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“Hi Cindy it’s Claire. I’m not going to be in on Friday so I’ll stop by your house tommorow morning and drop off the papers,” I stated…. It sounds like something is wrong with their answering machine I thought as I hung up the phone after leaving the message.

I got up early, finished the papers and was on my way to Cindy’s house to drop them off. I’ll get to Cindy’s house early enough to get back home in time to meet Jeremy by 11:30. It was a beautiful morning and I had the top down on my BMW as I drove to Cindy Duncan’s house. I remembered that Cindy’s husband Jim and son Josh were out of town for the week on a fishing trip in Canada and Cindy probably stayed out late partying after the fund raiser last night at the country club. Hopefully she was up, if not I’d leave the papers at the door with a note.

As I pulled up to Cindy’s house I noticed that her daughter Melissa’s car was gone. Melissa was probably at cheerleading practice. I also noticed a truck with landscaping equipment in it parked near the garage. I grabbed the papers and walked to the front door. When I reached the front door it was already open. I could hear voices but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. I slowly entered the house and made my way towards the living room where I heard the voices.

“Oh fuck, that’s it!” I heard as I stopped in my tracks on the marble covered foyer floor. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Cindy was kneeling on the plush carpet floor and she was being fucked from behind by Jeremy Thorne. Cindy had her short red summer dress and red high heels on. Her red panties were wrapped around her ankle and her dress was gathered around her hips. Her huge tits were being manhandled by the young man. Jeremy was completely naked and his clothes were sprawled all over the living room. He was slamming his huge cock in and out of Cindy while he played with her breasts and squeezed her nipples.

I was stunned to see my young lover from last night fucking someone else. Although I had no right to be, I was jealous. I had given myself to this young man last night and here he was fucking my best friend Cindy Duncan. And fucking they were! It was incredible to watch as his 12 inch cock opened Cindy up. He was bringing her so much pleasure. I remember Cindy saying, “I wonder what it would feel like, Jim’s is so much smaller,” referring to Jeremy’s enormous cock that she and her daughter Melissa had seen last week when they walked in on Jeremy as he was changing in their laundry room after swimming. Now she was finding out for herself what it felt like.

“You’re so damn big, oh yeh that’s it, fuck me you stud, you like fucking Mrs. Duncan don’t you?” Cindy stated. “I knew you wanted it. When you walked in on me changing. I could tell you wanted my big cock. Now that you’ve had it, you’re gonna beg me for it all the time aren’t you?” Jeremy replied. “I’ll probably write you a study hall pass so that we can slip away during school. Would you like that?” Cindy asked as Jeremy grabbed her hips and continued rifling his cock deeper inside Cindy’s cunt. “Mrs. Duncan, I gonna stick my cock in your mouth and your gonna take my load. If you’re gonna be my lady you’re gonna have to earn it. I’ve got other women begging to be with me.” Jeremy boldly offered..

“Oh baby give me your cock. I’ll do anything you want. Oh fuck, you feel sooooo good,” Cindy responded as she peered over her shoulder and watched Jeremy pound her full of cock. Then Cindy buried her face in a pillow on the floor and Jeremy was pulling on her hair. For several minutes, with piston like precision, he drove his 12 inch cock deep inside my best friend Cindy’s swollen cunt. “Take this you whore! Take my cock. That’s it open your mouth,” Jeremy commanded. Cindy canlı bahis şirketleri knelt before the young stud submitting herself to him.

Next, Jeremy grabbed Cindy by the back of her hair and forced his cock into her mouth. “Taste your cunt juices all over my cock! Oh yeh that’s it. Suck me you bitch, suck me,yeh!” Jeremy stated. Cindy was enjoying being manhandled by Jeremy. She was massaging his balls while she was taking his huge cock deep inside her mouth. “Cum in my mouth baby. I want to taste you. Yeh fuck my mouth!” Cindy blurted as she continued working Jeremy’s cock towards its orgasmic conclusion. “I’m cummmmming, oh yeh keep going, oh yeh, fuck that’s gooood, oh here it comes,” Jeremy yelled as he pulled Cindy down on his cock and continued fucking her mouth. His body quivered and Cindy’s eyes widened as Jeremy errupted inside her mouth. As she opened her mouth to reposition it, cum oozed from her lips and dripped onto the carpet below. Jeremy was still intensely fucking Cindy’s mouth as he continued to empty himself inside her mouth. As they finished, I quitely walked away unnoticed and left the papers on the front porch.

I sped away stunned at what I had just witnessed. The more I thought about it the more pissed off at Jeremy I got. It felt like I had been cheated on. I had somehow allowed myself to become too obsessed with my desires for Jeremy. I was looking for a replacement for Seth and unknowingly I had convinced myself that it was Jeremy. I wasn’t going to tolerate this at all. When Jeremy comes over I’m going to tell him that it’s over.

I finished putting away the clothes that I had picked up from the dry cleaners on my way home. I was wearing a white tank top and short navy blue shorts. I was bearfoot, braless and pissed off! It upset me that Jeremy had betrayed me. I went down stairs and made a bloody mary to settle my nerves.

Later, the door bell rang and I answered it. It was Jeremy, we had an appointment at 11:30 for Jeremy to take some measurements around our property. “Hi Claire, you look wonderful today,” Jeremy stated. “Mrs. Hutton to you young man!” I fired back. “After what we did last night I thought we’d be on a first name basis,” Jeremy replied. “It’s over Jeremy, I can’t trust you!” I exclaimed. “What are you talking about?” Jeremy asked. “I stopped by Cindy Duncan’s house earlier. I saw you cheating on me with my friend Cindy. I will not tolerate it. We’re done, finished,” I responded. “Listen Claire, I’m not married to anyone, you are. If anyone’s cheating it’s you and Cindy Duncan. I don’t need this shit from you. You wanted fucked last night so I fucked you. You’ve never been fucked so well in your life and you know it!” Jeremy yelled as he walked out the back door. He went outside to take measurements for the landscaping project.

He’s right, I’ve never been fucked so well. He’s a wonderful lover. I’m jealous more than anything. I really wish that it had been me instead of Cindy with Jeremy this morning. I can’t blame her for wanting him, he’s beautiful. Jeremy is so full of hormonal lust that he was only taking full advantage of an opportunity for a sexual conquest. The more I thought about, I began to realize that I had over reacted. I still need to end it. I can’t continue this affair with Jeremy. I’ll stop it now before it gets out of hand.

When Jeremy came back in he sat down on the sofa and I stood beside it. “Jeremy I’m sorry if I over reacted earlier but we can’t continue to see each other,” I stated. Jeremy stood up. “Are you pissed off because I fucked Cindy Duncan or because it wasn’t you?” Jeremy asked. “Well I was a little jealous when I saw the two of you together,” I replied. “You’ll have to decide if you can live without canlı kaçak iddaa me. Is that the way you want it Claire?” he asked. “I don’t know what I want?” I blurted. “I’ve got a pretty good idea of what you want. You want someone to fulfill all those naughty secret sexual desires that you have pinned up inside. And you and I both know that I’m the man for the job,” Jeremy confidently offered.

I turned toward Jeremy and he pulled me close. “Just remember that when I’m with you, I’m not thinking of anyone else. You’re very special to me. When I want you, I’m going to help myself and take you. Do you understand Claire?” Jeremy stated. My passion and lust for him overwhelmed me. “Oh Jeremy, yes, I want to be yours. Please forgive me for my behavior,” I responded. Our bodies met and our lips met in a long sensual kiss. I melted in his arms as he ran his hands all over my body. My nipples were sensitive and erect pointing through my white tank top. Jeremy began biting and sucking on them through my top. “Oh Jeremy, that feels wonderful, honey,” I told him as he continued sucking on my tits.

I could feel his erect cock pressing against me. I wanted him so much. His cock in my mouth. His mouth and tongue inside my cunt. My legs wrapped around him as his fills with his manhood. “Oh honey, what do you want me to do?” I whispered. “I want you to suck my cock, Claire,” Jeremy replied. I slowly lowered myself down until I reached the huge bulge in his shorts. Jeremy quickly unzipped the fly of his shorts and opened it so that his big thick cock could pop out. “Now Claire, I want you to taste you friend Cindy’s cunt on my cock. Take it, yes like that,” he added as he teased me by pulling the head of his cock away. I opened my mouth and Jeremy shoved his cock inside. He grabbed me by the back of my hair and began pushing me up and down on his enormous cock. At first I nearly gagged until I relaxed my throat to more easily accept him. The taste of Cindy still lingered on his cock. Jeremy continued fucking my mouth as he stepped out of his shorts and kicked his sandals off to the side. After several minutes I could feel the wetness seeping from my mound below. “Oh Jeremy please fuck me,” I begged.

I stood up and Jeremy took me in his arms and kissed me. His mouth opened with mine and our tongues caressed. Unexpectedly, he swooped me off the ground and carried me up the stairs towards my bedroom. We passionately kissed and I stroked his rock hard cock as we made our way to the bedroom.

Jeremy carried me to the bed and lowered me down on it. Immediately I went for his beautiful cock and wrapped my lips around it as it submerged inside my mouth. He fondled my breasts and then moved his hand toward my navy colored shorts below. Next he undid the button of my shorts and gently pulled the zipper down. I was aching for his touch. I couldn’t wait for him to remove my shorts so that I could give myself to him. I wanted so much to please him. With one last pull, my shorts and panties were removed. Jeremy brought the panties to his nose. “They’re soaking wet and smell so sweet,” Jeremy offered as he cast them aside.

“Lay down honey. I want to straddled you,” I commanded. Jeremy laid on his back in the center of the bed and I moved closer. I raised my leg up over him and straddled his face with my wet juicy cunt. As I lowered it to his mouth I opened my mouth and together we went at each other. I bobbed up and down on his cock as I ground my aching mound against his mouth and tongue. My womanhood flooded out all over his face as he sucked on my clit and tongued my opening. His fingers opened me wider and explored the inner walls of my pussy. “Oh honey, I need you to fuck me. I want you so much,” I stated.

I was canlı kaçak bahis so horny that I couldn’t hardly stand myself. I’ve lost control and don’t care. The classy sexy lady of society circles has become a seductress of young men. I laid on the bed with my legs spread wide open. My soaking wet cunt awaited my beautiful lovers entry. “Take me Jeremy! Give it to me and fill me with that big cock!” I exclaimed. I had submitted myself totally to my young lover.

Jeremy’s cock slowly entered me. The inner walls of my pussy stretched in acceptance of his long thick shaft. My womanhood flooded his cock and my juices oozed out and ran down my ass. His 12 inch cock was completely buried inside me. I reached below and touched his sensitive balls and they too were drenched in my oozing juices. Jeremy began pumping his cock in and out of me. He felt so good engulfed inside me. I wrapped my legs around him to signal that I wanted to be fucked harder. Eagerly, Jeremy responded and placed his hands underneath my ass. He positioned himself for a torpedo like entry. I stroked his balls with my fingernails. “Are you gonna give it to me honey?” I asked as I starred into his excited eyes. “I’m gonna fuck the shit out of you!” Jeremy replied.

Next, his body led by his huge wetted cock suddenly dove inside me. “Oh fuck, that feels soooo good. Fuck me, yeh fuck me, just like that. Don’t stop. Keep fucking me. Yeh that’s it,” I yelled as I pulled him towards me with every thrust. His balls slapped against my ass with every torrid dive inside me. I’ve never felt anything reach the places inside my cunt that Jeremy’s cock has. My body was on the verge of a climatic explosion. Jermey appeared ready to explode also.

“Where do you want to cum honey? I want you to come inside me. I want to feel you empty yourself in me. Please Jeremy, please cum inside me!” I cried out. “Oh Claire, I’m gonna fill you up. Oh yeh that’s it. Keep stroking my balls,” Jeremy commanded. I could feel his balls tighten and his body quiver as he erupted inside me. Our lips met and we passionately kissed. My cunt was eagerly accepting his first hot load of sperm. Jeremy continued pumping me full of cock as I stroked his balls and we climaxed together. It was unbelieveable! The amount of cum that shot inside me was overwhelming. It began oozing out and running down my ass.

We laid next to each other. My cunt remained opened and cum continued to ooze out onto the comforter. “Oh Jeremy, you’re wonderful,” I stated as we embraced and kissed. “We need to be very discreet about our relationship. We should probably avoid meeting at my house,” I added. “Where can we meet?” Jeremy asked. “Oh I can think of many places. I can get a room at the Ritz and you can pick me up in the bar and take me to my room. We can make love all night long,” I suggested as I cuddled next to him. “Wow, that sounds great,” Jeremy replied. “I’m also going on a trip to Las Vegas in three weeks. How would you like to go with me?” I asked him. “How can we pull that off?” Jeremy asked. “I’m leaving on Thursday afternoon and flying back on Sunday night. You could miss workouts on Friday couldn’t you? And maybe you could tell your parents that you have a landscape project out of town those days,” I offered. “That would probably work because I’ve been out of town on projects before,” Jeremy added.

Jeremy makes me feel young again. Even so, we need to be cautious. It’s absolutely imparative that our affair remain a secret. I made it clear to Jeremy that although we enjoyed being with each other very much, we needed to be extremely careful and tell no one. His potential future as a college football player and my reputation in the community were at stake.

Later, I made us lunch and we disscussed some of the landscape ideas that Jeremy had for our property. Jeremy was very creative and his design ideas were terrific. We spent an hour or so talking about his ideas and it was obvious that Jeremy’s talents went far beyond the bedroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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