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I started boarding at an all male school at the age of 11. It was all so different from living at home with brothers and sisters, access to TV and a normal life as a prepubescent boy.

After a few weeks the novelty wore off and life started to become harder. There was great emphasis on who was top-dog and a sort of hierarchy amongst our age-group began to form. I was sort of in the middle but there were extremes at either end of the scale.

Occasional fights broke out to resolve where individuals fell in the pecking order. I tried to avoid these and also tried to support those who seemed to fall at the bottom of the pile. Eventually things settled down and life moved on.

We had access to all the school sports facilities and regularly used these. I particularly enjoyed swimming and would usually take a dip morning and evening and at weekends. As this became more regular one of my fellow boarders who had suffered a little at the hands of the alpha males began to join me for a swim. After these we took a shower in the communal bathroom and then moved into the more secluded drying room.

We progressed through our education until we were 18. After one swim when we entered the drying room with towels wrapped around our waists we sat opposite each other, he with his back to the door. As he raised canlı bahis his knees he began to display his genitals and I couldn’t take my eyes away. Whether he noticed this or whether he did this on purpose for me to look I have no idea. It excited me and I started to get an erection. His cock was around 3 inches but his balls were large. We chatted for a while then left the drying room, nothing further having taken place.

Being an all-male environment , and we were now of age, sex became more significant in our lives and most were learning to masturbate. I managed to obtain keys to the blanket cupboard and on Sunday afternoon my swimming pal and I sneaked off in the cupboard where there were deep shelves with various blankets on. My pal slid onto one shelf with his girly mag and i heard the sound of him unzipping his trousers. I sneaked a glance over and saw him sliding his clothing down and again his genitals came into view. Erect his cock was no bigger. I watched him begin to wank and also play with his balls as he glanced at the naked women in his magazine, oblivious to me watching his every move. I took out my six inch cock and wanked using him and his activity as my stimulation. I guess we both came in about 5 minutes. With little communication we left the room which I locked.

Life went on as normal. bahis siteleri Another week or so passed and like many youngsters we had both taken up smoking, sneaking into the school grounds at various times for a crafty puff. By now I had become curious about what sexual contact would be like and thought about this more and more when we were in our swimming routine or out smoking. One night i woke around 2 in the morning and being wide awake I got out of bed. Without much thought I crept over to his bed in the dormitory and lightly shook his shoulder. He awoke and looked at me. I whispered ‘do you want to have a smoke in the drying room?’ which he nodded yes to.

We entered the drying room which was extremely warm He sat against one wall and I opened the window a little to let the smoke drift out before lying on the floor in the centre of the room. We both lit up, saying nothing. After a minute or two I thought I would test the waters an slowly stretched my left arm out in his direction. He did or said nothing. My hand made contact with his left knee and still no reaction. As I slid my hand up his thigh he slowly moved his right hand to his pyjama bottoms and undid the drawstring. No words were spoken but I could feel the sexual tension and I took his action to be an invitation.

I moved my hand bahis şirketleri to the top of his thigh and then into his pj’s. I was touching his cock for the first time and i was extremely excited. He let me feel his equipment for a few seconds before he slid over and lay down alongside me in a sort of 69 fashion. His cock was on shown and no more than six inches from me. I tugged at hist pj’s and he lifted his hips allowing me to remove them. He lay n his side with his left knee raised up giving me free access to his cock and balls. I took much pleasure in stroking and feeling them.

He undid the button on my pj’s and slid them off me. My cock was as hard as I could remember and he held me in a fist and started to wank me. It felt amazing. Without thinking I moved my head over his cock and took him in my mouth delicately. It felt so good being in there. My right hand cupped his balls and moved backwards to find his arsehole. It was tight and puckered but I slid my finger back and forth before sliding inside him. I was in heaven and he had welcomed every move I had made. I sucked him and fingered him for a while before he started to tremble and then i felt the spurts of his hot cum on my tongue. I swallowed hard and continued to take each additional drop. I didn’t cum but he had played with me all the while only stopping as he was about to cum.

No words were spoken and we crept back to our own beds. I was to excited to sleep immediately so wanked myself to a most satisfying cum before drifting off to sleep.

… to be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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