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Thank you for your editing help Aquachimera

Coach sat down on her bed and told me to remove my uniform. I was in a hurry and had my clothes off in less than a minute. “No no no,” Coach said shaking her head. She picked up my cloths and handed them to me. “Ashley, one of the biggest things we need to work on with you is speed. You cum too fast and you eat my pussy too fast, and well you pretty much do everything fast. Get dressed again.”

I started to dress but at the same time defending my actions, “But I’m horny,” I whined, “I do things so fast because you make me so hot…so in a way it’s your fault.”

Coach got up while my back was turned and helped me zip up my top and then started kissing the base of my neck. All the hair on my neck perked up. “I know you’re horny, I’m horny too but we’re girls Ashley, and girls savor each other.” She then spanked me on the butt, “And none of that sass.” She spanked my other cheek, “And none of that whining either.”

“Yes coach.”

Coach sat down on the bed again. “Good girl. Now come and stand in front of me. I’m going to teach you to strip, slowly and exotically. First start by smiling.”

I smiled.

“No no no,” She signed. “Don’t smile like you are about to have your picture taken smile, mischievously. Like you just ate the last cookie or you just spent the last ten minute sneaking glances at Jessica Clark in the showers.”

I smiled again, this time knowing exactly what she was talking about. Jessica was a cheerleader also, but she was three months older than I was and looked like Megan Fox from the Transformers movie. I thought all summer that the cheers quad would elect her captain of the squad this year. I learned later they elected me only because all the other girls hated her. They were all jealous of her because every guy in school drooling over her.

“That’s it Ashley, good girl. Now reach around and pull the zipper of your top down but do it like you are really stiff. Oh and turn to face away from me and when you get to the end of the track hold there for just a moment bring your head around to face me and then pull it the rest of the way down.”

I did as Coach instructed but it took me a try or two. “No Ashley you went too far…No Ashley turn your head more…Smile for goodness sakes…Tease me, make me understand I’m about to get fucked…That it…Better…one more time.”

I did it one last time but on a whim added a little lick of my lips. Coach clapped, “Perfect Ashley. Now for your next move turn and face me, grab the zipper with your right hand and cock your hips to the right. Rest your left hand on your left hip and then slowly very slowly, very slowly pull the zipper down.”

I got this one on the first try and I have to admit I was really getting into this. I licked my lips again and was rewarded with a smile from Coach. She was obviously enjoying the show and it was making me wet too.

“Good,” Said Coach and then said now just straighten your back and let the skirt fall. I did and it did.

I was getting into the strip tease part of this, and so was coach. She kept touching herself when she thought I could see. We had started slow but now we were starting to pick up the pace. For all of her talk about doing thing slowly and savoring them I could see she was getting as impatient for sex as I had been earlier. Strangely enough I was beginning to understand why she wanted to me to go slow. It was torture for her to have to wait for me to get a part of the dance right and I loved it. In fact I started to screw up just to see her get hotter. “Now come over here and get really close to me. Turn and lower yourself down like you’re going to sit in my lap, but don’t then brush your beautiful backside over my legs. Now reach between your legs and unsnap the crotch of your body suit. When your new, bad girl uniform arrives, this will part of your strip tease will be a lot easier as it has a set of panties and not a bodysuit.”

I had rubbed my back side against her legs a couple of times and then inspiration struck. I reached down and pulled the suit up to my stomach and began to rub my bear but against Coaches legs. She was breathing heavily by this point and I think I felt a little bit of a tremor in her legs, like she had cum and was trying to hide it.

“You OK Coach?”

“Oh I’m fine,” She said in a dreamy voice, then in a sterner one, “Remove the rest of your suit over your head and make sure you extend your arms as high as they will go. Then make sure the suit is off and that you are holding it in your right hand. Let it dangle for a minute and then just let it drop to the floor like a leaf. Finally sit down on my lap and arch your back so that your casino siteleri back presses against my breasts and your butt brushes my clit.”

I did as I was told and I could feel Coach’s hard nipples against my back. My pussy was also getting very wet and I blushed full red when I felt my pussy juice run down between my legs and onto coach’s thigh. When I was done I asked, “Did I do it right? Coach?”

“Huagh,” Her voice was dreamy again, “What.”

I sat up a little more and looked at her again over my shoulder. “Did I do it right.”

“Yes,” Coach cleared her throat and pushed me off her lap forcing me to stand. She stood as well and looked a little flustered, “Yes you were OK. But let see if you remember the whole routine and if you can do it to music.”

I put my uniform on again and Coach walked over to her Bose sound system. She put on a song with a slow bass beat and I did the whole dance for her. Coach didn’t say a thing during the entire dance which I took to mean she liked how I was doing it. As with cheering routines music always made a performance flow better. At the end of the dance I was sitting on Coaches knees her rock hard nipples pushing into my back. She grabbed my hips and started pushing my butt into her crotch. She began to lift her pussy so her clit rubbed against my backside. Her pussy was soaking wet. I began to press back against her and within a few minutes Coach’s grip relaxed and she just fell back onto the bed.

I got off Coach’s lap turned around and straddled her legs. I then started playing with my pussy. Coach looked tilled her head to watch. I rubbed my clit with my thumb and stuck first one then two fingers in my pussy. I must have been getting tired because I wasn’t getting to climax as fast as before. I looked down at Coach who was looking up at me and that all I needed. My pussy exploded again and I fell on top of Coach breathing hard. I could feel the river of cum flowing from between my legs.

I lay on top of her for quite a while. From time to time she would stroke my ear or move a strand of hair out of my face. “You are coming along so well Ashley,” Began Coach. “I really liked the way you added your own little touches like licking your lips to the dance. Those really made me horny.”

“Isn’t that why I was stripping for you, to tease you? I mean I know that you were already horny because you just finished finger fucking me but all I could imagine is how much you wanted to fuck me again and that made me so wet between my legs.”

“That’s good Ashley. That is why I am trying to teach you to control your emotions, wants and desires. The longer you make your lover wait, the hornier they are going to get and the more passionate the sex will be. It is also a good way to get a new lover to do things for or to you they wouldn’t normally do.”

“Like what?” I asked as innocently as I could.

“Well a number of things, there are all kinds of fetishes and games people like to play. I have tried a few and a number of them are fun but all are kinky and some consider some of them gross.”

Still acting naive I pressed her, “I still don’t know what you mean.”

Coach sighed, “Well for one the whole playing the stripper role. A lot of girls I have dated don’t like the idea and will not do it. They think its demaning. Another one is spanking. I personally like a good hard pat on the butt and you seemed to like it too.” I blushed, “But other girls are into pain and I mean like no pain, no pleasure but that is a little extreme for me.”

“What about piercing?”

“Good example. I have my clit, navel, and ears pierced. I figure that is enough. I might get my tongue pierced one of these days but I have not decided yet. I would like you to get your clit pierced and your navel it really makes sex better.”

“OK. Is there any other kinky stuff you’re into?”

Coach pantomimed the great thinker. “I like screwing other women with strap-on. I plan to fuck you with one.”

“I’ve never been fucked by a fake dick before.”

“Never?” Coach asked surprised. “Well then Ashley you are in for a treat.”

Coach got up and walked over to her dresser. She took out what looked like a man’s jock strap. The only difference was that this one was made of black leather with buckles on the sides. The insides of the leg straps were covered in a black padding. Coach stepped into the jock strap and snitched the buckles tight. Finally she pulled out a purple and white marbled penis, attached it to the front of her belt and walked over to where I sat.

“Get on your knees bitch” She ordered.

I did.

“Well don’t just sit there suck my cock. Or would you prefer I shove it in your pussy dry?” Coach’s canlı casino character faded, “Sorry I forgot this is your first time. I like playing the role of the guy. I like talking dirty to my lovers and they usually like it. But if you don’t…”

“No Coach I like it I just don’t know exactly what to do. Would I like a man to put his cock in me dry?”

“Probably not and this one would probably hurt a little. Guys produce a pre cum that helps lubricate their dicks. This one doesn’t self lubricate. Open your mouth and wrap your lips around the dildo like it was a large popsicle.”

I didn’t understand why I had to learn how to suck a cock if I was a lesbian but I was not going to debate the matter with Coach. She was enjoying her role as the man in this relationship and that made me horny. What made me even more horny was the hope that after Coach was done fucking me she would let me suck the cock again when it was covered with my cum.

“That it,” Coach instructed. “Take the whole dildo in a couple of times and then suck the tip. Now take the whole thing down your throat and then suck the tip. Now spit on the shaft.”

I looked up at her questioningly.

“Yeah I know it sounds gross,” Coach continued, “but it helps so spit and them wrap your hand around the shaft while you suck the tip some more.”

I followed her orders. “You’re a pretty good cocksucker Ashley. You sure you’ve never done this before?”

“OK that’s good Ashley,” Coach said after I had been sucking her purple penis for a minute or two, “Oh I almost forgot take your free hand and play with my ass. Spank it lightly, cares it or finger my asshole, whatever you or your lover prefers. I like a good finger up my ass personally. That it…a little bit more…yeah just like that but a little slower. Now that it…don’t stop sucking and stroking my cock though. Finally Ashley, look up while you’re doing this. Guys love that. Look your lover in the eyes as much as you can.”

“Get up Ashley and lay on the bed.”

I obeyed. She spit on her hand and stroked the dildo a couple of times herself. “Are you ready to get fucked cunt?”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Ma’am? I have a dick. Do women have dicks?”

“No sir.” Coach’s smiled telling me I had guessed at the right response.

“So I will ask you for the last time are you ready to get fucked cunt?”

“Yes Sir. Please fuck me.”

“I didn’t hear what you said bitch. What is it you want?”

“I want your long hard cock in my soaking wet pussy Sir. Please fuck my pussy fuck me till I cum.”

“Only your pussy whore. After I’m done fucking your honey pot, are you going to be a good girl and turn over for me so I can fuck your ass too.”

“Of course Sir I want you to stick your hard pecker in all of my holes.”

This was a lot of fun. I was really getting into my role and from the expression on Coach’s face she was too. She shoved the dildo into my pussy and pulled it out just as fast. Then it reentered my pussy much slower this time. Coach buried it to its hilt our skin touched and then she withdraw it. I lay there panting from the experience. “Which do you like more sweetie, slow and smooth or fast and hard?”

“Fast and Hard Sir!”


Coach slowly and smoothly stuck the fake cock in and out of my pussy. The feeling was great but I wanted the dildo in me all the way in me and not softly. I wanted it rammed in me like she had done the first time. “Please Sir, could you fuck me harder.”

“What’s that?”

“Please Sir,” I said a little louder “Fuck me harder.”

“Harder you say.”

“Yes Sir harder. Fuck my pussy harder.”

Coach was trusting harder by this point but still not as hard or as fast as I wanted, “Please Sir, I want your hard cock to fuck me harder.”

“I still don’t understand. You want your pussy pounded harder?”

“Yes. Please Sir, yes.”

The trusts were much harder now but only half as hard as the first time. “If you want it harder whore all you have to do is ask.”

“Faster Sir and harder please,” I begged.

“What do you want cunt?”

“I want my pussy fucked faster and harder by your cock. I want to feel your long shaft all the way up my hole. Please sir faster.”

The last statement came out almost as a whimper. Coach was really starting to fuck me now. Beads of sweat where forming on her forehead. I was really getting into my role as was she. “How’s that slut is that hard enough for you?”

“Yes Sir, fuck your slut.”

I reached my hand down to play with my clit. Coach responded to the sight of me playing with myself as follows. She pulled the dildo out, flipped me over onto my belly spread my legs and inserted the dildo kaçak casino in my soaking wet pussy from behind. She grabbed both of my arms at the elbow and started using them to intensify her trusts. “You are being a bad girl Ashley, trying to play with your kitty like that. I’m the only one who gets to play with your kitty.”

“Yes Sir,” I said my response being slightly muffled by a pillow.

I was close to climax, “I’m going to cum Coach. Your dick is going to make me cum.”

Coach started fucking me as hard as she could and within seconds, my pussy exploded and I came even more than I had before. I screamed like someone had stabbed me in the back, “Fuck that feels so fucking gooooood!”

Coach pulled out as I belly crawled onto the bed leaving a trail of blood, sweat, and cum in my wake. Once my feet were no longer dangling of the edge of the bed I went into a series of convolutions like a grand-mall seizer. Every pleasure receptor in my brain was working at one hundred percent and still they could not keep up. It was too much pleasure for my brain to handle so it decided to simple shout down and I blacked out.

When I woke Coach Miller’s face filled my field of vision. She was smiling. “I’ve never screwed someone into unconsciousness. It was a lot of fun.”

I tried to turn over but my head was still swimming. “Easy sweetheart, take it slow.”

“After you came you started shuttering uncontrollable. I lay next to you and held you in my arms until you stopped twitching. You went limp in my arms and for a moment I thought I was going to have to call 9-1-1. You had a good pulse and you were breathing so I figured you were OK.”

I tried sitting but after a few seconds I fell back on one elbow. There was a scarlet trail of blood on Coach’s sheets. “Coach you’re hurt.”

Coach’s condescending look was slightly embarrassing. “No sweetheart that’s not mine. It’s yours. But don’t worry it only happens the first couple of times. Then your pussy gets used to being fucked.”

I blushed crimson. Coach wrapped her arms around me, “It’s OK honey. I was going to get new sheets anyway. Besides I’m honored to be your first.”

Coach got up and with her help I managed to stand. She helped me into the bathroom and into a waiting tub. She told me to soak as long as I liked and that she would shower down stairs and then clean up the bed so we could get to sleep.

It felt like hours passed as I simply sat in the hot water. Every muscle between my legs hurt as did my ass and my back. But it was, as they say “A good kind of hurt.” I managed to get myself cleaned and I washed my hair. I got out of the tub and toweled off.

Coach was waiting for me in bed. She had changed the sheets and was sitting there reading a paperback mystery. When she saw me she put the book on the night stand and then placed her reading glass on top of the book. She flung open the covers on the other side of the bed and patted it gently. I lay down next to her face up not sure what she had in store for me next. She began to massage my body. “Turn on your side sweetheart,” She said.

“Coach, I don’t think my body can take anymore tonight” I warned her.

“I know baby, I just want to spoon for a while OK. I love the feeling of another woman’s skin against mine.”

By way of answer I turned on my side facing away from her. Her arms wrapped around me and pulled me in until every inch of my back from my neck to my heels, was in direct contact with her front. I never felt so at peace in all my life. The rhythmic sound of her breathing and heart beat soon soothed me to sleep.

The next morning was not so peaceful. I awoke to the sound of heavy footsteps on the stairs and in the hall way. Coach had heard them too but hadn’t been able to react any faster than I had which suffice to say was not fast enough. The door to her bed room swung open and then filled by the form of a tall, big muscle man wear a warm up suit similar to the one Coach was wearing yesterday. “What the hell is going on Lacy? You were supposed to meet me at the gym an hour ago.” Bellowed the man who now filled the door way.

“Sorry Brad, I had a rather late night last night” apologized Coach.

“Oh Yeah, with who?” asked the large man as he entered the room. He immediately zeroed in on me, the lump under the sheets next to Coach. He crossed the room in five strides walked towards the bed.

The voice was strangely familiar but in my half awake state I could put my finger on where I had heard it before. At the last minute I remembered in terror. I pulled the sheets more over my head. Brad was far stronger than me and with only a quick tug I found myself completely uncovered. Brad stared down at my naked form. Both of our faces turned red his with anger mine in shame. We both looked at Coach, he wanting an explanation, I wanting a defense. “Ashley, I do believe you know Head Master Ames.”

To Be Continued

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