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I sit in my doctor’s waiting room on 18th St until I hear a nurse say, “Mr. Stone? This way please.”

I follow the nurse into the back. She shows me into a dark room with an examining table covered in a starched white sheet.

Th nurse says, “Please strip down to your underwear and hang your clothes on the hook. Then lie down on the examine table. The doctor will be in shortly.”

She leaves, shutting the door behind her.

I take my clothes off and lie on the table. I’m only here for physical, so i’m not stressing too much. The table is surprisingly comfortable. I close my eyes. I drift off…

“Hello there.”

I wake up quickly, a little surprised and groggy. How long did I sleep?

The voice is vaguely familiar.

I turn my head towards the open door.

A tall shapely figure is silhouetted by the light outside. I squint and look as the figure moves towards me.

It’s you!

“What are you doing here?” I ask.

“I’m old friends with Dr. Fox. He owed me a favor. I talked him into taking a long LONG lunch.”

As you move towards me I see that you are wearing a white doctor’s lab coat, and white nurse’s stockings. And white high heeled go go boots!

I lay back. “This is a nice surprise,” I said, as my cock began to create a tent in the front of my underpants.

“I’m glad you’re happy to see me,” you say, as you straddle the examining güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri table and lean down and rub your hands up my torso, lifting my tshirt as you do. You hover over me and bring your face to mine. i can smell your perfume as your mouth comes down on mine. I open my mouth to receive your tongue and you hungrily attack. My tongue meets yours as i bring my hand behind your head, grab your hair and pull you roughly closer to me.

Your breasts are straining to get out from the tight lab coat. With your mouth attached to mine, you climb up onto the examining table. Your legs are on either side of me. I feel the starched white stockings against the side of my thighs.

The bottom of the lab coat opens and i see you aren’t wearing panties, I can smell your pussy and even in the dark, I can see your pussy lips glistening with need and anticipation.

It feels a little weird to look up and see you on top of me but also a kind of turn on. I reach between your legs and slide one finger into you soft baby-skinned pussy. I pull out my finger, coated in your wetness, and taste you.

“Sit on my face,” I say. i’m hungry to taste your pussy juice.

You slide your bottom up my body, leaving a track of your wetness. I watch as your pussy descends onto my face. The world goes black. I feel you maneuver your pussy over my mouth. My nose is in your ass crack. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri You squeeze your white-sheathed thighs around my head.

I stick my tongue out and lick. I am consumed with hunger for your pussy. I take your full cunt lips into my mouth and suck, reaching for your clit with my tongue. I hear you moan as you bury your cunt further into my face.

I pull my head away from your pussy and say, hoarsely, “Turn around and suck my dick.”

You twist your pussy and ass around, your cunt never leaves my mouth.

I feel you lean forward, then your hands are grasping my underwear and roughly pushing them down around my knees.

Your mouth inhales my cock. I wrap my arms around your ass and thighs and pull your cunt into my face as I wrap my legs around your head. We roll onto our sides, each sucking and biting and moaning madly, shoving our pelvises into each other’s mouths. We’re moving our crotches and asses like strippers as we attempt to satisfy each other.

Our orgasms begin to build together. I feel you getting wetter as my cock swells. I hear your moans through your tightly wrapped legs.

We are a mess of sweaty sheets, and pussy juice.

You lift your head and I hear you say as you squeeze your legs tighter around my head, “Bite my clit, suck harder you motherfucker, lick me hard oh my god you eat my pussy so good, oh güvenilir bahis şirketleri my god, I’m about to come.”

We both moan loudly and explode at the same time. My come floods your mouth and i hear you gag, as your pussy juice squirts over my face and I frantically lick, wanting to lap up every drop.

We spasm over and over it feels like our come orgasms will never stop.

Finally my heart starts to slow down. You are rubbing your pussy against my mouth as i reflexively jab my dick into your throat.

As you pause I say, “Let’s fuck. Get on top of me.”

You don’t need to be told twice. You are up and easing your cunt down on my cock in no time.

You groan as the tip of my cock touches your cervix. After a couple of slow long strokes neither of us can hold back and you bounce up and down as my pelvis acts like a trampoline meeting your bounce and forcing you higher. You reach down and lay your head in my neck and grind against me. Our middles are locked together. My cock feels harder than when we began. I feel like i’m going to cut you in half. I can’t stop fucking you I want it to last forever i want you to remember the feeling as long as you live. I shout, “I’m cumming god damn it I’m cumming.”

You whisper, “Come on baby do it come on let me feel your come come on.”

I pump harder and faster, harder and faster, you begin to whimper, then moan, we are moving together like we’re doing the tango.

I reach my climax and scream as I come inside you. Your freeze your cunt against my cock, your eyes roll up inside your head and you arch your back as you come again.

Again, we slowly come back to earth. Our breath calms down, our hearts come back to normal.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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