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Oh! Hi! I thought there weren’t nobody down here. You looking at the river? I likes to do that too. It’s so pretty to look at, ‘specially from that rock where you’re a-settin’. I was just takin’ a rest from my mornin’ chores and thought I’d kind o’ take a walk down here. Nice an’ warm t’day, not too airish.

Is that yer big black shiny car on the side of the road down a piece? It is? Well it sure is fine lookin’, I ain’t never seen a car like that around here afore! It’s a what? A Hudson? Well, whatever ’tis it’s sure a lot diff’rent than th’ old model T my Daddy drives around in, and even Daddy’s car’s one of th’ only ones in the county. Most other folks uses a horse and buggy.

Well, where’s my manners! My name is Ella-Sue, sir, Ella-Sue Bandy. Alan? Well how d’ya do, Mr. Alan! I’m certainly pleased to meet you. Don’t know as I ever got t’ shake hands with a gentleman like you afore! Do you mind if I sets a spell and talks with you? I don’t get to talk with strangers much around here, ‘specially ones with big shiny cars like yours! I’ll just set on this old stump next to you.

So where you from Mr. Alan? You talk like you ain’t from these parts! Oh, from up north? And where you off to now? Where? You goin’ all the way down to Florida? Oh my, that’s far, ain’t it? I don’t rightly know how far but it sounds far to me. I ain’t never been out o’ Carolina myself. You wanna know somethin’ funny? I just found out t’other day that there’s actually two Carolinas, North and South. Huh! I just knew I was in Carolina and I thought that was all, now I find out I’m in the North one. Guess it don’t really make no difference, I’m just where I’m at and that’s that!

So what ya do traveling around so far, Mr. Alan? Oh, you sell things? What kind o’ things? Oh, I’m sorry to ax you so many questions Mr. Alan! I’m just excited t’ meet somebody from so far away is all. Kitchen imp … uh, im-plee-ments? Uh, I’m sorry but I don’t know what … oh, gadgets! Sure, I know what they are! Momma’s got a whole passel o’ them in the kitchen drawr, I been playing with them whimmy-diddles ever since I was a little girl. Maybe you can go see Momma an’ show ‘er some new ones. We live in that ol’ house up the road, maybe you passed by it. Used-a be a big farm there like a thousand years ago but now it’s just a house an’ a barn, an’ the house was just ’bout fallin’ down when Daddy and Momma moved into it afore I was borned, and since whoever lived in it before done gone off ain’t nobody knows where, well, it just sort o’ became our house. It got three whole bedrooms in it! Daddy and Momma have the biggest one they call the master, the one in the front, an’ I’m in one in th’ back. My little brother used-a be in there with me too, but now he’s in one Daddy fixed up in the barn, Momma says it’s for privacy, but Daddy says he don’t want a bunch o’ cross-eyed chinee babies runnin’ ’round some day … I don’t rightly know what he means, but anyways I’m all alone in my room now. Oh, an’ then there’s my Uncle Cal, he been in the room right next t’ mine since he got back from that big war, the one fightin’ agin somebody named the Hun. He got shot over in that France place. He cain’t walk good anymore so he spends all o’ his time in his room. Well, not all of it, but he don’t get out much, sep’n when he drives inta town with Daddy. At home he uses this crutch-thing t’ git around with.

Me? Oh I’m nineteen, well actually eighteen and a half but gettin’ real close to nineteen. I know I looks real young, what with sometimes wearing my hair in braid pigtails like I am today. Lots o’ folks who don’t know me good think I’m a whole lot younger, and a lot of my friends are a lot younger’n me too, like my best friend Jolene, she’s twelve but we get along real well. We likes to play games an’ dolls, an’ tell secrets an’ stuff. And she sits next to me in school, she does, and helps me when I don’t know th’ answers. Our school has just this one room and one teacher – Mr. Crandall, I like him, he’s nice an’ he’s real good lookin’ – and the little kids sits on one side, the real old kids on th’ other, and the kids who are just startin’ to get big in the middle. I should be with the big kids but I just cain’t make no sense outta the lessons Mr. Crandall gives them so he lets me sit with Jolene and th’ other middle kids. I can do most of the lessons they get, ‘specially when Jolene helps me, she’s sharp as a tack she is! So anyways Momma braids my hair like this and dresses me up for school in short little dresses so’s I’ll look more like the middle kids. Sometimes she makes me have ponytails instead when she sees me puttin’ th’ ends o’ my braids in my mouth. At least ya don’t suck ya thumb no more, Ella-Sue, she says, an’ I laughs, ’cause I hardly ever does that now!

So, Mr. Alan, were you good at school? Did ya like it? Wow, all the way through high school! You must be real smart for a fact. An’ was you in th’ Army like my Uncle Cal? You was? Was ya ever wounded? Well tha’s good, guess you was one o’ the lucky ones, an’ now you can travel all over creation sellin’ im-plee-ments! Maybe if’n you sells a lot you’ll get t’ be rich! Oh, you wanna be the boss one day? Well, that would be a beşiktaş anal yapan escort fine thing for a fact, and I sure do wish you kin do that, Mr. Alan – I wish it once, I wish it twice, I wish it chicken soup with rice! That’s a poem Jolene done learned me.

I know I ain’t one of the smart ones like Jolene but preacher Deke says we just got to make do with what God gives us and do the best we can, and I sure am tryin’ to do that. But you know, my Daddy says it really don’t make no difference if I ain’t real smart ’cause a girl who’s pretty as me with my blue eyes an’ blond hair is sure to get what she wants anyway. My Momma smiles whenever he says that, ’cause everbody says I’m the spittin’ image of her and I look just like her when she was my age, so she hears it like a compliment to her. Daddy doesn’t say so, but besides my eyes and hair I know he means these, too. My chest is big as Momma’s already! When I squeeze ’em like this I cain’t even get ’em all in my hands … see? An’ I seen lots o’ men in town lookin’ at ’em when I walk by. It makes me kind o’ proud. I like it. Even Mr. Crandall, you know, my teacher? Jolene told me tha’ when he comes over to hep me with my writin’ she sees him tryin’ t’ look down the front o’ my dress! So now if’n I remembers I undoes the top button afore school starts! *giggle*

You know what Jolene told me? She says there’s these girls in the real big cities like New York an’ Raleigh, they called flappies or fappies or somethin’ like that, they wears these straps under they dresses t’ flatten down their titties! Imagine that! Now why would girls wanna go an’ do somethin’ like that? Maybe big city men likes girls what look like boys, but that sure ain’t the way in the hollas ’round here! All my friends at school cain’t wait till they gets big’uns like mine, an’ men’ll do just about anything t’ get t’ play with ’em! My older brother, the one as lives in town, he takes me out back o’ the horse barn durin’ county fair an’ charges his friends money t’ see mine, and oh my don’t those fellers stare hard!

Why thank you, Mr. Alan, you’re nice to say I’m pretty! And I ain’t even dressed up t’day, just wearing this old shift to do my chores in. It’s real old, that’s why it’s kind o’ small on me … see, when I stand up it doesn’t even come down to my knees … and look, when I raise my arms like this it liketa go all th’ way up my legs. And when I undo the top button like this my titties just about pop right out … see? But that’s okay ’cause I got a coupla new dresses to go to school in. They real pretty and I like ’em a lot. Actually I play this game with Uncle Cal ever morning. I used to go into his room a lot to keep him company when he was still bad hurt but even though he’s better now I still likes to visit, so just before I go to school ever day I go next door to his room to show him what I’m wearin’ that day. While he’s lyin’ there in bed I say, oh look Uncle Cal, see what I got on today? An’ I stand in front of him and hold my skirt out to the sides sort o’ like a princess in a fairy book and make a little bow. He laughs when I do that! Sometimes I spins myself around so my dress flies up, and then I lift my skirt up high and I say see what I’m wearing underneath, Uncle Cal? Do you like my panties today? Are they pretty?

He says yes and sometimes I turn around and wiggle my rear just like the hoochie coochie dancer he told me about once, who was in the circus that come through town last year. I didn’t get to see her actually dancin’ ’cause kids weren’t allowed in the little tent where she was, but I seen her when she went outside to smoke a cigarette once. She was dressed in these spangley things that didn’t cover much at all, and Uncle Cal told me that when she danced she shimmied and wiggled like jelly, and the spangley things tinkled like little bells! I asked him to show me how she did the wiggle and he did one day. He kneeled down on the floor and had me stand real close to him and lift up my dress. Then he had me turn around slow-like a couple times while he smoothed down my bloomers with his hands and then he took hold o’ my hips and rear and moved them around like the hoochie coochie lady did, and pretty soon I could do it all by myself. I don’t do it ever day but when I do Uncle Cal really likes it. Once just for fun when I was a-wigglin’ my bum at him I pushed my panties down and then up real quick-like then laughed and said “bye now” and ran out to get to school. That was so funny!

Actually Uncle Cal and me got all kind o’ games that we play sometimes. Like peek-a-boo, that one’s fun and real easy. What it is, sometimes if I see him sitting somewhere like in the kitchen or the livin’ room I’ll go and sit in a chair acrosst from him and pull my dress up a little above my knees. Then so nobody else like Daddy or Momma or my brother can see I open my legs a little an’ then back together again, and each time I do it Uncle Cal gets a peek up my dress. He really likes that ’cause he says it gives him a hard-on. You know what a hard-on is? You do? Well I like givin’ him hard-ons like that, it’s real fun.

Hey, I know! You want to see beşiktaş bdsm escort how I plays peek-a-boo, Mr. Alan? You do? Okay, I’ll just set down on this rock here acrosst from you and you keep a-lookin’ at me … there, can you see that? You can? All the way up to my bloomers? Uh-oh but now you cain’t ’cause I put my knees together, ha ha. Oh-oh, there I go again. Just a little bit, cain’t hardly see anything … a little wider … little wider … back together again, aww! Oh, look, how’s that? I’m holding ’em open wide so’s you can get a real good look … you like that? You’re what? Really? You’re gettin’ a hard-on too? Oh I’m real glad! I love doin’ that to men, seein’ ’em get a hard-on while they stare between my legs … makes me feel all tingly!

Actually I get to play other kinds o’ games with men folk in my house. Sometimes when Momma goes out of an evenin’ to visit with Aunt Cora some of Daddy’s friends and my cousins and uncles comes over to drink moonshine. Actually th’ moonshine is ‘sposed t’ be agin the law, but the rev’nue agent is one o’ those friends o’ Daddy’s who come a-visitin’! Anyways, they sits around the table and laugh and get kind o’ drunk, and even give me a taste. I don’t like it much and it makes me feel foggy-like, but sometimes after somebody gives me some somebody else’ll say hey, let’s send Ella-Sue on a round trip, which is the name of one of th’ other games I get to play. What it is, I get dressed up in one of my pretty school dresses and tie my hair in ponytails so I look real young and then I sit on one of the men’s lap. Then I sort o’ move my rear around on him till I feel a hard-on in his lap and then I move on to the next one an’ do it to him, and keep on goin’ all around the table … that’s why they call it a round trip, see? They’re real playful what with ticklin’ me an’ liftin’ up my skirt an’ pettin’ an’ squeezin’ my titties, and you know what? Somebody always gives me a stick of molasses candy when the game starts ’cause they know how much I love that candy, and I lick it and suck on it while I sits there wigglin’ around on their laps. They’re so nice to me!

What, Mr. Alan? You wanna play the round trip game with me too? Well, we ain’t got a table here an’ … Oh shoot, I guess we don’t really need that, I can show you what I do anyways! Okay, so I’ll come over there an’ sit down on your lap like this … there, that’s right … hope you don’t think I’m rude sittin’ here with my back turned but that’s the way I sit on their laps, you know? Okay, I sit here like this an’ then I sort o’ move around on your lap like this … that okay, I ain’t too heavy? No? Oh good, okay, now what you do is sort o’ lift up my dress … wait, this ol’ shift is longer than my little school dresses so why don’t I get it started like this … I’ll just pull it up half way … okay now you can lift it up more, lift it up till my bloomers are showin’. Guess it’s hard for you to see, so maybe I can sort o’ lean to the side so’s you can see … there, you see ’em now, right? Actually when we play the game for real I wear my little white school panties ‘stead o’ these old bloomers, but anyway … Okay now you gotta kind o’ run your hands up to my titties an’ give ’em a little squeezin’ the way my uncles and cousins and th’ other men do … that’s right, yes, oh yes with both hands squeezing my two titties just like that, yes that feels nice … oh! … that tickles! …! *giggle* Okay, now … oh shoot, we ain’t got a candy stick!

Well, I guess we’ll just have to pretend. Okay, you see my finger here? Well, I’m gonna lick it up and down and suck on it just like it was that yummy candy stick … mmmm that’s good, it’s so sweet, I do love this candy … watch me lick it, and now I’m gonna suck on it with my whole mouth … see? I know it’s just my finger, but you gotta pretend it’s somethin’ else, okay? Well this is just like the real game even though we ain’t got a table and it’s just you and me. I sit on the man’s lap movin’ my rear ’round and ’round while he lifts and squeezes my titties, and th’ other men watch and drink their moonshine, waiting for their turn. Funny, even though they was laughin’ and joshin’ before they get real quiet when the game starts. I just looks ’em in the eye and sucks on my candy till I feel a hard-on under me then I moves over t’ th’ next man, ’cause that’s the game rule. I know they try t’ keep their peckers from gettin’ hard long as they can so I’ll stay wigglin’ on their laps longer, but they cain’t never keep ’em down for long! I take my time slidin’ off, sort o’ like sayin’ good-bye to the hard-on *giggle*, and … oh my! Is that … I do believe I feel a hard-on down there now, Mr. Alan, tha’s just what ‘sposed t’ happen, you’re good at playing this game! You sure you ain’t never played it afore?

Actually Uncle Cal and me plays this game sort o’ like we’re doin’ now, without the table an’ all, back in his room after all th’ other men go home, ‘cept I face t’other way. So just let me get up and turn around and I’ll climb on your lap like I was gettin’ on a horse. Hm, this shift is longer’n my little school dress, so I’ll have to pull it up beşiktaş elit escort first like this … there, all the way up to my waist, that’s good, and now I can get on you face to face with my legs a-straddle-like on your lap. Real cozy, ain’t it? Okay now I starts movin’ like with the other game but this time it’s like I’m riding you like a pony, and between my legs is pressing against your hard-on ‘stead o’ my rear. Can you feel that? I can … you still got a right big hard-on, Mr. Alan! Guess you likes this, don’t cha? Oh … yes … hold on t’ my hips like that and push an’ pull me on your lap … Uncle Cal does that, too.

Really, you wants me to stop already? Usually me an’ Uncle Cal keeps going till he … oh, another game? Which one you wanna play? The before school showin’ what I’m wearin’ today one? Well, okay, I can do that, so I’ll stand over here and … diff’rent? How we gonna do it diff’rent? What? What does I do wi’ my clothes in the mornin’? Well, I puts ’em on an’ then … at night? My clothes? Well, I takes ’em off o’ course afore I goes t’ bed! I puts on my nightdress t’ sleep in … what? You want me t’ pretend it’s night ‘stead o’ mornin’? Oh I get it now! You want t’ see how I take my clothes off at night! *giggle* Why Mr. Alan you are so funny! You really want me to do that? You do? Well actually Mr. Alan, you wanna know a secret? It’s a real big secret and you gotta promise you ain’t gonna tell nobody … you do? Okay, well sometimes I do that with Uncle Cal, I don’ mean the before school game but the takin’ off my clothes part. Sometimes when he’s feelin’ slap in the mood … tha’s what he says, in the mood … he takes me in his room and says he’ll give me a penny if’n I take off my clothes while he lies in bed and watches me. An’ so I do, I stand in front of him and take off my dress and ever’thin’ … he tells me to do it real slow … and he lies in bed watchin’ me and a-playin’ with his hard-on. And when I’m all bare I turns ’round and ’round and dances sort o’ like the hoochie-coochie lady. It’s so fun and I got me a pickle jar full o’ pennies saved up now!I

So will you give me a penny too, Mr. Alan, if I takes off my clothes? What? Really? A ride in your car? Oh my, yes I surely would like that Mr. Alan! Here, just let me pull this shift up over my … what? Not right away? Oh, just like the before school game, right … ‘cept ‘stead o’ showin’ what I’m wearing I take it off? Oh I get it now … this’ll be fun! Okay, okay … so … Oh look Uncle … I mean Mr. Alan … see what I wore to school today? Well, I’m gettin’ undressed now … would you like to watch me? Yes, I’m a-gonna take it all off now, my dress and my pretty lil panties … would you like to see my panties, Mr. Alan? Yes? Well, just let me pull my dress up real slow-like till you kin see what I got on underneath … here it goes up … a little more *giggle* … more …

Oh shoot! I forgot the mornin’ milkin’, Abigail’s udders be achin’ somethin’ fierce by now, oh I gotta go do it right now, Momma kill me if I don’t! I’m sorry Mr. Alan, but I gotta run home an’ tend t’ Abigail! Can you stay here till after I does? Please? I’ll come back right quick so’s we can finish our game, I really wants to, the way you was watchin’ me was gittin’ me all tingly, and I sure do want a ride in your car! Bye now, Mr. Alan, I sure hope you waits for me …

* * * * * * * * *

Whew! I am so out o’ breath for a fact, I runned all th’ way from my house an’ I am so happy you still here! I was a-scared you might o’ gotten tired o’ waitin’ an’ gone off. My family? No, Daddy an’ Uncle Cal went t’ look at some hogs Daddy wants t’ buy, and they dropped off Momma and my brother in town on the way t’ get some flour an’ stuff.

You see anythin’ diff’rent ’bout me, huh? Yes? What you think ’tis? Yes, I took my hair braids out and now I got these two shiny blond ponytails … the men who visits Daddy likes that. Anythin’ else? Yes, tha’s right! I done changed out o’ that ol’ shift an’ put on my school dress. I think it’s so much more prettier … oh, you does too? Yes, it’s a real nice blue color an’ it’s got this here row o’ buttons tha’ goes all th’ way from my neck down to the’ bottom, an’ it’s got real short sleeves that are puffy on my shoulders, like a little girl goin’ to a birthday party or somethin’! It’s a lot shorter’n my shift, too. An’ look, I got shoes on now! I scrubbed my feet under th’ pump ’cause they was so dirty from goin’ barefoot all mornin’. I ain’t got no socks but still the shoes look right nice with the dress. What’s that? What I got on under my dress? Well, Mr. Alan, tha’s for me to know an’ you to find out! *giggle* Now, we was playin’ that nice game afore, an’ I been hopin’ we could do some more … you think we could? Then you’ll get t’ see what I got on under the dress … you wanna? Yes? Well, okay, I remembers you was settin’ right where you are now an’ I was standin’ here, and I was pullin’ up my dress like this … a lil itsy bit at a time … that what you remember, Mr. Alan? Yes? You wanna see me do that again? Well okay, here goes … up … up … oh, almost there … oh … oh … uh-uh! First I wants a ride in your big shiny car! *giggle* No, no, no more game till I gets my ride! We don’t gotta go far. I knows this ol’ si-gogglin cart path up the road apiece we could drive into, it goes snakin’ a ways up in the woods an’ nobody goes up there no more. We go there an’ we can play the game some more without nobody givin’ us no bother. Okay? Yes? Oh goody!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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