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All characters in this story are 18+


The lights are out, everyone has long since fallen asleep, everyone except you. You sit in the dark peering out your window towards the neighbours’ house, waiting silently to see if she will forget to close the blinds again. Your cock is already in your hand and you toy with it absentmindedly as you think about last night, how you watched her take off her school uniform and stand in front of her mirror, squeezing her perky little teen tits up, trying to make them look full and womanly. The more you think about it the harder you become, you imagine what it would be like to fuck her, what all the boys at school would think if you took her into the toilets and fingered her for everyone to see.

She wears her skirt shorter than all the other girls, you know she would be the type of girl that would love to let all the boys feel inside her tight wet little pussy after you invaded her with your fingers. You start stroking your cock, imagining you had her bent over the sink and you were casino siteleri ploughing into her tight little hole whilst the boys cheered you on and the girls whispered to each other, calling her a slut and a filthy whore. You start muttering under your breath, cheering yourself on, lost in your wild fantasy about the girl next door.

You don’t even have time to register it. The harsh slap of her hand against your naked buttocks stuns you momentarily as she pulls you onto her lap and lines you up for another spanking.

“Don’t EVER let me catch you doing that again you dirty little fuck!”

Mummy hits you again and you feel your cheeks turning red and your face burn with humiliation.

“Sneaky little pervert, peeping on girls through their windows at night time, what the fuck is wrong with you?!”

You try to wiggle away from her but she holds you firmly on her lap, leaning over you so her heavy breasts are pressed tight against your back. You can feel her hard nipples brushing against your back through the flimsy canlı casino nightgown she is wearing. You let out a worried groan as you realise your cock is dripping all over her bare legs, Mummy notices too and she takes a firm hold of your shaft and rubs it against the wetness on her leg.

“What the fuck is this?”

You whimper slightly at the menacing tone in her voice but your cock betrays you, throbbing into Mummies hand as she rubs your sticky pre cum into her beautiful soft legs. She lets go of you in disgust and brings her hand back up to your tender arse cheeks, you wince at the thought of her smacking you again but she doesn’t seem to be raising her hand.

“If spankings don’t work anymore, we are going to have to find another way to make you think again about such perverted behaviour.”

Mummy spits on your lower back, you feel it slowly leak down as she uses her finger to rub the wetness around your tight little hole. One time you were touching yourself in bed at night you slipped the tip of your finger in kaçak casino and you came so hard and fast you were too scared to do it again, you are so scared that she’s going to put her finger in there and you will flood her lap with your cum. Then she would know just how perverted you really are.


Without warning Mummies finger slide inside your rectum, you scream and try to jump forward but she holds you down and roughly violates you with those beautiful hands that she places on Daddies cheek every morning.

“Mummy nooooo, please stop, I’m going to…oh god…mummmmyyyyy!”

Mummies fingers press hard on a spot inside you and you lose all control, you explode your hot sticky mess all over her, grinding yourself against her as you gush all over her, spurt after spurt, you didn’t know you could cum this much and it just keeps on coming. You let out a small whimper as you finish emptying yourself and you begin to go soft. Mummy pulls you into her lap and strokes your hair, she’s so soft and warm and you breathe in her familiar scent and feel safe. She softly touches your cheek and guides you to look at her as she places a kiss on your forehead.

“No more peeping on girls, I’m going to teach you how to satisfy a woman.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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