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Morgan arrives in Miami

As I woke up for the second consecutive morning drenched in sweat, my body was loudly screaming for hydration. I decided today was going to be a day of full mental, emotional and physical rehab and rehydration. I lied in bed and mapped out my most self pampering day to excitingly see my Morgan later in the evening.

Typically when I’m in a staying in a city for over a week I’ll hire a full-time driver to ensure I get to my meetings on time, in addition to just the overall convenience of having your ride there waiting 24/7 in case meetings run long. Morgan was flying in later in the afternoon and I wanted him to feel like royalty, so made sure he would be greeted with our driver the minute he walked off the plane. Being Thursday night, I also planned dinner and drinks at the hottest restaurant in town. Clearly I was wanting to make sure Morgan and I’s anticipated night together would be a night to never forget.

After going on a long run on the beach, getting coffee and catching up with work, I decided to go steam at the spa to continue to flush the toxins out of my system. Between Vegas debauchery and the emotional parting with my wife, I still felt a bit fatigued as I was pushing my hardest to rid myself of this funk.

As I situated into the clouding steam room, I lied there beginning to think of what I wanted to do to Morgan the minute we could get our hands on each other. Being alone in the steam allowed for me to open up my towel and lightly start feeling around my body. Between tracing a finger along my lips, nipples, belly, cock and balls, I finally landed on the taint area above my asshole. The steam provided a wet runway for me to slowly probe my spread hole. With the room now blindly clouded with steam, I wasn’t worried to the slightest if anyone could see me. Even in the low risk environment, it was still invigorating beginning to play with myself in a public setting. After probing my ass, I brought my finger back up to taste and gather spit for myself.

I brought my well-lubed finger back down and further inserted it into myself. My eyes closed imagining what it’ll be like to take Morgan’s large cock into my tiny entrance. I lifted one leg as if to allow Morgan better access into my virgin self. My other hand gravitated to my now hard cock and begin to easily slide up and down with all the steam in the air. As my hands worked in motion, one inside my ass and one slowly stroking my cock, I almost shot up to the ceiling as a I heard the door start to open up with a suctioning sound letting the hot air and steam out.

I quickly popped up into a sitting position as two men walked in talking quietly. I’m guessing they had to have known I was enjoying my privacy, but thankfully they didn’t acknowledge my embarrassing moment. Interestingly, as I reached for my towel to cover myself, one of the younger gentlemen said, “Sorry to barge in like that – didn’t mean to wake you. And please no need to cover yourself for us.”

I stopped my search and proceeded to sit there with a deflating hard-on and responded with, “Thanks guy – yeah you caught me in a bit of a moment.”

“Hey give us a few minutes in here and we too will be experiencing a moment too”, he quickly replied as we all started laughing.

“Well guys – I’m going to let you two privately engage and have that moment – I’ve had enough steam time”, was all I could mumble out in my continued embarrassment.

As I stood up, I realized once they had opened the door, quite a bit of steam was let out of the small room, which gave them clear visibility into my naked body. I looked at them both gazing at my body up and down. This was the first time in my life I noticed men scoping me out, which was quite stimulating. Maybe in all my years I never looked to see if men were actually checking me out, but regardless, these two were gawking at my half-hard cock and wet, muscular body standing in front of them.

I smiled looking at the both and playfully said, “Have fun in here guys – I’m sure I’ll see you around the hotel”, as I walked out and into the showers. As I sat under the shower, my smile continued as it was nice to feel some admiration during this weird moment in life. I didn’t find the men attractive whatsoever, but now knowing more about the male anatomy, I had a different lens on seeing two men naked with me in a steam room.

I decided to venture down to the pool and have some lunch, where I enjoyed the amazing people watching Miami could offer. Beautiful women lounging in every direction, beer in hand and burger on the way – this is exactly what the doctor prescribed at this moment. My silence lasted for a solid hour before two young girls sat on lounge chairs next to me.

My sexual spectrum came full circle as the two women quickly became very friendly with me. They asked where from, how long in town and where I was going to be “playing” tonight. Their friendliness was so overt, I started to wonder if they were on the professional circuit, but it turns out they were in town to celebrate their 25th birthdays. We sat there laughing and drinking for canlı bahis the next hour, which tired me out to where I now desired a nice, cold, quiet nap. As I paid the tab, including their drinks, they asked if I was interested in meeting up with them later. I told them I’m having dinner with friends, but maybe would see them out. I politely dodged their last-ditch effort and request for my phone number with, “My wife hates when I give my number out”, as I smiled and walked away.

Both genders were seemingly in on this sexual revolution I was experiencing, which didn’t bother me at all. And in reality, if Morgan and Camella weren’t coming to see me, I would have most likely been napping with a couple new friends this lovely afternoon.

I smoked some weed to ease my Morgan excitement, which helped my body squeeze maybe an hour of shut-eye. While in bed naked napping, I did begin to restart my finger tracing obstacle course, but decided to reserve my sexual energy for Morgan later. I sat there with my arms behind my head, naked, in my brilliant white bed, pondering what the night had in store. Would we stay out late partying, or more realistically, how soon would we be back in this wonderful bed.

My phone had been on silent all day wanting to avoid the digital drug, so once I checked my phone after the nap I saw far too many texts, emails and calls that I had zero interest in corresponding with. I saw Morgan’s text, “Boarding flight – see you soon lover”, which made me blush and smile. My overall lack of social energy or work productivity told me I was solely interested in providing energy to Morgan on this day and night. We met for a reason, which was life-altering serendipitous, and I was incredibly excited to finally let us be alone together for extended, intimate time.

And interestingly, my Morgan planning went beyond what our sexual wack-a-mole night had in store, but also just all the time in between, such as sleeping together, showering, getting ready, eating and even the hilarious awkwardness of going to the bathroom. Never in my life did I show one sign of finding men appealing, and now I’m head-over-heels for my gorgeous male lover, Morgan. This feeling will forever define for me that sexuality has nothing to do with gender – attraction is attraction – period.

I received a text from our driver that he was on the way to get Morgan, which timed perfectly as Morgan also texted he was on the tarmac. Maybe 30-minutes later I receive a text from Morgan, “Really Foxy? Way to embarrass me – I think these teenagers think I’m some YouTube star. I’ll get you back, I promise!”

I laughed with, “Tell them you’re a famous Swedish porn star, and then point down to you-know-who :)”.

Morgan quickly counters with, “God I hate / love you!”

Morgan soon follows with a picture of him and our driver and this, “LOVE Barbs!”

Me: Get your butt here – we have reservations in an hour and I’m starving!

Morgan: Ah you’re sweet – I’m starving for you too! 🙂

Morgan: Okay bossy – Barbs said she’ll haul ass to the hotel.

Morgan: Do I have time for a shower?

Me: Why don’t we shower after dinner? 🙂


I jumped into the shower, shaved, brushed teeth and poured a stiff drink. My nerves were inflamed being incredibly excited to see my lover, which also had me pull on a weed pen to help settle my excitement.

The awaited moment came when the door knocked loudly. I opened the door and Morgan flew into my arms for a huge hug and kiss. Our kiss caught fire with tongues passionately intertwining and his legs now wrapped around my body as I held him off the ground. The door slammed, his bag dropped and I waddled us over to the bed where we collapsed. We kissed like we hadn’t seen each other for years. I immediately felt his bulge pushing against my lower stomach. My hands remained tightly grasping the back of his head, as his hands gripped my ass and pulled me into him.

My alpha switched gears and dropped my hand down to immediately grab onto his cock outside his casual pant. With a few long strokes outside his pant, I inched up and undid his pants. I lifted up off of Morgan to drop my other hand to pull his pants and underwear down. His massive cock sprang free, which quickly had both my hands fighting for position on his pole. Like a seasoned veteran, I perfectly positioned myself to begin making out with his beautiful cock. With a couple licks and kisses of his hole, this soon was followed by droplets of pre-cum that tasted now all too familiar.

I widened my mouth to began to take more and more of his rigid cock. My hands teamed up to stroke his shaft and massage his balls. After a few minutes of this intense undertaking, Morgan pulled me up to his face to whisper, “I could cum right now I’m so horny for you – let’s save it for later – I seriously will shoot your head off.”

I smiled and whispered back, “God I want you – we better go to dinner otherwise we won’t leave this bed for hours.”

Morgan’s eyebrows raised, “I mean should we just ditch dinner?”

I grabbed his hands and lifted bahis siteleri us both up, “We can still fuck all night, but let’s get a little Miami in before we tear each other apart.”

“Fine, Foxy – agree”, as he took off his remaining clothes and quickly jumped into the shower.

Within minutes we were both brushing teeth in front of the mirror, as Morgan had a towel around his waste.

I gazed at Morgan’s body up and down and started smiling. Morgan quickly picking up my smile asked, “What!?”

“Nothing – it just cracks me up. Never once have I found a man attractive – and now I’m drooling over you”, as I walked up behind him to have us both looking at each other in the mirror.

“I have no fucking clue how I brought you to the dark side – but also remember, not like I was solely on the cock team. I hadn’t had a sexual experience with another man in years – so you too reinvigorated my appetite for cock.”

We smiled at each other, clearly drunk in love, as I kissed his neck, ripped his towel off and proceeded to give him a good slap on the ass.

Within minutes we were in the lobby to see Barbs waiting for us in her black Escalade. We took off to dinner with a bottle of Dom bathing on ice. I popped the bottle and poured us each a glass. We toasted with Morgan cheering us with, “To Foxy needing an amazing night.”

Without one blink of concern that Barbs was watching us, I kissed him deeply before we drank our champagne. Our kiss lasted seconds as I whispered back, “Thank you Morgy – I’m so happy we finally got some alone time.”

The restaurant was packed with gorgeous Miami natives, as Morgan and I enjoyed hours of drinking, eating and talking. We talked at length about Kylie and I’s split. We excitedly talked about our third wheel, Camella, coming tomorrow, which we both knew she brought the party to our throuple. And we even dabbled into what the night had in store for us back in the hotel room.

Without question, Morgan and I blatantly looked like a couple in love, even though we never publicly latched on to each other. I never flinched once giving a fuck what others would think of us, even with all the women who’d come say hello, smile at us and overall flirt it up. This was a big deal for me, as I really don’t think I would have outwardly flexed my feelings for another man in past conditions.

Barbs drove us back to the hotel, as we sang and giggled with excitement the whole drive home. Before closing the door with, “I’ll text you tomorrow Barbs when we’ll need you”, she laughed and responded with, “You two love birds go enjoy yourselves – and I’m guessing you won’t need me anytime soon tomorrow.”

As we hit the elevator button to our floor, we couldn’t resist and began to maul each other in the elevator. The millisecond our room door slammed, we were tearing each other’s clothes off and jumping into the hot shower. Morgan immediately dropped to the floor and took my growing cock into his wet mouth. Hair flattened wet, Morgan looked up to me with his sexiest stare. My impatience grew thin after a few minutes of Morgan devouring my now raging hard cock. I lifted him up to adjust our course, as we diligently soaped and cleaned each other’s body. We locked in for an intense kiss as I shut off the shower, which continued as we barely dried each other off. The fiery kiss kept going as we clumsily danced our way to the bed and collapsed. As we flopped around and each took turns straddling each other while passionately kissing, Morgan stared at me deep into my eyes with, “This is all I’ve been obsessing over, Foxy – I’ve been dreaming about this moment for us to make love.”

I grabbed his face with both hands and countered with, “I’m so fucking head over heels in love with you, Morgan.”

Morgan bit down on my bottom lip with, “Turn onto your belly – let me massage you a bit down there.”

Morgan abruptly jumped up and sprinted back to the bathroom. After turning on some music, he quickly returns with the same bottle of lavender massage oil from Chicago. I jokingly asked, “What about my kinked neck?”

Sorry neck, not tonight”, was all he could mumble out.

He took the oil and began to squirt large amounts on my back and butt area. He snapped the bottle to close and threw it on the other side of the bed. Both hands took the oil and began to slather it generously all over my backside and ass. Some of the oil pooled at the base of my back, which Morgan swept some directly into my ass crack and asshole. My stomach admittedly turned as I knew the moment was getting closer.

Surprisingly Morgan spread my ass to expose my shower-clean hole, which felt the cool breeze from his wide spreading. Morgan snarled and dove into my ass with his tongue darting directly into my spread asshole. This darting was felt with more strength than his prior oral love, as I could sense an ambition to open me up for his large cock. His tongue would swirl around my ring and then jet into it my anus, which was soon accompanied by his first finger. He went through this routine for minutes as he gradually increased his penetration to bahis şirketleri three fingers. I was so high on love and sex, in addition to now being well lubricated, I never felt one pinch of pain.

Morgan then began to squirt more oil into my ass and massage my hole to further stretch me open. The anticipation was killing me, to the point my impatience broke again with, “Morgan, you’ve done enough – now please make love to me.”

Morgan bounced up with excitement and bit the back of my neck and whispered, “Not going to lie – it’s going to hurt, Foxy – but I promise it’ll go away once I’m settled inside.”

I reached back behind and grabbed his head to come kiss me on the side before he officially launched his mission. His breath smelled like our cocktails from dinner as our tongues passionately traded stringy spit as and warm breath simultaneously moaned with Morgan adding, “My dream is about to come true – I’m going to make love to you, Foxy.” My mind and body exploded with emotion and excitement from his passionate declaration.

Morgan then backed up, shifted his weight to his knees and began to navigate the head of his cock to slide up and down my ass crack. I then felt him apply pressure to my asshole with his oily cock. The pressure amplified as he continued to pinpoint his focused effort directly into my hole. After many seconds of applying oily pressure with both of us dead silent, Morgan finally broke past my ring. The feeling was like nothing I had ever experienced – I think a poor analogy would be taking a shit after days of constipation. The pressure his large cock head pushing inside me felt as if he was truly splitting me open, and I’m fairly sure he did.

I gripped onto the bed and face planted the pillow and moaned, more like growled, quite loud. Morgan quickly asks, “I’m sorry Foxy – are you okay?”

Not wanting to discourage him, all I gave him a thumbs-up as my eyes admittedly teared up from the insane amount of pain.

Morgan pleasingly followed with, “Okay baby, hang in there – I’m just going to keep it here until you open up a bit more, okay?”

My thumbs-up converted to an OK symbol as I silently approved while Morgan held steady.

After minutes of the most intense pain, as Morgan predicted, my body began to adjust and adapt to Morgan’s massive cock. Seconds into Morgan just holding his cock-head at the entrance of my asshole, I decided to be bold and proactively nudge my hips toward Morgan to take a bit more. Morgan got the memo and also started to subtly inch further inside me.

The intensity had electricity shooting throughout my body. My cock throbbed underneath leaking pre-cum all over.

Morgan bent down and whispered, “Foxy, your ass is the tightest thing this cock has ever felt – I’m sorry but I’m not going to last long. I’m going to try and push further into you – maybe get about halfway. Are you okay with that?”

After my head bobbed in agreement, Morgan immediately was plowing forward into my stretched out asshole. The further Morgan slid, the better it started to feel. His oily girth legitimately began to hit nerves that had never been felt before.

The sharp pain of my ass stretching had officially passed, but the fullness delivered its own discomfort, which I had no clue how to physically respond. His enormous cock felt like it was filling up everything in between my hips, which just had me lying there submissively, which was an incredibly humbling feeling. Knowing my submissive patience would soon run dry, I reached back around to encourage Morgan to keep going.

Once Morgan seemed to have reached his halfway goal, he started to pull back out which allowed more oil to seep inside which helped the slide. This encouraged him to start slowly fucking me in short strokes, which felt amazing.

Morgan adjusted his body’s position to keep fucking me with these tiny strokes, which truly was shooting bolts of pleasure into my body. I reached under my body and began to rub my cock, which was organically followed by loud moans.

Finally, the moment hit me and I felt like my virginity had officially been taken as Morgan and I were truly fucking. My brain nor body had never succumbed to sex like this before, which made me feel powerless, but in the most erotic, sensual way I had ever experienced. My inner alpha gladly took to the backseat and moaned louder and louder for Morgan to push further, which was also met with my hips beginning to match his subtle thrusts.

Thankfully Morgan had passed his early orgasm concerns and began to truly find his confidence and rhythm. As I’m beginning to shift my hips in synch with his grinds, Morgan asks, “Foxy – I’m going to give you my whole cock – brace yourself.”

Without a second to grasp the physical impact soon to follow, Morgan shifted his weight into me and truly launched me into sex space. Whatever angle his huge cock had taken, he hit some nerves that had me uncontrollably shooting cum all over myself sandwiched into the bed. As Morgan penetrated my deepest, most unrealized territory, his animal broke free and started to apologetically fuck me. Morgan had no idea I was uncontrollably losing myself underneath, as he continued to pump my ass with his full cock. My cum release would pause and restart based on his angled location, which was mind-blowing erotic.

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