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So, after some lovely feedback – and some great emails! – I’ve written part 3 to Cherry’s story. I am so grateful to your support, advice and feedback – it spurns me on and keeps the story going in my head. There are six parts to this story now (I hope!), so again – let me know if you enjoy it, rate me and post a comment. Thank you so much for welcoming me back to Literotica. MPD xxx


It had been one week since I had last heard from Damien. Seven days that had crawled by as I repeatedly checked my phone for any message, missed phone call or snapchat. Seven evenings of continually lusting and masturbating fondly over that night – and subsequent morning – of passion. With these thoughts whirling through my head, I rapidly stomped up the slick concrete steps that led to our front door and, trying to shield myself unsuccessfully from the downpour, struggled to locate my keys in my handbag. Eventually, I plunged the keys into the lock and fell inelegantly through the door as it gave way with a faint click. Plagued with numerous frustrations – both from my work and my uncertain relationship with Damien – I threw my soaked coat onto the rack and kicked my heels off angrily. It was only after I made my way across the hall that I noticed the muffled voices from the kitchen.

“Jenny?” I called, tucking my tangled hair behind my ears and wiping the residual drops of water from my face, “You home?”

“In here,” she called lightly in response. Upon entering the kitchen, I peered cautiously into the room. Jenny was perched on the counter: her short skirt was riding suspiciously high on her thighs and the plunging neckline of her shirt showcased her pert, superfluous breasts as well as a sizeable slice of her lacy bra. She grinned and jerked her head towards the small table in the corner. There, with his wet blonde hair slicked back and his hands wrapped round a steaming cup of coffee was Damien. I gasped, startled as Jenny began to chuckle softly. “I found him waiting on our doorstep when I drew up.”

“Oh really,” I said nonchalantly, “And what have you been talking about since then?” Damien watched me carefully, remaining silent; sternly, I looked directly at Jenny who smiled sweetly.

“Just this and that,” she spoke evasively, before adding slyly, “But I was just telling Damien of my offer to you the other day…” she winked brazenly and I strived to keep my face blank in response.

“Yeah, interesting proposal,” Damien agreed quietly, raising his eyebrow suggestively as he reached for the box behind him, “But for another day. May I speak with you in private, Cherry?”

“Um, yeah,” I replied falteringly, “Sure. Let’s go to my room.” I looked back at Jenny questioningly, but she persisted with smirking infuriatingly in my direction. Knowing she wouldn’t say anything more while Damien was present, I shook my head and made my way to my room with him in tow. As soon as he had stepped inside, I closed it behind him, acutely aware of how close in appearance I was to the sorry state he had first approached me in at the local shop a fortnight ago. “So,” I started, trying to keep my voice as normal as possible, “Haven’t heard from you.” He looked down as he visibly remembered his parting words then shrugged, keeping quiet for a few moments.

“I don’t really do the whole phone thing,” he confessed, avoiding my eyes as he placed the mysterious box on my desk whilst hooking his jacket on the back of the chair, “I know I said I’d call, but to be honest, I’ve been involved in this massive project with work and today is the first time I’ve been home since I left yours last week.” I nodded slowly, still feeling wary of the lack of contact and sudden arrival at my home.

“You could have sent me a text message or something,” I muttered, turning my back to him as I tugged off my damp tights, struggling to normalise my appearance. Within seconds, he appeared in front of me and I breathed in his heady masculine scent with audible appreciation.

“Why,” he grinned, “have you missed me?” I made a non-committal sound in response as I started unbuttoning my shirt, watching his green eyes follow my hands as they undid each and every button.

“Do you mind?” I exclaimed lightly, half-annoyed and half-flirtatious, my desperation to feel his hands on my clammy skin building gradually as I continued to peel off my sodden clothes.

“Not at all,” he responded flippantly, closing the space between us in one, short stride. Swiftly, he brought my face to his and was kissing me hard, his tongue teasingly parting my lips as he crushed my body against his. The taste of coffee traced pleasantly across my tongue as he

explored my mouth with eagerness, his teeth nibbling gently on my lower lip. Breathlessly, I pulled away from the loaded embrace, searching his face for some sort of emotion. Staring deeply into his eyes, I could sense his longing for me and melted instantly; any previous thoughts of displeasure from his lack of contact was disappearing canlı bahis as I felt the unspoken lust hang suggestively between us. His warm breath mingled with my own before he asked quietly, “Are we ok?” I nodded and he tugged me to him again, his hands slipping under the open fabric of my shirt, tenderly trailing my skin with his searching hands. Goosebumps appeared across my body in anticipation of his next move and I shuddered deliciously as his hands found my small breasts encased in their silken bra. Hastily, I reached behind me and unzipped my tight pencil skirt, slithering it down my golden thighs as he simultaneously pushed my unbuttoned shirt off my slender frame. One look of admiration from him made me instantly forget about my bedraggled appearance.

“You look even more perfect than I remembered,” he groaned, lowering his head to kiss me again. Unhurriedly, he edged me back to the bed without breaking our embrace, his lips grazing my own with increasing desire as I tugged eagerly at his belt. I sat back on the bed as I jerked his jeans down, watching his eyes close in yearning for a repeated performance of the shower act. Suddenly his phone rang; ignoring it, I reached inside his boxer shorts until his hands regrettably pushed mine away.

“Cherry – wait,” he groaned as he reached for his phone, “Hello?” I paused and looked up at him waiting, watching a flicker of anger dart across his face. “You are fucking kidding me?” I sighed and dropped my hands as he pulled his trousers back up and closed his belt, “On my way.” He slid the phone back into his pocket and sighed, looking at me before closing his eyes and shaking his head.

“You have to go?” I guessed, feeling overwhelmingly disappointed as I looked down at my hands.

“Yeah, work,” smiling wryly, he continued, “Believe me – I don’t want to. I’ve been dreaming of this all week,” he muttered, indicating my body and bed with a growl of frustration. I shrugged evasively before he gripped my shoulders, shaking me gently. “I’ll be back tomorrow, I promise.” He kissed me imperceptibly on the lips, tearing his eyes away from my scantily clad body before making his way towards the door.

“Don’t forget your box,” I muttered quietly.

“Oh, that’s for you,” he said, passing it to me as he did his jacket back up, “I’ve spent the last week feeling rather…horny after our session the other night. So, I guessed you would probably be feeling the same. Hopefully this will help make up for abandoning you right now.” With that, he kissed me gently again and left the room.

I looked down at the box, puzzled and unsure of whether to open it or not. A soft knock announcing Jenny’s timely arrival sounded at my door. Wrapping my robe around me, I reached for the door and pulled it open.

“Hey,” Jenny’s face sported a sympathetic smile as she proffered a hot cup of tea.

“Hey yourself,” I muttered, taking the drink and letting her into my room.

“If it’s any consolation, he would not shut up about you. He didn’t even give these girls a look in,” exasperated, she pointed to her barely-contained chest.

“Yeah right,” I snorted, “I can’t keep my eyes off them myself!” I took a sip of the scalding tea and peered through the steamy haze.

“Honestly,” she said, placing crossed fingers to her chest in order to signal that she was telling me the truth, “This is the first time I have ever heard him talk about a girl – any girl – as anything other than a conquest. You should be flattered!” I looked at her and raised an eyebrow before she continued, “Hey – I’m as surprised as you,” she held up her hands in defence as I looked down thoughtfully at the box.

“I don’t get that impression from him,” I vaguely replied, subconsciously stroking the lid. She clapped her hands and bounced on the spot, before pointing at the gift.

“Ooh, I just have to know – what’s in the box?” her voice rose with excitement.

“I don’t know,” I confessed, “I haven’t even looked inside – but I get the idea that it’s not exactly PG rated.”

“Open it,” she begged, her overwhelming excitement piquing my own interest. Reluctantly I lifted the lid to reveal another slim black box with a note taped to the lid.

“Cherry,” I read, “Something to keep you company while you’re thinking of me.” My heart sank a little as I felt a pending sense of mortification as Jenny reached for the box.

“I know what this is,” she squealed excitedly as she slid off the lid, “Someone’s in for a treat tonight!” She whistled in appreciation as she pulled out a slender black vibrator, sleek with a curved tip. I felt my cheeks redden as she stroked the silicone skin.

“Not sure it’s my thing,” I muttered, looking down as I felt Jenny’s burning gaze focus intently on me.

“Are you kidding me?” she whispered in exasperation before closing her eyes and continuing, “Please tell me you’ve used a rabbit before?”

“Erm…” I countered and she shook her head.

“That is so sad,” she bahis siteleri sighed, “But – guess what? I’m going out tonight, so –”

“So what?” I snapped, eyeing her apprehensively.

“Well, it’s the perfect time to try this bad boy out! No nosy flat mates, no disruption, the opportunity to make as much noise as you want – why not give it a go? If you don’t, I will!”

“Ew,” I said, wrinkling my nose in distaste as she chuckled at my reaction. She stood up, straightening her dress and with renewed urgency; desperately, I reached for her hand. “Jenny, what did Damien say when you suggested…you know…?”

“A threesome?” she asked and I nodded reluctantly. A cheeky smile broke out across her fine-featured face. “Well, he wasn’t adverse to the idea.” She paused before continuing, “You know, you keep telling me you and Damien are a bit of fun – so why not try something new? You wanted to be less sensible – well, throw caution to the wind and let’s do it.” Taking me by surprise, she kissed me fully on the lips and I froze, wrenching my hand away. “Relax, prude – I don’t mean now. It is as much meaningless fun for me as it is for you. I’ll let you think about it. Damien told me he’d be back tomorrow, and I can guarantee that you will want to thank him for your present. I’ll make sure I’m around when he comes by. Maybe a threesome would be the perfect sign of your gratitude, and I’ve always wanted to enjoy both a girl and a man at the same time. Anyway, enjoy your present and I’ll see you tomorrow – good night!” She called as she left my room, closing the door behind her.

Within minutes, I heard the door slam behind her as I gingerly held the toy in my hand. Clicking it on, the toy pulsed to life in my hand, and I dropped the toy in alarm. Shaking my head, I warily placed the black member back in its box, switching the television on in the elusive hope to while the evening away.

Two hours into a crappy chick flick, the phone rang and I answered it with a suspicious, “Hello?”

“Did you like your present?” was the instant reply from the warm baritone.

“So you know how to use a phone?” I mocked him in disbelief. Checking the screen, I saw his name glowing white and shook my head, rolling my eyes.

“I just got to the hotel before I’m back on the job tomorrow,” he said, “and I still have the biggest boner from seeing you earlier…”

“Oh really?” I said, laughing, “And what do you expect me to do about it?”

“Did you like your present?” he repeated, as I struggled to find the words to respond.

“Erm, yeah, it’s great,” I answered, trying to keep my voice steady.

“You haven’t tried it yet, have you?” he said knowingly, “I was told in the shop that it’s the best vibrator available.”

“It looks impressive,” I swallowed anxiously as I lifted back out of the box, trying to switch it off as I accidentally cycled through the different functions before placing it next to me on the bedside table, “I can’t wait to use it.”

“So what’s stopping you?” he asked, his voice growing husky.

“What, now?” I spluttered, pulling my robe tighter, “I’m not sure I can.”

“Put me on speaker phone,” he commanded urgently, and I quickly switched it over to the loud speaker, “Are you still in your sexy underwear?”

“Not exactly, I put my robe on.”

“Take it off,” he asserted. I hesitated, but he was adamant, “I’m serious, take it off.” Slowly, I slid the robe off my shoulders and shivered as the cool air met my exposed skin.

“It’s off,” I whispered.

“Good,” he replied, “Did I tell you how amazing your breasts looked earlier?”

“No, but they’re hardly the stuff of dreams. They’re far too small.”

“They’re perfect,” he interjected as I looked down at my silken push up bra, “Do you know what I like best though?”

“No idea,” I laughed as I skimmed my hands nervously over the darker hems of the bra, feeling the yearning I experienced earlier dancing through my veins.

“Your perky nipples,” he stated breezily, “I love running my fingers over them and pulling them hard. Even better when they’re in my mouth.” I ran my hands lightly over my nipples, appreciating the rapid way they hardened to a peak.

“I wish you were licking them right now,” I moaned in surprise as I pinched them teasingly, and he laughed quietly in response.

“You have no idea what I’d like to do to you right now,” he rumbled as I rolled my nipples between my fingers, sending electric shocks straight to my groin, “But for now, I’ll settle for listening to your moans over the phone.”

“Mmm,” I responded, “I’ve never had phone sex before…”

“The things I’m teaching you,” I could hear him smirking on the other end of the phone, “How wet are you?” I ran my hand down to my underwear and hesitated before plunging my hand into the small French knickers.

“A bit,” I admitted, and he groaned appreciatively.

“Take your underwear off,” he said, and I choked, “No one can bahis şirketleri see you. Take them off, lay down and spread your legs.” Trembling, I dropped the underwear down to my ankles and stepped out of them. Slowly, I laid back on the soft bed spread and exposed myself wantonly to the mirror opposite my bed. “Are you there?” he demanded impatiently.

“Yes,” I trembled.

“Good. Now turn my present on.” I reached again for the warm silicone and switched it on, feeling its pulse quiver in my hand.

“It’s on,” I sighed, feeling myself becoming damper with excitement.

“Right, now I want you to slip it as far as you can inside and tell me how it feels.” I lowered the black toy and pushed it tentatively between my legs, “Ease it in gently,” he cautioned as I pushed it against my dripping hole. Slowly, I felt it slip in with little resistance, its solidness surprising me as its girth stretched me tantalisingly.

“It feels good,” I exhaled as I was filled to the hilt, the light vibration increasing my fluids by the second, “It’s making me so wet.”

“I’m glad. Now turn it up a notch and leave it there,” he suggested as I eagerly reached for the button. The increased wave of intensity caused me to jerk in response, and I desperately tried to

grind against it. “You sound so hot,” he muttered as I reached back up to my breasts, pushing them unceremoniously out of their silken trap. Eager for satisfaction, I fondled them hard, watching as my nipples turned rosy as they yielded to my attack. My heavy breathing mounted rapidly as Damien once again interrupted my thoughts.

“Slow down – you haven’t got to the best part yet,” his sensuous voice pleaded with me as I fought to stop my hands from indulging my body’s whims as I became hotter by the second, “Make sure the ears are touching your clitoris and turn it up two programmes.” Disappointed, I took my hands off my aroused nipples and adjusted the vibrator so that the prominent silicone touched my sensitive clit. With one hand, I flicked the switch twice, the pulsing ears causing me to thrust uncontrollably with delight as I could feel my climax ramp up a notch.

“Oh my God,” I moaned loudly, trying to control my random spasms as desire burned within me.

“Now slide it in and out gradually, imagining that I’m there fucking you like we did that first night.” I reached down, my hands quavering as I easily pushed the vibrator in and out, aided by the lubrication by my own juices.

“It feels amazing,” I groaned, emphasising each word loudly as I thrust the solid member in and out of my waiting body, imagining that Damien was here propelling himself into my sodden genitals.

“I want to hear you come, Cherry,” his distracted voice gave way to his audible wanking in the background, “You are turning me on so much.” The pulsations were overtaking my body with such intensity that all I could do was moan and pant in response; my body twisted against the silicone cock, my clitoris throbbing in painful pleasure as the strength of my orgasm ripped through my contorted body. Loudly, I moaned Damien’s name as I came frantically, the pulsing of the rabbit causing wave upon wave ecstasy to crash over my body as words failed me. I sobbed softly, extracting the sodden toy from inside me before I was overcome with paralysing sensitivity. In a series of loud exhalations, I heard his own distinct sounds as he came moments after me; listening to him, I struggled to collect my thoughts together.

“That was hot, Cherry,” he said, as I lay silently spent staring at the phone screen. After a few moments, he spoke again, “Shit – are you ok?”

“That was intense,” I trembled, my hand still clasping the black object as I stared at it, contemplating lazily what had just happened.

“In a bad way?” he queried, a small note of doubt creeping into his voice.

“Not at all,” I sighed in satisfaction, “Just not sure why I’ve never used one of these before.”

“Well, don’t forget about me!” he retorted, and I laughed in disbelief.

“I’m definitely not going to forget about this,” I shook my head at his words.

“Hey Cherry,” he asked cheekily, “Send me a photo?”

“Of what?” I spluttered, covering my mostly naked body with a corner of the bedding.

“Of the vibrator,” he said insouciantly, “I want to see how wet you truly were.” I looked down at the smears that coated the toy and laughed.

“You’re joking?” I responded doubtfully, his subsequent silence revealing how serious he truly was. “Ok then,” I swallowed, picking up my phone and swiping to the camera. Smiling, I held the rabbit close to my face and smiled as sensually as possible, sending the photo before I lost my nerve.

Moments later, he spoke again, “Fuck me, that’s the hottest picture I’ve ever seen! You have no idea how many times I’m going to look over this picture.”

“It’s the least I could do,” I conceded, smiling as I heard the pleasure in his voice, “I owe you one.”

“Yeah you do,” he chuckled, “But maybe you could pay me back tomorrow night?” His voice raised hopefully as I looked thoughtfully at the vibrator in my hand once again.

“Maybe,” I spoke wistfully, “Maybe I’ll see what I can do…”

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