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April, 1985.

The seminar was on Friday and Saturday in Dallas. Most of the Sacramento admins and principals were going. Jack, though based in LA, would be there too. We admins spent all Friday in class but were finished by 1 pm on Saturday. We weren’t leaving Dallas until Sunday, so the girls gathered by the pool to sun. Vicky, my best friend at work, knew I was meeting Jack. I had given her the rather lame excuse we had company business to attend to.

She wasn’t buying it and asked, “What about Tom?”

It was a reasonable question. I live with Tom. The “business” with Jack is an affair and Vicky knew it. She likes both Tom & Jack but figures I am, or should be, committed to Tom. Maybe so, but Jack is a young executive with a Stanford education, a wealthy future, broad shoulders and floppy hair. He is sophisticated and romantic. We have long dinners, and, of course, exciting sex. He buys me fine clothes and jewelry.

My affair is not without a feeling of guilt, but unbeknownst to Vicky it has been ongoing for as long as I have known Tom. When in Sacramento Jack is my weekday man and Tom is the weekend man. I have not yet decided to commit to either. Though Tom is easy and the first human with which I am certain to have a mind-bending orgasm every time, he is a bit more blue-collar and less romantic. Jack, who knows about Tom, has a son from an ex-girlfriend, which is something else to consider.

This dilemma though is not what I’m here to tell you about. Jack is a half-hour late to meet me at the pool. I’d blame it on the change to DST but that doesn’t happen till tomorrow. When he arrives, he chats up the girls a bit, and dives into the pool. When he emerges we graciously bid adieu and leave “dangerously close to one another.” Suspicious looks follow our departure.

We go to my room where he joins me in the shower. It is here that I realize even more why I continue with Jack. He is smitten with me and with my body. Before we even enter the shower he is hard. He tells me that he will never tire of making love to me. I am the reason for that erection. I am the reason for his attention. I am the reason why he came to the Dallas seminar. He is captivated by my breasts with long nipples, my islander look and my wild black hair above and below. Though object I may be we also have long deep discussions on life, work and the world (e.g., SDI & Gorbachev). It all feels so eternal and plush. Though we frolic in the shower we do not make love. We just have heavy, soapy, slippery canoodling.

I take pleasure in making sure his cock is squeaky clean. The feeling with my hands around his cock is almost innovia escort as wonderful as with him in me. No, that’s not true but I love handling it and bringing it to full tumefaction.

After, Jack leaves for his room to dress for dinner. We meet in the lobby and head out to the Atlantic City Cafe, a very nice restaurant. However, in typical Dallas fashion the balmy weather turns into thunderstorms, heavy rain and hurricane warnings. It is raining so hard that we cannot even get out of the car at the restaurant. We try to wait out the rain by engaging in deep tongue driven steamy kisses and light groping. I am braless with a not-so-opaque blouse on. Jack slides his hands over my silk covered breasts and presses on my pussy through my pants. I rub on his cock the same way. The rain doesn’t stop. The windows of his rental Jaguar are totally fogged. We decide it is best to skip dinner and head back to the hotel. In the process we get lost on the freeways and don’t get back until near 11:00 pm.

As a fairly high muckity-muck in the firm, Jack has the penthouse. So, I will stay with him tonight. I go by my room to get casual clothes. Jack orders room service. I knock on the door and he opens it dressed only in a towel.

“Yeah, sophisticated,” I think.

I enter the room and unwrap him. Jack gives a very good body builder pose. Again, his cock is as hard as the rest of his body. I snuggle up under his arm and hold his penis in my hand. Normally, Jack does not allow fellatio but I manage a kiss on the tip just as the room service knocks. Jack runs off to the bedroom while I let the delivery in. It is a dinner of Champagne and Caesar salad with garlic bread.

Jack returns when we’re alone, and is still naked. I follow suit and we eat au-natural, in front of the open-curtain, floor to ceiling window, showing all of lights of Plano in a full scale thunderstorm.

After eating we settle on the couch with the Champagne. Jack pours it over my pussy (and onto the couch), then proceeds to drink and eat. I don’t yet understand why fellatio is out but cunnilingus is OK. This though, is at what Jack excels. His tongue finds my clitoral region and two fingers slip a ways up my kitty cage. Normally, I don’t like fingers inside but I’m not going to interrupt the momentum. My body is along the couch with my back half on the back and half on the seat. Jack is pulling on one nipple while he feasts on me. My upper arm is holding tightly to the back while my other hand is on Jack’s head pressing him into me. I can’t help but cum. I buck so hard we both tumble to the floor. Jack laughs as I curl up istanbul escort into a jittering ball.

I cannot be the first to wonder if an orgasm is akin to the everlasting ecstasy one would attain through a life of meditation or devotion. The orgasm is usually linked to sin or karma or something heretical. But what if we all agreed that with proper context and ceremony it could become accepted as peek into the cosmology of heaven or nirvana or whatever one calls eternal salvation. After all look how Bernini portrays the ecstasy of St. Teresa as she is pierced a thousand times in the heart with a golden arrow wielded by a seraph. It sounds like a euphemism. I would like to join the religion which makes this connection of my orgasm to righteous ecstasy.

Jack stands and offers a hand up. We walk to the bedroom. He sits on the end of the huge bed. Jack turns me so my back is facing him. He tickles my bum and back with the tips of his fingers. Then he guides me to sit on him. His cock is covered by a condom already. Between my legs I reach for his cock and usher it into me, very slowly. It is a delightful feeling. My vagina firmly closes around the intruder. It is indescribable the fulfillment as we enter the milk and water embrace. He presses on my vulva with one hand and pinches my breast with the other. I am young and strong, so I can ride his penis while Jack stiffens his butt for maximum depth. I don’t cum. I don’t want to. This pre-orgasm passion is the objective. It is lust, it is love, it is a complete abandon that I don’t want to end. I have achieved a plateau that persists. I move his hand from pussy to breast and I continue to do my own light massage of the clitoris just to maintain status quo. I want to tell him I love him but my ecstatic moaning cannot be surmounted.

We maintain this posture for several minutes but finally Jack breaks and has me stand up. He leans his upper back against the wall and motions me to him. He takes hold of my bum and lifts me off the ground. I help by pulling myself up by his shoulders. My pussy slides past his cock and then it enters me as I descend back down. It is a bit more gamely than that but we take the suspended congress pose as he takes one cheek in each hand. My knees are up by his armpits. His body is angled out from the wall as he starts to pump me up and down like a piston. The sensation is so deep I cannot breathe. My clit is rubbing on his public bone (or whatever that area is above his rod). His penis must be hitting my cervix. There is no stopping the orgasm now. But before it happens he comes off the wall, turns and my back crashes into kadıköy escort it. Now I am static and he thrusts into me hard. He starts a furious, frenetic rocking rotation. It is too much. I burst into ecstasy with a full throat bellow that is undulated by Jack’s banging. I think I feel his spurt through the condom and he probably feels mine as the wetness spills down us.

As he explodes he grows weak and falls straight back onto the bed never letting loose of me. Now I bounce on him as the waves continue through me and he continues to convulse. With each stroke I let loose a vocal chug. One last intense wave paralyzes me. My body twists and I grimace as I pass through a total release. I fall on Jack but will not let him out of me. Soon enough I am breathing again, hard, but otherwise I’m still. I can feel him pulsing, so I tighten my Kegels around him.

We lay in this women-on-top position for a long time. We kiss intermittently until I muster the strength to slide off. It feels just as good as going in. I turn my backside to him and we spoon.

“No one is going to make a surprise visit tonight, right?” I ask. “I cannot take another colleague like LA.”

“No, not that I know of,” Jack answers, “And that was all you. You made all the moves yourself. I just didn’t interfere.”

“Yeah, maybe,” I say, “but you invited him over with something in mind.”

“Do you think of something to delay your climax?” I ask. “Like baseball or work or..?”

“Yes I do,” Jack replies. “But you overwhelm it too easily, it doesn’t work. I list in my head the major stars of Orion. They are: Betelgeuse, Rigel, Bellatrix, Mintaka, Alnilam, Alnitak, Meissa and Saiph. See I can recite them. Like I said though, it doesn’t help much. I’ll have to come up with a more distracting list.”

Jacks whispers to me how beautiful I am. He eventually pulls the covers over us as we hear the wind howling and the raining pounding outside. He holds me through the night. I feel secure, warm and I think in love. We sleep knowing the hurricane has passed right through the penthouse.

We wake up late since it is the start of daylight saving time. Jack wants me to stay in-room for breakfast and another round but I am scheduled for a morning with the office girls. The admins breakfast and go on a visit to the JFK memorial before heading to the airport.

My week back in Sacramento is tough. The Dallas trip was intense, romantic and emotional for me. If I love Tom why does the relation with Jack continue? I can’t just break up with Tom. Do I love Jack or is it just lust resulting from an illicit association? I should not continue with both relationships. Something will break and disaster will strike.

The firm has an opening for me in San Francisco. I decide to take it. Maybe the distance will slowly and mercifully pull Tom and me apart. Jack will visit on business often. Things will all fall into place as they should be, right?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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