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This chapter has a bit of world building, I hope you all enjoy my first try at this. The next chapter is going to be… probing… deeper into this company…


Heather walked into the slick white office, all glass desks, black trim, and spotless. Sasha saw her looking around at the surroundings in awe, “Our cleaners come in every night, and trust me we need it!” She giggled at the end but it wasn’t just the surroundings that had Heather interested. It was that the office was composed of almost entirely gorgeous women. She had been told that she would be working with 2 other women on a marketing team, something she had thought of as part of the progressive entrepreneurial company that she had been told she would be working for. But here in the office she had run into at least 10 women, all with long legs, thin waists and breasts (or at least bras) that defied gravity. Heather wasn’t a slough herself with a perky 34DD and 40 inch ass. It was odd though that this start up was attracting so many workers like herself. She had heard that getting in on the bottom floor of one of these would pay huge dividends in the future once it went public. They were vague on exactly what they would be making, but it involved “online interactive entertainment and it will be commonplace in every home in 5 years”. Sounded good enough for her and they liked her college marketing portfolio work. She was hired and told to report in 3 weeks.

Sasha walked her into a room labeled “Public Meetings” to find another clear glass table and clear chairs seated on either side of it. Heather took a seat as Sasha handed her small stack of papers. “This is our non-disclosure agreement, before we can show you what you will be working on, I need you to sign this. As you were told in your interview, this is a product that will see limitless growth potential. You will be well vested with stock options should you decide to stay past 6 months, with more for each additional year you are hear. That isn’t to say that this will be an easy job. We expect each employee to not only help in their assigned role, but also work on testing and design, and you’ll see why later. It is a bit of an unconventional workplace, but it is a very… satisfying workplace for those that will choose to fit in.” Sasha giggled at this last part before breaking her authoritative mode and reached across the table to touch Heather, “Don’t worry, if you don’t like it here, which I doubt, you can leave, no harm, no foul, as long as you don’t talk about our workplace and products.” Sasha smiled at this last part, letting Heather relax a bit, before hurriedly glancing through the documents, initialing on a few pages and then signing the last page. It was done, she was now an employee at Divine Devices Interactive!

Heather looked up after signing and asked, “So where will I be working?”

Sasha grinned and walked to the door, “Well lets meet the other girls you’ll be working with first and get those introductions out of the way before we go over dress code, time keeping, and expectations.” Sasha opened the door and called out in suddenly low and seductive voice, “Amy, Mary, why don’t you come on in and meet your new team member. Yes, I know, but this way you get to meet her properly.”

Sasha turned around with a suddenly large wolfish grin on her face and a glint in her green eyes that seemed to betray that Amy and Mary would be quite the handful for Heather.

Amy strode through the door first, all 5 feet of her, though she appeared much taller to Heather as her mouth dropped open. Amy tuzla escort had her fiery red hair done up in a fancy bundle like you might see in the 60’s, though the dress she was wearing was defiantly not 60s. Grey latex hugged every curve she had, from her breasts squished tightly against her chest, while black lines on the dress seductively traced down from her shoulders, around her breasts, down to her waist where the split into further black lines that traced her slim hips and ended at the hem, few inches below her ass. This only accented her long legs which ended in a pair of red stiletto heels. Amy’s deep red lip stick pursed and her eyes narrowed through her glasses as she surveyed Heather right back.

“Hmmmm, what did you hire this time Sasha?” Amy said in a low and deep southern accept. Amy took a few more paces inside before leaning up against the spotless wall and looking at Sasha above her glasses, “Am I to play nice this time?” she said slowly as she enunciated every word while a shocked Heather

Sasha appeared ready to answer her when Mary glided into the room. Heather noticed that she was the exact opposite of Amy immediately. Mary was taller than Heather, around 5 foot 8, and her brown hair was held loose and fell down her back, which only accented her billowy white blouse and flowing white skirt. Mary smiled warmly and took a seat gingerly across from Heather.

“Welcome to Divine Devices Interactive! It’s a pleasure to work her, you’ll find out soon enough. Now has Sasha told you yet what we are working on?” Mary warmly asked.

“No… Just that it will be everywhere in 5 years and that secrecy is the utmost importance… ” Heather said meekly, thinking that she has just made her first mistake in her post college career by not knowing the product that she would creating marketing for.

Mary looked back over at Sasha with a wide smile, “Are we ready to tell her?” Sasha gave her a nod to go ahead.”

“We are working on electroconductive plastics. Which is a fancy term for using electricity to be able to re-shape and re-form plastics, including density, shape, and appearance. What we have could be used in any number of common day appliances and will be able to transmit information back across, making them perfect for sensors, consumer electronic devices, even military use if we can get the application down right. So we are serious when we say it could be everywhere in 5 years. But right now, we haven’t produced a final product yet, we are not going to license out the technology, and are going to work on a niche area first so we aren’t recognized right away. Which brings me to our first line of products, our niche areas… apparel and intimate devices.” Mary ended with a grin on her face as she leaned back and let Heather adsorb the information.

Heather looked over at Amy and it started to click.

“So Amy is wearing the product right now, and if she wanted too, she could change the length of it, the color, even the cutouts right?” Heather asked as she began to see the possibilities for the clothing world alone.

“Intimate devices? … You mean sex toys?” Heather asked in a gasp as she began to realize the other half of the market that she was now supposed to create marketing for.

Amy pushed herself off the wall and walked out of the room, looking over her shoulder as she left “I call them fuck sticks Sugar, and you’ll see soon enough!” She laughed as she passed through the doorway.

Mary gave Heather a pained smile as she told her, “Well… Amy is technically correct, but we call pendik escort them everything they are traditionally called, vibrators and dildos, and whatever. But that is where you come in as well, you’ll be working with myself and Amy to market these to various groups. I’ve been hired to find what appeals to your middle class soccer mom, Amy,… well she knows really well how the BDSM, deviants, and porn stars are going to enjoy this. You will be helping us target the college girls. You are going to have complete control over that portion of the marketing campaign while helping us in our areas. Will that work for you?”

Heather thought about it for a few moments. She didn’t really want BDSM clothes and sex toys to appear at the top of her resume, but if they were right about the material and the possibilities, the stock options alone she could probably retire on in a few years.

“Why don’t you show me my desk?” Heather grinned, holding back her hesitation so it didn’t endanger her first real job.

As they walked Heather back to her desk, she couldn’t help but admire the smooth lines and clear look of everything in the office. The desks were open, the office had no walls between people except for a few that the executives worked in and everyone had a smile on their face. All the girls dressed very professionally in various of nice dresses and blouses paired with skirts. Amy appeared to be the only one actually wearing the product, and Heather breathed a sigh of relief, the thought of wearing a latex dress caused her hear to flutter a bit in uneasiness at showing off in such a tight dress.

“Here is your desk Heather.” Sasha waved her hand in the direction of a clear desk and chair conjoined with three other desks in a spiral.

“We find the desk layout promotes collaboration and productivity, something that you all will defiantly need. The fourth desk in your group belongs to a designer. We spread the designers out among the various groups so they can work with a variety of inspirations and tailor their creations. The engineers are in another building, but those science boys just work on improving the plastics and their capabilities, they don’t care much for designing the actual products.” Sasha gleaned over a few more details of the job before handing her over to Mary.

“When you sign in every day, you just need to lay your hand on the desk, the sensors we have built into the desk will read not only your unique hand print, but also pulse, blood type and general health. It’s one of the capabilities of this product, all without any visible pad or device!”

Heather tried it out, laying her hand on the pad itself, the desk light up along the edges, though there was no known bulbs, and displayed information on the desk. Pulse, 75, Blood Type, AB, BP, 120/85. It read her name and the time right afterward, with a spinning head shot of her as she had entered the building, Heather C. Hadilon, 9:21am.

“There you are checked in for work now Heather!” Mary patted her on the back and walked around the desk, pressing her own hand to the surface of her own desk, causing the same lights to appear, but Heather was unable to read any text that came up.

Amy strutted over as Mary sat down, sneering at Heather as she stood at her own desk right in front of Heather. “What fun is this job if you don’t use this product in interesting ways? This isn’t some sanitized sci-fi show bullshit here, reading palm crap. I like to check in a different way. With this, Amy pressed some buttons on her phone and turned her back to Heather aydınlı escort as a slightly flowing liquid sound could be heard as Amy’s dress shrank.

Heather couldn’t help but watch as the tight latex dress moved, sticking to Amy’s legs, but moving up away from ass, revealing the same porcelain skin that you could see everywhere else on Amy. The dress now created an arching bridge from one hip to another, leaving Amy’s ass exposed for Heather to see. Amy turned back around with a wiry grin on her face, doing nothing to hide the red bit of hair above her smooth pussy shaped into a lighting bold.

Amy looked down at her phone, chuckling in that southern accent as she pressed a few more buttons. Now the chair began to reform, from a simple rounded chair, into something that leaned back slightly and elongated.

Heather gasped and covered her mouth as the chair molded into its final form. It was a leaned back chair with stirrups! It wasn’t like her gyno’s chair, this one would still allow the person to sit up and work at their desk, but the stirrups were formed to hold the persons legs slightly apart, and it was what was in between the stirrups that caused her to gasp. A huge glass cock sat ready for Amy to sit on.

“You know, you can try it if you like.” Amy said mockingly to Heather as she swung her leg over on the chair and sat down the seat, positioning the chairs cock at the entrance to her lightning bolt, porcelain smooth pussy. Amy then closed her eyes and let herself descend the rest of the way into the chair, letter her weight impale herself on the chairs cock.

Heather gasped as it slid into Amy, what she could only estimate as large as any other man she had been with.

Amy kept her eyes closed and began narrating, “His cock is now sliding between my lips,… OhhhHHHH… the head just pushed past… hmmmm thats tight… the smoothness of it sliding… it’s almost indescribably… you reaaaaalllly need to try this.” she crooned.

“Amy, you can knock it off with the slow demonstration, we don’t want you to scare off another employee with your exhibitionism.” Mary curtly shot across their pod of desks.

Amy opened her eyes and with a smile of pure enjoyment, eyed her desk as it lit up, displaying her name, vitals, and a few bits of further information that Amy had customized into her own desk.

“You know Heather, I just don’t figure why I shouldn’t enjoy this job to the fullest. I work at a place that can make customizable and moldable dresses and dicks, my two favorite things in the world. And if i’m to sell these to other people, I need to know how they work. And I enjoy how they work. I keep the designer in our group busy each day.”

Amy tapped a few more buttons on her phone, causing the chair to slowly sit forward and into a position where she could talk to Heather easily and still keeping herself impaled on the chairs cock. Amy grinned again as she leaned forward.

“Let me tell you something, I actually use this chair like this for health purposes. Due to my small stature, my pussy is quite small as well. Have you ever had a guy dump you because he couldn’t fit his cock in your box? I have, a few times in fact, but this chair is stretching me out, letting me become a bit more like everyone else. The cock you saw isn’t big, probably average human size, but it is the biggest i’ve been able to ever fit in, and I just got there last week, after 4 months of training in this chair.” Amy turned her chair around and began to type on her computer. A low hum began in her chair as she turned around to Heather again with a wicked grin, “but the vibrating function certainly helps me concentrate anyways.” She laughed loudly which brought a bit of a glare from Mary.

Heather’s first day to Divine to be continued…

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