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She awoke early but rested. This was new to her, as she normally didn’t sleep that well. She initially had to stop and think of where she was. Then she remembered. She saw him next to her and smiled and sighed. She gently ran her hands over his face and down his side. She pulled her hand across his abdomen and was pleasantly surprised to find that he had a wonderful early morning erection. She looked up at the clock and it was minutes before the alarm was to go off. She had a better idea on how to awaken him. She quietly slid out of bed and just unplugged the alarm clock.

She now just as quietly slid back into bed. She gently pulled down the sheet that covered him revealing the full length of his erection. She gently stroked it and it twitched. She giggled to herself. She continued gently stroking it being careful not to squeeze to hard yet. He grew slightly in her hand. She looked up and his face was still peacefully asleep.

She wondered what he was dreaming about. Her, she hoped. She couldn’t resist any longer. She lowered her mouth over the head of his cock and began to lick and suck him. She wanted him in her mouth to start today, like she had ended yesterday.

He felt great. He was not quite awake. He was remembering or dreaming of, one of the two, last night. The sensation of his cock being hard in the morning was not new, but this was different. All these thoughts only took seconds to run through his mind. As he awaked he opened his eyes and realized he wasn’t just dreaming she was there beside him and she was sucking his cock deeply.

He moaned and said, “ Well, good morning!”

She turned and looked up at him, his cock still on her lips and said, “ Mmmm, good morning. Did I wake you?” and laughed.

He said, “ You are incorrigible” as she resumed her mission. He reached down for her running his hand along the curve of her ass and into the folds of her pussy. It was wet by now.

She stopped momentarily and said to him, “Easy, I’m a little tender from all your attention last night.”

He said, “Oh sorry.”

She said, “Oh no I don’t mind and I’ll be fine later. But right now I just want you to lye back and enjoy and cum for me. I want you for breakfast!” taking his cock back into her warm wet mouth.

How could he resist. He couldn’t he simply nodded his head and closed his eyes and moaned his agreement.

Now she really went to work on him. She went down and licked and sucked his balls. She was building up a large load for herself. While she did this she stroked his cock with her hand quickly gently increasing the pressure as her hand neared the head so as to really cause friction just under the head where he was most sensitive. To her delight she felt him get thicker in her hand and could feel his balls pulling away from her mouth. Tightening against him. He was almost there. She kept stroking and began licking his inner thighs and then returned her tongue to the underside of the shaft of his cock. His taste was like a drug to her. She now sucked just the head and first few inches while she stroked his cock with one hand and worked his balls with the other.

She was moaning her pleasure at what she was doing while her mouth was full of his cock and looking up at him. His eyes closed and his back beginning to arch.

The combination of her sucking and stroking and the sound she was making was just too much for him. He couldn’t even think about holding back. He exploded into her mouth arching his hips and crying out, “ Oh God yessssss…..”

She moaned back her approval, but he didn’t hear a thing. He was lost in an incredible orgasm.

He lost track of how many spurts of cum he shot into her mouth. She felt his cock jerk and grow in thickness. She sucked down every drop. The first few never touched her tongue. She just felt his hips heave and felt the hot spray against the back of her throat. She then pulled back so just the head was in her mouth. She wanted the gather every drop, to taste him and savor him. She couldn’t remember being happier pleasing a man this way.

She sucked and stroked and squeezed until she heard him begging her to stop.

She sadly let him slip from her mouth with a last lick and slurp. She looked up and he was looking back down at her with a look of total amazement on his face.

She smiled again and asked, “ Feel good baby?”

He replied, “ Oh man” as he pulled her up to him to hold her close.

She said, “ You taste so good! I just love it when you cum in my mouth. I really love when you cum in me anywhere. But this morning in my mouth was the best! Mmmmm.”

He just shook his head and sighed.

After they had lain there together awhile he got up and went to turn on the coffee. When he returned he could hear the shower running. She was already in there washing when he joined her. She opened her arms to welcome him. He took her in his arms and kissed her long and hard. She was already melted from sucking him off and he knew she would innovia escort be easy to make cum. He took the bottle of liquid soap from the shelf and poured a large amount into his hands. He then pulled her back away from the spray and began running his hands all over her body. He started with her shoulders and back and worked his way down to her ass and thighs. He then worked his way back and around to the front gently working the soap around and into her pussy and inner thighs and then slowly up her abdomen and stomach. He lingered around her abdomen and hips as she was moaning slightly as her ran his finger tips up and down the “V” made by the curve of her hips and pelvis. While he was doing this he was standing behind her pressing himself tightly against her. He was nibbling on her ears, licking and kissing his way up and down her neck and occasionally turning her head to probe her open mouth. She was breathing fast and shallow. He could tell he had her nearing an orgasm. He slowly moved his soapy hands up to her breasts. Which up to now he had purposely ignored. As he ran his hands gently over the perimeter of each full globe he could feel her tremble underneath his touch. After several more minutes of kissing and whispering into her ear, her began to squeeze and pull on her tits. This really began to dive her crazy. She melted back into him and squeezed her legs together.

He knew she was almost there. While kissing her and squeezing one nipple he reached out with his free hand and took down the shower massage handle. He quickly spun the spray adjustment to the hard pulsating spray setting and brought it down and aimed it directly between her legs. When she felt the spray hitting her waist and trailing down to her crotch, she began to spread her legs as she opened her eyes and looked into his eyes deeply and then closed them again smiling. He reached further down and angled the showerhead so it was now directly aimed at her clit. He had it only inches away. He slipped his other hand away from her breast and used his fingers to spread her lips wide and expose her clit to the pulsing warm spray.

She cried out as he did. He had found the right spot. It wouldn’t be long now.

She turned her head mouth open trying to speak, but no words came out.

He leaned in and kissed her. All the while keeping her pussy lips spread wide so the pulsing water could do the job. As she started her orgasm her body shook, she tried to pull her body away but he held her pinned against him spreading her lips even wider and keeping the water pulse aimed straight at her clit.

She broke of their kiss and screamed and cried out in a beautiful agony her body jerking and shaking.

He didn’t let up until she started to whimper and plead for him to stop while pushing his hands away. He relented returning the showerhead back to the gentle spray setting and putting it back in the holder. And just in time as she virtually collapsed into his arms.

She turned in his arms to face him and said to him, “ Wow, now how do you expect me to get anything done today. After that I feel like going back to bed.”

He said to her gently slapping her on the ass, “Oh no you don’t. You have things to do today. I just wanted to give you something to think about while you are away today.”

They finished up showering. He got out and dried off and left her to prepare her hair and makeup for the day. He came back with coffee for her, as she was finishing. He pulled on some shorts and a shirt so he could drive her back to her hotel where she would change into her business clothes and make her calls home and the pick up her prearranged rental car in just enough time to make her first meeting. When he dropped her off he gave her an extra electronic opener that would allow her back into the gate at his complex and open the garage door. They kissed a long and sweet kiss and then looked at each other not wanting to part but knowing they would be together again soon. The anticipation they both felt was already building. She hurried off. He returned home and went about some chores and then off for some golf. They would meet up again back at his place just after 1PM today.

She returned to her room and made her calls while she changed into her clothes for the day. The whole time she caught a look at herself in the mirror smiling from ear to ear. She shook her head. She couldn’t believe she was here, what she was doing. And she couldn’t wait to be back with him.

The meeting went fine but seemed to drag on forever. She had caught herself daydreaming several times. Her mind wandering over the details of last night and wondering about what was to come. She had to use all her will power to concentrate knowing that the sooner she finished up the sooner she could back with him.

At about noon she had finished everything and begged off a lunch invitation feinting a headache and headed to her car. She promised to call them later to check in on the afternoon’s istanbul escort progress. When she got to her car she took off her jacket and threw it on the seat with her bag. She opened the buttons to the top of her blouse and rolled down the windows and headed out. It was a beautiful day, sunny and very warm. She pointed her car back towards his place. She was smiling again and she had that familiar warm wet feeling returning between her legs and now she didn’t need to fight it.

He enjoyed his round of golf but had to admit his mind was not on the game. Fortunately he had played with strangers and they weren’t aware of his distracted state of mind. Every time he was standing waiting to play he would see her in his mind’s eye. Her beauty, her desire, the look of on her face as she came and the look of pride, desire, and satisfaction on her face this morning when she had sucked him off. The time flew by. It was Eleven AM when he was done and had returned home from the course only a few minutes away.

He came in and stripped off his clothes and jumped directly into the pool to cool off. After a few minutes he got out and without drying off went and turned on the waterfall and massage jets. Then he turned on the grill. He then went in and showered quickly to wash away the grime from the course. He had thawed some filets and prepared some fresh vegetables this morning for lunch before he left. It would only take 10-15 minutes to grill everything. When it was done he put it in the oven covered on low to keep it warm.

Then he returned to the pool turning on the music as he went and grabbing a cooler filled with ice cold beer and a bag full of sun tan oils and sun block lotions. He settled into the water facing away from the house and into the bright midday sun. He opened a cold beer, closed his eyes, leaned back into one of the many massage jets and allowed the music, the sound of the waterfall, and the general feeling of well being to relax him and take him away.

As she pulled into the complex that nervous but nice energy had returned. She pressed the button and the gate opened. She drove the few blocks to his place and pressed the other button and the garage door opened. He had arrived back first. She thought she might get there first and surprise him. Well so much for that. She once again was amazed at how quiet and private everything was as she pulled in and closed the garage door behind her.

She gathered up her bag, jacket, and dress for the evening. They had planned to have another “Dinner Date.” And she knew what that meant. She was to wear a dress with little or nothing underneath. This was so he would have easy access to her pussy at dinner. This was so exciting to her. Though he teased her to the edge and did not make her cum, she loved their little game. To any observer her attire would seem perfectly acceptable and classy. And they would be very careful in their game so as not to let on what was happening under the tablecloth. She loved dressing up for him in this special way. She also knew that she would probably be naked by the time they were half the way home. She was amazed at her brazenness when she was with him.

As she entered the house she called out, “ Hello there.” But got no answer.

She walked into the living room and set down her things and looked in the bedroom and then she heard the music from outside. He was outside already in the pool. So maybe she could still surprise him!

She quickly stripped off her clothes and jumped in the shower to rinse off. She came out and checked her makeup and hair. She then put on her sunglasses and nothing else and headed back out to the living room to the sliding glass door. She decided to go out this door, which was directly behind him, which would allow her to come up behind him undetected under the cover of the music and the waterfall noise. As she approached she caught herself breathing fast and felt her heart racing. This went along with that now familiar wetness between her legs.

She quietly kneeled on the pile of folded towels behind him and then leaned over and reaching out put hands over his eyes and leaning in pressing her tits against the back of his head whispering, “ Guess who….”

He almost jumped right out of the pool. He tuned quickly to face her and then smiled and grabbed her and pulled her to him and into the pool with him. They both laughed as he lifted her and settled her onto his lap in the water. They kissed eagerly searching out each other.

They both said at the same time, “ I missed you.”

He was hard instantly. His hands were everywhere on her as were hers on him.

He was about to enter her when she broke away with a coy smile.

She said, “ Oh no not so fast Mister. I’m starving and I believe you mentioned something about lunch? And I would like to get some all over sun this afternoon while we are here in this paradise of yours.”

He relented in his pursuit of her and said getting out of kadıköy escort the pool, “Lunch will be served here in the patio in 5 minutes, madam!”

She watched admiringly as he walked into the house. She loved to see him naked and she really loved it when his cock was hard like it was right now. She giggled at the sight to herself. She would be sure to take care of that condition right after lunch. He returned in a few minutes with a tray containing their food and plates. He set them up on the small table between the two lounge chairs. She got out of the pool slowly allowing him to look her over completely. She bent over to get a towel allowing her tits to hang down knowing he loved this. As she dried herself she turned away from him and bent over again and spread her legs slightly to allow her to dry herself and to give him a full view of her ass and pussy. This afternoon she would be doing the teasing. She laughed when she caught his stare when she turned around to face him again.

He heard her and laughed also. They ate slowly and enjoyed the bright sunshine and the ease of each other’s company and their nakedness. As the finished she got up and collected their plates and took them in knowing his eyes would be on her the whole way in and also as she returned. And she loved it. She actually put just a little more effort into her stride to accentuate it to tease him more. On the return trip she stretched her arms up over her head as if she were tired. As she returned to her chair she collapsed it so it was lying flat and laid face up on it with a great sigh. She turned her head to face him in the chair next to her. She smiled. He hadn’t taken his eyes off her.

She ran her hands over her tits and down her stomach to her hips and asked him for the sun tan oil.

He reached down and handed her the bottle of oil.

She opened it and poured it slowly over herself starting at her neck and arms, over both her erect nipples, and down her tummy. As she reached her pussy she let the bottle empty a little more and then sat up slightly lifting each leg to ensure coverage.

Then she set the bottle down and turned to him, smiled, and asked, “Well? Aren’t you going to help me rub it in?” She swore she could see his heart pounding through his chest. But he remained calm, damn him!

He simply looked at her and said, “ You’re doing just fine. Go ahead don’t let me stop you.”

She frowned a little and began to slowly work the oil into her body. She started with her arms running her hands up and down each arm. Then she moved to her legs using both hands on one leg at a time starting at her foot and working her way back up slowly to her crotch lingering there just long enough to make sure he couldn’t look away. She switched to her other leg and repeated the exercise. When she finished her legs, she worked her way up her tummy from just above her small bush to just below her tits. As she did this she sighed in the pleasure of it for further effect. The she worked her way up to her tits. By now she had her self really going let alone him. She kneaded her firm full tits and with each stroke pulled up and let her fingers pull the nipples to a point.

All the while not looking directly at him, but opening her mouth to let out a little moan at the release of each nipple. She watched him out of the corner of her eye behind her sunglasses. He was definitely enthralled by her. He was rock hard. His erection stood straight up as tall as she had ever seen it. And thick. The sight of this made her shiver. She finished up with the lotion and put her arms up behind her head and exhaled deeply. He did not say anything.

He simply picked up the oil and poured a small amount in one hand and then said, “ I think you missed as spot.”

“Oh?” she said.

Before she could say anything else his well-oiled hand was between her legs. His fingers sliding easily into her wet and ready pussy. He didn’t need the oil as she was more then wet enough but it made it feel even better to both of them.

As she felt his hand on her and then in her she moaned loudly, “ Oh my, oh my, oh baby, oh…..”

He was working his finger in and out gently and around the lips of her pussy. And occasionally taking a moment to intentionally apply pressure to her hardening clit.

He leaned over and asked if she was still tender from yesterday.

She replied by shaking her head and barely uttering, “No.”

He had been trying to hold out to resist, but it was useless. She was gorgeous. She lye completely naked beside him her tits pointed to the sky. Her nipples hard and he was sure, her pussy wet. Then she started with the oil. He had caught himself groaning and silenced it before she could hear. When she ran her hands over her body rubbing in the oil and then between her legs and up an into her tits, pulling at her nipples… He couldn’t hold out any more. Besides, there was no way to hide the size of his erection, which was pointing skyward like her nipples. Just as he couldn’t stand it anymore, she quit and put her hands behind her head. She was saying something to him about helping but he wasn’t paying attention now. He wasted no time and took the oil poured it into his hand and placed it right into her pussy, her legs were spread slightly so it was easy.

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