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Author’s Note

‘Donna’s Ultra-High Heels, Book 2’ is a continuation of Book 1 and can be read without reading the first book, although it is highly recommend that Book 1 be read first since it would be helpful in understanding the character development of the main players. I tried to make the transition to Book 2 as seamless as possible by briefly summarizing some specific events of Book 1 while trying not to be excessively redundant.

Donna’s Ultra-High Heels, Book 1 was posted in its entirety (12 Chapters) under the Fetish category. Some of the individual chapters could have also been categorized as BDSM, Erotic Couplings, or Stories Series. Book 2 will be posted in smaller chapter groupings (1 to 4), but mostly under the Fetish Category beginning in December 2015.

Any comments or suggestion would be appreciated.



Summarizing Book 1

Donna Scott was a recent graduate that had just earned a Master’s Degree in Law from a St. Louis based university in May of 1962. After graduating, she started working as the legal assistant for Kevin Madden who was the sole owner a prestigious law firm in downtown St. Louis. Donna in the first two months working at the law firm had also been assigned a couple of times to help a private detective, Jeff Douglas, whom Kevin occasionally hired to research certain background information for some of the clients he represented. On these occasions, when Donna’s time on these assignments entailed either office or time in the field working for Jeff, he would reduce his billing rate to Kevin’s law firm.

About two and a half months after Donna starting working for Kevin, he had her go on an undercover assignment to investigate a local high heel shoe and lingerie shop to determine if there was any un-scrupulous activities going on at that store. Kevin had gotten word from the retired previous owners of the shop that there may be something afoul there since a long-time customer of theirs was in the store when the FBI came in and asked pointed questions of the woman assistant Manager.

Donna did visit the shop, posing as a potential ultra high heel customer, in order to possibly determine if there was any illegal activity going on. As it turned out, there was no problem at the shop since the FBI was investigating another company that had done some business with the store. However in the process, Donna became immediately attracted to Ken Fowler, the new manager of that shop. Their mutual attraction quickly led to a very torrid, romantic, and loving relationship between the two of them! Donna had, in turn recently moved from her apartment into Ken’s Clayton townhouse and they were now involved in a series of erotic sexual adventures.

Her first new found obsession was learning to wear the highest of ultra high heels for which Ken was giving her daily training at his shop. In addition, he was assisting her in a figure training program that would benefit Donna when she started modeling for his new forthcoming catalog. Also in this short period of time since meeting Ken, Donna voluntarily became involved in several other fetishes, including nipple training, corsets, garters, exotic bras, and starting her own induced lactation program!

But most importantly, when Donna realized after Ken had strapped her into his bra measuring stand at the shop, she realized that she had a deep down, previously unknown sexually submissive side to her normally aggressive personality! At this point she knew that it was a pivotal moment in her life and to their long term future relationship!

A couple of weeks after Donna had moved in with Ken, Mrs. Linda Chatsworth visited Kevin’s law office in order to make some legal changes to their revocable trust. They were rather routine changes, but in the process Linda noticed Donna’s 5-5/8 stiletto heels that day and was somewhat jealous since she had on 5-1/4 inch stiletto heels that were lower than what she normally wore in public. After talking to Donna when they left Kevin’s office and after having a very confidential discussion about their mutual interest in ultra high heels, she invited Donna and as well as Ken to their house on Friday evening in order for her to witness the sighing of the legal papers since Donna was Notary Public.

Chapter 11

When the limo arrived at the Chatsworth’s Estate, at six fifty, Donna and Ken were the first of the guests to arrive. This was by design so that they would have over an hour before the other guests would arrive and they would have plenty of time to freshen up and change for the cocktail party at eight o’clock. After a short walk from the limo on that hot August St. Louis day in 1962, Linda and Paul warmly greeted them at the door as the driver took the bags to their assigned room. Linda said that they should go to their previously assigned room on the third floor, relax, and change into their cocktail clothes and come back down at five minutes till eight and be canlı bahis şirketleri the first to formally check in for the weekend. The check in process was to be held in the large den that they had met in the week before. They would then be ready to meet the other guests as they arrived and were escorted to the den for their check process.

Donna and Ken then made their way to elevator and took it to the third level where the room they had been shown last Friday evening was located. It was the largest and most lavished furnished of the guest rooms, most of which were located on the second and third floors of the mansion. As they remembered from last week, their room was decorated in an ultra-modern fashion with several pieces of furniture including several modern style padded leather chairs and two couches located at right angles to each other in far corner of the large living room area of the suite. Both couches had glass topped end tables with modern styled lamps together with glass topped coffee tables in front of them.

A large beige credenza and tall multi-shelf organizer were located on the same side of the room as the entrance door diagonally across from the couches. There were modernistic paintings on the walls and many flush mounted ceiling lights together with additional indirect lighting fixtures mounted at critical locations near the ceiling on the walls which they had admired last time.

They made their way to the lounge which was located at the rear and to the right of the large living area, which was essentially located behind the hall stairwell opening. The wet bar was to the left and a kitchenette arrangement with a refrigerator, sink, and a small electric stove-top oven were to the right of that same lounge room. There also was a doorway that led to the large bedroom and, in turn to a walk-in closet and full bathroom. These rooms were on the other side of the hall and were also assessable from another door that opened into the main hallway opposite the main entrance door. To the left of that entrance was the king size bed that they had marveled at the previous weekend because of its intricate network of polished stainless steel square tubing acting as a headboard with strategically placed hinged rings for obvious bondage functions! Also a lower, but similar designed footboard had the same type of rings attached for the same function! Two modern style night stands with two drawers and equally modern styled lamps were located on each side at the head of the bed.

When entering the main bedroom, they both noticed that someone, apparently the driver who took their luggage to the room, had set their suitcase on folding stands so that they could be easily opened so that their folding clothes could be stored in the two large modern designed chest of drawers, located on the side wall that faced the outside hallway and second egress door. Likewise, their garment bags, containing Donna’s dresses and other hanging clothes as well as Ken’s suits, were hanging in the spacious walk in closet on the same back wall as the large bathroom. There was also a tall, multi-shelf bookcase type of cabinet at the back of the closet, presumably for shoes and other items.

Ken and Donna set about unpacking their clothes and putting them separately in the two chests. They also took the hanging clothes out of the garment bags and hung them up in the walk in closet. Donna also unpacked a large separate suitcase containing all her shoes and neatly arranged them on the open shelves at the back of the closet. After completing the unpacking they decided to go back to the lounge, have a drink, and go over the two identical type written sheets that had been left on the bed for them to read before coming down for cocktails.

Ken mixed them both a vodka and tonic from the fully stocked bar and they both sat on a bar stools to read the information that Donna had left for them. There were a few more details about the various activities for the weekend, starting with the check-in at the den. They were to come down to the den at five minutes to eight to check in first as the other guests would start arriving at 8 o’clock sharp. They could then meet everyone as they checked in as well.

After each couple signed in and verified their correct addresses and other vital information, it was noted that as part of the check in process, the women would have their stocking feet measured to determine their exact shoe size so that when their heel height was measured, it must conform to the minimum 5-5/8 inch, size 6-1/2 standard arch angle of 71 degrees with a heel angle of no less than 47 degrees. So for a tiny size 4-1/2 shoe size, those minimum angles would produce a 5-1/8 heel height while a size 8 would measure a minimum of 5.90 inches or slightly over 5-7/8 inches.

It was further noted that if anyone could not stand flat footed for that measurement because of continued ultra high heel usage, the total foot length would canlı kaçak iddaa be measured with a flexible tape to determine the total foot length which determines the shoe size in the first place. The document indicated that this shoe size measurement process was more of a tradition than anything else because, except for new members, most everyone’s shoe size was already known and a simple heel height measurement would probably suffice, but everyone seems to enjoy it, so we are keeping it as part of the check in process.

Linda went on to note that she had previously told Donna about the fact that leather jock straps were to be worn by all the male members at check in and they could be found in one of the night stands. However, Linda indicated that Donna had suggested that they should also have the men wear a lockable penis chastity cage under the jock strap since she had found a perfect one at a local sex shop not long after meeting Ken. Linda noted that sounded like a great idea and she bought and sent one to all the member’s homes so that they wear them at check- in tonight.

The other requirement that Donna didn’t know about till now was that all the women, including her, would have to wear a lockable leather harness, similar to a light weight chastity belt with a vaginal device attached! She continued by writing that this was a semi-regular requirement for the cocktail and semi-formal portion of their parties or events even though in the past the men’s chastity harness was a slightly different style than the one Donna had suggested. The other women already had their chastity belts from past parties and that Donna could find hers in the bedroom night stand. Linda further indicated that it had worked out pretty well in the past, since by the time that dinner was over, everyone seemed to be in the mood to return to their rooms for about an hour and relieve some of their pent up tensions. Usually and tonight was to be no exception, later in the evening they generally got back together for other group activities, which she didn’t elaborate on what they would entail.

The men would have to verify that they wore the proper locked penis cage and leather jock strap and the women would have to verify that they wore the locked chastity belt with the vaginal device, all issued by the club secretary, which was Linda! The men and women would stand behind two separate screens at check in for this inspection and verification procedure. In addition, the keys to these items would be held by their mate and would have to show that he or she was in sole possession of the key under their individual control. Since Linda was going to buy everyone, including Ken, a new jock strap and chastity harness, Donna had given Linda his waist size for the proper fit. In addition, she told Linda that he probably needed a medium cup size for his jock strap.

At this point, before they finished reading the more detailed instructions, Donna and Ken hurried over to the night stands with Donna instinctively going to the left side and Ken to the right side of the bed. Donna also found the plastic 5-5/8 inch shoe slides for showering and chastity-type belt with the vaginal insertable device while Ken retrieved the jock strap and penis cage from the nightstand and verified that it was identical to the one that Donna had used on him a few weeks ago! They both brought them back to the lounge area and set them on the bar before finishing reading the instructions, which basically was a summary of the daily activities with more detailed times and other information.

Donna examined the so called chastity belt at the bar while Ken observed her reaction. The waistband or belt portion was made of fine grade flesh colored kid leather which was about 1-1/2 inches wide. Another piece the same type leather, that was only about 3/4 inch wide, was attached to the back center part of the waistband and could in turn be tightened up to and connect to the front part of the band thereby covering the pelvic area from the top of the hipbone down past her anal opening and up over her vagina to the front of the waist band!

But the most fiendish part of the leather belt arrangement was the five inch long attachment that was connected to the inside portion of the crotch piece that covered her vaginal area and would be inserted into her vagina when the belt was fully installed! It was stainless steel and consisted of four balls of sequentially smaller diameters connected together by a rod through the center of them so that they essentially were stacked one on top of each other with the largest ball at the base of the piece covering her vagina! The waist band could be tightened and connected together in front by a series of vertical belt-type notches on one part of the belt and a small hasp or loop on the other half. Also, the leather strap that covered her sex could be raised and connected to the same hoop by a series of vertical notches. A small pad lock could be inserted canlı kaçak bahis through that same loop insuring that the chastity belt would stay in place with the stainless steel device locked firmly in place in her vagina! The padlock was hanging unlocked on that loop.

Donna carefully examined all the features of the device and stared wide eyed at the so called Ben WA Ball-type arrangement that she realized would be plugged and locked into her vagina and gushed, “Oh my god that will drive me crazy!”

“Well it looks like you’ll have something to think about tonight as well,” Ken mused.

Donna continued, “It’s a good thing I’m not going to wear my open tip cone bra with this chastity belt; I’d never make it through dinner without having an orgasm! The way it is, I’ll have to put an extra absorbent pad in my panties with an extra amount of deodorant to make sure there is no fragrance radiating from me with that contraption on. Although I bet I’m not the only that has this problem if Linda’s comments about this group are true; and I have no doubt that they are.”

“It also looks like I’m going to have to put it on before dressing for the party, so I better get started right after I put on your penis harness,” Donna stated in a matter of fact tone of voice.

She then suggested that they take their ‘party gifts’ back to the bedroom and start preparing for the forthcoming cocktail party. Donna stripped down to her Maidenform Chansonette bra, panties, and 5-5/8 inch stiletto heels but no garter belt or nylons, while Ken stripped to his briefs. Donna and Ken then completed undressing before they both individually went to the bathroom and took showers.

After showering, they both stayed in the bed room and briefly dressed pretty much as they were before with Ken in briefs and Donna in a work-type bra, panties, and 5-5/8 inch heels. She went back into the bathroom and reappeared with a cold soaked wash cloth in her hands and said, “You know the drill; I needed you to be limp so that I can get that chastity cage on you, so drop your briefs.”

Ken complied and let them fall to the floor before putting them on the bed with the other clothing they had shed earlier. He was partially aroused just by the fact that Donna was wearing only her bra and panties and just paraded to and from the bathroom in those ultra high stilettos. It didn’t take long for him to go completely limp when she applied the cold cloth to his penis while Ken sucked in his breath but he didn’t complain about the cold cloth.

Donna then picked up the male chastity device from the bed and further examined it to make sure that it was the same style that she had bought for him a few weeks ago. It was identical in that it had three chrome O rings and an adjustable small circular leather strap. Three additional small leather straps were riveted to the circular leather strap such that they linearly extended out from it, and in turn riveted around the first and second and O rings. The second and smaller O ring had four solid chrome rods radially spaced rods welded to it that were a little over an eighth of an inch in diameter and about inch and a half long. These four rods tapered and connected to a third chrome, and even smaller, stainless steel O ring!

As before, Donna began carefully installing the device on his cold, limp, and contracted penis. First, she fed the head of his penis though the first Chrome O ring and then on to the second and third rings so that about half of its head stuck through the outer and smallest ring! Next she wrapped the small adjustable circular leather strap so that it was fitted at the base of his penis and behind his scrotum and testicles. She then tightened the strap snugly using the Velcro fastener and combination locking stud. She then went to the bed, retrieved a tiny luggage padlock that Linda had also supplied, and snapped it shut through the stud located behind his scrotum! Donna kept the key to the lock and put it on the chest of drawers until she changed clothes for the party.

After she completed Ken’s harness installation, his limp penis fit perfectly in the devious device since it was just snug in the harness allowing free access to his sensitive coronal area at the base of his penis head since the second ring was behind that area. The smallest chrome ring at the end of the harness just allowed the outer third of his penis head to protrude through the ring so that he could urinate if needed.

“I see that you are starting to come alive again. How does it feel now,” she questioned him as she ran her finger nail lightly over the exposed side on his coronal ring.

“As usual, it’s starting to tighten up; that’s for sure,” he answered.

“If it works like it did the last time, it should keep you at bay until we get back here from dinner tonight. Now let’s see if Linda got the right size jock strap,” Donna announced as she pick it up from the bed.

“It seems to be padded and lined so that it would minimize any bulge caused by the harness itself so let’s get it on you and see how it looks,” Donna clinically stated as she had him step through the leather leg straps that connected to the waist just above the crack of his butt.

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