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Matthew stares at the number, as if it is an etching of what is to come. Eight. Room Eight, just like Blake told him. Matt gets sweaty just thinking of what is going to be said, and how Blake is going to react. What if it is just a thanks again reaction and then the door closes in his face. That would not let him sleep easy. But what if he… doesn’t close the door on him. Oh, the possibilities, all flashing through his head while Matt is still looking at the plastic eight on the door.

He knocks three times. Nervous and shy, Matt looks down to the right when the door begins to open. Noticing that Blake is already in pajama bottoms, he gestures the bottle of body wash and two-in-one.

“Thank you for letting me use them, it was very…” Matt is interrupted by Blake.

“Get in here, before you get us both kicked out!” Blake looks down at Matt’s legs.

Matt realizes that the towel is around his head and not his waist, his mind being too preoccupied about what happened before. Once again, he never had to worry about stupid stuff like privacy out in the country. And with that knowledge, he pulls the towel from his head and covers his crotch. Also in that motion he comes inside the motel room. Blake closes the door.

“Want some pants?” Blake says as he releases a crooked and sarcastic, yet adorable, smile.

“Yes, please.” Matt says softly as he reddens for the third time tonight.

“One moment.” Blake walks into the bedroom.

Matt looks around. Their rooms were the same, ugly end tables and horizontal shades on the windows. He guessed it was ok for a couple nights, but definitely no place to live enjoyably. Blake returns with a pair of blue and green flannel pajamas. Blake’s being red and orange flannel, they matched.

“Here ya go.” Matt’s hand brushes Blake’s as he hands him the pants. Matt smiles, a sign of intention. Blake flutters his eyes and smiles as a means of telling him the flirt was accepted.

Blake turns towards the couch, and Matt casino oyna puts his right leg into the pants. Blake sits; Matt puts his left leg in and pulls the waist band a little below the waist.

“So, why did you run so quickly out of the shower, after… giving me the soap?”

Matt sits on the other end of the couch, facing Blake. “I didn’t want to do anything I would regret.”

Matt seems shocked by the answer. “what do you mean?”

“I don’t do one night stands.” There seem to be a little aggression in the last part of the sentence. Matthew notices it, but doesn’t know why there would be, something personal presumably.

“I can respect that… is there a reason why?” Matt tries to be gentle as the subject seemed to upset Blake.

“I… I don’t know. I… Okay. I… I really liked this guy I met in a local club, he seemed nice, and was definitely handsome. We talked for hours about what ever came to mind, we laughed and joked and then began to get physical. The next morning he was gone, and I only had a first name and no number. I fell for the guy, and I was just a trick.”

“Wow, that must have hurt, to let someone in like that and then them just walk out.”

“It did.” Blake, who has been nothing but giddy and playful looks down in sadness.

“Well, what qualities did he have?” Matt asks sincerely.

“He was a good listener, didn’t say to much other than how he felt, and was pretty nice on the eyes… Kinda like you.” Blake looks up and smiles cheaply.

Matt smiles with an eye flutter. “Well then, what kind of things did you tell this other me?”

“Almost everything. My family, my coming out, my plans for work after college, everything.” Blake looks down again.

“Well then,” Matt moves right next to Blake and puts his hand on his leg. “tell me.”

Blake and Matt talk for what seems like hours, laughing and even crying. Matt forces himself up ready to go back to his room and get some sleep, knowing that it would not be nice to canlı casino try to do anything with this guy who has been emotionally hurt.

“Well, I guess I’ll…” Blake interrupted Matt again.

“You can stay here for the night, if you wanna.”

Shocked at what was said, he thinks as to what extent Blake meant that offer. Sexually or not.

“Well, there is only one bed, and…” excuses fall

“We can share the bed.” Blake says.

There was no hidden agenda in the tone of which he said the words, he didn’t say it as if he planned for a night of roaming free around the bedroom. He only meant it as a sharing of the bed, which was unusual.

“Okay.” Matt thinking of how he is going to keep his hands off of that delicious body all night long and how he may not even sleep or sex out of this.

Matt followed Blake into the bedroom, still thinking about the rest of Blake’s body, Matt follows Blake’s lead and gets underneath the blanket. Blake turns the lamp off.

They both lay there, looking up at the ceiling, waiting for one another to move. Minutes go by and nothing, finally Matt moves onto his side facing Blake.

“would you mind if I take my pants off, I sleep in the nude?”

“No, I was about to ask you the same thing. I guess it’s a country thing.” They both laugh trying to relieve the awkwardness.

After they both stare at the ceiling a little bit longer, Blake breaks the silence.

“Do you mind if I lay on my side, I cant sleep on my back.”

“It’s your bed, do what you want.” Matt chuckles as if wondering why Blake asked.

As Blake switches to his side, his knee brushes along Matt’s Thigh.

“oh, Sorry.” Blake said quickly.

“No need to apologize” Matt runs his hand down the middle of Blake’s chest.

Blake looks at matt as if he is instantly turned on and returns the gesture, going all the way down to his bulging rock. Matt begins kissing Blake passionately and fervently as Blake strokes Matt’s cock. Enjoying kaçak casino the feeling of Blake’s hand on his cock, Matt returns the favor and caresses Blake’s manhood. Matt stops kissing Blake’s lips, and kisses his way down underneath the covers. Wanting to see the reactions and actions of Matt’s every move, Blake uncovers him as Matt takes in all of the gorgeous meat into his mouth repetitively. This continues as Matt fondles Blake’s scrotum, and then begins to massage his entry point.

“Oh, Matt, I fixin to cum!”

“Get on top of me and cum on my chest!”

Blake does exactly as he is told, and Matt rubs it in.

“So, …” do you mind if I?”

“If you what? Jack off?

“No…” Matt gestures towards Blake’s rear with his eyes, “you’re already on top.”

“Sure, just let me get a rubber real quick.”

Opening the box, getting a condom and opening it wasn’t a difficult task, because the box was already placed on the night stand. Blake did plan for this. Sly dog.

Matt rolled the double sided lubricated condom on his raging cock and pushed Blake towards his piece. Blake slightly sat on Matt’s lap, guiding his penis into his rectum, slowly allowing the cock to enter him. Once half way in, Blake moved his hand and gave control to Matt.

Matt, in sheer ecstasy of the moment, began thrusting his hips, and on the third thrust was all the way in. Matt continued thrusting, bouncing Blake up into the air only to land back down on his rod. Both moaning, deep moans at that, Blake becomes hard again and begins dripping precum.

Wild with the feeling of Matt’s cock in his ass, Blake takes control and begins to increase the rhythm as he masturbates. With Blake in control, the feelings Matt experiences are grand in comparison to any others. Matt feels the tension in his balls, signaling that he is soon to cum.

“I’m gonna cum!” They both yell out as semen fills the condom and explodes onto Matt’s chest.

Tired and worn out, Blake falls to the space next to Matt. Matt throws the used condom on top of the pajamas and lays back down.

Blake moves his arm onto Matt’s chest and leg onto his leg and they both fall asleep. Fantasy alive and lived.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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