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Carly ch 2

It was a week before I saw Carly again.

Unfortunately, it was me who called her. I didn’t want to and tried not to – but we girls know how it can be sometimes. I needed to be fucked and I couldn’t resist her. Come round to mine on Thursday at 8, she’d said. I’ll be alone then.

She was. Standing there in just a thin green robe, I could see her naked curves begging for my touch. Her wavy red hair bounced on her shoulders as she turned away from her front door, silently telling me to follow. How could I resist?

When she heard the door close behind me, she glanced over her shoulder and shot me that aroused, mischievous, wicked smile I’d come to see in my dreams. I knew you’d phone, she sexily murmured, with a seductive giggle. Can’t resist, can you?

The bitch was right. I couldn’t.

I followed her down the hallway into her bedroom. As you know, I’d been there before. Carly stepped to one side to allow me to enter and then as she closed the door behind us, she grabbed my arms and pushed me back against it, pinning me against the cold wood. Her hands were suddenly all over me as she started to passionately devour my lips.

Want me, my little bitch, she asked as she pulled away.

Adrenalin was coursing through my body at the suddenness of it all and then she bit down on my lower lip, drawing blood and then sucking it inside her mouth. My knees almost buckled under me at the thrill of the feel of her electric tongue exploring my mouth and hands dragging up my short tee shirt and stroking in little circles across my exposed skin.

Is that good, Rach, she asked in response to my whimper, her hands unfastening my bra and then cupping my naked tits. One leg slid between mine. Fuck, I was already so wet!

Then her hands were under my skirt – the teasingly little short skirt I’d deliberately worn. Somehow she was gripping the top and bottom of my thong and I felt it rip – once, twice, as she tugged. Oh God, she was as up for this as I was” Having my thong literally ripped from me sent me into hyperdrive.

Want my tongue, she teased, sliding down my body to her knees. Oh, fuck!

She Amsterdam Shemale smiled wickedly up at me as she pushed my legs wider. I pressed my ass back into the door and moaned aloud. When I felt Carly’s hot breath on my smooth pussy, I had to bite my lip to stifle my loud gasps.

The sexy woman knew exactly what I wanted and had no inhibitions in providing it. Two fingers found their way inside me while her tongue went to work on my excited clit.

She lapped softly then harder, slower then faster. With each dance of her tongue, and curl of her fingers, I thrust my wet pussy into her face. Using her thumb, she continued to rub my clit. I couldn’t resist. We both knew that. I cried out when she jammed those fingers deep inside me and when I came Carly eagerly sucked my into her awaiting mouth.

That’s my little bitch, she said, allowing that thin green robe to float to the floor. Even in the aftershocks of my orgasm, I gasped at the sight of her naked body again. So full, so curvy…

My turn, she said, pulling me across to a white wicker chair. She flopped down in it and raised her right leg over an arm. Well?, she grunted.

I pulled the rest of my clothes off and then fell to my knees, desperate to please her. Carly ran both hands upwards and pulled her red hair onto the top of her head. Go to work, Rach…

I moved myself so that I was sitting between her legs and I begin to lick her clit. It swelled nicely to my touch. I loved that. Sucking it inside my mouth, I began to swirl my tongue around it until her hands dropped to grip my hair. Then I began to lap at her pussy… eating her, licking her, probing her tight sweet cunt with my tongue.

Fingers, she told me with a grunt.

I slipped one and then a second into her wetness, finger-fucking her while I sucked and nibbled her swollen clit. It stiffened a little more as I went for broke. I needed to hear her scream. I needed to swallow her juices when she spent.

My tongue danced over her wetness, probing her labia, my delving into every fold of the now soaking pussy that pushed up into my face. She grunted. Yes, you little Rotterdam Shemale bitch!

Tightening her grip on my hair, she forced my tongue deeper inside her, grinding her clit against me. I could feel her body quaking as her orgasm began to form. Yes! That’s what I wanted! Carly continued to push back against my face, grinding herself against me. She was panting hard, her fingertips digging into my scalp.

That throaty growl signalled her climax and when she came all over my face, my hungry tongue and mouth devoured those wonderfully pearly juices…

It took a few moments to recover, and then she was pulling me to the bed. Lay there, baby. I have something for you…

I had no idea. How could I? For a few seconds, I closed my eyes while I allowed my heart to slow down. It was beating so hard!

Well, I heard. What do you think?

Looking up, I almost blacked out. She was wearing a strap on. How? Where? When?

Carly crawled across the bed on her hands and knees, one step after another like a slinky cat. Only cats didn’t have dildo’s bouncing obscenely from their groins. One hand went to my right leg and another to my left. Open up…

I grunted as I obeyed. I grunted as she rubbed it against me. I grunted as she pressed the tip against my cunt. And I grunted again as she forced it home. Forced? I was so fucking wet it was like a knife slicing through butter.

She thrust her hips forward and I almost came again with that one sexy movement. She put her weight on me as she leant down and positioned herself so that she could reach my breasts with her mouth. When she started to squeeze them and flick the nipples with her tongue I could feel the orgasm bubbling. When she swallowed as much of my breast into her mouth as she could, I came. And came hard…

That’s it, my little bitch. Her voice was almost like a purr.

I closed my eyes, trying to calm down, but it was no good. I could feel the huge black strap-on working in and out of me. Oh God.

I see you like that, she teased, easing up onto her knees and placing my legs onto her shoulders. What about this?

Carly held onto Netherlands Shemale my thighs and started to thrust in and out, getting faster and faster with every thrust. I came again…

My tits were bouncing on my body as she fucked me with an expertise as good as any man. One of her hands cupped my right breast and the other held onto my hips. My body gave itself up to her. I was dizzy!

I could hear her pants as she thrust into me as fast as she could. God, this woman could fuck!

Leaning down, she adjusted position, linking her arms under mine as she pulled me into a deep kiss. Her pace slowed as her tongue worked in and out of my mouth, every action telling me she was in control. Her hips pulled slowly back and then thrust forward, gently working the strap-on in and out of my wet cunt.

This was fucking heaven…

Then she was building again, her arms going under me and holding my shoulders as she moved faster. Sweat dripped from her brow onto my body. Then her head dropped so she could suck my tits again.

I was whimpering.

You like this? she asked.

I nodded, feeling tears come into my eyes? Tears of what? Happiness at being dominated? Being fucked in this way? I started to grind my body underneath hers, trying to match Carly’s thrusts.

Oh, she smiled. My little bitch DOES like this…

She got up on to one knee for extra purchase and drove forward again.

Oh yes, you love it baby? she taunted. You like the way my dick fills your juicy little pussy…

For some reason, my sexual life flashed in front of me. I thought of Nikki. Who would have imagined what my young friend had started. How masturbating herself all those years ago would inflame my imagination so much that I would allow myself to be fucked in such a way. I thought of Nikki, her mother, Sarah and if I closed my eyes I could imagine each of them doing this to me…

Oh God!!!

Carly heard my whimpering groans and placed the soles of my feet on her own full breasts, one foot on each. I gently rubbing her tits up and down, feeling her hard nipples on my soles. Her eyes closed and suddenly we were getting each other off – me with the strap on and Carly with my feet! I curled my toes against her nipples and this time she grabbed my foot and brought it to her mouth.

Taking my big toe between her lips, she sucked hard. She fucked hard. And I came hard…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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