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It’s all such a sweet daydream, the tribal me. Lost in the wilderness in a most primitive world, relying on our wits and our passions to survive. Just a daydream that one man could make come so true.

For more than six months he had waited for this moment. A real man could wait a lifetime and never have this chance. He watched his brother tribe’s warrior woman make my way through the camp and then into the woodlands. He would feel his loins urge him forward, his every step exciting his maleness even more. Over the campfire I had made it clear, only a man who bested me in combat would have me as a woman now. Slowly he rose and made his way in the direction I had taken. He would best this vixen for he would not be denied my body. He would not be denied me.

Most men feared me, the strong woman. He knew in his heart he loved this one so beautiful, so much woman, but trying so much to be the alpha of her tribe. There was a mate somehow in her lodge but it did not concern him, the alpha of his band. My message was clear though, I could not be courted as a female. I demanded to be conquered before I could be taken. Through the forest he moved, his maleness growing more excited with the thoughts of her and then suddenly the world became so very quiet.

There in the clearing I stood, watching his approach. My green eyes stared at him, my gaze never diverting as I appraised my opponent.

“You will challenge me,” I growled in a low, lusty voice. “As a warrior or as a man?”

“I will take you in both ways,” he answered, watching my eyes widen for just a moment. “I will have my way with you.”

In a blink he lunged at me, our bodies locked together in the struggle. A strong woman, but not as strong as the male excitement his member showed through his cloth against my thigh. Our breath came in gasps and then he twisted me to the ground. For just a moment I sprawled before him, panting as I looked up, and then I lunged, tackling him to the moss covered earth. With all our strength we wrestled for the advantage, our bodies pressed tightly against each other. His manhood was enraged in its need for me but I would not be an easy capture. canlı bahis I am a woman to be conquered.

It was only as the sun began to turn to darkness did my strength begin to desert my soul. On and on we had struggled, slowly the advantage moving to his favor until finally, as the rays of the golden disk began to slip below the horizon, I lay pinned under his body, my arms held by his knees, my pants of combat now gasps of exhaustion.

“Now?” I whispered.

His hands tearing my leather halter off my body was my answer. He tossed the fabric aside, looked down and gasped. He had been with a woman but never one so magnificent. Slowly he stood, staring down at the beautiful badges of my pride I carried on my chest. Shyly I covered each with my hands and turned my head away in modesty. He sank down again, catching my wrists and pulling my hands away. My breasts swelled, my nipples hardened and he whispered, “I will have my way.”

Slowly he fitted his body to mine, where we had wrestled now he kissed, feeling me against his body as he found my lips, my throat and then my chest. He ripped his cloth away as his mouth found my breasts and began to feed. I moaned once and then again as he ripped away my last modestly from my womanhood.

“You would rape me in conquest?” I moaned.

“I am lustraping you,” he growled and let his maleness make his point. He opened my thighs, suckled my breasts once again and then pushed his cock into me. Our bodies locked, my legs finding their way around him as his chest crushed my breasts. His cock had its way, sliding into a velvet pussy like none he had ever had.

“I am not an innocent,” I panted. “I have been mated before.”

His cock answered me, pressing now full length, lost in my womanhood. On and on he pumped into me in lust and even more love, taking, pushing, feeling my body quake until finally my control was lost to the wind. The cock flowered and then began to belch its love into me, exploding all his male fury into my body as my conqueror, as my lover, as my man, until he collapsed, spent, defeated and weak in my lovelust.

He lay against me, holding me as my body bahis siteleri quaked once and then again. He heard my low, growling voice murmur, “God, babe. You had your way. You raped me.”

With one motion he rolled me onto my back and mounted me again as he grunted, “And now I will have you again.”

My body bucked, my eyes wide in surprise, as his kisses moved to my lips, my chest and then his mouth again found my breasts. His hands spread my thighs as he heard me moan, “No man. No man ever had me twice.”

“Then they are fools,” he grunted, suckling for a moment and then moving downwards.

“Oh God,” I panted. “You would eat me? You would eat my pussy, babe?”

With all his male lust he spread my woman lips and began to dine on the sweet buffet my body offered him. He tasted our lust puddle, the mixing of our orgasms sweet as any honey nectar. On and on he ate this sweet womanhood, his tongue deep into my private place, his kisses to my clit as my body thrashed.

“Let me, babe,” I panted. “Let me suck your sweet cock.”

His grunt and mounting of my body was my answer, his cock eagerly pushing between my swollen womanlips and into the wet nest of my lust. With one push he went full length, having to have this woman as a lover again. So much incredible woman, unlike any he had ever known. Hungrily he suckled as his cock pounded into me, thrusting, savagely lusting for more and more of my incredible body, taking, pushing probing, plunging and finally, again, exploding with all his lovelust into me, again collapsing, spent with a real woman.

We lay panting in our love, our arms around each other, I first to gasp, “No man. Never twice. Not in one time. Ever.”

“I am not done,” he growled, again forcing me on my back. “I bested you. I will have you.”

Twice more he bested the warrior woman in love embraces before my power overcame him and my lips began their magic on his cock. No woman ever before had worshipped his member like this, no woman before given in such love. He grunted in pleasure and exploded in lust at my touch, knowing it was only the beginning.

Twice more he bested me again before bahis şirketleri the sun’s rays began to appear. I glanced once at the dawn and then at the shreds that were once my clothing. He grunted, “Go to your lodge. Clothes,” and then stretched out on the moss. He was spent but this was a woman. A woman he had to have. He watched me move away, wondering if I would return, praying I would as the fire in my body returned.

In our lust grunts we had spoken truth. It was love, this lust we made. Each wanting the other, each afraid to venture to that unknown. H had bested me in combat but he doubted the fight fair. He suspected I had seduced him though I protested in our passion, it was him who seduced me. A branch cracked, the grasses moved and I had returned.

Before him I stood, the thin fabric on my body barely concealing my woman’s badges or my excitement. He stood slowly, watching me stare at his member as it rose in salute to my power. My lust forced me to my knees, I crawled to worship his cock again but I would be denied this time. With all his strength he caught my by the arms, drawing me up slowly, staring deep into my eyes and then stripping me nude.

Call it rape. Call it lust. We call it love. The warrior woman bested him again and again as we sought not victory but only pleasure. Only the pleasure our bodies could give the other. Again and again and again we took and we gave, our lust pouring into each other as our love grew with every pounding of his cock. With every quaking of our orgasms. With every beat of our heart.

Somewhere our tribes live but their lives are of no concern to us now. The world is not a big place, it is only where we dwell. I turn, I look at my man, my warrior man, and know I have found love.

Then he strips me and he has his way with me. His cock begs for me as my body pleases him with every touch. Not just one night. Forever. Us.

Just a silly daydream of a gray haired granny, that’s all it is. The kind of daydream a woman has as she stares out a window, watching a car come up her drive. Watching it stop, and a most handsome stallion get out. A woman’s whose husband is at work, who loves a stallion so very much. Just a silly daydream, even as I slowly open the door to my love and let him appraise the view.

A little leather halter. A loincloth held by a single string. A daydream come true.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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