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I was back in college after the summer spent at home, a relatively boring vacation. I was glad to be back in Boston again, I had missed it. Anyway this was the first day with a new course and a new professor.

As I walked into the room it was filled mostly with the people that I recognized from last year. They were mainly the same people that had filled my classes because it is a small program that I attend, so almost everything I took had basically the same people. Not that it was a problem. It presented ample opportunities to make a very close group of friends, and you could work together on almost every project.

It was a small class only about 18 people. I chose my seat next to Eric, a close friend of mine whom I had been lusting after the year earlier . . . not that he knew about it though. When the professor walked in he was carrying an armful of old notebooks, which seemed very strange to me. He explained their presence though as soon as he began.

You see he was a very meticulous professor and since it was such a small class he had somehow collected notebooks that at some point or another each person in the class had done before. Very strange, not to mention very difficult to get those considering the comments from most of us were “I threw that out a long time ago.”

As he went through the stack he pointed out details about different things that were good or bad about each. Finally he called out my name, and held up a notebook, which to my embarrassment had a cover of a picture of a man standing next to a bicycle wearing nothing but a tight pair of shorts.

Since I was still not completely open about my sexuality (I’m bisexual if you must know) this was quite a shock. As he went through the notebook I realized three things. First I realized that the notebook was from fifth grade. Second that the cover was something I had never done on a notebook. Finally from these I realized I was dreaming.

Well no point in wasting a perfectly good dream – especially one with Eric in it – by waking up. Since it was a dream I could do anything I wanted – and I did.

First, I reached out my hand and the cover flew off once I held it I turned it over to reveal the name Karen V., obviously not mine which I informed the class quieting their snickers. Then knocking the book from the professor’s hand I pointed out that it was from fifth grade.

Now revenge taken care of it was time to turn my attention to Eric. Suddenly we were no longer in the classroom but back in my apartment.

Eric turned to me and says, “It’s a shame that the picture wasn’t really yours.”

Smiling, I looked into his beautiful blue-green eyes and said, “Why you’re much better looking.” Then reached over and kissed him. His first casino oyna response was shock, and then he began to kiss me back.

One very passionate kiss, with our tongues tangled together wrestling back and forth between our two mouths. I reached down his back to feel his ass. That perfect bubble-butt that I had admired so many times. Watching as it jiggled slightly when he walked. Or watching it pressed tight into the shorts that he was wearing while roller blading.

I pulled us back onto the couch so that our bodies were pressed close together. That close contact even through our clothing excited me. However, that wasn’t good enough. As soon as I though about it our shirts disappeared. The contact between our chests sent lightning all over my skin as our kiss continued. I rolled us over so that I was now on top and broke our kiss. I proceeded to kiss a trail down his neck, to his chest and then over to his right nipple. Licking and sucking, the bronze colored nipple quickly had it very erect.

I moved over to the left nipple and continued on it what I had started with its counterpart. Eric let out a soft groan as he ran his fingers through my hair. I moved back up to his mouth and kissed him again. Then removed both of our shorts.

His navel captured my attention. Clothed in soft hairs, that seemed to draw me to it. I licked and sucked and kissed his entire stomach, and in between the muscles of his abdomen.

Finally he decided it was his turn to be on top and pushed me back to the other end of the couch, then climbed on top of me. Kissing me more aggressively than he had before.

He continued down my neck, kissing and licking his way down to my chest. Then teasing my right nipple with his hand and my left with his tongue, he started to move down again. He kissed his way down my stomach and across my abs, down to my belly button. Flicking his tongue in it and around it. I was in heaven. While still licking my stomach he reached his hand down to grab my stiff cock through my silk boxers.

Lightly caressing it through the material enjoying the feel of it twitching inside its cloth prison. Then he moved his hand down further, to knead my balls inside the material. But this wasn’t enough. He wanted more. Sliding his hand down my leg until he reached the end of my boxers, then sliding his hand up my leg on the inside of my boxers.

He reached in and massaged my nuts briefly. Then moved his hand down to lightly stroke that sensitive area that runs between my nuts and my asshole. This motion sent shivers of delight across my skin.

He’d had enough of teasing. With one smooth motion he lifted my legs up and slid my boxers down and off. He started licking my sack with a long stroke, causing me to canlı casino moan with pleasure. Then he took his and wrapped it around my steel hard shaft. Taking his thumb and sliding it over the head spreading my pre-cum around the tip. Finally when he had me moaning and writhing in ecstasy. He opened his mouth and engulfed the head. Sliding his tongue around the ridge of the head causing me to moan some more.

I reached down and laid my hand on his head, his beautiful head that was giving me so much pleasure now. As I ran my fingers through is hair, he began to swallow my cock, when he finally got down to the base he began this intense suction as he slowly moved back up to the top. Settling into a slow up and down motion while all that I was able to do was moan with delight.

Finally I mustered the strength to pull him off my cock. Kissing him I told him that I didn’t want to shoot off so soon. I reached my hand down to feel his dick straining against the fabric that encased it. Nearly ripping off the boxer briefs in my haste to remove them I slid my tongue across his steely organ. Licking all around the slit and then covering the head with my saliva. I let the head slip into mouth and delighted at the feeling of the velvety smooth skin covering his rock hard cock sliding around in my mouth. I worked my way down to the base of his cock then vacuumed my way back up to the top.

He entwined his fingers behind my head holding on to me so tightly I knew he was lost in the pleasure he was feeling. As I continued to play with his cock using my tongue I felt his body tense. I knew he getting close. This only made me speed up my actions. Driving him to the writhing insanity of orgasm.

His hands clamped around my head holding me at the base of his cock. He fired one quick spurt of cum before I pulled my head back up to the tip. I wanted to taste his sweet nectar that I had desired for so long. Shot after shot he fired into my mouth and I catching every precious drop in my mouth.

After he finally relaxed I moved back up to his mouth kissing him again and releasing some of his cum which I had saved just for him. Our tongues intertwined between us. The flavor of his tongue combined in my mouth as I savored it in delighted ecstasy.

But now it was his turn.

He rolled us over so that I was once again lying beneath him. And he again kissed his way down my body. Down my chest, down my stomach, bypassing my rigid cock – which by that time was aching for release – down to my nuts licking them only briefly before passing on to that sensitive spot between my legs. His tongue was driving me wild, I was on the verge of shooting. But he had other plans, and before I reached the point of no return his tongue traveled upwards kaçak casino and his mouth enveloped each of my testicles in turn. Rolling each of them gently around his mouth and massaging them with his tongue.

Finally he’d had enough of teasing me, and began a cat-like lapping across my skin going from my nuts, slowly going from the base of my cock, licking along the underside up to the ridge of the head, passing his tongue across that tender ridge with gently sweeping strokes. He moved up to engulf the head with his mouth. Licking across the slit with his tongue, to taste my pre-cum that was by that time flowing like a river. I was trembling as he lifted his mouth off my cock-head and began to slowly lick his way back along the path that it had followed.

Suddenly orgasm slammed into me. I screamed aloud and my cock began shooting. The first couple shots landing on his face, my cum splashing along one of his eyebrows and his cheek. But before anymore could shoot out he swallowed the head again drinking in each shot of creamy white jism.

After I had relaxed he climbed back up to my face. I licked my cum off his face. It had rolled down his face leaving a trail from his forehead down to the strong line of his jaw. Satisfied that his face was clean I moved to his mouth and kissed him deeply. We just lay there cuddling in each other’s arms lingering in the post orgasmic bliss.

Suddenly I sat bolt upright in my bed, having been awakened by something. What was it? I was still confused by the sudden transition from sleep to wakefulness. There it was again. It was the phone ringing. I got up to walk across my bedroom to grab the receiver.

It was my mom. What a way to ruin a perfectly good morning up till that point. Within seconds my cock went limp. When I finally extricated myself from the conversation I no longer had the desire to jack off. So I went to take a shower.

The hot water streaming down my body felt wonderful. I shut my eyes to luxuriate in the warmth. When suddenly the phone rang again. I shut the shower off and went for the phone again. Figuring it was my mom again I got irritated and answered the phone with an abrupt “Hello.”

The voice on the other end however, made my cock begin to stir again. It was Eric.

“Hello, Mark?”

“Yeah, hi Eric. Sorry I sounded like an ass, but I just got off the phone with my mom a few minutes ago and then stepped in the shower and I thought it was her calling again.”

“Oh well that’s ok.”

“Did you have some reason why you called?”

“Yeah but now that I think about it, it seems kinda stupid.”

“Well that’s ok, since you’ve already called you might as well tell me about it.”

“Yeah I guess so. Well it was just that I’d had this strange dream and I know you had taken a couple of psych courses.”

“Oh ok, well are you going to tell me about it.”

“Well it was just that the strangest thing about it was that you were in it…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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