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She stirred as a multitude of warm, pulsating water jets swirled across her nude torso. Where was she, in the hot tub? The Jacuzzi? One of the stronger currents bubbled playfully against her labial lips, separating them with its force, caressing her clitoris. The stream moved inches away and Denise moved her hips, aiming for more direct contact.

She floated underwater, sans gravity in a kind of bubble. The water in front was warm, tepid and cooler waves lapped at her back. A smaller, more intense stream, similar to a water pik, tickled her urethra, opening and darting inside. She had to pee, badly.

In the cool shaded forest, Denise squatted over a soft bed of pine needles. To help start the flow of piss, she pressed her tummy and realized several people were watching! I can’t go now, she thought embarrassingly, not with them watching. Painfully she repressed the much needed release of urine.

She felt fingernails, like talons, digging into her derriere, maneuvering her towards the playful jets, again. Denise focused on the pleasure they brought, arousing her sex, evasively moving away from the prolonged, desired contact. Damn it, come back.

The bus station was filthy with overflowing trash receptacles and the stink of a crowd’s perspiration. She absolutely HAD to go and pushed open the public “WOMEN’S” restroom door, stained yellowish-brown from unwashed hands. There were no stalls, no doors only a line of exposed toilets. This can’t be, no privacy! Denise approached the nearest toilet, pulled down her slacks and panties and sat. More faces appeared, a woman with hands under the faucet glanced in the mirror, staring. She simply couldn’t pee here.

She walked home, trying to find the way but nothing looked familiar. Oh, I get it, I’m dreaming! Subconsciously, Denise steered her brain, her dream back towards the playful water.The unmistakable dusty scents of hay and accompanying stuffy air. Nowhere near the water, but better yet. She was naked, sitting on the saddle and her best friend, Jennifer, was nearby. “Oh god, Jen…I have to pee so badly!” the sound of her voice seemed dim, distant.

Another dream…

Denise had shown Jennifer the way into the barn. Their young fertile, active imaginations allowed them to make believe, eventually exploring their private thoughts. They stripped and acted out plays of their own. Jennifer concocted a casino oyna scenario where wild Indians were chasing them and if caught, they’d be prisoners in their teepee, forced to suck the cocks of all the strong braves. “Hurry…ride faster Dee… they’re catching up!” Jennifer urged. The leather saddle placed over a bale of hay was her palomino horse. Denise flexed her thighs against the rawhide, urging more speed from the horse, pressing her bare cunt onto the leather ridge, enjoying the rippling, sexual sensations.

Her thinking was blurry and she heard something like a giggle. Firmly on the saddle, she pressed harder, writhing on the bump and this time, the contact stayed. Denise rocked, humping the hardness, tummy muscles tightening and her orgasm began. Fuck…this feels so good. Let it go …god…here I go! She rubbed her fat, excited clitoris onto the unseen lover, spasms dizzily running through her veins. Faster. Harder. Fuck…oh fuck…yes!

She moaned and her eyelids fluttered open to see…Jennifer. Denise finished her too short orgasm while staring into Jennifer’s gorgeous, smiling eyes. Ohh…god…Jen. Jennifer’s hip was anointed with love juices and a small, warm stream of Denise’s pee, spilling onto the bed.

“Hmmmm! Nice dream…! hope?” Jennifer raised her lips to softly tickle and kiss Denise good morning. So unique and special to awaken this way, Denise simply panted, relishing the wonderful feelings in her heart and body. They lay together, embracing each other and the new day.

“I…DO…have to go, rather badly!” Denise smirked and arose heading for the bathroom. Jennifer moved to lay on her side watching her naked lover’s behind disappear, then heard her tinkling. More like a faucet, she thought and giggled silently. As she groaned and stretched, Denise had turned the shower on. Hmmm. This is Saturday, do I need…an invitation…! I think not.

Lazily, Jennifer finally pulled her tired ass out of bed and stopped by the full length mirror attached to the back of the open bathroom door. Cupping her breasts, hmmmm…a little saggy. Turning and checking out her butt…always wishing it was a little smaller. Oh well.

Jen opened the glass door and stepped in behind an already shampooing Denise. She had the most thick and sensual hair! It was a joy to either pamper her lady by washing her hair, or just watching Dee lovingly do canlı casino it herself. She reached for the soap mitt, began to wash while watching her lover’s smooth backside. Denise ducked under the strong pelting spray and Jen easily slid up behind, sensually rubbing their slick bodies together. They fit perfectly like this, Jen’s crotch, legs and breasts slid over Dee’s shiny, squeaky clean derriere and smooth shaven tanned legs. Pure desire.

Jennifer moved the spray head to carefully remove any shampoo residue and lightly twisted the long thick hairs. Quickly, all remnants of soap were now a wispy puddle at their feet and Jennifer aggressively twirled Denise’s looped nipples, biting her shoulder. Her teeth dug in, sucking intentionally to make a red mark there. Denise moved her head backwards, hissing with delight, palms splayed upon the aqua tiles. Bite me, yes, harder. Jen’s mouth moved around to her enticing, sensitive neck, licking and biting one of her favorite erogenous sites.

This dance had many variations and they loved them all. Jennifer began sliding down, kissing and licking her way across Denise’s shoulders and back until, finally on her knees; she faced the full, fleshy roundness of her ass. Rivulets of shower water cascaded down her back into Jennifer’s mouth, tasting her cleanliness. Lustfully, she spread Dee’s cheeks apart and with the tip of her tongue, licked the delicate puckered anus. Her soft, sighing moans were inaudible in the enclosed shower, such special treatment, just for her, so nasty but so good.

Jennifer chewed around and over fleshy buns then squeezed her body under the natural archway of Denise’s open legs, sat in the thin layer of water and through watery eyes, looked up at her lover’s nude jewel, clear droplets clinging waiting to be licked off. Denise grasped the chrome shower pipe with left hand and the fingers of her right hand reached down, softly caressing Jennifer’s face and cheek.

“My pet, my love. You’re just where I want you to be.”

“That’s good…cause I’m just where I love to…be.” She smiled

In unison, Denise flexed her knees, inching downward and Jennifer sat up to warmly kiss the pouting, delectable fruit of Denise’s pussy. With her mouth wide open, she greedily mouthed the smooth sex, her tongue swirling and lapping within the folds. They moved together, Dee humped her excited cunt against kaçak casino Jen’s slurping, suctioning lips. Both of Jennifer’s hands roamed, attempting to grasp the slippery buns, adoring the way Denise clenched her buttocks, fucking her mouth.

She lingered on the protruding clit, coaxing the sensitive pearl deeper between her teeth, swishing saliva around the stiff stalk. Denise shivered as Jen pressed the flat length of her tongue across her pulsating clitoris. Remaining motionless and teasing, encouraging, this tongue simply desired. Denise pressed herself, millimeters at a time, back and forth. Up and down. Back and forth. Up and down against the willing tongue, awakening every delightful, pleasurable bud.

She moved faster now…up…down…up…down…her own rhythm… up…down…there!…right there. Harder…just…just…right and then she was cumming. Her calves and thigh strained, stretching and spewing her climax into Jen’s mouth and lips. Tightening her grip on the chrome, the water massaging an overheated face, hair and body, screaming: “Ohhh god Jen-n-n-n-n-n-nnnn! OHHHHHH! OHHHHHH! Ahhhhhh!”

Jennifer struggled to remain motionless, allowing her lady to dictate her own needs, her own pace. Hearing and feeling Denise’s release she succumbed, tenderly moving her lips to suckle the exploding clit, tasting her pleasure, feasting on wet cuntal folds, clacking her teeth around the special labial loop.

Denise rocked through her incredibly mind shattering second orgasm of the morning. This one was long, more intense and fulfilling. Her shoulders ached from the tight gripping to hold herself up, muscles now slackening. “Jen…ohhh…Jen…stop…please stop…I’m too…” she gasped. Knowing her lover’s every whim, Jennifer removed her mouth from its prize and simply laid her cheek against her wet, satisfied sex. Her lady liked this. As no surprise, the hot water was disappearing.

They rinsed and toweled in the steamy room outside the glass confines of their ultra clean lovemaking. Pausing before the mirror, the duo stood arm in arm, kissing, snatching a quick glance at themselves. They looked good together.

Jennifer donned a robe and moved to the kitchen. Just as Denise finished blow drying her hair, Jen appeared behind with a steaming cup of freshly made coffee. “Oh, aren’t you the thoughtful sweetie? My sweetie…” She added while sipping the brew.

She smiled, plainly, awaiting another kiss. The coffee taste on her lips was heavenly as they kissed deeply, passionately. This was going to be a good day, it already was.

~To Be Continued~

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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