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It all began with an innocent drink. Cathy and I teach together at a local school. I confess I liked her ass as she swayed down the hall on the way to class. She’s short, a bit dumpy really, with short brown hair streaked with blonde, but I loved that ass. I really wanted to see the other side of that ass, her brown cunt between her thick thighs.

One day, she told me that she and her husband Derek had just moved into town from their farm in the country. So I swooped past on my bike that afternoon. Nice modern house with a garden in front. Also in front was Cathy’s SUV. She was home. I went to the door and knocked. She invited me in for a tour of the house.

Main floor with breakfast room and kitchen was OK. Up a half level was family room, nice and bright. Second floor was guest room, son’s room, and master bedroom. I froze at the blue frilly curtains and king size bed. “That’s where Cathy fucks Derek” was the thought running through my suddenly libidinous brain.

We ended up in the kitchen over a drink of rye and ginger. My imagination was still running wild with scenes of wanton lust involving naked Cathy and my own large penis. It was difficult keeping my mind on the conversation. Somehow I edged closer to her as we spoke. She was laughing her sarcastic laugh at some manager or other at work, leaning against her kitchen sink.

Then I leaned forward and kissed her. I started softly, not wanting to spill our drinks, but to my amazement, she responded. I broke the clinch, set our drinks on the counter, and grabbed her. The kiss was long and deep, tongues exploring, hands all over her magnificent ass. On the next kiss, my hand was all over her tits and fondling her crotch.

Next thing I knew, we were naked in the bedroom.

Cathy in bed was fantastic. When the panties finally came down, I found the most dirty, sexual cunt I’ve ever seen. The brown pussy hair was thick and wavy with a pheromone aroma that stiffened my cock instantly. Her vulva lips were plump like her ass and her clit stuck out saucily. When I nosed her cunt and licked her inner lips, my fingers were pinching her nipples, and her cunt got wet really quickly and tasted, well, heavenly.

Did I mention that I’ve always conceived of heaven illegal bahis as one long orgy with buxom naked women?

The first insertion of my penis into her vagina will remain forever in my memory and I may turn it into an award-winning porno some day. Watching my erect penis sliding between those fleshy sex lips amazed and aroused me to a level I’d never experienced. Here was the unattainable Cathy spread out naked under me, my hands on her sturdy thighs and on her breasts, my cock moving in and out of her incredible pussy with that slick sound of slimy aroused cunt lips enfolding my cock shaft.

The fuck was long and slow, short and fast, hard and soft. It was everything a good fuck should be. She had an orgasm and then another. All good fucks come to an end, and the best with the right end. My orgasm built slowly from my abdomen and shot through my balls and cock. My penis went into heavenly spasm and my semen shot into her hot cunt and I didn’t want to ever stop thrusting.

After that, we stole many afternoons throughout the semester, thanks to class schedules that coincided. On Tuesdays and Thursdays, we both started early and had the afternoon off.

Then one Thursday, we got caught. It had occurred to me that the more times we sullied Cathy’s marital bed with our lust, the more likely it was that someone would discover our adultery. So there I was on top of Cathy, thrusting my pelvis firmly into the bowl of her hips, when we heard the front door open and slam shut on the lower floor.

Cathy froze in the middle of her sex moans and her eyes popped open. “Derek” was her frightened whisper.

Dressed and anxious, we crept downstairs. Derek was seated at the kitchen table reading the newspaper, glancing thoughtfully into the back yard. “So,” he began, “Al Mason at work was right. You’ve been cheating on me.”

Cathy hung her head. Her mouth was set in a grim line. I turned to Derek. “It’s all my fault, Derek,” I began. “I’ve been after Cathy for a long time. She loves you and your family. Please don’t do anything to break that up.”

He looked at me thoughtfully, and then he said, “Don’t you think Cathy should be punished for what’s she’s done?”

I thought I saw a twinkle in his eye. illegal bahis siteleri I nodded slowly. “Yes, I guess that would be appropriate,” I said, thinking furiously of where he might be going with this.

To Cathy, he said, “Don’t you think you deserve a punishment?” She lifted her head and looked at him, surprised.

Then she nodded slowly, staring at him. “What did you have in mind?” she asked pointedly. Cathy was never shy about coming to the point.

“Well,” Derek began. “I think you should be made to do something you don’t like doing. I think you’ve had your way in this house and with me much too long.” He paused again and looked at her straight. “You don’t like taking it up the butt. You’ve never let me do that. Now I find you humping with him”—he jerked his thumb at me—”and I think it’s time you did me the way I like.”

Cathy froze. Her dislike of anal sex was written on her face, but it fought with her newly minted sense of guilt. Finally she lowered her head in submission.

Derek clapped his hands. “Right then. Let’s get started.” He grabbed Cathy’s hand and pulled her toward the stairs.

“Come on, bud,” he tossed back at me, still seated at the kitchen table. “You’re part of this punishment too.” Then I understood. Old Derek had also always wanted a threesome but was too scared by Cathy’s bully tactics to suggest it. Like many husbands, he wanted to watch his wife get fucked by another man.

In the living room on the half-level, he paused and grabbed a Nikon digital camera from the coffee table. “We need to record this first punishment of my wayward wife” he ordered as he yanked Cathy up the stairs to the bedroom.

Derek took a position at the foot of the bed and began to set his camera on a tripod. As I came into the room, he waved his hand at me. “Get her undressed and lay her out on the bed. I want to see you fuck her.”

Undressing didn’t take long. Cathy had only pulled on track pants and sweater in her haste. She lay back quite naked on the bed and I got between her legs. It was weird flipping my attention back and forth between the act of invading Cathy’s beautiful full-lipped pussy with my penis and the looks I stole at Derek as he took off his clothes and focussed canlı bahis siteleri the Nikon on our bums as my cock rose and fell in his wife’s cunt.

I had been thrusting vigorously into Cathy’s vagina for what seemed a long time and I was getting tired, so I paused, my cock erect and throbbing, fully embedded in her cunt. “Hold it there,” barked Derek. “Switch positions, Cathy on top.”

Somewhat reluctantly, I pulled my cock out of her cunt and lay on my back. Cathy mounted me, felt between her legs for my cock, and guided it back into the warm recesses of her vagina. She had only started bouncing up and down on my erection when Derek pushed her to a horizontal position, her breasts crushed against my chest.

I knew what he wanted and what Cathy didn’t want, so I distracted her with a passionate kiss since her face was now right above mine. At the same time, Derek stuck his heavily lubed finger into her asshole and rotated it around. Then he leaned forward and presented the head of his cock to her anus and pushed it in. She screamed and began to sob in anguish, not so much because her ass hurt, more because she had been forced to submit to Derek’s sexual perversions.

From my supine position, I could see Derek with a second smaller camera recording his anal sex with his wife. After a few minutes of thrusting slowly in and out of her rectum for the camera, he set it aside and began to really fuck her butt. I could feel her buttocks reverberating with the assaults. This set my own loins aflame, and I began to thrust again into Cathy’s pussy. I could feel Derek’s cock moving next to mine, separated by only a thin membrane.

Our mutual thrusting built to a rocking, gasping fury. Cathy sandwiched between us moaned and sobbed as our two cocks ravaged her rectum and vagina. My belly was lodged against her belly, so I could feel her body shuddering with each ram against her buttocks or pubic mound.

I rotated my hips so I could feel her pubic hair rubbing against mine with each thrust. I felt up and down her body with my hands, enjoying her hips, buttocks and breasts, especially her large nipples that stuck out to the side conveniently. I found myself pinching them viciously and thought perhaps a bondage scene at a later session might be something Derek could go for.

Yes, he came in her rectum and I came in her cunt. He took pictures of her ass and pussy dripping with our semen.

But that was definitely not the last session we had with Cathy.

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