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Welcome to My World

Daphnie could feel her husband’s eyes upon her as she walked out of the bathroom. He was already in bed, although his bare shoulders showed above the coverlet. Though she couldn’t see it, she imagined his phallus making a tent of his boxers. She liked having that particular effect on him.

Trying to hide her smile she slid into bed next to him, with only her panties on. That was their deal, their marital contract, nothing on top when in bed.

She slid up to her husband, pressing her breasts into his ribs. Seemingly by accident, she pressed into his member. It was just as engorged as she’d thought. She fought to keep herself from smiling.

“I swear you do that on purpose,” Dirk said, pulling her up tight for a kiss. “You know how bad you make me want you?”

“Yah,” Daphne responded, giving him a teasing peck in return. “But remember, it was you that wanted us to sleep in the nude. I at least had the good sense to insist that I get to wear panties. You wouldn’t want me spoiling the bed or anything.”

“That almost makes it worse,” Dirk groaned. “You look so, hell, hot in them. You sure you don’t want to take them off?”

“No I don’t want to take them off. You always want to take them off, you insatiable Letcher,” Daphnie teased, touching his tip but then turned her back to him.

“If you’d take them off I could sneak attack you later,” he said, sliding his hand down onto her ass. He gave it a good squeeze.

“My god Dirk!” she sighed, rising up on one elbow and scooting away. She knew she was a little bit of a tease but, by god, she put out too. “You’ve already had me, what, six times this week and it’s only Tuesday.”

“Three,” he said, “Twice on Sunday and once this morning, but who’s counting.”

“Fine, three,” she said, slightly exasperated; who’s counting indeed. “But I swear you are going to wear that thing out! It’s going to fall off. Now whose fault will that be?”

Dirk snorted. “Fall off?” he said. “Au contraire, you’re the balm for my need, the oil for my sword, the cure for my disease.”

Daphnie giggled. beşiktaş türbanlı escort “The oil for your sword?”

“Yah, let me sheath it and I’ll show you,” he leant over her and kissed her ear, wrapped his arm over the top of her and slid his hand down her belly towards her crotch.

She grabbed his hand in order to stop him. She tried to pry him away but he was far stronger than she.

“Dirk, stop!” she squealed, “Not tonight!” Her heart was hammering; her chest tight and her desires conflicted.

“Wadaya mean not tonight,” he said, shoving his tongue in her ear.

“God yuck!” she screamed. She jerked her head away from him. No matter how warm his tongue on her skin, there was nothing erotic, or even pleasant, about having slimy slobber dripping down her ear canal.

However, in her struggles she lost her grip on his hand. In a moment it was within her panties and hot upon her sex. He dragged her closer by the grip between her legs. His other arm wrapped up underneath her, across her breast, pinning her back to his chest. His member prodded her ass, his fingers tickled her ribs, his hand clamped her heat and no matter how she struggled, bucked, squealed or squirmed she could not get away.

Five minutes later she lay, still pinned, panting, her back against his chest. His fingers were still tickling her armpit and ribs. It was a torment she couldn’t escape. It made her muscles jerk and spasm. It played counterpoint to the slow coiling heat he had begun to tease out of her with his other fingers. She felt helpless. She felt on fire.

“Dirk, let go!” she growled, using both her hands to try and pry his one out of her panties.

“No,” he said, “not until you orgasm. You tease me all the time. Now it’s my turn.” She could almost feel his smile.

“Dirk stop!”

“No,” he said gently, and kissed her cheek. She yanked her head away burying her face in the pillow and grinding her teeth.

Still his finger circled. Still his fingers tickled. Still her heat coiled higher.

Daphnie gathered herself. beşiktaş ucuz escort He abdomen flexed, she screamed, she bucked. Dirk’s hand slipped. She was almost free. She fought harder. She was like a wild thing.

A moment later she collapsed. Her body was hot, and slick with sweat, but inside she was cold. Dirk’s fingers poking her ribs were painful now and his circling digit an irritant rather than an enticement.

“Let me go,” she said, coldly.


“Why?” She tried to keep her voice cold but there was a slight waver too it. A painful void was welling up within her chest.

“Because this is what you do to me. Every day, every look, every move, I want you. And you know it, I see it in your eyes, in the smiles you can’t quite hide, in the way you move when you know I’m watching.”

She couldn’t deny that.

“When I’m at work I dream of you. When I’m racing home, I ach for you. When I walk in the door I want to smother you in kisses and bend you over the counter. When we’re watching TV, god knows I want to climb on top of you.

“Then why don’t you?” she said, her anger slipping. She twisted her neck, trying to look him in the eye.

“Because I want you to want me too. I want you to feel the helpless torment and pleasure you give to me.”

There was a plaintive note in his voice. His fingers had stopped tickling her and his hand lying flat against her sex trembled. That tremble sank into her pelvis. More, his words sank into her imagination. Something hot and smoldering awoke within her.

“But I do want you,” she breathed, craning her neck further, seeking a kiss.

“No you don’t,” he replied, moving his lips away. “You want to please me, you even want to tease me, but you don’t ach for me. You don’t long for me. You don’t want me. Not like I want you.”

Daphnie gasped. She heard, she felt, true longing. She’d never felt so desired, or so desirable. A part of her mind awakened, another part shut down. The vibration in her pelvis tightened, grew, blossomed. A kind of ach awakened between her legs beşiktaş üniversiteli escort and she gently nudged herself against his hand.

He kissed her then, long and deep. She kissed him back. They shared their air. They shared their heat. It filled her and slowly, bit-by-bit, it took command of her. She was helpless to resist it.

Daphne’s pelvis began to move in time with Dirk’s gently circling finger. Her stomach flexed, her chest heaved. From head to toe her body began a gentle undulating wave. Dirk’s finger, slowly teasing her sex, controlled it. It controlled her. Even Daphne’s probing kiss kept time Dirk’s finger.

She felt a tightening in her hips. The ache was coiling tighter and tighter. She was almost on the edge and the anticipation was brutal.

Seeking relief, she grabbed his hand, pressing it against her. He fought her. So she tried to get her own fingers in down there. He swatted her away.

She was growing desperate. Her feelings were growing, consuming her, filling her chest and stealing her air. She broke the kiss. She couldn’t maintain it. The heat was overwhelming. All thought fled. Her mind shrank. All that existed was the overwhelming agonizing pleasure overtaking her and the man doing it to her.

Suddenly the rhythm of her undulation broke despite the demand of her husband’s ever circling finger. Her thighs arched as though split by some imaginary man. The outer muscles of her vagina clenched, bearing down hard. Oh how she desperately wished her husbands engorged phallus were there. She growled, low and loud and it went on and on and on in a rhythm all its own.

And then she came. She had no words to describe it. Rational thought had fled. Only the quaking of her body, the satisfaction of her desperate need and the motion of her husband’s finger remained.

Daphne’s first rational thought was that she was getting cold. She was lying on her back with her arms and legs akimbo. Sweat was beginning to dry on her skin.

She turned towards the warmth of her husband. She looked up at him. She saw desire in his eyes. She felt her own stirrings too. She should have been satisfied, but somehow, she was not quite. She wrapped her arms about him and pulled him close. She knew she was going to want that again.

Dirk removed her panties and his shorts. He climbed on top. She wrapped herself around him. He grinned as he sank into her.

“Welcome to my world,” was all he said.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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