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Jill was quite determined to not let the events of the morning and those prior to ruin her day or at least not until the evening. The lift was quietly taking her up to the top floor of Dreams. The INSET day was on. She would be observed, she knew that, as would be the other two girls Winnie and Jesse, but where the observers, Hollie and Katie, would be, she had not been told. Chances were they would be watching through one or more of the many cameras installed throughout the location.

She was angry with her sister. She was angry with Stuart. In fact, she was fuming and furious, but it was precisely that raging fury that made her not want to be stopped from fully enjoying herself. She would let go of any inhibitions if only to spite them both; particularly Stuart who was supposed to be her fucking loyal boyfriend, not falling in love with her bloody sister!

The lift reached its destination and the doors opened softly and quietly. There was nothing peaceful about the room into which she stepped, though.

Shouting permeated the space. Jesse, a tall, slim and well-tanned brunette, was standing over a male figure stretched atop a burgundy shaggy rug on the floor. She was wearing a white tie-up one-piece bodice, stretched tight, almost impossibly, across her breasts. Her long legs, making it difficult not to appreciate her firm ass, led all the way to a pair of shiny leather high heels. Jill stepped into the room onto the lino floor; her own white high heels pattering against it and making her presence obvious. She was wearing a similar bodice herself, the only difference being that hers was blue in colours. The third girl, the copper-shade-long-haired and pale-skinned Winnie, was wearing, yet again, the same outfit, but hers was bright pink. The wears had been selected for them, of course, by the secret observers of this scene.

Just as Jesse crouched down to sit on the young man’s crotch with a nonchalant expression on her face, Jill approached him from behind and knelt behind his head. He was easy to recognise after seeing the photos of all the men they’d encounter that night that Hollie showed them; this was Gus, the nerdy looking 21-year-old and as far as she was concerned, the least attractive of the lot.

Jill and Winnie pushed down their bodices to make sure their tits came into view. Jesse pulled Gus up and kissed him hard on the mouth, then shouted, “You can’t believe it, can you?” The wide-eyed Gus ignored being laughed at, particularly when Winnie fed him one of her large size D tits. He was immediately surrounded by the trio of gals, yelling and shouting at him as he willingly attached his mouth to Winnie’s sizeable udders. Laughing out loud, Jill, got up to her feet and standing above and behind him, dangled her tits over his head.

She made him get up after this prelude and amongst the girly yammering, pulled down his trousers, relieved to see he was wearing no pants. Once his still flabby cock was in view, he was placed back down on the rug on his back and Jill began working on it while the other girls laughed and joked about his size. She hadn’t noticed now, but later would realise that on a single bed behind her lied sprawled Jack, a curly-haired dark-skinned man, still wearing his trousers at this point, but bare-chested, watching the action, anxious to join but waiting his turn at this point.

This was not a morning for going slow. Winnie had just undone the bottom of her bodice, making her clean-shaven, smooth pussy available and while Jill sucked Gus’s small dick, beginning to grow in her mouth, she sat on his face, grinding herself onto him. As he began to lick and suck her and she began to moan, Jesse came over to let a dribble of her spit down onto her asshole.

Jack now rose up from the bed and began hovering over them and Jill noticed him for the first time in the corner of her eye. His dark curly hair and slight stubble and a twinkle of mischief in his eye made him outright more attractive to her to the one she was currently sucking; alas, Jesse was nearer him and came on to him in a second leaving Winnie and Gus in a flash. They split — Winnie and Jill taking Gus to the same bed where Jack had been previously and Jesse, obviously easily turned on by Jack, making him sit down on the rug and standing over him, now pressing his face against her pussy, having opened the bodice up for him. “Oh yeah,” she muttered as he pressed his mouth and stuck his tongue against and inside her. She held him by his hair, a woman in charge getting what she wanted. It looked as though the bitch rode his mouth grabbing him by the mane, vibrating her hips against him, watching the slave give her the pleasure.

Meanwhile, Gus’s dick was positively large and hard after Winnie and Jill had just worked on it together. Gus was lying propped up on a few pillows, his legs spread wide. Currently, Jill sucked hard on it while Winnie held it for her by his balls. Gus moaned loudly as if he was ankarada sakso çeken escortlar aching while Jill worked her magic on him, sucking him around his glans while Winnie’s left wrist wrapped around his girth and massaged him up and down.

All this was put on hold for a second as more guys were just coming in through the same lift that had taken Jill here. Six more guys, to be precise.


The Embankment meeting never took place. Or to be exact, the meeting certainly did, but not in central London. Stuart was just walking briskly into the kitchen to pick up the house keys before leaving, intending to walk to the train station — the easiest way to get there — when the familiar beep of his phone cut through the silence of the house. It was barely 15 minutes after Jill had left. He took out the phone out of his pocket.

“Are you on your own?”


“Is my sister out?”

“She is.”

“Can I come to yours? I want to.”

Stuart stared at the screen for a while. He had not expected it. She was keen, very keen, but also quite brave. Getting anywhere near where her fuming sister lived at was dangerous and she had no way of knowing Jill would be out for the entire day.

“Sure, sweetie.” It was natural for him to tap that last word into the phone. “Are you sure?”

“I want to see how you live.” Stuart dropped heavily onto the nearest sofa, his breath slightly ragged under this sudden twist. He exhaled in a feeble attempt to calm himself down. The images of the beautiful Lily kept flashing through his defenseless brain, mercilessly. Not like with the Dreams girls, though — no. This was clearly different, even if he had no conscious understanding of it. In these images racing through his mind, as though in a dream one can’t stop, she was not even naked. She was pure attractiveness itself: delicate lips, a dress sliding lightly past her knees, floating in a breeze, and her smiling fluttering innocent eyes and a pair of soft lips quivering shyly. That she would come to his house so willingly, he was finding rather hard to believe.

Another message. “I’ll be over in half an hour or so, my love… I know where you live.”

In the next half hour, it would be difficult to describe Stuart as a human being. He was a figure possessed, pacing from one room to another, once venturing into the sunlit garden, attempting to quench his thirst with two glasses of cold water, yet his mouth remaining mysteriously dry. His palms felt clammy and sweat trickled from his forehead. He kept checking his phone for some more communication from her, but none came, resulting in his frustrated moans now and again. One would’ve thought he was eighteen again.

Finally, he positioned himself next to the front door, waiting like some aching minion.

Eventually, his wish was granted; when the door knocker tapped, a shiver went down his spine. Almost violently, he jerked the door open, then gasped at the sight of her.

To an average onlooker, it is likely that Lily would’ve looked pretty, but that’s about it. But to Stuart — consumed by his longing and emotion — her every feature took on new meaning. She was wearing a white sleeveless shirt, exposing her tanned arms and a pale-blue floral dress, different to the one she had previously. Her long hair cascaded down onto her back past her shoulders.

For a moment or two, they stood on the threshold, just watching each other, an electric moment where sparks fly inaudibly. The moment would make a superb romantic movie scene. He was the first one to say it. “Wow.” She smiled back, a perfect angelic smile of love. “I know. Wow.”

He suddenly became aware they were standing there in the open, as though believing the entire street would be watching them. “Come in.” He touched her on her shoulder — first touch against her young, smooth skin. She shook lightly under his touch.

When the door shut and he turned around to look at her again, there was such yearning in her eyes that he immediately felt completely undeserving of it. What his “job” was accompanied him at the back of his mind just now. Faced with the look of this unexpected lass watching him wide-eyed with such complete adoration, he felt practically sinful. She was a devoted Christian, after all!

She was up on her toes, though, without a shred of a doubt, begging for a kiss. Her eyes were watery, crying with pure emotion, and there was no way he would refuse. It was a tiny kiss, impossibly soft. Her lips were virtually velvety; the innocence of this kiss shocked him. Crystal clear affection. “Oh, I love you so much!” she whispered. “I thought I’d lost you forever— oh!” Suddenly, as though just regaining an ability to think, she put her palm across her mouth. “Is it okay to just come to your house like this?”

It was such a preposterous behaviour that even with the feelings rampaging through Stuart just now, he had to simply laugh a friendly, reassuring chuckle. “Come with me.” He led elvankent prezervatifsiz sikişen escortlar her into their sizeable living room to sit on the sofa.

Only now did she become aware of the surroundings, taking in the size of the room and the open-plan kitchen and the stylishness and sumptuousness of it all. “Oh my! You live so beautifully! I just live with my mum—” Sitting down on the sofa next to him, she hanged her head, staring at the rug on the floor next to it. “It must sound so foolish to you—me living with my mum—I—“

The retort just came out. He hadn’t prepared it, hadn’t calculated it; it just had to be said. “Do you know how good and beautiful you are?” She slowly raised her eyes from the plush rug on the floor towards his eyes, blushing within a second. He touched her hands and took into his. “Back then—” He knew she would know ‘when’ he meant, “—I just watched you listen, try to stay calm and not aggravate her and exude such goodness and heart—” A tear broke off her eye and trickled down her rosy cheek. “And I thought, this girl is love itself.” Never before had Stuart imagined himself talk like that to anyone. Even with Jill, he’d never romanced quite like that! He felt the soft squeeze of her wrist over his. The difference in age between them was enormous, but it simply did not matter now. They were in each other’s complete power.

The next kiss was still innocent and gentle, but longer and more emotionally intense. This time, Stuart tugged on her sweet quivering lip softly, probing; the young girl was enamoured and fast overwhelmed by the sensation. Her eyes were shining pools and next she went for her own kiss, hungry for more sugar. She was blushing already, now wrapping her fragile arms around him. The kisses of her loving lips were exceptionally soft, but the power of emotions she was exuding was a deluge. She was barely controlling herself. Now, her eyes were no longer pools but raging torrents.

She stopped herself, wincing as though she’d ripped a plaster off her skin. “Stuart, darling—” He was guessing what she might say. “I love you so much — you’re so kind, gentle and good—but God says to wait until marriage—and not—” He was right. That’s what he predicted she would say.

On some level, since he was almost literally lifted up by her beauty, freshness, innocence and the purity of her kisses, the entire religion thing was quite annoying to him. He needed more of her and she was clearly overrun as well — so there shouldn’t be any trouble! But then, he reflected, the religion was part of innocence itself. And he cared too much for her to hurt her — instinctively, he knew they needed to take it easy.

Just as instinctively, he placed his hands over hers in her lap and looked her deep in the eyes. “I love you too.” She sighed, an aching relief of innermost hopes. “You’re so gentle, giving and generous.” Nice alliteration, even though not on purpose. “We can just kiss and hug if you’d like—” She nodded in silence, but he saw in her expression some form of disappointment, as though she wanted to be dissuaded from her religion there and then and use that as an excuse. Was the power of attraction that strong that it was beginning to override her devotion? He might just be able to win that battle.

He just kept looking at her. After the next kiss, she was first sniffling, soon crying. “My heart, my darling—it hurts—here—” Her left hand slid to over the poetic source of her emotion. “I—My body — needs you — but I can’t—oh, come, embrace me!” Her helpless tormented body wrapped around him and her inner battle got to him as she convulsed with crying against him.

“Don’t cry, please, love—” he whispered in her ear. “You don’t—”

She buried her mouth into his shoulder, gasping for air. “Do I hurt you because I don’t want—” she managed to stammer out, desperately distraught.

“No, no—” He kissed her earlobe. “I just hate seeing you so sad.

She was losing the battle. Her need of him was too great. “How could it be bad when it’s so—beautiful? Your kisses—your eyes — your hands — all of you?” She squeezed Stuart’s hand.

“That is what I see.”

Although none of what Stuart was saying to her was ‘premeditated’– for the first time in months — a genuine expression of feelings — nonetheless, it did do the trick. “Oh, don’t look at me like that — like I was—”

“What?” he interjected with a smile. “An angel? An angel with a heavenly smile, gorgeous soul, eyes to drown in and such goodness in her heart?”

This melted her completely into a puddle of pure romance and — for now, at least — the supernatural was forgotten. “I would never forgive myself if I didn’t.” Although tears kept streaming down her face, her voice was now firmer and more resolute, the blend of her sadness and determination making an unbearably cute impression on Stuart.

“Are you sure?” He held up her hand.

“Yes.” Her voice was unwavering this time.

Ok, then. sincan gece kalan escortlar It was obvious from her posture and the look in her eyes now that she was indeed beginning to let just her earthly emotions guide her. “Come with me, then.”

She did tremble entering his bedroom. She would’ve known what a major step this was. If she took notice of some of Jill’s jewellery scattered on top of the bedside table here, she did not let him see she did. She stood on the threshold for a few seconds, about to make the final decision. Stuart sat on the edge of the bed, watching her with a smile.

She gave a deep sigh and entered. The decision was made.

However drawn to him, she was nonetheless unsure and nervous. He slid his hand reassuringly over her hand. “Are you really really sure?”

“Yes.” Her voice was strikingly high-pitched, a girl giving in to her drives. Nonetheless, he knew he needed to build up courage. He was a much older man and she was young, inexperienced and — most likely — a virgin.

In the next minute, they didn’t utter word; she watched him, wide-eyed, her lips slightly parted and with an expression of utter awe and astonishment as he took off his shoes, trousers and socks and finally his shirt, leaving himself just his boxers. She was breathing heavily enough for him to not need to look at her to hear the sounds of it. If there is such a thing as a girl drooling over a man, the look on her face as she was looking at his bare chest and shoulders was definitely it.

He climbed onto the bed, stretched his legs past her and made himself comfortable among the four large pillows on the bed. She’d never looked more enticing and beautiful, an embodiment of natural girl’s allure. She needed no make-up or effort and was putting all those “ladies” from Dreams he’d been with to absolute shame. He spoke quietly. “You have no idea, do you?”

Shaking a bit, she frowned a most gorgeous frown. “Idea of–?”

He shook his head in loving amusement. “Of how un-be-lie-va-bly beautiful you are.” He let the words fall and the shy fluttering of her eyes commence. He stretched his arm towards her and gently pushed her chin up to look at him. “Come here, darling.”

And so, she did. On her knees, timidly at first, but approach she did. He wrapped his hand around her back, delicately pulling her closer. They kissed; this time, the kiss was longer; her timidity speedily giving way to passion. Placing first a multitude of kisses on him, she caressed his face with a series of the most romantic kisses he ever received. With time, they got longer and more fervent. When she broke them, she was almost giggling with joy, now straddling him, before returning to kissing him.

Stuart cupped her face, a picture of utter glory from this distance. She was as happy as a human being can be; the sort of elation one gets when rewarded with a gift one’d never thought would arrive. Instinctively, he caressed her buttocks through her floral dress while, emboldened, she was tugging on his lower lip.

Eventually, she rose up to a vertical position and Stuart rose spontaneously with her. Embracing close, caressing each other’s hair and arms, they kept kissing. She might have been treading on the embers of love, but Stuart was melting in her arms himself; to him, every touch of hers and every kiss was one of some insurmountable bliss he’d simply never experienced. His reactions were completely genuine, unexpectedly innocent and virtually frightening in their power.

She looked into his eyes with such intense emotion that he would’ve wept if not for the fact that she kissed him harder the next second, driven by her instincts. The kisses were now stronger, harder and more insistent — and she was now beginning to be ready.

She pulled up her shirt for him herself and he was quite surprised to see no bra under it and even more surprised he’d not noticed that was the case earlier — must’ve been busy drowning in those eyes of hers. He gasped at the sight of her breasts — her supple body hid relatively large and very firm pair of breasts with purple hard nipples crowning them. He immediately kissed them.

“Oh daaahhhling—” It was a moan of a whisper that she emitted as he began sucking on her left breast. It was astoundingly firm and he danced his tongue around the nipple before going back up to meet her lips again in another kiss. They looked at each other — an unusual pair, a number of years dividing them, yet passion merging them. She was sobbing happy tears when he caressed her cheek.

When he returned to suck on her breast, they swayed gently as she moaned and wheezed lightly through her teeth. Whatever sensations ran through her body, they were visibly stronger than whatever she might have envisioned. He stopped for just a bit to push the shirt fully off her arms but kept kissing those pure-perfection breasts and swirling his tongue around the ever-hardening nips. Whimpering, she was already visibly and tangibly feeding him her breasts.

The fire was building in Lily — and fast. Laughing, she now turned around and — jiggling her butt for him — an action that the shy Jill would not have entertained in the slightest a mere 5 minutes before! — she rose slightly and began pulling off her dress for him to reveal the shapeliest, most gorgeous and sexiest ass he’d ever seen. And no panties!

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