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Heather tucked the bottle of water under her arm as she headed out of the grocery store and back to her house. It was like 90 degrees on this hot sunny PA day in July.

Heather was off from work today so today she was just going to relax and take in some sun. She went to the grocery store to get some water and had looked everywhere for her shoes, but when she couldn’t find them she just walked to the store barefoot.

She got back to her house and went inside. Underneath her blue cut off jeans was an ultra small pink thong bikini.

She unzipped the jeans and let them fall to the floor as she went and grabbed a towel and some baby oil and outside she went.

She laid the towel down and began to spray some oil on herself as she sipped the water and closed her eyes. After about 15 minutes sweat started to pour off of her due to the heat. She got up and wiped away the sweat off her arms as she put a pair of sunglasses on and then out of the corner of her eye she saw a person staring at her through the window across the street.

Heather was about to cover herself up, but then got a bit excited knowing she had company. She laid back down and decided to tease him. She snuck over and pulled out her cell phone and dialed her next door neighbor’s house.

The phone rang 4 times and then a strange voice picked up.

“Hello is Jenn home” Heather asked as the person on the other end said Jenn was away on vacation and she was watching her dog for her.

Jenn would be home on Fri the person said. “Well what is your name then” Heather purred as she laid back and was getting into this too much.

“I am Chris” the person said as Heather put the phone in her ear and went and got the bottle of oil.

“Why were you watching me? Was i turning you on” Heather said out of left field causing Chris to stutter and slur his words.

“Don’t be upset i am glad you were watching me…kinda turned me on…why don’t you watch me now as we um talk Chris” Heather purred as she took the oil and began to rub her legs down with the oil. She lifted a foot high in the air causing Chris on the other end to groan in frustration.

“Oh poor baby like my legs huh Chris” Heather said as she had no idea how dirty her feet were and how much Chris wanted to clean them as she rubbed oil across her thighs and right next to the top of her little bikini bottoms.

Heather waved as she opened up her bikini bottom and took the oil and poured some inside the bikini and with a slap let the bottom smack against her skin as Chris was rock hard as he watched Heather rub her crotch ever so lightly as she moved up and rubbed oil all over her belly and up toward her breasts.

“Chris like where my hands are going?” Heather teased. “Know what is a shame when i turn over nobody will be able to rub my back and butt ya know” Heather purred as Chris almost passed out on the spot.

“Maybe you can come over and help Chris” Heather teased as she heard a click of a phone and in about 30 seconds Chris was climbing over a 10 foot wooden wall with the speed of a person in the army at bootcamp climbing over a wall.

“My my that was fast i am impressed” Heather said as she was looking Chris over and he had quite a body. Nice round capped shoulders and a pair of arms to die for.

“Why don’t you take off your shirt and stay awhile” Heather said as she wanted to check out his chest and back. Chris pulled out his shirt and lifted it above his head as Heather took in the view. Nice thick back and a big nice chest.

As Chris sat down Heather saw his big legs and she wanted to touch them, but didn’t want Chris to think she was eager. Heather flipped right over as she handed Chris the bottle of oil.

“Rub me down Chris” Heather said as Chris got out the bottle and let some oil spray on her back. Chris couldn’t help but look at how nice her ass looked in the thong bikini. (trust me Heather’s butt in a thong rules…ask for it-Chris)

Heather slide her hair aside as she saw Chris looking at her ass and she wiggled it a bit for him. Chris slide his hands on her back and he dug canlı bahis şirketleri in deep with the oil and heather moaned.

“Ohhhhh that feels so good baby…don’t you dare stop” Heather said as Chris’s strong hands worked on her upper back and neck and shoulders. Chris even rubbed her arms a bit as he went and got more oil and began to rub her middle back.

“Oh you can go lower if you want” Heather told him as she winked as Chris’s hands were right above the small bikini bottom. He began to rub around her hips and lower back and Heather told him how great his hands were and how this massage was relaxing her.

“Oh i think we need to take this inside” Heather said and with one jump she was up as she grabbed her phone, towel and oil and she went inside as Chris followed her. Heather laid down her towel and she told Chris he could finish the massage in here.

“But we need to get rid of a few things first” Heather said as she reached around and undid her top and let it fall to the ground as Chris looked on with his mouth wide open.

Heather slide 2 fingers to her tiny bottom and bent all the way over. “I want you to massage this next” heather said as she took 2 fingers and hooked them inside the bikini bottoms and slowly pulled and pushed them down exposing her bare, round ass for Chris to see.

“Like it Chris” Heather purred as all Chris could do is nod as Heather walked over with the bottoms in her hand and had Chris lie down.

“Open your mouth” Heather said as Chris did just that.

“My little bottoms are soaked i need to ring them out” Heather whispered as she rang them out right over Chris’s mouth!!!

Heather watched as Chris swallowed and drank her sweat and oil and some pussy juice from the bottoms and drops and small spurts flew out of the bottoms, through the air and into Chris’s mouth.

Heather almost had an orgasm right there as she watched Chris drink down her juices. “Mmmmm suck them all up baby” Heather said as she went over and laid down on her back.

She moved up on all fours. “Give my ass a rim job…NOW” Heather commanded as Chris crawled over and began to kiss her ass working his way toward her puckered hole.

Heather could feel his lips giving her round cheeks little kisses as she could feel him working his way toward her hole. She felt his fingers on her and he spread her cheeks and then stuck his tongue out and began to flick on her hole as she felt his wet tongue on her ass she shivered in excitement.

His tongue explored her puckered anal hole as it opened to his touch and in and out he rammed that tongue like small cock he jammed it in as far as he could get it in there. Spreading her cheeks even more he slide his tongue in even deeper as his tongue slide right in and began to explore as his tongue fucked her ass.

In and out he went with the speed of a machine as his tongue butt fucked her. He slide out and went around in circles as pussy juice dripped on her towel as Heather was so turned on by Chris licking her ass. Chris saw this and moved down and began to eat her out from behind. Heather moaned as Chris flicked her lips open with his fingers and began to lick her pussy wildly.

North, south, east and west that tongue went as it collected juice and swallowed it right down his throat. All Heather could do was moan in pleasure as this stud licked her pussy with the skills of a pro.

Heather couldn’t take it anymore as she pushed him away and flipped over and spread her legs and invited Chris to come get some. Chris didn’t need to be told as he went right back to work as Heather wrapped her legs around his neck.

Chris glanced over and saw heather’s dirty sole and began to lick with even more of a fury. Just seeing her dirty sole was driving him mad and with it so close he out his tongue into overdrive. Heather had no idea what her foot was doing to Chris, but she kept looking over at his eyes and then she saw he was looking at her foot.

She saw how dirty it was and decided to move it closer and Chris went even more crazy and then Heather knew it was her feet that were canlı kaçak iddaa driving Chris insane.

“After you are done licking my pussy…you will clean my dirty feet Chris” and with that Chris went into hyperdrive as he licked Heather’s pussy so fast it wasn’t funny.

Heather wiggled her toes as she moved her fingers over her soles “God what a tongue on these soles would do to me” she moaned as Chris went crazy as he found her clit and locked on it.

“I walked barefoot all day all down the black paved streets might take hours to clean my dirty soles” Heather purred as she began to approach orgasm. She locked her calves around Chris’s head a she began to shudder and shake as orgasm approached.

“Ohhhh Chris here i cum prepare to drink baby” Heather screamed as she grabbed Chris’s hair and let loose with an incredible orgasm as she flooded Chris’s mouth with warm pussy juice that he drank down as her whole body shook from the tongue lashing Chris was doing to her.

Her whole body almost flipped as she finally calmed down as she let go of Chris’s head and he did a few light little flicks on her pussy as he laid down on her belly. Heather leaned over and unzipped his pants and out flung his hard cock.

Heather wrapped her lips around it as she began to suck down on it hard and fast and then slow as she lifted her feet up in the air and crossed them giving Chris a great view of 2 very dirty feet and an ankle bracelet.

Heather took all 8 inches in her mouth as she sucked up and down and his wet cock and even licked his balls. Up and down Heather went as she got his cock nice and wet as she also spit on it as she took it in her hands and began to jerk on it.

“I want you to ram me baby…fuck me hard” Heather said as she went back around and got on all fours. Chris slide in behind her and took his rock cock and pressed it between her pussy lips they were still wet and moist and his cock slide right in and with 2 thrusts his cock was buried in her pussy deep.

He pushed hard and then soft as he pounded her into the night. He grabbed her ass and rammed his cock hard and in deep as he could as his balls slapped her pussy lips. He pulled out and then moved his cock up a couple inches against her asshole and began to press.

“Oh what are you doing…oh my ass you bastard” Heather said as her hole opened and in went the tip. “Oh yeah baby I got your ass” Chris yelled as she rammed 2 more inches in her tight ass as he rocked back and forth as his cock disappeared into her tight ass.

“Don’t you dare cum” Heather moaned as Chris fucked her ass deep and hard. Chris slide his cock out and then rammed it right back in as Heather moaned in pleasure and pain.

Finally he pulled out and laid down on the floor as Heather pushed him over and got on his back. “Whew Chris you got my ass and pussy good and what a wonderful body you have here” Heather told him as she stroked his hair and began to massage his back.

“Now i get you…all of you” Heather whispered as she began to massage his upper neck as she got out the oil and poured it on his massive back.

“Mmmmmmmmm nice muscles and i get to have you all to myself” Heather said as she moved down and began to go lower with her fingers and the oil. She reached over and got the oil and poured it between his butt cheeks. She rubbed the cheeks.

“You got a fantastic ass Chris” Heather said as her fingers moved around his butt and toward his hole. Taking the oil she poured some between the cheeks and watched it drip.

She got behind him. “Get your butt up” Heather said as he got on all fours and she got behind him and began to lick his ass. She leaned over and got an item out of a drawer next to a lamp.

“You got my ass…now i got yours” Heather said in between flicks as she moved away and stood up and slipped on a strap on..unknowing to Chris. “Time to pay the piper” Heather said as before Chris could react she pushed the toys head right into his ass and in it went with very little trouble.

“Mmmmmmm take my cock Chris” Heather said as she pressed in and more the toy canlı kaçak bahis disappeared in his ass. “Take me baby” Heather laughed as all 8 inches of her strap on went right in and she began to fuck Chris hard.

“You got my ass i got yours” Heather teased as she pulled out and then rammed it back in again and began to fuck him hard her plastic balls hitting his as she was really getting into this big time.

“Mmmmmmm feels so good to return the favor” Heather said as she pulled out and un hooked the toy. “Time for some cleaning Chris” Heather said as she sat up on the couch and offered Chris her dirty feet.

He laid below her and she eased a foot up to his mouth. “Open” she commanded as he did that as she slide a dirty toe in his mouth and then slide another. Chris slide his tongue out and began to lick and clean her toes with his wet tongue.

“Mmmmm suck off that dirt loverboy get my feet clean” Heather moaned as Chris began to lick her toes like a dog in heat as he licked between each dirty toe and swallowed any dirt and grime from her soles. He moved past the toes and onto her soles and began to lap in vain at the mounds of dirt from her soles from the street.

Heather tossed her blonde hair back as she was getting wet again as Chris worked over her dirty foot. His tongue was all over the place like a madman as he cleaned off her feet. His tongue and lips were pure black just like her soles.

Dirt began to finally come off her soles as he sucked like a vacuum on her soles as the dirt began to come off as Heather leaned over and told Chris to jerk off as he licked her feet.

She moved her other dirty foot over and told him she wanted him to smell and lick that and cum all over his stomach. “I want to watch how far you can make your cum fly” Heather purred as Chris wrapped his hand around his cock and began to pump and jerk it as he licked her feet.

“Mmmmmmm i love to watch a man jerk off…esp to me or my pics” Heather moaned as Chris began to increase the tempo of his hand as heather watched on. Chris was in total agony as he wanted to cum in the worst way as Heather’s feet were not only beautiful, but filthy.

Heather could see Chris’s balls building and she knew orgasm for him wasn’t far away. She leaned over and grabbed something and then went and watched the hand moving as fast as possible. Chris groaned he was gonna cum and Heather leaned over and watched as the 1st wad of hot cum flew high in the air and right into the cup that was in her hand.

Chris’s hand continued to pump out the white lava as Heather caught gusher after gusher of his thick, white cum into the cum. All the while Chris’s tongue didn’t miss a beat on her dirty feet.

Heather helped pump out the last few spurts as they dripped into the cup and then Heather put the cup on her table as she let Chris suck her feet for another minute or so. Moving her feet away from Chris she told him to un hook her ankle bracelet.

“Hand it to me” Heather said and Chris did just that. Heather had Chris sit up and she laid on her stomach with her dirty feet high in the air as she set the cup in front of Chris. She gave Chris a quick wink as she took the bracelet and slowly let it fall into the cup full of cum!!!

She moved the bracelet around a bit then slide it back up as it glistened with cum.

“Open your mouth” Heather said as Chris did as he was told. Heather lowered the bracelet into his open mouth a few drops dripped onto his tongue and Heather then told him to close his mouth, which he did. Heather then slowly pulled up the bracelet one inch at a time as it slide up from his mouth it was clean as can be with no cum on the bracelet at all as Heather watched the bracelet come up a big smile came upon her face.

She grabbed the bracelet and hooked it back to her ankle. She took the cup and set aside as she wrapped her lips around Chris’s and they had a long deep kiss as Heather told him how wonderful he was.

“Ohhhh your mouth is dry…let me fix that for you” Heather said as she reached for the cup and poured the rest of Chris’s cum in his mouth and Heather watched as he drank down his own cum.

She moved the cup around and watched his drink down the last few drops as she took a finger and circled his lips with it. “Now that was hot baby you drank your cum for me” Heather said as they fell asleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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