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“I can’t believe he talked me into this!”

The airplane was taxiing into the terminal after a safe landing and a smooth flight. You’d already decided to throw caution to the wind, just by agreeing to this crazy adventure. The stewardess, with the long hair and longer legs, smiles at you as she takes away your third empty cocktail.

“It helps if you put your ring in your purse.”

“I’m sorry?”

“You’re going to have a great time, I can already tell.” She smiles at you devilishly, living vicariously in your shoes, as she continues down the aisle.

The seat belt sign goes out, and a handsome teenager helps you get your carry on down from the overhead. As you thank him, it dawns on you what the stewardess meant, so you slip your ring off and carefully place it into a zippered pocket of your bag.

You walk from the terminal to passenger pickup, your phone rings his special ring tone, and the butterflies in your stomach begin flapping furiously.

“Hello?” You sing.

My deep voice sounds warm in your ear, “Hello Sweetness! How was your flight?”

“It was great! I mean, good. I’m good… I’m, I can’t believe I’m actually here! Where are you?”

“I’m still at the hotel, don’t worry though, I sent a car to pick you up. He should already be there with your name on a sign.”

The disappointment that he’s not here in person takes you by surprise. He did send a car though, and the first class flight was very nice. You reconsider your hurt feelings as I tell you how happy I am, and that I can’t wait to see you.

To your surprise, a man in a black suit with a sharp looking chauffeur’s hat stands near the doors waiting for you. He is holding a hand lettered sign that says, “Lynnie”, with a little heart above the i. The pet name brings back memories from a life time ago. The driver takes your bag and leads you to the car. It is much more than just a car. The stretch limo has neon lights that make the blacktop under it glow like it’s a floating space ship. “Vegas is too much”, you giggle to yourself.

After helping you inside, your chauffeur informs you that you have a gift which is sitting on the seat, waiting for you. There, next to you, you find a silver paper wrapped box with a single rose on top of it. As topkapı escort the driver pulls into traffic, you smell the rich aroma of the fresh flower. “He’s being so thoughtful!” You carefully unwrap the paper, then lift the top off the box and find a gorgeous little dress. It is purple with golden embroidery and spider web thin golden shoulder straps. The driver rolls down the privacy glass and offers you full access to the bar. He also tells you that your host has a room were you may change. He winks, and reassures you that the privacy glass is real and you may also change in the car if you wish.

“You’ll make a better impression on him, if you’re already ready.” Then he rolls up the glass.

Overwhelmed, you pour yourself a stiff little drink. You quickly swallow it, then lift the silky smooth dress out of the box. Underneath you find a pair of impossibly thin panties on top of a pair of black and gold heals. “WOW!” You pour yourself another little drink as your body warms up to the idea of slipping out of your real world clothes and into this magically delicious little outfit.

I was waiting for you at the base of the great glass pyramid, in front of a statue of Anubis. Your limo pulled up right in time, and as the driver helped you out of the car, two giant lights flashed across you, and for a brief moment, you looked completely nude as the light made your gentle dress disappear around your sensual body. I was blinded by your beauty and when my eyes readjusted, I saw that you were already wearing the golden purple dress I’d chosen for you. It hugged your every curve. We didn’t have to say a word, your eyes met mine and you flew into my arms.

Our mouths joined and the taste and smell of you exploded into my being. My fingers slid up your neck and into your hair like four tiny tongues sliding up your inner thigh. A wave of ecstasy tinkled down your back and you leaped up wrapping your legs around me and grabbing my head and face with both hands. My other hand supported you by one tight little ass cheek.

Your skirt hitched up your thighs and the silk of your panties found my crotch which suddenly sprang to life and bulged toward your hot little mound. The thin fabric barely separating our bodies didn’t türbanlı escort prevent you from suddenly cumming with a surprising little orgasm as your softness rubbed against my rock hard body.

I motioned for the driver to reopen the door and I set you down on the seat. Before climbing in, you quickly unzipped me and pulled out my round headed rod. You gasped with delight as you grabbed me with both hands and gobbled me whole. I was suddenly sliding down your throat, and I went dizzy. You gagged, then relaxed, then pushing me all the way in.

“Good God wishes he was me right now!”

I fell from your mouth as you gasped for breath, and I reached between your legs and I tore the tiny panties from your body. I tossed them over my shoulder, and in one fluid motion, the driver snatched them from mid air as he closed the door behind me. I leaped into the limo like a hungry lion, pushing you down onto the soft warm leather. We fucked and drank with the windows opens so the sounds of the city and the hot desert air could blow across our bodies.

The drink went to our heads as we partied and fucked and laughed and danced. The clubs played the familiar tunes from our past and we felt like kids again. All our years melted away and our past and present mixed into an impossible eternity as our bodies moved and became one with the rhythms of the dance floor. My hands explored every delightful inch of your sweaty flesh, right there in public with a hundred other wild animals of the night.

Somehow we found ourselves alone at the top of a very tall building. It had amusement park rides, and I sat in the seat of a tower ride with my legs dangling over the edge. You climbed up and put your perfect little booty right in my face. I flipped your skirt up and sucked on your hot slit for a quick second as you again unzipped me and pulled my cock out. Then you pulled your dress off your body and let the wind carry it away. It fluttered up and out over the side of the building and I realized we were crazy high in the sky. The stars above felt as far as the city lights below. You sat on my lap and let my dick slide into you.

“Uuuuum, you feel so great! If you were mine, I’d make you the center of my world. I could never tüyap escort ignore you.”

I put the seat belt around us and held you in my arms as the ride suddenly shot skyward! The g-forces slammed my cock into you and you screamed with pain and pleasure and fear. At the top of the tower, as gravity released it’s hold on us, your wet little pussy slid up off of me and the rim around the tip wiggled and bobbled and bounced and licked at your clit and lips as we fell back towards earth. The exhilaration of falling mixed with the stimulus of your sexpot sent shock waves through your body.

At the bottom of the ride, the brakes hit hard and your falling body slammed down hard onto my pulsing pleasure pole! A yell and a scream burst from your mouth as the sudden pressure against the deepest parts of you howled from pleasurable pain. Your legs and arms locked tight in an uncontrollable spasm as your whole body jerked back and forth. With each thrust of your hips, the tip of my dick rammed against a new part of your pussy sending pleasure straight to your brain where a kaleidoscope of colors exploded.

The ride didn’t stop. It acceded again with greater force, vibrating my whole body beneath you and making my rigid member the center of your whole being. Again, we reached the top of the tower and I slid away as you continued to rise. Suddenly, the safety belt snapped and the chair of the ride dropped without us! I grabbed you by your breasts and squeezing hard, I accidentally pinched your nipples between my fingers. The pain was so good, you placed your hands over mine and squeezed even harder.

I spun you around to face me and you again wrapped your legs and arms around me. I entered you as our mouths joined and the force of gravity reached up to our weightless, entwined bodies. We broke our kiss to look into each other’s eyes as we both exploded with Earth shaddering orgasmic passion and fear.

“Wake up. We’re here.”

“Oooooh FaAaAa…! Huh? Wwwa.. where am I?”

The car’s headlights panned across your front yard as the vehicle pulled into it’s driveway.

“Did you just have a nightmare?”

“Ummm, yeah, kinda. I was on an airplane, and…”

“You’re ok now, it’s over, babe.”

The way he said “babe” had begun to irritate you months ago. The B was too hard, like he really wanted to call you another word.

“Wake up the kid, k? I’m too tired to carry her in.”

He got out of the car with out so much as a glance, so you closed your eyes and tried to fly back to Vegas. Back into my arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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