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Ever since I can remember I’ve been masturbating. I don’t know why I even thought of this or why I wanted to share the information, maybe it’s because I’m older now and feel comfortable talking about my sex life. Even though I grew up in the liberal 60s, my sexual encounters and experiences were limited. In retrospect I would opt to change because the few times before marriage that I played around I really enjoyed the feelings and sensations. Guess that’s why I masturbated almost every day when I was in my teens and early 20s! I don’t recall ever experiencing an orgasm until I was married, but, it still felt good- whether I was doing it to myself or my boyfriend (who turned out to be my husband) was rubbing, licking or fingering my pussy.

In those early years I would hump my pillow, rub myself, or- on occasion- insert my finger. I never even heard of a vibrator until after I was married- what a loss of valuable time!

My husband admits that he often thinks about, and remembers vividly, how wet I would get when we were dating I remember that too. All that boy had to do was start kissing me and I could feel my panties getting wet. Then when he took off my bra to get to my highly sensitive 34Ds with huge areolas I could feel my body give in! I was a really good, sweet girl but when it came to my future husband I couldn’t resist the temptations and ultimate sensations. As the kissing and touching action continued and he pulled my panties down to expose my very hairy pussy I was a goner—I always enjoyed my pussy being licked and sucked, even way back in the old days. I was always soaked down there but I was determined to stay a virgin and never permitted him, or anyone else, to penetrate me until our honeymoon. I also never gave a guy a blow job until married- just another of free spin my crazy foibles.

My man was very patient and understanding (and he always had blue-balls) but he had to play by my rules. I loved giving him hand jobs all the time. I mean when he would give me a hug to kiss me goodnight after a date I could feel his erection against my belly. While we were still dressed I’d either start humping him and grinding my pussy against his cock right on the spot we were standing; or, I would pull down his fly to reach into his jockeys and “help him out”. He told me what needed to be done and I happily obliged. It was the first cock I’d ever “handled”.

Sure, during the times that my future husband and I would “break up” I went out with other guys and a couple of them even got “bare tit” and/or a hand in my panties- or both. During this period I was even totally undressed by different guys on three separate occasions- but no screwing. In those years the sex was quick and awkward, but, it was fun and by the time each sexploitation was done I would jerk off the guy, which gave him satisfaction, and, allowed me to get my hands on his penis! Actually, I got even more aroused when my date would cum on my pubic hair, abdomen and breasts. In fact, now that I’m thinking about it, I can’t remember a single name of any of these guys—guess it, and they, weren’t very memorable! By the time my future husband and I would get back together, I had been rubbing my pussy all the time and I was horny as hell!!

Over the years my husband, who for the past 5 years has been begging me to let him watch me have sex with another man (or woman), has asked me to share the details of my experiences with these other guys but I thought it too personal and intimate. However, as I’ve bonus veren siteler gotten a little older I’m beginning to think, why not? It might turn me on to recall and relate what went on and at the same time I can take the opportunity to really embellish my stories. It’ll give my husband enough visual fantasies to masturbate for years!

The dating and breaking up went on for a couple of years until we finally married and a whole new vista opened for me. My husband and I were both terribly inexperienced so we decided that watching porn might help. I was, and still am, somewhat prudish but I reluctantly agreed. To my surprise, porn taught me a ton of things like how to give a blow job, different sexual positions, the art of getting to know your vibrator and even the chance to see a variety of different penis sizes and shapes. I really liked that! I also was somewhat aroused by the women who, for the most part were sensual, hot and extraordinarily erotic. So, on the nights that we weren’t having sex, and I was convinced that my partner was sleeping, I would continue to masturbate. And then it happened—my first real orgasm. Talk about euphoria, I couldn’t get enough!

Up until that time I’d had little quivers and my thighs would shake but it was nothing like the real thing; and, once it happened I found that I could have not just one intense orgasm but 15-20 more minor ones before another major would hit. I enjoyed having his penis inside me but it was the clit that ruled the roost! I loved when it was touched, massaged, kissed, nibbled, even blown on. Once she was activated all hell broke loose. I would straddle his face and let him eat me out for as long as we each could stand it!

In addition, I became aroused in areas that I never expected deneme bonusu veren siteler and what really surprised me was the sensation of touch on my smooth ass and anus. So when my husband would lick me from my ass to my clit, I wouldn’t even care where his penis ended up—I was in heaven. Don’t get me wrong, I still enjoyed a good screwing and I was a very willing partner but it was always a two way street as I needed my orgasms just as he needed his.

What I also discovered was that I was a closet exhibitionist. I liked to masturbate thinking about when other men, and woman, looked at me and seemed to either “undress me” as I walked by, try to look down my blouse; or, up my skirt when bending over. What a turn on! There were also a number of times when we fucked on hotel patios, I would swim in the nude, would wear a halter-top and no bra and/or I would go out to a fancy dinner without panties so he could finger me under the table. It was all in good fun. Now that we’re much older these episodes make for good stories and great memories leading up to- you guessed it- masturbating to a satisfying conclusion.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re not dead but things do change as a couple ages. I’m 5’4″, still a thin112 pounds and my 34Ds have held up very well thank you. In addition, I have a very pretty face (almond shaped brown eyes, a cute turned up nose, and beautiful hair). I also have tight silky skin, great thighs and legs as well as a sensitive ass; but, an early menopause has been a bitch to my libido. As my husband’s aged- yes, he’s still with me- his sexual desires have not waned one iota. He still loves to give and receive oral- as do I- still cums all over both of us and I still have my multiple orgasms; so, life’s good.

I used to think that masturbating was private and intimate but not anymore. I have just as much enjoyment doing it in front of, or even at the same time as, my hubby. So regardless of age, my unabashed recommendation for every woman, is to masturbate as often as you can, enjoy sex whenever and wherever; and, hope for multiple orgasms!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32



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