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On my doorstep there appeared a stranger, at least that’s what it seemed like after so long no see. “Just thought I’d give you a look up” Danny announced coolly considering the fact that he threw me in a year ago for another guy.

“Why are you here then?” as asked unfriendly like.

“Just wondered of we could get together again that’s all, it never worked out with Ricky and me.” “So you have come tongue in cheek expecting me to forget and forgive?” I asked.

“Not so much tongue in cheek as cock in hand” he laughed.

I watched him squeeze himself as he still stood in my doorway.

“But I am with Badger now” I replied but still feeling a certain thrill watching Danny doing that – and he knew it. “Anyway you’d better come in, want a coffee or something?”

“The coffee and the ‘or something’ he chuckled. I remembered that, his mischievous chuckle, the way he looked at me.

“This Badger” Danny continued, does he fuck you well as me?”

“He does me well” I returned.

“As well as I did?” he perched himself on the settee still rubbing himself, I could see the growth beneath his jeans, just like he used to do,

“How can I say, every guy is different!”

“How many you had then, since me I mean?”

“Just Badger and his mate.”

“Threesomes Huh?”

“Sometimes when the mood takes me.”

“And what mood takes you now, I mean after coffee would you like me to go to the bathroom?”

What he was saying is would I want his casino oyna fuck – when he’d come before , that was about a year ago, he went to the bathroom to undress and clean himself up a bit and then he’d emerge, his stunning swollen cock going before him – and that is what was flashing in my mind when he said that.

I hesitated somewhat and then he said it would be great to wedge me again – that’s what he always said and already I was remembering the surge of his stunning erection inside me.

“But what about this other guy, I mean how long ago were you with him?”

“Bout a month back, he had a great ass but he always wanted to kiss me – and that bloody beard – need I say more? And anyway, I will use a rubber if you want and promise will make it worth while. Remember how it was, how I used to handcuff you and the like, I bet this Badger doesn’t do that?” “No but he does other things?”

“Such as?”

“Maybe I’ll tell you later when he time is right?”

“So that means yes Huh Pete – should I scoot to the bedroom pronto then?”

Feeling my temperature rise with the thought of naked Danny before me I nodded the okay and he was off and away bustling in the bathroom. I could hear him hastily unzip, remembering the tine I barged in on him, he – still in his briefs and me – impatient Pete – taking his cock in my hand through his briefs. Wonderful sensations shot up my spine and when Danny, beautifully defined Danny – with that cock divine just how I remembered it and then canlı casino would he say what he used to say when he appeared naked for me like that. Perching himself on the settee and opening his gorgeous thighs for me to get a good gander of all.- he said it, just like old times; his cock perched high and standing brilliantly upright, just waiting to be sucked and enjoyed. “Well here it is!” and that was it, an invitation for me to get to it.

As always I wasn’t undressed yet, knowing how he liked to do that when he was ready for suck me. I instinctively went down to him, kneeling in between his legs like it was yesterday the last time we met and in a moment that wonderful taste of ripe throbbing Danny cock again wedged deeply in my mouth as it simply came as standard, the sucking, the balling and feeling the sheer wonder f that great eight inch cock I just Loved to squeeze, stretch right back hearing Danny’s sounds of approval, then starting to lick and taste the ripe redness of his plum sniffing and teasing his p-hole with my tongue.

“You are great, Pete – MMM! don’t stop,” he gasped as I gave him a real good frigging lapping his throbbing cock in and out of my mouth enjoying the scent and taste f cock so very much.

There was I in my element, of course it was different with Danny. Just little things that are hard to definer, but Danny has his qualities and I am wanting them both, in fact as I suck him I realise he had never gone out of my mind.

“Let’s fuck now, Pete huh? kaçak casino it’s been a long time and I’m really aching for you.”

I can tell!” I laughed as he started to undress me, I loved the way he did it, his lusty eyes taking me all in as he dropped my jeans and boxer shorts and nudged my ass..

“You look and feel as good as always, but now I guess I have to share?”

I smiled and nodded yes.

“I can cope with that, in fact maybe the thought of you being fucked by two others is another turn on, now come on Pete, let me sniff that ass, If only you knew how I have hungered for it for so long!” “Well it was your fault!” I reminded him as he had me bent over the arm of the settee and began to press his nose between my ass cheeks, spreading them apart for a really good sniffing and sucking, I so loved that, it was divine to feel the surge of his cock inside me too, his gentle thrusts at first and then the waterloo as he pumped his eight inches of pure unadulterated stiff cock into me, holding it inside sometimes as he always did, so that we could chill and feel the beat of each other as he nudged tight the sides of my thighs and then twisted me from side to side as he fucked me in different angles, the feeling of that moving inside me was the most wonderful thing about Danny and I simply felt I was in heaven as he finished his fuck of me with a quality deep thrusting finale.

There I was well and truly seen to once more by the wonderful Danny and when he left, saying we should make it regular again I could not refuse, me laid there completely exhausted but feeling so good. “Whenever Danny just give me a text when you are coming as always and I will be ready for you.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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