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Three weeks had passed since my fateful meeting with Steve, and as yet, despite his threat, I had heard nothing more from him. Since the encounter my sex life with my wife had actually improved and I was fucking her more often than ever before. Although I think this was a vain attempt to regain my heterosexuality my mind kept going back to the events of that night and I still found myself masturbating to images of transvestites and gay sex. Close up images of large, hard cocks made me remember how much I had actually enjoyed sucking one myself and I would instantly get hard when I remembered the feeling of that huge dildo stretching my anus wide and filling me to the hilt before I received that load of cum up my ass from Steve’s hard cock. I couldn’t deny it, I wanted more. I actually started to email Steve again to see if he wanted to meet me again, but not once did I get a reply.

Then, one day, out of the blue, my mobile phone rang. My heart skipped a beat when I saw that the caller’s number was withheld. As soon as I answered it I recognised Steve’s voice. “Hello Fuckboy” he said as I nervously looked around to make sure no one could overhear the conversation. He continued, “This Friday, 7:30pm at my house” he said, “by 7:45, if you are not here, your wife will have a very interesting video to watch and your boss will have some interesting images in his inbox. Understand?” he snapped. Nervously I answered. “Yes… yes, I understand” and with that, he hung up. My cock was already hard in anticipation.

Luckily, my wife was going away on Thursday and would not be returning until Monday, so I did not have to make up any excuse to go out on the Friday night. The week went slowly and as soon as my wife had left the house I found myself frantically jerking off while fingering my asshole as I fantasised about what would happen the next night. As soon as I had shot an enormous load of cum I felt the usual pangs of guilt but I knew that I had no choice but to do exactly as Steve instructed. With those incriminating films and photographs of me he could totally ruin my life if I did not meet him the next night.


I made sure I arrived at Steve’s house in plenty of time, but I waited in my car until exactly 7:30, when I nervously got out and slowly walked up the steps to his front door. Once again, he answered the door wearing nothing but his robe and I could feel my cock harden as he ushered me inside.

Showing me into the living room I was shocked to see what looked to be a very high quality video camera standing on a tripod facing the centre of the room. He told me to stand in front of it while he moved behind it and checked to make sure everything was set up correctly. The red record light came on and he ordered me to take off all of my clothes. I was nervous as hell and really did not want him to have any more footage of me but I knew I had to do it. Slowly, I began to undress. As I stood naked before him my cock stood at half mast. Although I was nervous I was also excited but was trying not to show it. He then threw me a carrier bag and told me to put on what was inside. Reaching into the bag I found that it contained a pair of hold-up fishnet stockings, a pair of shiny black patent leather high heeled womens shoes and a black bra.

Blushing and embarrassed I struggled into the bra and as I rolled the first stocking up my leg my cock began to get more erect. With the other stocking in place, my cock now bobbed casino siteleri in front of me, fully erect as I stepped into the shoes. “Now,” Steve said in a stern voice, “I want you to jerk yourself off for the camera”. Grudgingly, I took my manhood in my hand and started stroking. The excitement was too much for me and I soon forgot the camera was there as I started to bring myself close to orgasm, standing in this stranger’s living room. “You’d better not get any on the carpet!” he snapped and just in the nick of time I managed to position my cupped spare hand to catch the large thick gobs of cum that spurted from my throbbing cock.

As I caught my breath after shooting my load I looked up at the camera. My God! If anyone saw this they would think I was a real pervert, jerking myself off while dressed in female underwear and teetering in a pair of high heels. “Eat it” Steve said in a persuasive manner from behind the video camera. I’ve often tried to eat my own cum in the past, but once the thrill of the orgasm has passed the thought quickly becomes unpleasant. I looked down at my cum soaked hand and slowly brought it up to my mouth. “Look at the camera, Fuckboy!”. I did as I was told, and slowly began to lick the pungent load of cum from the palm of my hand. I heard the whirr as Steve zoomed the camera in for a close up of my face as I swallowed the last stringy mouthful. As I looked up at the camera, traces of cum glistened on my lips and I heard Steve laugh as he switched off and motioned for me to follow him out of the room.

Now I had achieved an orgasm I really did not want to be there any more and as I followed Steve down some dark stairs I nearly fell as I tried to walk in the stilettos. The room at the bottom of the stairs was instantly recognizable. It was the dungeon where he had fucked me the last time we met. There were the stocks, the large mirror, the handcuffs, whips and manacles exactly how I remembered. The table was still crowded with the collection of sex toys and I could easily see the huge dildo that he had fucked me with the last time I was here. Looking at the size of it now, I could not believe that I had taken it up my tender asshole.

Steve motioned for me to take my place in the stocks and quivering with trepidation I did what he wanted, knowing full well that I was voluntarily putting myself totally at his mercy. He quickly fastened them around my neck and wrists before attaching a spreader bar to my ankles which forced my legs wide apart. Moving in front of me he opened his robe and once again I was face to face with his cock. Reluctantly, I opened my lips and immediately he placed his cock in my mouth and began to face fuck me. He was more violent than before and slammed his cock deep into my throat with long hard thrusts that made me gag as my mouth stretched around his meat. Suddenly, with a groan he started to cum and I was surprised when he pulled out and sprayed his load all over my face. Long jets of hot cum flew from his cock and as he finished his orgasm, my face was dripping with his jism. I tried to lick some from the corner of my mouth and straight away I was aware that he wad photographing me with his still camera. Damn! I must have looked like a desperate cum junky and he laughed as he reminded me what damage he could do with all these pictures.


“Now then Fuckboy! It’s time for your enema!” I heard Steve moving around behind me and subconsciously tightened my canlı casino sphincter at the thought of having an enema. I’ve seen lots of articles and pictures on the internet about enemas but have never actually received one. I felt a lubricated finger on my clenched asshole which was soon followed by the feeling of a thin plastic tube slowly sliding into me. It didn’t hurt at all as it slide further and further into my bowels. Then I felt a weird, cold sensation as Steve opened the valve on the enema bag and the liquid started to slowly pour into me. It was a strange feeling and I wondered how much I could take as more and more of the liquid filled my innards. My stomach felt full and bloated and I was consciously having to keep my anal ring clenched as tightly as possible to hold the liquid inside me. Suddenly the plastic tube was pulled from my anus and quickly replaced with a small butt plug. Steve then told me that he would be back shortly and as he turned and left the room I squirmed in the stocks as the liquid sloshed and churned inside me.

After a while I started to come over a little dizzy and light headed and was relieved when I heard Steve come back into the room. He removed the plug from my anus and I couldn’t stop myself from immediately expelling the remaining liquid which spurted out into a metal bucket which had been carefully positioned underneath me. It was then that Steve told me his plans.

He walked in front of me but now he was fully dressed in a smart and expensive looking jet black suit. “The enema I just administered was 50% wine so by now you are probably feeling a little tipsy!” he laughed as I nodded. “I though it was only fair that you got to have a drink tonight and I wanted to make sure you are nice and clean” he continued. “You see, I’m having a bit of a party and guess what? You’re going to be the entertainment!” My heart sank as he went on. “For a small charge of £20 each my guests are all free to come down here at any time and use you however they want. I guess that makes you a whore doesn’t it Fuckboy? How does that feel? Knowing that people are going to pay to use your body for their own sexual needs? By the end of the night you should have earned me quite a nice bit of money!” As I tried to protest and writhed in desperation to free myself from the stocks, he went over to the table and returned with an O-ring gag. Once he had strapped it to my head my mouth was forcibly kept in a stretched open position. “That should make sure you’ll not go hungry!” he laughed before putting a blindfold on me and leaving the room.


I was shaking with nervousness and from up the stairs I could just make out the sound of music and voices. I tried to listen to see if I could work out how many guests were arriving but in my slightly drunken state I soon lost count. What had I got myself into this time? At least up until now only one person had known about my sexual habits, but here I was, at the mercy of God knows how many people.

Oh no! I could hear voices getting closer. Then they were in the room. I could hear them talking. Two men, laughing at me, running their hands over my buttocks, fondling my cock and calling me a cumslut! One of them moved in front of me and I heard the distinct sound of a zipper being undone. Almost straight away a large cock was in my mouth and as a pair of hands grabbed my head I could do nothing as the stranger started to fuck my face. Behind me I could feel a lubricated kaçak casino hand on my anus. I squirmed as a finger slid easily into me. As the cock slowly worked in and out of my mouth I could feel the finger slip out. Another zip opened and I could feel a hard cock start to press against my anus. With a push, the head was in and as the second stranger grabbed my hips he pushed until the whole of his cock was inside me. I groaned around the cock in my mouth as my ass started to get vigorously fucked. I could hear both of the men laughing and calling me names as I took their cocks. The one in my mouth was first to cum and I had just swallowed down most of the thick load when I felt the other cock start to spurt inside my ass. After a few moments to get their breath, the two strangers returned to the party and I was left in the stocks with cum dripping from both my holes. My own cock was erect and throbbing. It was going to be a long night.

For what seemed like hours I was visited by a constant stream of party go-ers. I lost count after the tenth cock had shot its load in my sticky mouth and my anus was sore from the number of times it had been fucked. The many loads of cum acted as a lubricant as cock after hard cock buried themselves inside me. The hard cocks in my ass had proved to be too much for me and I had shot my own load three times as strangers rammed into me but still my cock remained erect. I came to crave more and more male meat inside me and was grateful every time a new cock penetrated me, pushing my buttocks back to make sure I got the full length inside. I knew that Steve was filming the whole event but I didn’t care. I was being used a living sex toy by numerous strangers and I was liking it!

By the end of the night I was physically drained. My back and legs were aching from being in the stocks for so long and my sopping anus felt like it was hanging open. I could feel the cum seeping from me and forming a puddle on the floor and the inside of my mouth and throat had a sticky coating of mixed loads of semen. It must have been quite late when the party finished and eventually Steve returned. “It certainly looks like you’ve enjoyed yourself, Fuckboy!” he laughed as he looked at my ravaged, cum soaked body. He told me that his guests had been more than pleased with my performance as he waved a wad of cash in front of my face. “I made £600 from you tonight, you cock hungry whore!” he laughed and began to remove the blindfold and gag. £600! At £20 each that meant that thirty different men had used me tonight! He was right. I had become nothing but a whore, taking cock after anonymous cock for money.

Finally I was released from the stocks and as I dressed Steve once again reminded me that he had the whole nights events captured on video. Barely able to walk, I staggered back to my parked car and started the engine.


I spent most of the next day in bed recovering from the exploits of the previous night. I was lucky my wife was still away because cum had been leaking out of my asshole all night and had formed a large wet patch on the sheet where I lay. As I showered I tried to gather my thoughts. I had either sucked or been fucked by thirty complete strangers. I had been blindfolded the whole time but I knew that the next time I ventured out I would be nervous as hell. What if somehow someone recognised me? The guy at the petrol station, the local store owner, hell, even somebody from the office where I worked. Any one of them could have had their cock in my mouth or shot a load of cum into my ass and I wouldn’t even know. As I showered my hand moved down and grasped my already hardening cock. I began to jerk myself off. Already I wanted more…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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