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*** Author’s Warning: I’ve never written anything that’s published anywhere before. I’ve read A LOT of Literotica stories and it took a lot of nerve to just write something on here. This story is a bit of an extended fantasy about what I wanted to happen at a very specific time in my life, but names and details have been changed to protect the innocent. Thanks for reading!!! Any and all feedback is quite welcome!!!***

I knew I was a little too drunk when I realized I couldn’t quite remember where I lived. It was a late fall evening as I stumbled through the darkened streets of my college town hoping to somehow navigate my way back home. After a long night at the bars I’d gotten into, yet another, fight with my bitchy girlfriend and all I wanted to do was get home, smoke some weed and pass the fuck out.

My house was a little ways off campus and the lack of street lights and my general drunkeneness was making the navigation a bit difficult, to say the least. My college was located in the rural midwest in a small town. Most of the houses I passed featured thumping bass and more than a few revelers scattered on front porches amongst red solo cups, strewn about beer cans and the occasional beer pong table. My house was located about a half mile from the main campus so as I ventured out the number of house parties I passed began to thin.

As I continued my journey I cursed myself for choosing the cheaper housing options further away from campus. I also cursed my decision to stay with such a bitchy girlfriend. My girl Samantha was decently hot, but also such a stuck up bitch. I was beginning to think she was kind of frigid. For the entirety of our relationship we rarely fooled around. When we did it was only because she was wasted. I won’t lie though, when she got drunk and in the mood it was pretty hot. She could be quite uninhibited. Problem was, 80% of the time when she was drunk it meant she was angry so we’d just get into some dumb fight. If she was sober, the best I could hope for was a lame handjob. Tonight fell into that 80% range and we’d spent the latter half of the evening arguing over some dumb shit until I said fuck it and sauntered off for home. I made a mental note to watch the new shemale hypnosis vid i was into after I smoked.

I guess it’s pretty cheesy to say, but I considered myself 100% straight. Up until the events of this evening I’d never been with a guy, never thought about being with a guy and was pretty happy with the offerings of the female sex. My current GF situation had driven me to lots of jerking off though and as any guy who’s done a lot of self-love knows, after awhile plain old porn had lost its luster. I’d begun to get into shemale porn and if I’m being honest with myself I was more interested in imagining what it would be like to be one of those sexy shemales getting fucked. I can’t say I’d ever looked at a dude and thought, “damn, that guy’s hot!” I had, however, started to at least fantasize about cock a bit. Though, most of this bubbled in my subconscious…until tonight at least.

As I stumbled farther off campus the houses became more quiet and the streets more dark. I was about 5 minutes from my house, lost in drunken thought, when I heard someone shout, “Hey!”

Given everything that I’ve read, this is the part of the story where I’m supposed to describe myself in some detail. I was a pretty normal college guy I suppose, but a bit on the tall side. Around 6’2″, but pretty skinny. I was never what you’d describe as an alpha-male. Too timid I suppose.

I looked over and a sort of shorter guy, around 5’8″ was standing on a darkened porch. He looked about my age wearing a polo shirt with a popped collar and some cargo shorts. To me he looked like your typical state college douchebag.

“Hey,” I shouted back somewhat noncommitally as I kept walking at a fairly brisk pace.

“What’s going on, man? You coming back from the bars,” he asked.

“Uh yeah, just trying to get home, smoke some bud and pass out. Have a great night,” I shouted while trying to pass on by.

At this point he came jogging down his porch. I was slightly alarmed by this as I didn’t really know what he wanted and I suddenly felt a little vulnerable all alone on an unknown street confronted by this random stranger. Despite my misgivings, my need to be polite caused me to stop and turn around.

“Hey man, just seeing what you’re getting up to tonight. I’ve seen you around the neighborhood,” he offered as he approached.

“Oh, nothing much. Just had kind of a shitty night out. I’m just headed home,” I replied.

He stuck his hand out for a shake and said, “I’m Mark, by the way.”

“I’m Mike. I live just up the next block,” I replied sticking my hand out to meet his.

He grabbed my hand, a little too tightly I thought and stared a little too deeply into my eyes.

“Want to hang out at my place… and maybe smoke a little? My roommates are still out and I hate smoking alone,” he offered.

I canlı bahis did the quick mental math of any good college pothead considering the meager amount left in the baggie back home against the potential danger of smoking with a random stranger…and decided it was a decent idea.

“Uhhh, sure. I hate smoking alone too,” I replied. This was pretty much a lie as I smoked alone almost every night.

“Great!” Mark replied, not breaking our handshake as he turned around and sort of led me back to his place. I thought it was a little bit odd, but he held my hand as we walked back up the sidewalk to his house. He finally broke his hold as we walked up the steps to his porch and through the front door. The place was your typical college house, white christmas lights were hung in the living room, standard decor. The coffee table in front of a fairly massive flat screen tv was covered with miscellaneous beer cans and a few weed leaves and a grinder.

“We should probably smoke in my room, if that’s ok with you,” Mark asked.

“Ummm, sure I guess,” I replied.

Mark must have noticed my hesitance at this and said, “It’s just if my roommates get home while we’re smoking you know they’ll want to get in on the action”

While I pondered this he grabbed the grinder and walked around the corner into a hallway. I stood there for a second, drunkenly considering if this actually made sense and then just followed along.

Mark entered the first door on the right into his bedroom. It was your typical off campus housing bedroom. Various posters adorned the wall and barely enough room for his bed and a desk with a computer on it. Immediately Mark stripped off his polo shirt. Even being drunk this seemed pretty fucking odd as it was Fall and honestly a bit chilly, but I didn’t want to say anything and fuck up a chance at free weed. He reached into a desk drawer and pulled out a bigger bag of weed than I’d ever seen outside of my dealer’s place.

“Fuck, man. That’s a lot of kush,”I exclaimed.

“Oh yeah, better to have too much than not enough, right,” he replied. “You can have a seat on the bed if you want,” Mark said.

I slid up on to the bed, watching as Mark carefully plucked a choice bud from the bag and deposited it into the grinder.

“So, bowl or bong,” Mark asked?

It took me a minute to reply as I was drunkenly staring at his six-pack abs. I wasn’t really admiring them, not in a sexual way at least, but I was wondering how the hell a guy could maintain those. My own belly was more of a keg than a six-pack. Not that I was fat, mind you, just…umm lazy I guess.

“Yeah, I guess the bong would be fun,” I replied.

“My man,” Mark exclaimed as he pulled a beautiful glass bong form behind his computer monitor and began stuffing the chamber with newly grinded bud.

“So, tell me, Mike. Why was your night out so shitty?”

“Oh you know. Just drama with my girlfriend. She’s kind of a bitch. I don’t even really know why I bother sometimes”

“Haha, yeah, man. Girls can be such a pain in the ass. Not worth the trouble,” Mark replied as he finished packing the chamber. “You want the green hit,” he asked with a noticeable gleam in his eye.

Never one to turn such an offer down I replied, “Fuck yes!”

Mark handed me the bong and I put it to my mouth and began lighting the chamber. While I was doing this I noticed out of the corner of my eye that Mark was sliding down his cargo shorts, leaving him only in his boxers.

He jumped up on the bed next to me and said, “I hope you don’t mind, I just like to be comfortable when I smoke.”

I’d just filled the bong with a pretty massive rip of smoke so I couldn’t really do anything, but nod in affirmation. I inhaled deeply and immediately felt an explosion of burning in my lungs. Mark doesn’t fuck around with his weed I realized.

I exploded into a coughing fit and passed Mark the bong. [FUCK. I’m high} I thought.

“Haha, take it easy there, Mikey baby. Gotta be careful with this shit,” Mark said with a grin.

I could only nod and meekly smile between coughing fits. We passed the bong back and forth a few more times before setting it down on his desk. By now I realized i was REALLY high…and drunk. We were both leaned up against the back wall of his room, practically laying down his bed.

“Hey, ummm I don’t mean to be weird, but would you want to watch some porn? I love watching porn when I’m high,” Mark asked.

I wasn’t reeeeally able to think straight at this point, but remembering my earlier mental note I replied, “Yeah, man. That was my idea too. I was planning to go home and get high and watch some hypno vids.”

“Hypno vids,” Mark said with a devious smile spreading across his face.

I started to blush, realizing I probably shouldn’t have mentioned that. “Umm, yeah porn vids,” I offered.

“I think I know just the thing,” Mark said as he began typing on his computer. He turned the monitor to face the bed bahis siteleri as a scene popped up on the screen. He immediately flopped back down next to me. Very close to me, I noted our legs were practically touching.

The video on the screen was called “Sissy Hynpo 3”, a video I was very familiar with by now. Mark looked over at me and asked, “Is this what you had in mind?”

In my high/drunk state, I could only stare at the screen and say “uhhh, yeah. That’s the one.”

It suddenly seemed very hot in Mark’s bedroom, cloying in fact. The screen flashed up various images of shemales getting fucked in the ass, sucking cock, and swallowing cum. All while subliminal messages flashed on the screen stating things like “You love cock. You live to serve.”

[Fuck. I’m HIGH] I thought while staring at the video. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed Mark’s hand had slid to his crotch. I didn’t want to look straight at him, but it sure seemed like he was rubbing himself through the slit in his boxers.

I stared at the video awhile longer and finally got the nerve to look over. Mark had his cock sprung out and was slowly stroking the head. I couldn’t help, but notice it was a perfect fucking cock. Not overly big or anything, but just perfectly shaped with a nice cockhead. [FUCK, did I just think that his cock was perfect?]

I noticed Mark noticing me and immediately looked back to the screen.

“Hey man, it’s ok. No shame in checking it out,” he said.

“Naw, I didn’t mean to look. Just couldn’t help it,” I mumbled in reply, refusing to move my eyes from the hypno video on his computer monitor.

I felt Mark’s hand on my chin as he turned my face to his. “No really, it’s ok to look,” he said.

I half turned, half had my face turned to his and looked directly into his beautiful [FUCK, did I just think beautiful?] blue eyes. We stared at each other for a moment, out of the corner of my eyes I still noticed him stroking that beautiful cock.

I felt mesmerized. Maybe it was the weed, maybe it was the booze, maybe it was the pent up sexual frustration. I don’t know. I honestly can’t say for sure, but for some reason, not a conscious reason at least, I leaned forward and our lips met.

The feeling was truly indescribable. The only way I could relate it to was like when you see a pinball machine light up. All at once it felt like every cell in my body lit up brightly when our lips met. I kissed him tentatively at first, allowing that explosion of sensation to just wash over me. After a moment of light kissing I felt his tongue slide across my lips. Without thinking I opened my mouth to his and our tongues met. If that first moment was like a pinball machine, this was like a supernova. My mind just exploded from the sensation. He reached his hand back behind my head and pulled me deeper into the kiss.

Up until this moment I had never so much as even thought of touching anyone besides a girl. In that moment though, I would’ve given anything just keep kissing Mark forever. It was simply sensational. He pulled me over on top of him and kept kissing me. His tongue probing all over my mouth. I suddenly was aware of his dick, free from his boxers, pressing into my stomach. His hands reached down and began fumbling with my belt.

I jumped up and could see alarm in his eyes, as though he was worried he had pushed it too far. Without a word, I calmed his fears by undoing my belt and sliding my jeans down in one swift motion. I pulled my shirt off as well, momentarily self-conscious of the obvious differences in our physiques. I pushed that doubt aside though and jumped back on top of him. My own smaller cock was jutting from my boxers and when I leaned in to kiss him this second time I thrilled at the sensation of my own dick rubbing up against his.

Mark reached behind me and gripped my ass, pulling me closer while I straddled him. I felt crazed as our exposed cocks rubbed up against one another while our tongues played a tango in the magical space between our mouths. He reached out with his free hand and grabbed his dick and mine simultaneously. It was such an insane sensation. I could feel the head of his prick pressed against mine and felt like I could cum just like that.

We continued to kiss and he rubbed us together as I unconsciously began humping my own dick against his. Without really thinking about what I was doing I began to slide down the bed, kissing his chest, nipples and abs as I slid down. Now I was on my knees on the floor between his legs. I slipped my fingers into his boxers and slid them down staying in this submissive position. His dick snapped up pointing straight to the ceiling as I pulled it free from his boxers completely. For a moment I just sat there, on my knees, transfixed by the position I was in. His cock was so close to my face I could almost feel the heat radiating off of it.

I laid my hands on his muscular thighs and looked up at him directly in the eyes. Without a word and bahis şirketleri only the slightest movement I swear he nodded at me. With this minor cue and without a second though, I wrapped my hand around his dick and just held it and stared at it for a moment. It was so much warmer, harder, and softer than I could have imagined. My first dick, in my hands! I don’t know if it was the weed or what, but I was just mesmerized. I shifted it left and right like a joystick.It looked fucking beautiful from this angle. I began to slowly pump my hand up and down his shaft and as I did so a shining pearl of precum appeared at the hole on his beautiful cock.

There was absolutely no further thought, it was as though I was drawn by a tractor beam, but I ran my tongue up the length of his shaft to the head and lapped up the precum as though it was water and I was dying of thirst. It didn’t taste anything like I thought it would, though I don’t know that I really had an preconception as to what it could taste like. It was sweet and salty and thick and slimy in a way that I didn’t think was possible. All I knew was that I needed more. I closed my lips around his prick head and took him as deep into my mouth as I could. In my head I was imagining myself as the shemales from my favorite hypno videos and I was in fucking heaven. I began sucking with absolute abandon, going as far down as I could before gagging. The taste of his cock was sensational. I couldn’t get over the stiffness and softness I felt beneath my tongue. I sucked him for a few strokes and pulled off to run my tongue back up his dick from the base to the tip. As I did this I looked up into his eyes. He smiled back at me, with a knowing smirk. I noted that my own dick was rock fucking hard.

He placed his palm against my forehead and pushed my head away from his crotch. I felt devastated. Had I done a bad job? Did he hate what I was doing?

He grabbed me under my arms and pulled me up on the bed next to him and kissed me fully on the mouth. Again my mind exploded into a supernovae and all I could feel in the whole world was his warm body pressed up against mine. He deftly flipped around so his cock was once again pointed at my mouth and my own dick was aimed at his. Without a word he grabbed my ass again and pulled me into his mouth sucking my own dick better then I ever thought was possible.

I let out an audible, “Aaaaaah” and he thrust his own cock into my open mouth. I followed his lead grabbing his muscular ass and pulling his dick as far into my mouth as comfortably possible. I was on cloud nine. I was getting a better blowjob than I’d ever received in my life while my own mouth was full of cock in the greatest way possible. He ran his hands along my lower back and pulled me so deep into his mouth that I could feel his nose tickling my balls. He pulled his head back moved my cock and balls to the side and I unexpectedly felt his hot wet tongue exploring my puckered asshole. To this point in my life I had never ever felt anything touch my own ass in such a way. In response I pulled his own crotch so tight to my face that I caused myself to gag a bit .

He was slobbering all over my ass at this point as I pulled off of his dick. I looked down and could only see the bottom part of his chin as his whole face was buried between my cheeks. I felt like all the cum I’d ever produced might burst from my balls at that very moment. I closed my eyes, relishing the moment, when he pulled his mouth away from my rosebud.

Broken from my reverie, I looked down at him. “You ready for this, buddy,” he asked me again with that devilish grin.

I simply nodded, not really sure what he meant. That soon became obvious as he again flipped his body around and he slid off the bed. He grabbed my hips and turned me around so my ass was hanging off the bed. I knew then what was about to happen. With one hand he lined his wet cock up with my puckered asshole. I had enough time now to wonder if this was really what I wanted. I had enough clarity to consider if this was really what I wanted to be doing in this moment. Never before had I considered doing anything with a guy and here I was in a stranger’s bed with his cock lined up to my own wet asshole.

He paused for a moment, but didn’t say a word as he slid his cock up and down my crack. I had a moment to think about some of the videos I’d been watching lately. I remembered a particular scene, eerily similar to this with a closeup of a dick next to a shaved butthole with the caption “The point of no return”. That had seemed so fucking hot to me and it was all I could think about now. I reached my hands out and grabbed his ass and practically pulled his dick into me.

It wasn’t like the movies. It fucking hurt. So bad. It was like a fire erupted in my butt. I felt like he was ripping my ass apart as his dick head moved past my puckered hole deep inside me. I went with it though. I kept pulling him into me. In that moment I just needed him in there. Finally his whole head was in and the rest of his cock slowly slid into me. The pain subsided and I just felt full. It felt like I was about to take a massive dump. I know that doesn’t sound sexy, but that’s exactly what it felt like.

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