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Peter couldn’t get Claudet’s diary out of his mind, and just knew that he would have to find more opportunities to dip into it occasionally. He had been thinking about what he had read and realised that the diary on the desk was not a recent one because it was all about that New Year party, and that was over three years ago now. Was Claudet using some of this as material for the current book he wondered. She had definitely told him that he would have to wait until it was finished before he was going to be allowed to read it. He had always known that she would become a writer, she had made such a big thing at school that she was going to become a famous author. So, what was this her fifth or sixth book, he wasn’t really sure – he would have to check it out. They had been together long enough, almost four years now, for Peter to know Claudet’s routines, maybe he could work sneaky looks at the diary between them.

The more he thought about it the more curious he became. The swims, that was the time, Claudet hardly ever told him when she was going swimming because she didn’t want him as a distraction. She loved her exercise, not that she needed it that much, because she had a gorgeous body, and she wanted to keep it that way. Tomorrow then, he would watch for her going off to swim, that would give him plenty of time to read another entry.

The next day Peter was catching up with his emails at the kitchen table when Claudet’s head appeared round the door

“I’m off for a swim, and dropping into the village on the way back, is there anything you want?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

Peter could hardly believe his luck, now if only it would hold, and Claudet had left the diary out as previously, he would get that next peek. He went to the window and watched her cross the garden and head down the path to the beach, making sure that she had not forgotten something and was coming back before heading into her study. There it was, in the same place as before, but open this time.

February 10

Well diary, it’s almost Valentine’s Day. I wonder if Peter has anything planned. It’s almost six weeks now since he came back into my life, and we have moved so far from where we were at school. Both of us are comfortable with where we are in life, and with each other.

That cheating bastard William has been trying to worm his way back into my affections – fat chance! He has been spreading rumours about Peter, that he’s an unemployed waster etc. etc. No one knows, and Peter doesn’t want them to know, that he’s comfortably off and doesn’t need to work, and is quite happy with the idea of just doing odd bits here and there when he wants to.

A good atmosphere in the Ship eve gelen escort last night, a good pianist, and some great voices towards the end of the evening, fuelled by alcohol I suspect. Just a shame Peter couldn’t make it, ‘other things to do’ apparently, I just know he’s up to something – I always could read him, even at school, not very good at being devious. Diary, was I surprised when I found him sitting on the doorstep (Note to self: he needs a key) waiting for me to come back.

“What are you up to? I thought you had things to do tonight.”

“Done them, and just thought I would say goodnight on my way home.”

I am quite sure that he knew damned well that there would be no ‘home’ involved for him that night. He stepped forward and gave me a peck on the cheek,

“Night then, see you tomorrow” he chuckled.

“Oh, no,” I say, “you don’t get off that easily, you are coming in for coffee, if nothing else, I want to know what you are up to, I know something is brewing.”

I linked my arm through his making sure he didn’t do a runner, not that he would, he can’t resist my ‘coffee’. I pulled him with me as I unlocked the door and we stumbled through kicking it shut behind us. I pushed him up against the wall and glued my mouth to his – I know his weaknesses, once I start on him he can’t resist.

“I thought that it was coffee on offer” he says.

“Tell me what you are up to and there might be more than coffee on offer, don’t tell me and there might just not be any more of those on offer, and just think how your cock will miss those. Spill ’em!”

“Okay, okay, you don’t really need to know, but in a couple of days twat William is going to get an offer he can’t refuse, and if he does I will see to it that life will be unbearable for him such will be the stick he gets from locals for turning down the opportunity of a lifetime. Either way he leaves the village. Now, that’s all you need to know, and all I’m going to say about it.”

I knew that it was pointless to ask any more, Peter is as tight as a duck’s arse (and that’s watertight) when he wants to be.

I head to the kitchen and get the coffee going, well, I did offer it, and I never go back on promises. I came back with the coffee to find him in his usual corner of the sofa, gave him his, put mine on the side table and snuggled down beside him. It wasn’t much more than a minute before we were glued together in passion once more. We just can’t seem to keep out hands off of one another, before too long we were semi naked and petting like it was going out of style, my hand inside his boxers giving him a good old-fashioned hand job, his hand inside my knickers fatih escort giving me a good old finger fucking. Wet! It was like a bloody waterfall down there. I stop him for a second while I get the obstacles out of the way and spread my legs. He gets the message, off come his boxers and he positions himself between my legs cock in hand. I look him in the eye and run my tongue over my lips, again he gets the message – I want eating out first.

His head goes down there, he takes a long lick from my knee up my thigh making the briefest contact with my pussy lips and down the other thigh to my knee, all the time making appreciative moans. Me? I’m in heaven, or will be when he gets serious. He moves back up and gives me a series of long slow licks from my anus along the full length of my slit to my belly. He knows I want him to get to business, but he loves teasing me like this, and, to be fair, the anticipation makes the whole thing that much better, the orgasms much more intense. Eventually much squirming on my part sends him the signal that it is time to get serious. I don’t know how he does it, but he has this trick of being able to part my pussy lips with his mouth, allowing his tongue between them, this always brings a long drawn out moan from me. Feeling his tongue probing the very entrance of my, by now soaking, tunnel is always so damned good. He runs the tip of his tongue around here for a bit lapping and sucking at the flowing juices, making slurping noises that so turn me on. I feel him move a little.

The next thing I know is that his tongue has encouraged my clit to make an appearance, and he is lapping across it with the flat of his tongue. At the same time I feel a finger slipping into my hot wet hole, just probing the sensitive entrance with little circles. God, I can’t keep my arse still now and start to press up in rhythm with that sexy finger. My attention is drawn back to my clit as he begins to work it in circles with his tongue, drawing figures around it as if his tongue were a painter’s brush. Shit! I want to come! He knows what I want and is not prepared to let me come just yet – bloody tease. I feel that finger probe a little deeper, then a second squeezes inside to join its mate. They start wriggling inside me, massaging my pussy walls in the most sensual fashion, working in and out. The tongue tip returns to my clit and starts drawing those circles again, but this time the rhythm matches that of the fingers inside me – ye gods that’s so hot. I’m moaning like crazy now, not just moaning but voicing my need as well

“Fuck, don’t stop, keep it there, make me cum lover, fuck me with those fingers… Oh god, Oh god, Oh god…”

I halkalı anal yapan escort clench my thighs around his head with a massive groan as a huge orgasm overtakes me. He pushes against me forcing my thighs apart, and without a word slides up a little and brings the tip of his cock to my entrance and with one swift lunge is buried deep inside me, so deep I feel his balls against my ass. He holds there for what seems like an age but is probably no more than half a minute before he starts fucking me in earnest. We’ve been here before, I know this is going to be fast and furious, and that I am going to come at least once more before he does.

He is pounding into me now, long deep hard strokes angled so that the length of his shaft drags my clit back and forth with each thrust. I feel the next one there on the edge, much different than that from the oral, less intense, but I know it will be bigger and more fulfilling.

“Christ, yes,” I scream out “fill me up, let me have it all, hard and fast…”

He obliges, his pace steps up a gear and he is pounding into me furiously now, I feel his cock swelling, getting harder, beginning to stretch me a little, dragging my clit back and forth. He is grunting with the effort, guttural moans escaping him – I know he’s close. My orgasm hits me like an express train, I scream out my ecstasy feeling my cunt clamp around its precious intruder, which in turn pushes him over the edge, with one huge grunt he hammers his cock deep into my hole as his own orgasm arrives pouring what feels like vast quantities of his cum juice into my greedy tunnel.

I don’t know how long we stayed like that, joined together at the hips, but I do know that Peter’s cock eventually softened and slipped out, and that I could feel his semen trickling out. I pulled his head forward and kissed him deeply, tasting myself on his lips

“Bloody hell Peter, that was some fuck… Let’s get a bit more comfortable.”

Peter was as horny as hell after reading the entry, but he was in control enough to turn back to the page where he started. He went out into the garden and sat on the bench to wait for Claudet, and started to think again about the diary. The first time could have been coincidence, but, it had been left resting on a note for him. This time it had been left open, and at a specific entry. Was there something going on here? Was Claudet deliberately leaving it out so that he could read it? Food for thought he thought, a little more evidence needs to be gathered here.

He heard her coming up the street talking to someone and went to wait inside the door. As he heard the key about to go into the lock he pulled the door open grabbed her and pulled her in kicking the door shut. Before she could say anything he passionately glued his mouth to hers, grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her against him making damned sure that she could feel his rigid cock against her groin.

“What was that for?”

“Just for being you, now follow me…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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