then more movies, then music, casino siteleri then food, then work again and now, finally, their relationships. Charmaine was recently divorced, but now dating an ex work mate and already wondering how to get out of it. Kathryn was single and loving it. The conversation had inevitably turned to sex. They had exchanged a few mild sex stories and now had come Kathryn’s ‘bombshell’ question.

“Nope” Charmaine repeated, “Never … Why, er, do you ask?” Kathryn laughed – a lovely laugh, Charmaine had already decided.

“Oh I don’t know. We live in The Modern World. We’re all multi-sexual now aren’t we?”

“Don’t you mean bisexual, you idiot” It was Charmain’s turn to laugh, “Multi sexual suggests having sex with, well, anything!”

“Oooh, I like it!! Go on then, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve had sex with?”

“Kathryn! For chrissakes! What a question!” Nonetheless, Charmaine searched for an answer “Well, I suppose I had a boyfriend once who reminded me of a Munchkin”. Charmaine had surprised herself with her quip. Kathryn almost spilled her G&T, her body trying to suppress her giggles as the restaurant was still pretty busy. She took a few deep breaths, a huge smile on her face.

“Do you have any sex toys?” she said.

Charmaine’s eyed widened. “I’m not answering that! Well, anyway, no I bloody don’t!”

Kathryn affected a serious expression, lowering her voice in a conspiratorial whisper. “I do” she said “Don’t mind admitting it. Anyway, I’ve done worse than that: Used a hairbrush handle once!”

“Oh for Fuck’s sake Kathryn, you can’t tell me these things!”

Kathryn lent forward, pretending she was interrogating a witness in court.

“Why not, missus. Does it EXCITE you?”

They both dissolved into more giggles. A few fellow diners looked over but smiled at these two women enjoying their meal. Their waiter came canlı casino over and offered them coffee. Charmaine asked for a latte, Kathryn asked for a double espresso. They sat back as he cleared their dessert plates and smiled at each other.

Charmaine wondered if the moment had passed, but Kathryn, more composed, said “I’ve slept with two women actually – the first when I was at Uni, which was a bit of a mistake really, and the other, well, only a few months ago – one night stand, though. Probably better that way.”


“Well, no regrets, no recriminations, no guilt, no difficult conversations the next day, you know the sort of thing”.

“I guess …” said Charmaine, not that she really did. One night stands were not her thing. “I suppose I’d better ask … what was it like? Better? Worse?”

“What? Than sleeping with a man?” Charmaine nodded and then coughed lightly to warn that the waiter was coming back with their coffees.

“Different” Kathryn said after he’d gone. “I do love a cock – excuse my language – but I would have to say I’ve never had anyone give me better oral ..”

Charmaine visibly deflated. She sat back in her chair and a cloud crossed her face. The drink had made her emotions more obvious and Kathryn was startled at her reaction. “What’s wrong – I’m sorry. I didn’t want to embarrass you”.

Charmaine smiled. “No, it’s not your fault. And it’s not big deal really but … well .. I’ve never actually had oral sex – on me I mean”.

Kathryn’s lips twitched. She looked away and then spluttered a good natured laugh. “You’ve. Never. Received. Oral. Sex!” Are you kidding me!”

“SSSHHHHH”, Charmaine was laughing again now. “It’s not fucking funny. And it’s not a big deal either!”

The restaurant was emptying fairly rapidly now so the room was half empty. The waiters were gathered at the end of the bar, chatting idly.

“The hell kaçak casino it isn’t” Kathryn insisted. “OK” She sat upright. “This is what I want you to do. Go to the lavs, take off your tights and your knickers, put them in your bag and come back”.


“Just do what I say …” Kathryn looked Charmaine straight in the eye.

“This is ridiculous” Charmaine protested. Kathryn made her stare more intense.

Charmaine laughed, “You are an idiot, you know” she said, but she got up from the table, dabbed her ,mouth with her napkin, picked up her bag and walked to the toilets.

She was back in 90 seconds. Kathryn watched her walk across the restaurant to their table. She sat down with a “you-thought-I-wouldn’t-do-it” look on her face.

“How does that feel?” asked Kathryn.

“Oddly liberating, actually. Perhaps I should become a nudist”

The look on Kathryn’s face was different now. Still open and friendly, but with an edge of seriousness. It excited Charmaine, whose tummy was fluttering. Kathryn briefly looked around. No-one was looking their way. There were still around a dozen other diners finishing their meals.

“I want you to part your legs a little, put your hand between your legs I want you to put a finger between your pussy lips”.

Christ. How had it come to this? Charmaine was breathing hard now. Her heart was beating nineteen to the dozen. A thin veil of sweat had broken out on her forehead.

“I can’t do that” she said. They looked at each other for a few more seconds. There was something in Kathryn’s expression that was washing through Charmaine’s body.

She too glanced around, her knees parted and then discretely she put her hand down and rubbed her fingers, once, against her labia. She knew they were wet. When she had taken her knickers off in the toilet she had noticed the gusset cling to her pussy, almost reluctant to peel away.

Slightly awkwardly, she brought her hand back up rested her wrist on the table, her right forefinger visibly glistening with her wetness. Kathryn reached out and took her hand, squeezing it reassuringly.

“Let’s go to my room” she said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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