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Jim was a recently graduated mining engineer working and living in a remote mining town. The town had limited amenities and few places to relax, have a beer after work, or go to a show, or to meet a single woman. To top that off, he lived in an all male single status bunkhouse and ate three meals a day in a cafeteria.

But he loved it. His mine engineering work could have filled his entire 24-hour day. He loved the outdoors and fished throughout the year. The people who lived and worked in these remote sites were special, independent and trustworthy. The mining companies organized parties and dances to which all were invited, along with self-help classes for wives and children. Despite their location the inhabitants probably had more satisfying social lives than they had enjoyed back in their hometowns.

Even better, Jim was erotically involved with an older single woman, Barbara, who had been providing him with unrestrained sex for several months. They met often at her log cabin on a lake a few miles from the mine site. They were discreet about their affair because of her position as the Executive Secretary to the Mine Manager. The need to be discreet added to the intensity when they did meet and the sex was hot and varied.

Lately Barbara had deliberately limited their opportunities for sex. Her sudden caution came from a combination of concern for him that their affair could be impacting his life adversely and for her part that she saw no future beyond sex for the two of them and that she was on a road to nowhere. She was thinking of ending things and moving on.

She made no attempt to explain this to Jim, and he was left wondering why she appeared to be suddenly reluctant to meet. He enjoyed their friendship as well as the sex and was not in the least worried about his future.

Barbara had one person to whom she unburdened herself when she felt pressured about her personal life. Donna, the Manager’s wife had been a source of comfort and a shoulder to cry on for several years. Barbara had followed and worked with the Manager at different locations in the north and he considered her an important part of his Management team. Donna knew all about Barbara’s sexual encounters with the young engineer having encouraged her to forget about the niceties of social appearances and to grasp pleasure and happiness wherever she could.

Barbara kept her informed of her sexual encounters with Jim and Donna enjoyed listening to them in full detail. The stories turned both of them on in the telling and had encouraged Donna to seek more attention from her busy husband. He was in a pressure cooker situation and Donna admitted that despite his efforts most of their sex was “duty sex, just going through the motions.”

The two ladies were polar opposites both physically and in their social approach despite being in total synch on sex. Barbara was tall, skinny, and gangly choosing to dress in mannish fashion with little thought to emphasizing her feminine attributes. Donna was vivacious and voluptuous, and dressed provocatively. She was flirtatious while Barbara was cautious and withdrawn. But it was Barbara who was getting the most male attention these past few months.

Barbara and Donna discussed Barb’s intention to stop her affair.

“Do you still enjoy sex with him?” Donna asked.

Barbara, “Yes of course, he is a wonderful lover, gentle and very attentive towards me while always making sure I am satisfied.”

“Do you enjoy being with him. Is he interesting? Or is it all about sex?”

Barbara, “I love being with him, we enjoy many of the same things; we fish and ski and curl, we are politically aligned. However, sex is the central issue when we meet, he can barely keep his hands off of me when we are alone.”

Donna wrestled with a response. She was in an awkward position as she was currently having her own fantasies about sex with her best friend’s young lover. The tales of her friend getting regularly laid while her own sex life was almost dormant had affected her more than she cared to admit.

Her fantasies had intensified during Christmas break. The mine closed for two weeks over Christmas and New Years with the majority of employees returning to their hometowns for the holiday. A skeleton staff remained to maintain the mine.

Donna and Bill had organized a New Year’s Eve dinner at a local hotel for those who had stayed behind. There was no shortage of cocktails and wine after which the entire group were invited to the Manager’s home to welcome in the New Year. A happy group of sixteen had accepted and stormed the recreation room. A well stocked bar and darkened dance area kept the festive atmosphere fueled.

The predictable wild kissing and hugging began as the clock struck midnight. Donna pulled Jim to one side and applied her entire body against his while they enjoyed a lingering tongue filled kiss.

His only comment was, “Wow, Happy New Year!”

After everyone had kissed everyone else, the music began and dancing resumed. Jim rescued Barbara from the fondling hands canlı bahis of a glass-eyed superintendent and pulled her to the dance floor. Discretion was not in vogue that night so their body grinding dance hold was not particularly noticeable.

But there was one person noticing and after a few minutes Donna cut in on them saying, “Barb, let me have your man for a while, its time you shared him with us tonight. Take Paul here, I have him ready for you.” They all laughed, including a bent over Paul.

Donna slipped into Jim’s waiting arms and guided him to a corner of the room. She pressed her hips tight to his, feeling the erection that Barb had just brought to life. It was stretched up along his belly and Donna guessed that he had trapped the knob under his belt buckle. She moved one breast under his arm for him to caress between his bicep and chest as they swayed.

Donna said boldly, “So, how is your love life up here in the bush Jim? Finding it difficult to find a partner? You and Barb do look comfortable together on the dance floor.” All said with a knowing grin.

Jim was not flustered by her words. He had long suspected that Barbara had told Donna about their affair. The wild erotic kiss she had planted just minutes before suggested that she had interests in him of her own.

He turned her so that her back was directed to a corner of the room and drifted one hand down to fondle her ass with one finger teasing and picking suggestively at her panty line.

She moaned, placed her head on his shoulders and kissed his neck. Still clutching her cheek, he held her still and rubbed his cock up and down against her mound. The reality that he was doing this to his Boss’s wife did not strike home until much later. He whispered, “I could get off like this Donna.”

“Keep it up I could get off with you,” she responded as she dropped one hand to fondle his ass.

And now back to today, Donna was being asked to advise her good friend about cancelling her affair with Jim. Donna was normally a very frank person, truthful and direct but was conflicted and wondered if she could be honest in giving such advice while she herself was considering ways to get him between her legs. Her honesty won out.

Donna said, “You have what half the women in town are looking for. So my advice is to just keep fucking his brains out. Keep him interested, he wouldn’t go long without sex up here.”

Barbara paused pensively and then said, “You know Donna, in all of the years that we have known each other, you have never divulged much about your own sex life other than occasional comments about you and Bill in bed, while I have told you almost every intimate detail of my life. Have you ever been unfaithful to Bill?”

The question staggered Donna and she reached for her drink before responding. Her delay was pretty well an indication of the answer to come; she obviously had strayed at some point.

Donna was slightly flushed as she said, “Yes, yes I have, several times in fact.”

Barbara raised an eyebrow in expectation and said, “And so? Share it with me.”

Donna shrugged, looked around the empty room as if checking to see if there might be others listening.

“There were a few romances. The first ones happened during our early marriage when Bill would run off to operate some remote mine while I stayed home with our young kids. He would be gone for months on some occasions. I started screwing an old boyfriend. We had lived together for a short time before I married Bill. We had even talked about marriage.

I met him while shopping one day. He started calling me at home after he discovered that I was a grass widow. I went to his apartment one day and ended up in bed with him about three minutes after he shut the door. I got off just as soon as his cock touched my pussy. We kept it up for a while; it never bothered me at that time. He was just someone that I had liked and almost loved, someone with whom I had enjoyed sex, someone to replace what I was missing during Bill’s absence. I ended it quite quickly.

But I did have another affair just a few years ago. I have mixed feelings about it, although it was maybe the best I have ever had. Remember that guy Stan, the one who used to come up to the mine from head office when we were at the Anchor Mine?”

Barbara colored a bit, and said in a slightly shaken voice, “You did it with Stan?”

Donna continued, “There was some magic between us when we did meet up at the mine. But while I enjoyed mild exchanges with him, I never really considered getting alone with him. And besides where would one have done it up there? There wasn’t even a motel.

Bill and I went to the mining convention that spring and met for dinner with some of the Head Office people. Stan was there. I just thought of something. Did he have a wife?”

Barbara responded, “If he had one, he never told me.”

Donna raised an eyebrow, had Barbara also had an encounter with the company stud? But she went on, “Anyway, Bill and I had been arguing that day. He loved conventions and bahis siteleri I did not. I wanted to enjoy the social activities of meeting people and seeing things while he was there to give and listen to technical papers. We exchanged sour words at the dinner that night.

Stan could sense a problem between us and during an interval when the entire table was talking all at once; he pulled my chair out and asked me to dance.

I was dressed to impress that night and Stan appeared to be impressed. I felt terribly attractive in my off the shoulder blouse and was really pissed off that my husband had not offered a compliment.

Stan did not waste time and pulled me against him. He became hard immediately and I made no effort to avoid rubbing against it.

‘You are a very beautiful woman Donna,’ he said seriously. ‘I often think about making love to you.’

I was in the right mood to hear something like that and I am sure that he sensed it. He slipped one hand up along my side and caressed the side of my breast, his thumb rubbing the area of my nipple, and then let that hand slide down, around my hip to fondle one cheek. I think that all I did in response was to lick my lips.”

Barbara intervened, “That is so hot Donna, every woman’s dream, a gorgeous man wants you. I would have let him do me right there on the dance floor.”

Donna said, “Well, I was aroused alright, but there was no way to get anything done that night. Stan said, ‘Can you get away tomorrow morning? I have planned this for some time and my suite is directly across from yours. Call me when you are ready, slip on a hotel robe, nothing else, and my door will be open. Very safe, nobody will see you.’

This was beyond my experience and it seemed as if I had no choice but to accept his apparent desperate need for me. Half way through my first personal contact with the man and he was telling me that I simply must screw him.

He sensed my hesitation and pressed more closely as we swayed to the music, grinding his cock on my hip and mound before whispering in my ear, ‘Donna, say yes.’

I said, ‘Yes.’

It all seemed to work exactly as he had commanded. I swear I was still cast in his hypnotic spell next morning; I could barely wait for Bill to leave for his technical sessions. There were still some vestiges of our argument remaining from the day before which only strengthened my resolve to get laid. I was very horny.

So, I showered, dried my hair, applied light makeup, pulled a white hotel robe over my naked body and called his room. It was like a dream, my heart was pounding as I reached out to knock on his door and his hand appeared to pull me into his room. Must have been three seconds after my own door closed. Within a few more seconds my back was against the door, my robe open and Stan’s face buried in my tits with his knee thrust between my legs and pressed up against my pussy.”

Barbara was enthralled, breathless, eyes bulging as the tale unfolded. She gasped, “Oh God, Donna, how hot, how long did you stay?”

Donna took in a breath, reliving this encounter had brought back all of the intense pleasure that she had enjoyed, along with the sense of dread at being unfaithful to her husband.

“Well, I suppose I was there two hours. The man was insatiable. He hooked my leg over the crook of his arm and screwed me up against the door. I don’t think he got off. Then he carried me into the bedroom and placed me on my hands and knees; licked my pussy and did me doggy style from behind, screwing me while spanking my ass. He got off that time.

After a brief rest he wanted me to ride him so that he could feast on my tits and nipples. I loved that one, for the first time I felt as if I was in control. We both got off big time. When it was over, we didn’t even shower, he just pulled my robe on me, kissed me gently and bid me on my way! Later I had the feeling that I had just woke up from a wet dream and I stood dazed for at least an hour under a hot steamy shower.”

The ladies set silently before Barbara stated simply, “I did him once too, although it was not nearly as exotic as your encounter. I liked him; he was always so gallant and attentive to me when we met at the office. It was my task to update him on the mood of the company and personnel issues on each of his visits. I never dreamed that he desired me but I enjoyed being around him.

One night we stayed late, the office was empty and silent. As we completed our work he lifted me out of my chair and kissed me. I was mystified by the kiss, but as you said, it was as if I was in his control. Not that I had any objections.

I had worn a skirt in his honor that day, not my normal workday jeans. He unbuttoned my shirt and unhooked the bra and left it hanging inside the shirt. He slipped his hands up between my legs as he sucked away at my nipples. He seemed to be really turned on with my breasts, his lips and tongue racing around like a hound seeking a trail. He rubbed my pussy through my panties and ordered me to ‘take my cock out Barb.’

I did as told, bahis şirketleri unzipped him and pushed his pants down to the floor.

He lifted up from a nipple and said, “Shorts too baby, take it out in your hand.’

I grasped his cock and gave him a nice slow hand job as he continued to suck my nipples. I can still feel his lips on them, God I could have taken that all night he was starving for them.

He turned and sat on my chair, reached out and pulled me over him my legs each side of his knees until my pussy was right over his erection. He bunched my skirt around my hips and pushed my panties to one side. My thigh gap makes that possible. Jim loves it,” she giggled.

“Anyway, back to Stan, I obediently settled down on him. I was tight so he wet a finger and circled it around the knob of his cock in my slit. I worked my way down his shaft, suddenly as desperate as he to have it in me.

‘Baby,’ he groaned, ‘ever get laid with your panties still on? So exciting, love your pussy, hot and wet and slippery, really need to fuck you Barb. It’s like doing something bad isn’t it? Do it Barb.’

And I did, I went completely bonkers, bouncing up and down on him as he caressed and squeezed my ass. We must have made a strange sight. He sitting there in a chair, his pants and shorts around his ankles, still dressed from the hips up and his glistening erection thrust upwards into the night. Then there was me sliding up and down on his cock with my shirt unbuttoned and my tits dangling under my bra and otherwise fully clothed.

They wanted to laugh, but remained serious and quiet for a few minutes. They were both turned on, loins weakened and nipples erect and cramping. It had been somehow therapeutic. Something they had deemed almost shameful, although pleasurable, was not as terrible in the telling as they had imagined.

Donna finally responded, “Damn it Barb, looks like we had a threesome and never knew about it.”

They exploded with laughter and relief. Donna continued, “He was good though. I often wondered whether he had slipped me a drug of some sort. I admit that I was ready for something like that although I had never before reacted like a controlled robot.”

Barbara said, “It was quite the same with me. I was certainly not thinking of sex, although I had always found him attractive. All of a sudden he is kissing me and telling me he was going to screw me. Just relating it to you made it more exciting. I have no regrets.”

Donna said archly, “Have you ever had a threesome Barb? I have thought about it often, but it has not happened to me,” a pause and then “yet. How about you?”

“God no,” Barb replied, “Never came close, and until you just made a joke about us and Stan, it never occurred to me. Why?”

“Just saying,” said Donna, “We have shared our most intimate stories, even shared the same guy at different times.” A deep breath and then she said, “I do fantasize about a threesome with you. And a man.”

Barbara colored as she stumbled out with “Damn it Donna. What has got into you? You want sex with me too? If we did do a threesome wouldn’t we just take turns screwing one guy?”

Donna was unfazed, shrugged and pushed on with, “What the hell, could do either or both, would depend on how things turned out I guess. I would like to be naked with you. You ever think about that?”

Barbara was embarrassed; she had occasionally had similar thoughts, rubbing tits, sucking nipples and confessed, “Well yes, a little I guess, when we get horny telling our stories I sometimes think of you in that way. Never lasts that long though, the feelings end when the story is over.”

Despite her bravado, Donna was relieved and said, “Good, that’s out of the way. Maybe we can get serious about a threesome.”

Barbara said, “Let’s think about it in the spring at the convention. We can always find time and place and most likely a man. How about Stan? Does he still attend annually? I’d love another go with him. Damn, can you imagine? Watching each other get laid by Stan?”

Without really trying Donna had jolted her friend from worrying about her current young lover to thoughts of sex with someone else.

She said, “Not sure, I haven’t seen Stan since that fateful morning. Besides, I don’t want to wait until spring. Let’s think out of the box now. There is only one place we can do it up here and that is in your cabin.”

Suddenly it struck Barbara that she was being manipulated. She said warily, “I guess you’re right, now all we need is a man. Tell me that you are not thinking about the identity of a particular man right now.”

Donna was aggressive in her response, “You know whom I am thinking about. I think it would be nice if you shared him with your very best sex starved friend. You know that I had a little sample of him at New Years. And I suspect, well I know that he would love it.”

Barbara was not as surprised as she had let on. She had caught sight of Jim and Donna on New Year’s Eve dancing rubbing and kissing in the corner. Jim had stayed at her cabin with her for the two days following but had not admitted to anything despite her prodding. His evasive responses to her questions about Donna had only increased the intensity of their passion together in bed.

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