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This is story is a work of complete fiction and fantasy. This is the first time I am kind of tackling the subject of cuckolding and kind of writing it from the readers POV. Hope that you enjoy it. Feedback is always appreciated!

NOTE: I would like to thank discreetmtg and AdrienneL for helping to edit this story.

It’s your wedding night. After a beautiful ceremony and grand reception, you and your new wife came to the bridal suite of one the most expensive hotels in the city.

Your wife brought some naughty lingerie to wear for the special night when you would finally have sex as man and wife.

But instead, you’re on your knees next to the couch. Hands cuffed behind your back, mouth gagged and your cock in a chastity device. You thought that your wife would be giving you the time of your life, screaming and yelling out your name in ecstasy as she rode you; but this couldn’t be further from the truth. She has no interest in your tiny pathetic cock. Instead, your wife is on the couch, dressed in her bridal gown, making out with your best friend. And what’s worse: it’s not even a man. Your wife is passionately French-kissing a woman

Your best man (or in this case, best woman) is dressed in a tuxedo, and continues to grope and molest your darling wife. Every now and then both of them look in your direction and giggle. You can’t help but feel lost and humiliated, wondering why your wife is doing this to you. But your new wife doesn’t deem it necessary to give you any indication as to why this is happening. Yet despite the humiliation, as you watch them make out, you can’t help but feel your cock stir. You are getting hard, your cock squeezing against the cage and causing you pain.

“What’s the matter, stud? You don’t like what you see?” asks your friend.

Your wife laughs, adding to the humiliation.

“You thought you’d be the one sucking on these nice big beautiful titties tonight? Well, you thought wrong stud!” mocked your friend.

“Ungnghhghahg,” you mumble against your gag.

“Honey, like it or not, this is happening. Your tiny pathetic little cock doesn’t do anything for me. You’re just a good for nothing excuse of a man,” says your wife.

“You can be angry all you want, but this is all your fault, pansy. If you didn’t have such a small dick, your wife wouldn’t be doing this to you right now. So just sit back and enjoy the fucking show.”

Both women lean into each other and passionately and begin making out again. While your friend continues to grope your wife’s tits, your wife slowly snakes her hand down towards your friends’ trousers. She grabs on to a bulge that you had not first noticed.

“Ohhh, you got a surprise for me there, baby,” your wife coo’s to her lover.

“Always for you, baby. Always,” replies your friend.

“Can I see it?” asks your wife, enthusiastically.

“Go for it, girl,” replies your friend.

Your wife gets down on her knees and unzips your friends pants and pulls them down, along with the boxers she is wearing. Once both articles of clothing reach around your friend ankles, a big black strapon cock jumps güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri out and stands to attention. It looked to be around 10 inches long and around 3 or so inches wide. It is monstrous and you noticed a twinkle in your wife’s eyes as she grabs it.

“You like, baby?” asks your friend.

“Oh, thank you, baby,” your wife says, moving up to kiss your friend as her hand jerks the fake cock.

Your wife slowly makes her way back down on her knees and begins to take your friend’s fake phallus into her mouth and bob her head up and down.

“You see this, pansy? This is what you don’t have. This is why your bitch comes to me, to fulfill her craving for big black cock.”

Your friend grabs your wife’s head, slowly pushing it down on her big cock. You wife tries to take as much of it as she can, deep throating the dildo.

“Yeah, you like that big black cock don’t you slut?”

“Mmmhmm,” your wife replies, nodding her head in the affirmative.

“Look at him and say it.”

“I love her big black cock,” your wife replies obediently, while staring intently into your eyes and watching your humiliation.

“Good, now get back to sucking, slut.”

This goes on for a few minutes as your friend strokes your wife’s cheeks, and says encouraging words to her as she licks and tongues the strapon dildo.

“Baby, why don’t you go slut it up in that outfit I got for you,” says your friend.

“Okay, daddy,” replies your wife with a grin.

“You hear that? I’m her daddy; that’s the power of the Alpha-dog, you sick little puppy,” says your friend as she laughs at you.

Minutes later, your wife appears from the bathroom sans panties and wearing a black lacy open cup corset with her tits hanging out. Her outfit also consists of a garter belt, nylon stockings and black 5-inch pumps. She moves right back next to your friend and starts making out again. Your friend then begins to pinch and bite on your wife’s nipples as she squeezes them roughly.

“Time to get back to sucking on my ding-a-ling sweetheart,” says your friend.

Once again, your wife obeys as you watch her crawl right back down on the floor next to you and take that big black dildo into her mouth. She sucks the dildo like an experienced and seasoned pornstar, tracking her tongue from the base of the shaft, all the way up to the head.

“You look so fucking sexy with that dick in your mouth,” your friend says matter of factly.

Your wife giggles and gives your friend a sly smile looking up into her eyes while she tries to take as much of the strapon into her mouth as she can.

“You want this dick inside you slut?”

“Mmm, yeah, please fuck my pussy.”

“Look into your pansy ass husband’s eyes and repeat, ‘I’m your fuck toy. Please fuck me like the slutty whore that I am ‘,” commands your friend, as she pulls your wife’s hair, forcing her to face you.

“I’m your fuck toy, baby. Please fuck me like the slutty whore that I am.”

“Good! Get on the bed slut!”

Removing her shoes and her jacket, your friend discards her pants and her boxers that are round her ankles and pulls you up güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri on your feet, dragging you next to the bed and pushing you back down on your knees at the foot of the bed.

“On your hands and knees at the edge of the bed, I want to fuck you like the bitch you are,” your friend says, turning her attention back to your wife.

Your wife obeys and gets on her hands and knees.

“Look at that nice little ass,” says your friend, smacking your wife’s bubble butt and laughing in your direction.

Your friend bends down and begins to lick your wife’s pussy. A soft moan escapes your wife’s lips as your friend’s tongue makes contact with her pussy.

“Your taste so good, baby.”


Your friend stands back up and beings to roam her hands all over your wife’s back, eliciting moans from her as she clearly enjoys every bit of the attention.

Grabbing your hair, she pulls you a little closer to her so that you are close enough to get a good view of her cock and your wife’s pussy.

“Look at that nice pretty pink pussy right there. You know what’s going to happen now don’t you?”

Releasing you, she aims her strapon at your wife’s pussy. She pushes the head inside slowly at first, teasing your wife by remaining still instead of plunging in.

“Yeah, that’s the shit. Back that ass up for me, baby.”

Your wife pushes back on the big dong as inch by inch of it enters your wife’s throbbing pussy. Once the cock is all the way inside, your friends grabs your wife’s hips and holds her in place.

“There we go. That’s a good little slut.”

“Ungh,” you wife moans.

Grabbing your hair once again, your friend pulls you in closer to watch her cock inside your wife’s pussy.

“I want you to take a nice long look at what my dick looks like inside your wife.”

Releasing you once again, she begins to squeeze your wife’s ass. Her cock almost completely disappears inside your wife’s dripping wet pussy, but she still hasn’t begun to fuck her properly.

“Look at me, pansy,” your friend, says snapping her fingers. You look up at her, a devious smile on her face. “I want you to take a nice long look and think about your new life as a cuckold, because your wife is never going to fuck you again. Actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if she never fucks anyone but me again. Maybe I’ll get a couple of our friends to come and gang bang her sometime.”

Your friend begins to pull her cock out slowly. She keeps just the head inside at first, but rams it right back inside your wife’s pussy a second later. Your wife squeals in ecstasy as your friend begins to stroke her.

“That’s it. How does it feel slut? Does it feel good?” asks your friend.

“Unghh, it does,” your wife moans.

“Does it? You like this big dick?”

“I fucking love it!” exclaims your wife.

“Tell your pathetic husband how much you like a big dick compared to his tiny little pinky.”

“Oh, I love her big black dick. It’s so much bigger and better than yours,” groans your wife, looking back at you.

This sight not only humiliates you, but for some reason it also güvenilir bahis şirketleri excites you. Your cock is straining against its cage and the pain is beginning to build.

“See how much she likes my big dick? Your pathetic little wiener will never be able to satisfy her like this,” your friend laughs at you.

Your friend grabs onto her hips and begins to really pound into your wife.

“Ungh ungh… fuck fuck… fuck me harder,” screams your wife.

“It feels good doesn’t it, slut?”

“Fuck yes!”

“I know it does.”

Your friend grabs ahold of your wife’s hair and begins to pull as she pounds her big dick into her. Your wife screams like a wild woman at being treated so roughly, like a dirty little slut.

She tilts her head slightly as her she makes eye contact with you.

“That’s right, look back at him. Look at your pathetic husband’s face,” says your friend as she continues to fuck your wife and look down at you. “Welcome to marriage, cuck.”

“Ooooh shit yes, ooh my god… fuck yes.”

“Do you hear that, pansy? Do you hear those noises she’s making? I bet she’s never made these kinds of noises with your dick inside her. She was probably thinking about changing the drapes or deciding on the color the ceiling needed to be painted,” your friend further mocks you.

Pushing your wife down on her stomach, your friend leans down and violently begins to pull out her cock and thrust it back inside your wife’s cunt.

“What’s it like cuckie, watching your wife get fucked by someone else?” she laughs at you.

You hang your head in shame as the scene continues to unfold in front of you.

“Flip on your back for me,” your friend barks at your wife, as she pulls out. Your wife once again obeys and gets on her back.

You are pulled back up on your feet and thrown down on the bed.

“I know you feel completely emasculated right now, but I want you to see it all. How I pump your wife’s pussy and how she keeps begging for it.”

She pushes the tip of the cock inside your wife’s pussy and holds it there for a few seconds, as she leans down and begins to kiss your wife. After a couple of seconds, she grabs your wife’s legs, spreading them apart and ramming her dildo back inside.

Your wife once again screams in pleasure.

“Look at that, look at my dick going inside your wife’s pussy.”

“Fuckk… I’m going to cum!” your wife cries out.

“Cum, baby. You can cum as many times as you want. Every time you cum, it becomes more and more clear that you’re mine, my little bitch.”

You lay on your side as you watch your friend roughly fuck your wife.

“What’s the matter, don’t you want to watch? What’s wrong? You feel humiliated? Well, too bad, your wife is my slut now!”

“OHH FUCK!” your wife screams as she cums.

But your friend doesn’t stop. She continues to pound your wife, causing her to shake and wither as her orgasm rocks her body.

Once your wife’s orgasm subsides, your friend pulls out of your wife’s pussy, her fake cock glistening with pussy juices.

“Look at that. Look at all the cum your wife just gushed out onto my cock. You will never get that pleasure again, cuck. She’s mine now. She belongs to me.”

They both laugh at you as your friend pushes you off the bed and onto the floor.

You remain on the floor, humiliated, as the night continues with the screams of your wife getting fucked like a dirty little whore.


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