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The sun was just beginning to set over the crystal clear water of the lake; its dying golden-reddish light glimmering in the lazy ripples caused by a late summer breeze.

Chloe looked peacefully at Sarah,”It was so sweet of you to invite me to your Aunt Naomi’s farm. It has been a weekend I will never forget, topped off with a picnic overlooking an amazing sunset.”

They worked in the same building and that was how Chloe had learned Sarah was a lesbian. Questions turned to flirtations that evolved into sexual tension. Before long they knew they were going to make love; it had only become a question of when and where.

Sarah knew it was Chloe’s first time and wanted to make it special for her. No matter how frustrating it became she was going to seduce Chloe slowly and sweetly and make it a lasting memory. The first kiss was stolen in the barn along with a feel of Chloe’s breasts. Chloe recaptured it on a horseback riding expedition through a small clump of forest on the edge of the property. A private swim in the lake earlier that day had led to a teasing, flesh revealing frolick that almost ended in sexual surrender but instead, increased the heat of this moment, the grand finale of their romantic weekend on the farm.

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself,” Sarah smiled as she set up a small campfire, then with Chloe laid side by side on their picnic blanket, the remains of their dinner stacked neatly to the side. Betsy the cow, who was more pet than part of the herd and wandered the farm of her own free will, walked down to the lake to get a drink of water. She mooed a greeting and the girls thought it was hysterically funny.

Sarah giggled at the cow’s antics again then sat up to stare down into Chloe’s porcelain doll face and caress her cheek, “You are so beautiful. I love your hair, golden like wheat, and it just goes forever.”

“I think you are beautiful, too,” Chloe replied admiring Sarah’s black hair, green eyes and perfect body. “You look like Vivien Leigh.”

Sarah whispered, “Can I kiss you, Chloe?”


Sarah lowered her head and captured her lips in a kiss that seemed to go on for an eternity, her lips taunting and teasing as they worked Chloe’s apart casino siteleri and then softly penetrated them with her tongue. It was sweet and gentle, soft and sensual, and so many other things that Chloe was at a mental loss trying to describe it. Love and companionship were being communicated with mouth against mouth in a breathless moment…


The kiss broke and the girls giggled again. Looking deep into the pools of each other’s eyes, they tried to regain their moment but another “Moo” quickly overtook their thoughts.

“Moooo. Mmmmooooooo.” Who knew cows could be so loud?

“Betsy, if you don’t shut up I am going to have steak tomorrow night for dinner,” Sarah shouted at the black and white spotted animal. She picked up the nearest thing she could find, an empty Coca-Cola can, and tossed it in the cow’s direction. Betsy was not going to be ignored and walked up to the wooden fence separating the lake and pasture from the girl’s picnic area.

“Oh, Sarah! My first time with another woman and I’m doing it in front of a voyeuristic cow!”

“Just ingore her. When she realizes we aren’t paying her any attention she will go back home.”

Sarah reached for the buttons of Chloe’s lightweight summer blouse as she slowly began to undo them one by one. The cow was forgotten as she casually caressed Chloe’s breasts through her white lace bra, lowering her mouth to get her fill of Chloe’s lace covered nipples.

“You have beautiful breasts, Chloe,” Sarah moaned into the crevice between them as she released the clasps in the back and slid Chloe’s blouse and the bra slowly from her shoulders. “Look at those pert little nipples.” Sarah admired the way the little campfire cast erotic shadows over them. “They are crying out for attention.”

A sensitive peach-colored nub was sucked deeply into Sarah’s mouth and nursed until Chloe moaned and thrust against her, her breasts begging for more.

“That feels so good.”

With no encouragement necessary, Sarah moved her head and took the other one into her mouth for similar treatment. Chloe reached up to massage Sarah’s breasts as she opened her eyes, wanting to watch as Sarah licked the nipple into a little bud, almost canlı casino too tight to bear. Sarah pressed Chloe’s nipples together and sucked them into her mouth at the same time, drinking from them at a leisurely pace.

One of Sarah’s hands moved down inside Chloe’s shorts, underneath her lacy panties ot the hot core, slowly beginning to dampen and throb between her legs. “Oh,” Chloe cried as Sarah’s fingers made contact.

“I want to see your breasts, Sarah.”

Together they took off the red-checkered shirt and lingered in the removal of Sarah’s silky black bra. Sarah’s breasts bulged over the fabric as if they were going to burst through in their straining for release.

“Wow, you need to wear tighter clothes. I never realized you had such big breasts.”

“Put them in your mouth, Chloe. Suck on them like I did yours.”

Sarah continued to massage gently the swelling lips of Chloe’s sex as her lover rose slightly to take in a mouthful of her chestnut-colored nipples. Sarah and Chloe both moaned simultaneously.


“Oh, have mercy!,” Chloe groaned again, but this time it wasn’t from pleasure. “Please tell me that cow is not still watching us.”

Her view was blocked by the size of Sarah’s breasts and the length of her hair. Sarah turned in the direction of the lake and then looked back into the expectant eyes of her lover, “Okay, I won’t tell you Betsy is still watching us.”


“What is she? Some sort of lesbian cow looking for pointers?”

“Just ignore her, Chloe. We’ve been waiting too long for this moment. Don’t let it be ruined by a curious cow.”

“I love you, Sarah.”

“I love you, too.”

They stood together on their knees and began slowly remvoing their remaining clothing, teasing each other and moaning their pleasure. Chloe moved to all fours as Sarah’s fingers again worked their magic on the opening to her sex. “Do you like it when men take you doggy style, sweetheart?”


“Sorry I meant cow style.”

“Oh, yes,” Chloe burst into uncontrollable giggles.

“I wish I had a strap on with me. I would take you that way now.”

The sex emanating from Sarah’s voice stopped her laughter and excited kaçak casino Chloe; her sex offered Sarah’s fingers another soaking. Sarah took the wet fingers and put thm in her mouth, licking them clean.

Chloe laid down on her back and felt Sarah’s hands parting her thighs as she crawled to a kneeling position between them. Lowering her face, Sarah kissed and caressed her innner thighs, working her way slowly to the center and kissing each side of her labia. She delighted in Chloe’s moan of pleasure.

The heat from Sarah’s breath was the first to make contact and it sent a little shiver of delight deep into the pit of her belly and like wildfire down the length of her legs. Sarah’s lips met the hot, wet flesh in a kiss that was almost worshipful.

With the tip of her tongue, Sarah tapped at Chloe’s clitoris and teased it into making an appearance by licking around it, pressing into its sides. Once it popped to the surface, Sarah sucked it into her mouth and lapped at it mercilessly.

“Oh, Sarah. That feels so good,” Chloe moaned, her excitement building.

Sarah’s mouth never surrendered its hold on her clitoris as she shoved first one finger and then two into the eager opening below it. Its tightness sucked at her fingers as she drove them to the same rhythm of her mouth and tongue.

Chloe clutched at the blanket with tight white fists as she felt the build up of pleasure deep in the core of her belly. She turned her head slightly and caught a glimpse of Betsy standing patiently by the fence. “Oh, Sarah! How can I come with that damn cow staring at me?”

“Like this, love.” Sarah hummed against Chloe’s clit sending vibrations throughout her body then replaced her fingers with her thick, pink tongue. She drove into Chloe with gusto, penetrating deep, as she rode Chloe’s pussy until the walls began to tighten and Cloe writhed in ecstasy.

Chloe felt the orgasm with an intenseness that made her see stars as she felt her body convulse with a will of its own and tremble. She no longer felt solid, merely a mass of melted liquid fire.

Sarah crawled over her and kissed her softly on the lips, comforting her until the trembling finally subsided.

“I can taste myself on you.”

“Do you like it?”

“Oh yes! Can I eat your pussy now? Can you show me how?”

Sarah smiled and scooted up until her sex was hanging slightly above Chloe’s full, kiss-swollen mouth.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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