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It is a gorgeous day, mid 70’s, sunny, slight breeze. We have the top down and we are zooming through the countryside without a care in the world. I am alternating between my hand on the gear shift and my hand on your thigh. You are wearing cut-off jean shorts, a white tank top, and an old flannel shirt.

As we drive down an old country road, we spot an old, abandoned barn. I think to myself that this would be a great place to stop and take some photos. We pull off the road and walk through the field to get to the barn. The old doors are open and we walk in. It looks like there hasn’t been anyone in this place for years. I get out the camera and look around for some good spots. The sun is just starting to set.

There are breaks in some of the boards and streams of sunlight are shooting through the barn. I have you pose in different areas where light is passing over parts of your body. You are sitting on the ground with one leg straight and the other up and bent. The light is gently cascading across your face and chest. I ask you to take the flannel off. Tossing it aside, you turn and put your back towards me.

I notice that you have unbuttoned your shorts and you have started pulling the tank top up a little. All the while, I am snapping photo after photo. You bend over slightly and push your shorts off. You aren’t wearing any panties. Spreading your legs, you slide your hand down and start rubbing your pussy. You reach your other hand around and spread your ass cheeks apart, rubbing a finger across your exposed asshole.

Turning around, you slowly raise your hand and stick your finger in your mouth tasting the juices from your wet pussy. At that point, you notice the huge tent growing out of the front of my shorts. Walking over to me, you grab the back of my head and pull me into a deep, passionate kiss forcing your tongue into my mouth.

I ankara escort set the camera down and grab your gorgeous breasts. Slowly rubbing, and kneading them, you throw your head back and moan loudly. I need to have your tits. I grab the bottom of your tank top and pull it over your head. You are standing naked in front of me. I grab the sides of your tits and take a nipple into my mouth. Twirling my tongue on your nipple and sucking on your tit, you moan with pleasure.

Reaching your hand down, you unbutton my shorts. You put your hand into my pants and start rubbing my hard cock. You drop to your knees and yank my shorts down. My dick is throbbing, and pointing right at your mouth. You close your eyes and open your mouth and take half of my cock into your mouth. You slowly pull back and twirl your tongue on the head of my dick. You lick the precum and smile with pleasure. Knowing there is a lot more of that to come.

With your left hand, you raise my dick towards my stomach and start licking my balls. With your right hand, you slide a finger up the crack of my ass. You find my asshole and lightly press your finger on the tiny opening. You lick the underside of my dick, from my balls to the head, taking a deep breath, you slide all of my cock into your mouth. My cock head slams into the back of your throat. You gag slightly, but you pull back and take more of my dick into your mouth.

As you are giving my cock the royal treatment, you are applying a little more pressure to the opening of my ass. You are sliding my dick in and out, sucking and slurping. All the while rubbing circles around my asshole. With your other hand you start jacking me off as my cock is sliding into the back of your throat. My cock swells up and prepares to give you a mouthful of hot cum.

Just as I am about to release, you shove your finger into my ass. I start shooting escort ankara like a cannon into your mouth. I have never cum so much, shot after shot into your throat. You try to swallow all of it, but some leaks out of the corners of your mouth. You pull your finger out of my ass and start rubbing my balls as you suck the last of my jizz from my dick. My knees are weak and I can barely stand. You are the best cocksucker!

You stand up and we walk over to an old tractor in the corner of the barn. We kiss deeply and I can taste my cum on your lips. I love tasting my juices on your lips. I lift you up to sit on one of the tires of the tractor. Your pussy is at the perfect level for me to devour. I spread your legs and go right for your clit. I open my mouth and take your clit into my mouth and suck on it while I am flicking it with my tongue. You dig your heels into my back as you pull me into your hot cunt. I stick my tongue out and try to get as much of it into your hot pussy. I scope up some of your juices with my tongue. You taste wonderful!

I am licking, and sucking on your clit and trying to get as much of my tongue into you. You are rocking your ass forward and backwards and loving every minute. The orgasm hits you hard and you slam your heels into my back. You are shaking and grabbing the sides of head, pulling me into your hot, wet pussy. You finally come down from your orgasm and I lift you down from the tire. We spot a big pile of hay at the back of the barn. It looks like the perfect place for us to have sex like wild animals. You spin around and throw me into the hay and jump on top of me. I reach up and grab your tits and guide your nipple into my mouth.

As I am ravaging your tits, you reach back and guide my now hard cock into your wet pussy. You sit back and sink down on top of me, all of my dick going into your cunt. You throw your head back ankara escort bayan and start moving up and down on my dick. You aren’t wasting any time. You are super hot and you need to have my cock slamming into you. As you raise up to the point where I’m about to slip out, you slam back down until my dick is all the way in you, ramming into your cervix.

As you fuck me, your pussy muscles are flexing around my hard shaft, coaxing the cum out of my balls. Taking your gorgeous tits out of my mouth, I raise up and push you backwards so that you are laying on your back. On my knees, guiding my dick inside your pussy, I pull your legs up and together so that your feet are at my face. I grab your foot and start sucking on your toes. You reach down and start playing with your clit as my cock is hitting all the right spots of your cunt. I run my tongue along the arch of your foot and kiss the tops of your feet.

You are rubbing your clit faster and faster, trying hard to bring yourself off. I take your legs and put them over my shoulders, and brace my hands under your armpits. I am ramming my cock all the way into your hot pussy, slamming my balls against your ass. Your orgasm hits you out of nowhere. You scream out with pleasure as the wave after wave of pleasure runs through your body. I feel my balls tighten, ready to release another hot load. I reluctantly pull out of your velvet pussy and move up to your tits.

You grab my dick and point it at your left nipple. The first explosion hits your nipple and splashes on your chin. You aim the next shot towards your other tit, and a huge blast splatters on your breast. I unload all of the cum that I have left onto your tits as you stroke every last drop out of my dick.

You let go of my cock and grab one of your tits and bring it to your mouth. As you are licking my cum from your nipple, I lean down and take your other tit in my hands and start licking my cum from your nipple. We kiss and swirl my load around our tongues and mouth. Sitting up and looking down at your cum covered tits, I can’t wait until we reach the hotel. The fun continues……

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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