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I love the feeling of cum dripping out of me.

As I stood in the hallway listening to my boss telling me about another interminable meeting, I wondered what she would think if she knew that, not five minutes ago, I was on the back fire escape, being fucked by the forklift driver from the warehouse, and that his cum was right now dripping out of my pussy and running down my inner thigh.

Would she grab me by the shoulders and push me into her office, would she run her hands down over my blouse, over my breasts, past my waist? Would she sink to her knees and run her hands down to my ankles?

Maybe she would then slowly move them up my calves, over my silk stockings, pushing my skirt up until she reached my lacy stocking-tops. As she revealed my thighs, she would see the silvery trail tracing its way down my skin. She would be able to smell my aroused cunt inches from her face as she pushed the skirt high enough to see I was wearing no panties, to see my close-cropped blonde pubes. Maybe she would grab my firm ass and press her face into my crotch, inhaling my scent.

Then she would push me back onto her office chair, and I would slide forward so my butt was hanging off the edge. She would push her hands between my knees and force them apart. As my legs opened wide, my sticky pussy lips would peel apart, revealing my glistening hole, and more semen would ooze out. With her hands on my knees, she would move her face in close, then slowly lick the cum off my thigh. She would kiss her way up until I could feel her hot breath on my pussy, then she would look up at me and whisper, “Show me your tits…”

I would sensuously unbutton my blouse, gradually revealing my cleavage, pushed up in my lacy white bra. Then I would drag my fingers up from my belly, and with a swift, practiced move, unsnap the front fastening bra. I would slowly peel the cups off, all the while watching her hungry eyes. Once my perky breasts were uncovered, I would cup them in my hands, slowly rolling casino oyna the nipples between my fingers, making them stiffen and tingle. She would rise up on her knees, licking her lips to suck on them, but I would put my hand on her head and push her back down between my legs. I was the boss now.

I would pull her face hard into my cunt, and she would push her tongue as deep as she could into me, lapping up the cum. She would suck and slurp on my lips, running her tongue up and down the folds, making sure she got any that had run down to my asshole. Once all the salty taste was gone, and only my tangy juices remained, she would work her way up to my clit. She would close her lips around it and suck hard. I would gasp, and dig my fingers deep into her lush brunette hair. The sight of her pretty face and her full lips hungrily eating my pussy would be so sexy…

She would press her tongue hard on my clit and begin rhythmically rubbing up and down. Her fingers would work their way inside me, forcing more cum out, and quickly find my g-spot. I would arch my back up, pressing my crotch harder against her. I would feel my orgasm rising, but I would want more.

Using all my will power, I would push her back and slide to my knees in front of her. My hands still in her hair, I would kiss her, deeply, passionately, tasting the delicious mingling of her, my pussy and the cum. She would pull her sticky fingers out of me and grab my breasts, roughly pinching my nipples as she bit my lips.

I would shrug my blouse and bra off, then put my arms around her and unzip her dress, letting it fall. I would deftly unsnap her bra, and she would stop groping me long enough to let the dress and bra fall from her. Before she could get her hands back up to my chest, I would pull her close, our tits pressing against each other, hot skin on skin.

I would slide my hands down her back and dig my fingers into her butt cheeks, still ravenously kissing her. I would take a firm grip on the back canlı casino of her g-string and begin to pull upward. She would make a moaning noise as the thin fabric dug into her ass and pussy. When she couldn’t take it any more, she would rise up on her knees so my face was between her breasts. I would lick and suck on her tits, and bite her nipples as hard as she had pinched mine. We would both slowly rise to our feet, our clothing sliding down until I was just in my heels and stockings and she just in her panties, heels and a sexy strand of pearls around her throat. We would kiss more, hands running up and down each others’ bodies, until I would turn her round and bend her over the desk. She must not forget who was in charge here.

I would admire her perfect ass, then pull her panties down in one swift motion, loving that sexy moment when the fabric catches between her pussy lips, then tugs free. She would step out of them, and as she put her foot back down, I would push it to one side, spreading her legs far enough that her body landed on the desk, the sudden shock of the cold glass making her briefly cry out. I would kneel behind her, then spread her cheeks wide to reveal her pretty little asshole above her shaved pussy. I would tickle her little pucker with the tip of my tongue, then push it firmly into her cunt, swirling in big circles. She would rotate her hips high to give me better access, and her thighs would quiver as I would move down and find her clit, sucking on it as she had done with mine. I would pull back so I could take in that perfect view, then run my fingers up and down her lips, tugging and twisting them. Unconsciously, I would begin to do the same with my own cunt. I would start finger-fucking both of us, and my hips would begin to roll in pleasure in time with hers.

Suddenly, she would stand and turn, and push me back onto the floor, determined to reassert her dominance. In a flash, she would straddle my head and press her pussy down on my face. I would be kaçak casino helpless, my only option being to lick her juicy cunt, and I would go at it with all I had. Soon she would be writhing and moaning with pleasure. I would buck my hips up at her to indicate that I wanted the same, and she would bend forward to oblige, spreading me wide with her fingers and swirling her tongue around my clit.

I would wriggle one arm free so I could finger her too, and soon we would be working each others’ g-spots in sync and rhythmically tonguing each others’ clits. My other hand would find her tits hanging down over me and begin to work the nipples, tugging and twisting, sometimes gently, sometimes almost cruelly hard, and she would respond in kind on my clit. We would drive each other to the brink of ecstasy many times, somehow telepathically knowing the exact moment to pull back to prolong the pleasure.

Then I would slip one wet finger into her asshole and push her over the edge. I would feel her entire body shudder, and she would groan loudly into my pussy, her fingers clenching up deep inside me. My orgasm would begin, and I would grab her ass and pull her as hard as I could down onto my face. Feeling the reaction of each others’ bodies would push our own orgasm further and longer until we both couldn’t take it anymore. She would come up for air first, and roll off me, exhausted and panting, and we would lie there for a few minutes, our breasts heaving, our hands resting on each others’ thighs.

Once my breath was almost back to normal, I would sit up. She would still be lying on her back, her beautiful breasts spread across her chest, her legs still open and her shaved cunt glistening. I would stand up and slowly get dressed, her watching me from the floor, smiling.

Once I was back to the corporate dress code, I would quickly snatch up her panties and step into them, hitching up my skirt and giving her one last flash of my ass before quickly stepping out of her office before she could protest. She would have to spend the rest of the day learning the exquisite pleasure of going commando.

That would certainly be the very best way for a girl to take care of cum leaking out of her pussy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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